General Motors might not build minivans anymore, but that doesn't mean it’s out of the big family-vehicle market, as the Chevrolet Traverse demonstrates. Test results for our Traverse test vehicle also apply to the GMC Acadia, which differs only in styling details. Very spacious inside, Traverse comfortably seats up to eight adults while leaving some cargo space behind the third row.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Good: Very low vibration, smooth, Bad: Numb steering, lots of tire noise"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Great acceleration for. V6 which surprised us, and the handling is much better than our 2013 Cadallic we previous owned."

LEE B., NC (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Smooth ride. Great brakes. Sluggish acceleration when passing."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Damn near got hit by an idiot on the phone, had to swerve quickly at more than 45mph and it held the road beautifully"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The level of comfort that everyone enjoys while on a ride always leaves a smile of satisfaction"

FABRIZZIO R., CA (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"We got it for the AWD for Colorado winters. We had an exceptionally large number of snow storms this past winter and it worked like a champ. Got everywhere we needed to, and always felt in control."

STEVEN A., CO (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Had purchased an Equanox, it could not accelerate enough to flow into traffic. Bough Traverse & it accelerates fabulously."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Vey comfortable to drive but the blinkers are annoyingly loud and their is a bit of lag when accelerating, which is also annoying. Both of these traits were present with our last 2012 Traverse as well."

BETH T., MI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Acceleration is more sluggish than expected for a 6-cyl vehicle. Turn radius is a bit wide."

Anonymous, NM (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Would like faster acceleration when passing cars. Travers seems slow to respond"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Good riding!"

Russell P., FL (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Accelerates quicker than first anticipated which helps in passing at highway speeds."

Jack P., TX (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The Traverse, for me, is a good size and weight vehicle. It handles nicely in a variety of weather and road situations. It handles and feels like a reliable, secure and safe vehicle. The addition of a rear view camera is superb! On the downside, my line of sight is obstructed by the thick posts on each side of the front windshield. I understand the reasons for the size of those posts, but sure wish there was another solution that wouldn't block my lines of sight on the right and left when I approach intersections (for instance). All in all, I like this Traverse. If it continues to perform as it has, I'll have it for 20 years like my Impala."

Donna B., OH (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Quick smooth reliable acceleration and easy, responsive handling with balance and consistency."

W V., VA (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"problems with computers driving and ac"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Has sufficient power even with a full load."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Drives quiet and handles well for a suv."

Terry J., WI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Very comfortable long-trip vehicle getting 24mpg with AWD. But tires are NOISY! Body xxxxx over bumps."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Easy to drive"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"While not a hot rod, this suv accelerates adequately and mostly has passenger type driving comfort. Keeping in mind it can haul 8 people and separately used to tow a 4000lb travel trailer."

Patrick G., WI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The Traverse provides a very smooth, roomy, and comfortable ride with style. Handling is superior, with the exception of parking. The truck-like base makes parking a bit of a chore on having to swing wide or multiple pull-up/adjust, backup and pull-in agains. However, the backup camera makes parking in reverse a breeze."

Debbie M., TN (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"excellent acceleration and braking"

Paul C., OH (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Although I got leather seating, I found the driver seat to be uncomfortable. I have a cushion on it"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)


Anonymous, NC (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"I'm 6'4" and it is way more comfortable than our 2013 Cadallic SRX was."

LEE B., NC (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The cooling system could be better. Specifically the fan. It's not very strong when the setting is for upper and lower vents."

PATRICK O., NJ (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The ride is very comfortable and comes with alot of extras such as heated and air conditioned seats front and back climate contols and many more comforts."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"When I went to trade in my last lease, it was January and it was freezing and dark after work. When I looked at the dealer stock outside, I didn't notice it had rear buckets seats(2) or sun/moon roof. I then continued to look at the "same" car inside in lighted conditions and warm. This one had a rear bench seat and no sun/moon roof. I also was not in the best of health, so I rushed my "inspection" on a replacement car, big mistake. I needed the car to transport my wife's scooter for her handica"

WILLIAM P., NY (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"I find it hard to adjust the driver seat to be comfortable for me. I wish I had memory for the settings, which is avail on the LTZ model. The seats seam to move when performing a fast stop."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Compared to my 2011 Traverse LT2 the 2015 is noisier on the road. Probably the 20" tires."

MICHAEL W., TX (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"My wife claims it's uncomfortable to drive for trips over 20 minutes. I think it's fine."

THOMAS E., MI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The seats do not conform well to your body. After 30 minutes riding, you begin shifting to get comfortable"

Anonymous, MS (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Smoothest ride I have experience in a car that size"

FABRIZZIO R., CA (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"I lick it."

DENNIS K., NY (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Seats are too hard for "old" hips; road noise is excessive."

Anonymous, SD (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"For the past 30 yrs have had leather seats, now we have fabric w/leather trim and the sitting is much warmer in winter & cooler in winter! Love it!! Also this vehicle is MUCH quieter inside, very little road noise, can hear our radio much better!!"

STANFORD D., MI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Very smooth, quite, comfortable, particularly long trips!"

Anonymous, MD (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"the ride is smooth and quiet"

Anonymous, WI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Comfortable seats and rides well."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"I am abe to tilt the drivers seat to a downward angle to ease the neuropathy in my toes."

G B., MI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Seats are extremely roomy and comfortable; heaters work well in winter."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Head rest is too far forward--pokes me in the back of the neck. Tilting the seat back helps somewhat, but it cannot be tilted back far enough with a child car seat in the second row behind the driver. Also, getting child car seats in and secured properly is very difficult in this vehicle. Part of the problem is that the second row seat headrests do not go up and down, making insertion of the tether strap hard. Also, you have to crawl in the back to be able to secure the tether strap. You also have to step in on the second row floor to secure the seat belt in the latch because you can't reach it by leaning over the top of the car seat. Can't someone design a better--easier system? This is very hard for grandparents."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The only complaint I have in this category is with the Air Conditioner. On days where the temperature is over 85 degrees it can take up to 20 minutes to start cooling off the cabin. It seems the fan is inadequate for the size of the cabin. But this in itself will keep me from purchasing another Traverse in the future."

Patrick O., NJ (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Like every Chevrolet I have ever owned it began having a lot of road and wind noise around 35000-40000 miles. The rattles in this one are much less than previous Chev vehicles owned."

William, IN (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Seats are not comfortable, had to add lumbar support pillow, even with maximum lumbar support. Lateral support is lacking. Headrests are tricky to adjust, but OK once you learn how to adjust forward and back as well as up and down."

Martha M., MD (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"I'm tall so the seat support and seat size and comfort are important to me"

Paul C., OH (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Road noise in car is excessive"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Seems the noise level is a little high"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Sight lines are not great for a shorter person, there are some blind spots"

Anonymous, MN (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"This large suv seats 8 people, rides and handles well for its size, and with the included tow package tows a 4000lb trailer."

Patrick G., WI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The comfort is good but you have to increase the volume on the radio when going down the highway"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"comfortable leather seats, beautiful upholstery"

Louis S., NJ (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Very comfortable vehicle in most respects however two things bug me that were also present in our previous Traverse: 1. the distance between seat belt clasps in the middle seat of the second row of seating is too narrow, even for slender young women (I have two slender daughters); 2. The noise from the turn signals is FAR TOO LOUD. Bugs me to no end. Seriously."

Beth T., MI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Poor gas mileage. Was not as advertised"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Lots of interior room. Easy to load stuff."

JAMES Q., FL (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Purchased this as a "left-over" at a great price compared to other SUVs in its class. Getting better MPG than expected and the V-6 engine has plenty of power to tow our boat."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The Traverse has been a very reliable rugged vehicle so far. It also seems to hold its value a little better than other Chev labels."

William, IN (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"A reliable car with only maintenance being oil changes and recommended by age and mileage."

W V., VA (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Great value, nice ride, comfortable seats, very responsive to throttle request, reasonable mileage for a 3 seat vehicle!"

Russell P., FL (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Very reliable car and a good price."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Looks stylish outside. For a big suv not comfortable for a family. There is not any room for things like my purse and stuff like this. Glasses. I need a minivan. I got the wrong vehicle. Looks nice though. And no panels on side doors to protect from bumps. People open their door on my door and it's all chipped. Also, I am older . So hard to operate the radio. Can't you keep it simple? Not all of us are tech savvy. Thank you."

DOLORES R., CA (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The floor carpeting is low grade for the LTZ trim line."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Still attractive for it's age, but the styling intrudes on interior space in the rear seat areas. Side trim is large and takes up interior room."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Body gets dentry very easily"

TOM W., OH (2015 Chevrolet Traverse)

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