2006 Chrysler Town & Country Owner Satisfaction - Consumer Reports
This more expensive cousin of the Dodge Grand Caravan is pleasant enough but is falling behind the competition from Honda and Toyota. Interior flexibility got a boost with the introduction of the 2005 model, which has flat-folding second- and third-row seats, but noise levels increased. This setup eliminates the AWD model. The minivan rides well with a light load and handles securely.
There are 4 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say


John P., GA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The interior plastic pieces break easily, hamndles and window motors have had to be replaced. Paint did not hold up well, and now it won't start even though it's not a starter or alternator problem. More likely another expensive computer fix up. of which there were many the first years we owned this car, for example the steering shaft mechanism had to be replaced three times. A piece of junk for a lot of money."

Lupe S., AZ (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"low on power, but adequate"

Anonymous, WA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Its the wife's car, but I drive it frequently especially on vacation or trips. For a van it handles ok except it pulls very slightly to the right and nobody can fix it, even the dealer. It handles much better with new tires. It has never let us down."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Noisy ride. Outside noises are overwhelming."

KEITH B., MO (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The van has relatively controlled ride and handling for a minivan. It feels very heavyAcceleration is sluggish, but adequate, braking is terrible! I had to put racing brake pads in the front to get reasonable stopping power, but there is nothing I can do about the drum brakes in back. Even still, the rear brakes can lock up in a hard stop. The seats are heavy but easily removed to reveal HUGE storage capacity. Trim pieces are falling off and paint is blistering. The rubber strip in the"

MIKE L., VA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Very underpowered, especially on hills."

DAVID T., CA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Could use a little more pep when accerlating with the air condotioning on."

Anonymous, NM (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Acceleration is good and handles good"

Bob B., IA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"It is easy to handle on the road. ride is smooth, seat is high enough to see down the road and fits well to make a long drive comfortable"

Anonymous, KS (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"We've owned this van since 2009 when it had 27,000 miles on it. I have always had more than enough power to accelerate on the highway. It has never been sluggish or hesitated."

Anonymous, MI (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Just very satisfied with this car"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The headliner is coming apart and falling. The ride is horrible especially on rough or bumpy surfice"

Raymond B., TX (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"good acceleration and handling."

David J., VA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Acceleration is weak, especially on the slightest incline. The vehicle handles like a truck with significant body sway on corners."

David T., CA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"handling is good, but acceleration is poor up mountain roads especially when the air condition is on."

Anonymous, NM (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)


Anonymous, NJ (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"great seats, great visbility, quiet."

John C., VA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Nice driving for long trips"

Anonymous, OH (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"very comfortable seating and driving"

Anonymous, MI (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Could have more sound insulation to be able to talk front to back inside the car"

Dave S., MN (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The seats are the most comfortable for long trips I have ever sat in."

Anonymous, NM (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Seats art ergonomically poor. Very uncomfortable to drive more than an hour. The minivan rides like a truck."

DAVID T., CA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The newer models have rear windows that can roll down. It would have been nice to have that."

BILL G., CA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Good ride for the money"

Anonymous, WA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Had problem with air condition at 73,000 miles. Chrysler had extended warranty to 70,000 but would not cover my problem because just over miles. Even though they admitted it was a design problem and nothing I did. Very unhappy with their lack of customer support."

OLIVER H., PA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Road noise is entirely too excessive. The passenger side exterior mirror has fallen out twice. Expensive to replace. Dashboard electrical lights come on erratically and for no reason. Dealer never found what causes it."

FURMAN W., SC (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I have the LX package and find it to be comfortable to drive. It is a minivan, so acceleration and handling are as expected. Seats are supportive enough, controls are layed out well enough to operate easily. There is too much road noise coming from the side sliding doors and I suspect new weather stripping would be an improvement."

DANA F., NC (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The rear air conditioning system went out a few years after purchase, out of warranty of course. This also affected the front unit, The cost of repair was beyond what we wanted to pay."

JAMES F., KY (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"little more outside road noise than I would like"

BRIAN W., CO (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The fold-down seats are terrific, especially when you have a large dog that needs a lot of room; especially useful when you need to carry a large item or haul lots of bags of mulch from the garden center."

KIM D., NC (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Air conditioning needs to be slightly stronger."

JAMES E., IN (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Owe bought this vehicle because of the riding comfort for my wife who has back problems, and continue to satisfied after 6+ years"

RONALD H., NC (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Stow and go seats are very handy"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"More road noise than I like."

Anonymous, MI (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Currently, the ride is bumpy and noisy. I'm not sure if it's just our bad roads. I think that some of it has to do with the age of the car."

Anonymous, PA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The seats are significantly more confortable than a 2014 caravan we rented on a trip."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Driver Seat is bad Van is great space Great Road Car"

Karl R., FL (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Suspension is extremely stiff and takes bumps poorly. Road noise and wind noise is excessive."

Raymond B., TX (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The seats lack any effort at comfort. They feel like a large piece of foam surrounded by material. No lumbar or thigh support. After a drive of 30 minutes or longer my back aches upon getting out of the car."

David T., CA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"ride is good and there is some noise especially when it's really windy. All seats are really comfy even on long road trips"

Anonymous, NM (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The front seats have always been comfortable. The middle seats are the least comfortable. As the driver I find the biggest issue is with air noise around the driver's side passenger door. It has always sounded like the door is ajar."

Anonymous, MI (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The seats are stiff and not good for long rides. The manual adjustment is hard to work."

Anonymous, IL (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Seats are very comfortable"

Anonymous, GA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Electric adjustable seat with back adjustment"

Anonymous, KS (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Seats are very comfortable due to chair high seating, ride is excellent. It is noisy when the rear seats are down."

Bob B., IA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Seats are comfortable, size of vehicle is stable and not bumpy on the road"

Anonymous, AR (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great space for hauling anything with all seats folded into floor. Decent price with few repairs."

Thomas G., NC (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Minivans don't really hold their value so if buying one used as I did, you can get a really good value."

DANA F., NC (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)


Anonymous, CA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Wanted simple version of T&C and this is a basic version similar to our previous Plymouth Voyager. Took out rearmost passenger seat for better cargo use, and functionality is great, especially for local errands and short trips. Minimal problems."

LAWRENCE O., OH (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Bought it used from an individual, after having problems with the vehicle we came to the conclusion that it had been wrecked and was pieced back together."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I bought a used 2006 Chrysler Town & Country in late 2012 from a Lincoln dealership in Miami. FL. It had only 20,000 miles on it. It was in great condition, and I paid only $9,900. It now has about 80,000 miles on it, and it has served me very well. CR should consider how easily available parts are and how easily an owner can repair a car when evaluating it, especially in the internet age when you can view a video of nearly any repair on YouTube. I've taken on tasks like replacing the EGR val"

GEORGE H., MI (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I feel we got reasonable value out of this vehicle considering what we paid buying it used when it was 5 yrs old."

JOHN T., ON (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"good value for the cost of vehicle"

MARKIE P., CA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Had very low mileage when purchased. Hidden seats are great for large loads. Have driven it from VT to TX very comfortably."

DANIEL B., VT (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"purchased used 7 years ago ( good price for top end van - lots of accessories inside especially )"

Anonymous, AB (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Seats fold into the floor; Easy to drive/handle."

NORMAN B., OH (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Previous 2002 T&C ran to 225,000 miles, bought 2006 with 100,000 miles for $6,000. Hope it lasts as long as the 2002."

JOHN G., NH (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Great deal on a used can that serves many purposes for me"

GREG J., IA (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"This van has been one problem after another. I've had problems with the fuel pump, the water pump, the power steering rack had to be replaced, the power sliding doors have broken down, I've had to replace the power lock twice on one of the doors, I've gone through 3 rear wiper motors. And that's just the stuff I can think of off hand. I'm sure there is more. When I consider the value I got for my money, I'm also considering all the repairs I've had to do as part of my total cost of ownershi"

Anonymous, RI (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"extensive rust that is not repairable, but for $17000 and 150,000 miles, we've gotten good use for hauling and moving kids."

Anonymous, IL (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Coating deteriorating. Paint fading."

VINCENT L., FL (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I wish it were red or silver instead of dark blue."

BERT M., MN (2006 Chrysler Town & Country)

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