This more-costly cousin of the Dodge Grand Caravan is pleasant enough, but it is falling behind the competition, especially from Honda and Toyota. Interior flexibility got a boost with the introduction of the 2005 model, which has flat-folding second- and third-row seats. This setup eliminates the AWD model. The minivan rides well enough with a light load and handles securely. Interior noise has become more pronounced.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"This van, while old, has a very smooth ride and excellent acceleration and responsiveness."

JOANNE T., WI (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Very poor acceleration, especially on hills. Noisy steering at low speeds. Auto door lock on back doors failed within 3 years."

Anonymous, MO (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Driving has always been smooth and comfortable. Accelerates very well when needed and I can coast it a long way on level and downhill w/o losing speed, which saves gas."

ROBERT K., GA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I love the way it handles. I am only 5' and it is easy for me to drive. I like that I sit up higher than in a regular car and I like the way it accelerates when I need it."

J H., IN (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Great vision,love the way it handles and acceleration is smooth and forceful."

WILLIAM N., VA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I really should have added 4 Wheel Drive."

R D., IL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"6 cyl. engine gives snappier acceleration that 1980s & 1990s models."

S C., WI (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"it's ideal for me to haul "stuff""

JAMES M., IL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Quick acceleration and steering."

Anonymous, MN (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Accelerates and handles slowly"

Anonymous, MN (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Does pretty well for a van, handles like a smaller vehicle and still does after nearly 150,000 miles"

Kurt S., FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The ease of getting in and out and good visiablity"

Floyd J., FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The struts wear out too soon"

Anonymous, KY (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"It's responsive to the steering wheel, the ride is still relatively smooth."

Jacki B., MD (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"When I take my foot off the gas and coast it will go for several miles easily."

Nancy D., ND (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Acceleration is adequate for merging onto the interstate"

Anonymous, MI (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Oil and transmission leaks. Loss of power on acceleration."

Stephen B., KS (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"seat are very comfortable and adjustable to the right driving position. Ride is comparable to a large sedan. Noise what noise out side noise none.Air cold,very cild."

RICHARD S., FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"love the stow n go seating in back, so convenient when hauling large things, front seats are comfortable, nice ride"

ROCKY H., MI (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"How well is has stood up over the years with all we have put it through!"

Anonymous, MD (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"ride is a little noisy"

Anonymous, NE (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Sto-and-Go seating continues to make this a versatile vehicle, ten years after I purchased it. A great feature."

DAVID H., MA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Electric seats let me change position during long drives, preventing fatigue."

S C., WI (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Noise level is elevated, but they tell me that is because of the stow and go seating, which means the floor is not well insulated against road noise."

KATHY R., WI (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The climate control s died 3 times I'm on the 3 control ($700)"

PETE P., OH (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"This is one of the most comfortable vehicles to drive I have ever owned. It is the main reason that I purchased the van in the first place."

PARKER D., FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Quiet & comfortable. Handles very well on wet & dry roads. Dual climate control allows driver and passenger to set temperatures to suit each individual. Driver's seat adjusts easily for each driver and the Lumbar support is an important added feature. All in all - a very nice quiet comfortable vehicle"

K B., BC (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Seat comfort, the heated seats, trunk, stowaway seats."

ERIC H., GA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"comfortable ride stow and go seating great for hauling"

Anonymous, OH (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Leather seats are very uncomfortable and hard."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"This vehicle has comfortable seats, decent ride but lets in a little to much road/wind noise."

MARK B., ME (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I spend hours commuting once a month from Florida to North Carolina. Always comfortable. Wind noise could be less but it is a big box. If I have to turn the radio up a little to keep from hauling around 500 lbs of sound dreading material, I accept."

John C., FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"This vehicle is not comfortable at all. The front leather seats are hard and very unpleasant. The rear seats are leather and are even worse to sit in. The front seats need better lumbar support. It is horrible."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Excellent for long trips, roomy."

Johnny F., SC (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Extremely comfortable long distance vehicle for several riders. Great freeway ride. My town and Country has been a reliable performer."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Quiet and comfy ride"

Anonymous, MN (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Most useful car I have ever owned. The “stow and go‿ seats make hauling materials, people with suitcases, vacationing, and travel wonderful. A small woman can easily raise and lower the second and third row seats."

Joe H., NC (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The Town & Country is like an old friend. It can handle the whole family (including grandkids) and all their luggage on a long trip and gets close to 28 miles per gallon on the road. It always has and we've checked that carefully. We have kept it up and it has rewarded is. Comfort is its #1 virtue."

Wayne T., OK (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The seats are quite comfortable with many ways to be adjusted. The vehicle is pretty quiet and it rides well on the road."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I bought this van primarily because it is so comfortable to drive. If you are going on any trip of over one hour, you want to be in this vehicle."

Alley H., FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"This car has been a very dependable vehicle. The fold down seats are excellent. We have used it to haul sod, people and furniture. It has been very dependable. The handling and ride are still good after 100,000 miles."

Richard W., IL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"the vehicle has seats which are comfortable and provide great back support, as well as height providing great visibility while driving"

Anonymous, MN (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Comfortable features, dual power seats, dual climate controls, heated seats, rear climate controls. Fold down rear seats. Bad, noisy windshield wipers."

Anonymous, PA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"250,000 miles and only minor repairs"

Anonymous, CT (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"We buy our minivans at 75,000 mi and repair for as long as reasonable"

JANET J., NY (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"We inherited the van so while not the vehicle we would have chosen, the over value we enjoy is exceptional."

JOHN S., TN (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Paid $15K for a van that was 9 months old with 19K miles. No problems with this van other than recent A/C refrigerant leak and some rust around rear wheel wells. It is quite comfortable for long trips."

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Bought it 1 year old with 17k has206k miles. How could I not be considering it a good value?"

DAVID H., CO (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"It has the fold down seats,so I was able to use it lots of way."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I worked the car hard hauling kids, construction materialss, etc. But the rust has chewed out the rocker panels on a car 11 years old."

Anonymous, NY (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Bad value because it has an engine misfire at 130000 mi. and Chrysler said I needed a new engine ($3500)."

PETE P., OH (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)


Anonymous, GA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I bought it in the year it was new with 24K miles. It was a previous rental car and I paid about half the list price. I used it hard as a work vehicle for 10 years and 225K miles. Other than the headliner sagging and replacing the radiator three times it has been trouble free. I cannot imagine a better value than that. The timing chain is beginning to wear out and the van is not worth enough to justify replacement, but that is to be expected in a quarter million miles of use."

JOHN C., FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I have 246,000 miles on same engine and transmission. Always did fluid changes at proper intervals. A/C still works. Had to replace ball joints, tie rods and alternator but this is to be expected with high mileage."

PETER T., CA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"An all-around vehicle - good Minor problems, but 'high costs' for loss of locks and rust (due to lack of undercoat in one of the wheel areas) - bad"

R D., IL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"We paid $18,000 in Sept 2005."

JACKI B., MD (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"It has been low on maintenance and we have had no major problems with the vehicle at all!"

Anonymous, MD (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Love it too much to give a logical objective answer."

Susan C., WI (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Relatively free of any problems. Lot of storage space Underfloor storage"

Anonymous, MN (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Fair value."

George A., NC (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"have spent very little on repairs and it is reliable"

R H., DE (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Great value for the money and longevity"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The reliability has been less than I'd liked over the years. Rust is getting to be a problem."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Paid just 14K for this base model Van and consider it one of the best auto deals I have ever made. Despite Chrysler's bad rep, the car has performed well for us."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"It was less expensive than its competitors for that same equipment level. It has been a reliable vehicle and has served our needs well."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"In the past 5 years, I have spent about $1000 on maintenance, that includes purchasing tires. The van continues to run well and I'm rarely in the shop."

Jacki B., MD (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"It just depends. We bought outs new in 2005 and have never regretted that for one minute. Mileage in part is a consequence of the way you drive and this car has always responded positively to the way my wife andI do that."

Wayne T., OK (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I felt this was an extremely great value for what I've gotten. I've had it for 14 years and all inevitable repairs have been very simple and relatively inexpensive (except wheel alignment-which can only be done correctly by a dealership)."

Alley H., FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Great value and still runs well after 272K miles an 14 years later."

Anonymous, MO (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Wish there was a handle to pull down rear door. Im in a wheelchair and hard to close resrdoor"

R D., IL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Loved the look inside & out when we bought in 2005, but we are experiencing a lot of rusting under both sliding doors & back wheel wells."

DIANA D., IL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"over all good"

Anonymous, GA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"T&C has nice styling, but unreliable engineering."

WALTER T., FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Still looks a bit sporty, just before the TC went to the boxed looks."

ERIC H., GA (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Due to sun in Florida the roof cloth came down so my wife pinned it up with straight pins. Looks great."

BROOKMAN P., FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Styling is great doesn't look like a box van but more like well shaped fast raked car. Able to handle a 4 by 8 sheet of ply wood flat on the floor with room to spare.Bad it's now 11 yrs old with 82000 miles and still strong."

RICHARD S., FL (2005 Chrysler Town & Country)

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