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This version of the Chrysler Town & Country is far better than the model it replaced. Still, despite some notable features, they didn’t rise to the level needed to compete against better models from Japan and South Korea. We tested the high-end Town & Country Limited. Safety features added with this model include standard stability control and curtain airbags. The ride has also been improved.
There are 5 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"3.8 six that is ample ,"

Dan B., WI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Transmission too low geared 1-3"

Anonymous, MI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Handles very well for a minivan. Engine is powerful enough to move the vehicle even fully loaded."

Anonymous, MN (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"V-6 auto Transmission. the vehicle is certainly powered correctly. Very responsive acceleration with NO lag either when taking off or accelerating at highway speeds. Handles smoothly predictably at any speed loaded or just the driver. great vacation car. actually got 27MPG's while on the open road loaded with the family and our gear."

Bill E., AZ (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Ease of use"

Anonymous, ON (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Generally acceptable, but in winter/slipper conditions leaves something to be desired."

Anonymous, SD (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)


Anonymous, IL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Stable and drives well in the snow and ice."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"4.0 liter 6 cylinder engine accelerates VERY fast shifts flawlessly and has a VERY smooth ride for a mini van! I tried Chevy and ford and both do not compare to this ride, acceleration, and comfort."

Bill E., AZ (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The acceleration and handling of my vehicle is excellent."

Judy K., FL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"very happy"

Ron E., OH (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Slow and rolls"

Anonymous, NC (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Both acceleration and handling are very adequate for my usage"

K S., MI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Good acceleration for the year and type of vehicle, handling is also good considering the size, height and heft, even taking high-speed on-ramps and turns are no issue, neither is getting up to speed with the 4.0 V6."

Kasper L., ID (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"It the nicest van I have had, and i have owned three,1999,2003and 2010.I think Chrysler makes the best van on the Road,and I have traveled in my friends'other makes and modles."

C C., MD (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"enough power to get on interstates and able to pass when safe"

Anonymous, SC (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Poor acceleration."

WALTER J., FL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"4.0 engine is great"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Overall a very nice anfdreliable, so far, vehicle. Only drawback is the lack of AWD. Have had AWD Chrysler vans since they first made them, and really miss it on a vehicle with the 4.0L engine, especially."

SALVATORE P., FL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The van has very good acceleration and handles like a car."

MICHAEL B., VA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Great improvement over 1980s & 1990s models since 6 cylinder engine available."

S C., WI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Proficient handling, but the transmission is geared too low in 1-3. The motor revs to 3500 rpm under normal driving conditions when accelerating from a stop in the first 3 gears. It makes me feel like I'm thrashing the engine."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I don"t really mind anything in regards to acceleration or handling. it's not really what you own a minivan for."

Anonymous, NV (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"handles well"

Anonymous, WA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"We live in a rea with many mountains. The acceleration and de-celebration are unacceptable. The brakes are awful. Brake pads & rotors wear out frequently. We have been told by mechanics that the brakes are not adequate for size of van."

Anonymous, VA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Very satufied"

ELLEN O., KS (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"It's has captain chairs, love the stow and go. It sounds like a wind tunnel compared 2 Buick . But I payed $21000 cash 4 the van and besides 1 sensor,which I fixed myself. We just put on 6000 mile trip of which I got 24-21 mpg.i also put on air shocks and electric brake.we used 2 pull a 18' Camper. The best part is the height. More then car,less then suv. Can put a full sheet of plywood, load of firewood. I will always own a van from know on."

Dan B., WI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Plenty of room and easy to drive."

Anonymous, MN (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The Wife LOVES it - she has a 'bad back' and this makes driving easy for her."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"no A/C seats"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Lots of room and good seats"

Eric F., CA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Smooth ride, very comfortable seats, plenty of room"

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"This minivan is approaching nine years old and continues to be quiet, comfortable and smooth on the highway. It is easy to maneuver on city streets and congested parking lots. If it had adaptive cruise control, Apple Car Play and got 15% better gas mileage we would keep it forever!"

Ellis M., FL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"seats are very comfortable and it drives just like a car"

David S., MN (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Seat comfort good. Adjustable pedals and steeribg wheel. Engine is raspy and very noisy abd harsh"

Anonymous, NC (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The Town & Country is still very comfortable to drive. With age it is getting a little noisier, but still not bad. Periodic maintenance keeps up with this."

Rolland M., TX (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I like the comfort, noise, and ride of my vehicle. It is very comfortable and quiet."

Judy K., FL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I like the way the seats put me above the traffic."

Peter K., NJ (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"We no longer have children at home, but I do dog agility training and competition for fun. This car can easily fit the crates and stuff that I need for these activities and for traveling long distances with the dogs. On the highway, exterior (wind) noise, can be annoying. The front seats are comfortable, the stow in the floor rear seats aren't, but I hardly use them. The car rides well, but acceleration is sluggish and steering isn't super responsive. (My previous car, a Volvo wagon, handled and accelerated much better).The car doesn't handle well at all on snow and ice. If I didn't need this car for dog agility, etc, I would buy a smaller, more fuel efficient and agile car and am looking for my next car, since this one has over 160,000 miles on it now."

Anonymous, NC (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)


Anonymous, CA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Although acceptable, over time the number of squeaks and other random noises have increased."

Anonymous, SD (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Have electric for both front seats. Have leather seats. The back rear seat is hard to get in and out of for older people but fine for kids."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Comfortable front seats, armrests could be better. 2nd row seats are a little thin for adults, 3rd row can seat 3 teenagers in a punch. Noise is not bad for the size and ride is comfortable without being too soft for high-speed turns."

Kasper L., ID (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"utility of all interior space"

John D., CA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Ease of getting in and out and comfortable ride"

K S., MI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Great Travel vehicle for Family with 3 children and a dumb dog. Stow and go options and DEEP trunk area behind the hatch back is perfect for groceries, travel gear and needs, and rider capacity is perfect as school bus to bring 3+ children to school and back."

Bill E., AZ (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I've only had the car for a month....the only thing I would change would be the seat...it is manual control and I would have preferred electric."

Maureen T., IL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Comfortable seats, low noise level & smooth ride'"

Anonymous, WV (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I am short and seat adjustment is what I need to operate the car safely."

Edith B., FL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Easy 2 get in and out. Great for trips. Can haul a ton. Can fit 7 people in comfort"

Anonymous, WI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"After 6 years it is making more noise, I think the doors are not sealing like they did when it was new. The leather seats are now cracking. Good dual climate control."

ANNE B., MN (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"seating height for being able to see down the road, size of bucket seat due the fact I am tall & Large"

Anonymous, SC (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The passenger seat is very uncomfortable."

BARBARA R., WI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"acceleration uphill is sluggish but then it is a 6 cylinder"

Anonymous, WA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Seat comfort was excellent. Road noise was well controlled."

ERNEST W., NY (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"A little too much road noise. The rest is very comfortable."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Seats, climate control, & ride quite comfortable. Noise level disappointing. Looking for quieter next time."

Anonymous, NE (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Stow and Go seating is extremely valuable to me"

SCOTT F., FL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"stow 'n go for rear seats"

JOAN E., OH (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The seats contribute to a back problem I have. I have to use additional lumbar support to prevent pain"

WILLIAM D., IL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Leg room, appearance, and comfort on the road all important and good"

Anonymous, VA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"climate control works well, takes time to get familiar"

ROBERT F., IN (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"for the long haul, the seats get uncomfortable. we drive on our vacations, anywhere from 800-2000 miles per trip."

SANDRA C., IL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"nice to have a flat out closing the back captain chairs. easy to fold them down"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"road noise"

JOSEPH C., OR (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Road noise. Depending on material road is made of I believe noise level is higher than should be."

FRANK M., PA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"excellent car for numerous needs, easy access for passengers. store-away seats are great when I need to haul or move things.friends ride with us, saves using vehicles, a lot of pluses for our use. very comfortable driving in town and long trips.road noise can be excessive on certain surfaces."

Anonymous, NV (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The ride is very comfortable, but the rear seating was very uncomfortable."

Anonymous, OR (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This is truly the most versatile and useful minivan, what you sacrifice in 1-2mpg and refinement is paid 100 times over amazing utility. With the Stow n Go seats I routinely move gear for 25 Boy Scouts in just this van, and can then move 6 of them to activities 5 minutes after we empty the van. No Honda, Nissan, or Toyota van operated by our troop can match the Town & Country in people and gear moving capability"

Greg G., MI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I love the room for hauling things on our migrations to and from Florida while getting excellent mileage in this a Touring model. High driving at a consistent 75MPH Iget 28+MPG. Original Continental brand tires had tred remaining when replaced at72000 miles.Only negative is had to pay $900 to dealer to repair sliding pasenger side door opener and now the tailgate automatic door is not working. Dealer said another $900 to fix it. Am opening it manually."

Gary M., MI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Considering that the 2010 Town and Country would be 8 years old if bought now, I would hope that anyone who bought one would insist on all repair and maintenance records before buying one. It is a good value for what it is now, a larger capacity car, but I doubt that currently it would be a good value in the long run."

Anonymous, NC (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"LOVE it. BUT, Nav system quit in 2016."

S C., WI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Very roomy and functional. Easy to haul six kids to sporting events or move an entire apartment to college."

Anonymous, OH (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The Wife LOVES her car... can't get her out of it... still tells everyone how great it is... Our kids are ALL GROWN and gone, but we still love the minivan for it's size, carrying ,etc.... Seems reliable, especially since we bought it knowing the dealer would pick up/drop off if serviced AND PROVIDE temp car during this period. Haven't had to do so!"

Anonymous, PA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The van has been worked very hard and with only a few small problems overall the van has given my money's worth. The only thing I can complain about is the breaks should last longer but that could be the quality of the replacement parts."

MICHAEL B., VA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"A van is not cool, but it is excellent transportation. It is a very flexible car, we can carry 6 to 7 passengers."

DONALD J., MN (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The Chrysler vans are a good design, but the dealer doesn't stand behind the product. It's almost as if I was being blamed for buying a Chrysler every time I need something fixed, so I've stopped going to the dealer since the warranty expired. With no relationship with the dealer, they've lost any chance of me trading-in on another Chrysler. The van is good - the dealer relationship is worthless."

GERALD R., AB (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"For 20 Gs u get a lot of car"

Anonymous, WI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Excellent wheelchair van"

CRAIG J., TX (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Carrying capacity Seating capacity reliability"

RICH P., FL (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"Road noise not so good. Program car bought from Credit Union Sales here in Albuquerque - in good shape and no major problems. Drive approx 1800 miles round trip to Houston for cancer treatment every 6-weeks. Only vehicle in class in which we can stand up wheelchair in back and pack bags around. Great cargo space!"

Anonymous, NM (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"It is a handicap accessible van with ramp to get my wheelchair in and out. There is ample room to maneuver inside."

BRIAN J., VA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"It's a Chrysler so you really do know what to expect. One thing for sure, will need some very serious thinking before buying the next one."

A J., ON (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"excellent storage space provided with the stow and go. better handling and towing and capacity than friend' Honda Odyessy and better reliability than another friend's Toyota Sienna."

Anonymous, OH (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Electric seat adjustments help relieve fatigue on long drives."

S C., WI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"No leg room in the back seat, dash styling cheap"

Anonymous, VA (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The Sto and Go design has been a plus in helping me have a car for hauling family and a pick up truck for many projects."

AL M., WI (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"I love the space available and power fold down of the third row seats."

ANNE B., MN (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

"The rear half styling was too boxy and front end was o.k."

Anonymous, OR (2010 Chrysler Town & Country)

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