2007 Chrysler Town & Country Owner Satisfaction - Consumer Reports
The cousin of the Dodge Grand Caravan is pleasant enough but has fallen behind the minivans from Honda, Hyundai, Kia, and Toyota. Interior flexibility is improved with the flat-folding second- and third-row seats that stow beneath the cargo floor, but noise levels have increased. This setup also eliminated the AWD model. The minivan rides well with a light load and handles securely.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The acceleration and handling of this car has always been fantastic. I never feel unsafe while driving, turning, or driving in poor weather conditions (rain, snow)."

David S., VA (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The van handles curves very well, as well as turns and everything else. She can speed up, but i don't push her too fast."

Anonymous, KY (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Reasonable acceleration and expected handling"

Michael L., MB (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The van is heavy but its engine size and transmission are sufficient to provide all necessary acceleration and cruising and handling."

Anonymous, NV (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"acceleration sluggish"

ROBERT F., IN (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)


LLOYD T., NC (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Comfort, Quality of ride."

JACK W., FL (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"typical excellent handling. 3.8 engine does excellent job"

DON B., AR (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"For a minivan, power is excellent. Handling is easy. Great visibility."

Michael B., CA (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"It has good acceleration. Reasonably good handling. Poor gas mileage."

Anonymous, MI (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"when engine is cold acceleration drags"

Anonymous, MN (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Solid performance, handles well whether I'm by myself or pulling a large and heavy trailer on the highway."

Andrew R., NE (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Plenty of acceleration and the steering and handling is good for a van."

Paul B., TX (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Engine is adequate and the van has good acceleration. The vehicle handles easily even on slippery conditions."

James D., IL (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"good, reliable, taken on many long road trips"

Anonymous, PA (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Very easy car to drive and plenty of power when passing."

Brad J., OR (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"After 145000 miles, she is still a very comfortable ride. AC still performs well with no service to it. I love dropping the seats into the floor to haul around treasures now and then with no advance planning. Then haul 7 passengers and luggage to the airport comfortably. Great vehicle."

Anonymous, MO (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I purchased it in 2007 with 11,000 miles. We now have almost 180,000 miles and have had zero problems. FANTASTIC!!! PROBBABLY THE BEST VEHICLE I HAVE EVER OWNED."

Don C., SC (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"It's a real trouper. It handles heavy loads and is very good on bad raods."

Patricia N., OH (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very smooth ride on the highway Low engine noise Great seat comfort and stow options"

Michael L., MB (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Comfortable seats and ride; stowing seats"

Anonymous, VA (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"My van is very comfortable and I love riding in it. Is great for moving kids and adults. It is a pretty even ride and makes other people and me feel comfortable."

Anonymous, KY (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Seats are very comfortable. I can drive for many hours without feeling sore and passengers in the back say they are very comfortable. The noise level of this car has always been awful."

David S., VA (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The vehicle is comfortable. The lumbar support can be annoying at times."

Christopher B., VA (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The front seats so not provide the depth to support my legs."

Jerry W., SC (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The vinyl seats are splitting. Road noise is very load, especially through the sliding doors"

Anonymous, AL (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"the seats have held up well and stayed comfortable considering the age of the vehicle."

GREG C., TX (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"nice ride"

KEN F., MI (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Driver seat is initially comfortable but soon becomes very uncomfortable after an hour or more of driving. Noise inside the van is very noticeable -- rattles, road, wind, squeaks. Road noise from rough pavement is particularly bad. Rattles come mostly from the power-operated ramp installed for wheelchair access. Squeaks come from doors that seem to move within the door frames. Also, door ajar alarm and light comes one whenever a quick stop is made. Wind noise from leaky door and window seals."

J H., OH (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"This is the most comfortable vehicle I've driven in a long time. I love the seat comfort and the driving position!"

DAVID S., MA (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"A design flaw (IMHO), is a protrusion that sticks out from the door panel right into the calf of your leg when I drive longer distances. I have to use a piece of foam wedged in between the door & seat to alleviate this discomfort."

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Road noise/Air Leak around passenger sliding door since 1st purchased. Dealership could not id problem. Said they did not hear but we have. Power seat on driver side and power locks have gone out in last couple of years"

JUDY D., TN (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Too much road noise. Good ride, otherwise."

DONALD S., MI (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Heated seats are nice. The passenger forward and back power seat is nice for leg room."

Anonymous, MI (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Over all great, the one big noise issue is fro the front windshield wipers. When they are running they make a large flap sound every time."

Anonymous, MA (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Seats are very comfortable. They are the main reason I purchased this car. The noise level in this van is terrible. Wind and road noise make it difficult to converse or listen to the radio at freeway speeds (60 mph +)."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)


Anonymous, MO (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Stow and go gives a lot of room to haul things."

NANCY M., GA (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The A/C refrigerant has a leak somewhere. Disappointed that a vehicle with 115K miles doesn't have a functioning A/C system."

MELISSA W., OH (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"heated seats, dual climate control, front and rear climate control"

DICK G., KS (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The leather seats have cracked."

Anonymous, MD (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"This vehicle is very noisy. Lots or road noise, etc comes in around the doors. The seats get very uncomfortable on a long drive, (eg, a couple hours or more)."

Anonymous, MI (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"has a lot of room"

LLOYD T., NC (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Very poor cruise control. More noisy than previous Chev Venture mini-van 3 electrical failures so far -- power seat and both power windows."

CALVIN W., AZ (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I love the stow-and-go with the the seats and the auto-climate control."

PHILLIP P., IN (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Seats are very comfortable with the 6 way power. Very nice smooth ride."

Todd S., MO (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Plenty of headroom. Easy to get into and out of. Seats are infinitely controllable."

Michael B., CA (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"They are heated and very comfortable for long trips."

Anonymous, KY (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"A lot of road noise and wind noise in the cabin."

Anonymous, MD (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"seats are comfortable and easy to adjust for cargo and people. the ride is quiet"

Paul B., TX (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This minivan is a totally automatic wheelchair accessible van with lowered floors, auto kneeling, under floor auto ramp and power doors. The price of this van new would be over $60,000 (full conversion usually costs $30,000+ on almost any minivan). I bought it with less than 5K mi. for $36,500."

JEFFREY O., TN (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Purchased this car used at 11,000 miles and now have 167,000 miles with absolutely NO PROBLEMS...FANTASTIC"

DON C., SC (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Bought used in 2012 great alternative to pick up and long trips. Big problem is interior noise on all types of roads.Chrysler needs to beef insulation up. Gas gage and fuel pumps a problem"

DON B., AR (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I love how it feels sitting behind the wheel. I can move the seat closer or up and down. One thing I don't like about this van is it does not have a bar in the front to pull yourself in. I take alot of elderly people places and it is hard to get in for them. It is hard for me to get in if I had to get in the passengers side. I use the steering wheel on the drivers side. The back seats have something to pull yourself in on the back of the seat seat in front of you. I don't understand why su"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Great car for moving to FL and back. There is lots of storage space when the seats are stowed down."

DONALD S., MI (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"it is very comfortable, easy driving, spacious"

Anonymous, OR (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"It was a little expansive but we haven't had any real issues and it had gotten us almost 150k in miles"

ROB K., NE (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Very good price for a large, quality auto"

T G., TX (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Aerodynamic style."

Anonymous, WI (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"electric sliding doors and rear hatch with remote, electric rear wings, fold down seats"

DICK G., KS (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"looks shart"

ROBERT F., IN (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

"sleek looking and small."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)

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