Solid, sophisticated, and athletic, the fun-to-drive Ford Escape delivers agile handling and an impressively supple and composed ride. Its cabin is one of the quietest in the class and it feels solid and substantial, a pleasant change from some of the bantamweight-feeling competition. And a long list of desirable and high-tech options can make the Escape feel like a competitor for some luxury-branded small SUVs.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I recently drove from Denver CO to Cape Cod, MA in my 2016 Escape. It was a 4 day trip one-way and I kid you not, on the open road it felt like we were floating on air. I have never driven a car that ran so smoothly."

Anonymous, CO (2016 Ford Escape)

"The 2016 Escape handles very good on all road surfaces. I especially found the "automatic" 4 wheel drive to be excellent in adverse winter conditions in the mountains."

BARRY G., CO (2016 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration, safety factor."

ALLEN L., AZ (2016 Ford Escape)

"I really like the eco boost."

PAMELA H., IN (2016 Ford Escape)

"From a stop, it has great acceleration and is easy to handle."

Anonymous, IL (2016 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration compares to that of a v8 80 mph. Runs 2400 rpm it has power"

DWIGHT B., WA (2016 Ford Escape)

"I love the 2.0 turbo boost engine. It gave the Escape SE the extra power to accelerate faster, which is important to me. Plus, I love the breaking system. It wasn't as touchy as some of the other vehicles I test drove."

Anonymous, IL (2016 Ford Escape)

"This car accelerates very smoothly and quickly. Very responsive to handling. We especially like the feature of opening the back door by kicking under the rear bumper with the key nearby. The remote ignition start during the cold weather is very nice."

GAIL S., NV (2016 Ford Escape)

"Very satisfied in all respects except all black interior is a little much in the summertime."

MIKE L., ID (2016 Ford Escape)

"The 2.0L engine is by far the best choice for fuel economy and performance. No need for the V6 unless you plan to pull trailers."

JOHN A., ON (2016 Ford Escape)

"I enjoy the engine performance"

KEVIN F., IL (2016 Ford Escape)

"I like the 4 cylinder engine, it has very good speed and pickup and is very thrifry."

RONALD D., FL (2016 Ford Escape)

"It doesn't seem to "jump" when I accelerate like my old Escape did."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Ford Escape)

"Sometimes when I've been going forward and then put the car in reverse , the car hesitates then shifts very hard making a pice when I press on the gas."

RALPH B., MI (2016 Ford Escape)

"noisy engine,to small for me"

Anonymous, MI (2016 Ford Escape)

"The car is stable on the road both smooth and rough. It handles very well with positive road feel and drives very nicely. It handles like a sports car with good acceleration and overall is a fun car to drive."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Ford Escape)

"One of my biggest problems is acceleration. It has excellent pickup (Eventually) but severe turbo lag that causes me a lot of problems when I need to accelerate Right Now like when passing or pulling out from the right lane into the left into traffic moving faster than myself. The 1-2 second lag is disconcerting. Considering I have the Titanium edition the seats are the same as in my wife's C-Max, OK but not great for long trips. They need to be a lot more plush considering the amount I paid fo"

Anonymous, VA (2016 Ford Escape)

"Steering is very heavy which is tiring on a long trip. Ride is bouncy and noise levels on certain concrete roads intrudes more than I want. Power is excellent but throttle can be jerky."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Ford Escape)

"Excellent power with Eco-boost turbo. Handles smoothly on the road."

KEN S., NY (2016 Ford Escape)

"The acceleration is very surprisingly nice during freeway driving (passing) and from a stop."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Ford Escape)

"Very happy we went with the 2.0 Ecoboost instead of the small 1.6 Acceleration is wonderful and crisp. Handling is also quite nice, no sway, sticks to the road and is a breeze to drive."

CHRISTOPHER R., CA (2016 Ford Escape)

"I have the smallest 4 cylinder ecoboost engine. It is better powered than I expected. When I test drove it, I found it had very good acceleration and excellent mileage when driven at the speed limits both on and off interstate highways"

Anonymous, AR (2016 Ford Escape)

"it is hard to believe the pick up with only a 1.6, love it."

RONALD H., MI (2016 Ford Escape)

"lack of power when needed. It's an 1.6 ECO boost and my previous Escape was a 2.0 Eco Boost. To me there appears to be a big difference."

R B., FL (2016 Ford Escape)

"Good acceleration and handling. Ride is a little rough(stiff suspension)."

Anonymous, BC (2016 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration is excellent for a small (2.0L) engine, and it easily tows a 5' X 10' utility trailer, yet gets good overall mileage - 26 mpg."

DANIEL G., WA (2016 Ford Escape)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I love the seat warmers and the controls for moving/adjusting the seats."

Anonymous, PA (2016 Ford Escape)

"It could be quieter. My biggest comfort concern about this model is the the depth of the seats. I am a short woman (5'2") and the seat is a bit too long for my legs."

ANN K., NY (2016 Ford Escape)

"More road noise coming thru the steering than one should expect."

DIANE F., OH (2016 Ford Escape)

"Great vehicle, sized right and great overall design"

ANTHONY S., MI (2016 Ford Escape)

"Headrest very uncomfortable for short people. Had to cushion it so not pressing and hurting head. Next car I will be very careful about this. For me, this would be a major decision maker"

Anonymous, PA (2016 Ford Escape)

"Very comfortable seating, dual climate is excellent and the ride noise is not very high."

CHRISTOPHER R., CA (2016 Ford Escape)

"It is very comfortable and the controls are easy and natural to operate. Well thought out."

KEN S., NY (2016 Ford Escape)

"Front seat micro-adjustments with lumbar support are great for long rides."

CRAIG W., CT (2016 Ford Escape)

"We traded an 2012 Focus for the Escape because we wanted the extra height of the seats for easier access. the vehicle has a very quiet ride and has excellent gas usage. Plus the dealership has provided exemplary service over the past four years."

MORRIS T., AB (2016 Ford Escape)

"the road noise is very bad"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Ford Escape)

"the interior is cramped, but we knew that when we bought it"

GARY R., NY (2016 Ford Escape)

"Very comfortable like the heated seats, enjoyed our trip no back aches."

Anonymous, VT (2016 Ford Escape)

"Legroom isn't great for driver, but everything else is very good."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Ford Escape)

"Seats are just a little small for me (6'2", 200 lbs), everything else fine"

Anonymous, MI (2016 Ford Escape)

"Seats are uncomfortable for heavy people. AC is extremely loud when not in the lowest position"

NORMAN A., NY (2016 Ford Escape)

"the ride is noisy. It seems like the windows don't seal fully and let in street noise."

Anonymous, KY (2016 Ford Escape)

"Comfortable seats, stylish design, good support (electronics, GPS etc., acceleration and bit slow on pick up"

DAVID O., NJ (2016 Ford Escape)

"Seats are not cushioned enough for long rides."

ROBERT B., CA (2016 Ford Escape)

"Seats are the worst i've ever had in a car. They're unsupportive and cushioning is not good. Feel cheaply made."

Anonymous, RI (2016 Ford Escape)


ROBERT B., OH (2016 Ford Escape)

"I need real climate control (with a thermostat controlling it). Ford calls their manual heat/cool knobs "climate control" evenn in the manual. The only thing that is system managed is the fresh air/recirc and I don't ever want it to override for any reason, yet if air directed all to windshieid and all the "cold" no choice. Likewise in other settings. I drove a (long gone) new Ford built in Europe (! Apparently thought we'd think it was more reliable) over 15 years ago. My only impression I"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Ford Escape)

"The car is a little nosier than I thought it would be based on reviews."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Ford Escape)

"Seats are not comfortable on a long trip, i.e. several hours"

RICHARD K., FL (2016 Ford Escape)

"Space availability, ac/ heater, comfort, good mpg, low maintenance"

ALLEN L., AZ (2016 Ford Escape)

"10 way adjustable seats make it so easy to the right comfort on long drives. Find the noise level very very low and rides like a dream."

JOHN A., ON (2016 Ford Escape)

"rough ride pedal positioning"

GILBERT F., FL (2016 Ford Escape)

"They seats are very supportive"

ALAN R., GA (2016 Ford Escape)

"seat leg length too short"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Ford Escape)

"All aspects are excellent except that the noise factor could still be improvedhowever the competition is no better."

PAUL C., QC (2016 Ford Escape)

"There is a tremendous amount of road noise and bumpiness. I took my auto back to Ford thinking something was wrong. They assured me the suspension and tires were fine. The tires are very narrow which contributes to the rough ride. I am thinking I need to get a more expensive vehicle to get a smooth ride without road noise."

Anonymous, IA (2016 Ford Escape)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Maybe in the USA the price is good, but in Canada, like most everything else, it was a bit pricey."

RONALD W., ON (2016 Ford Escape)

"The dealership gave us a very good deal on the Escape and the service we get is excellent. After having owned a VW for over 20 years with poor dealership support, it was a breath of fresh air to deal with a company that had access to parts and understood the Canadian climate"

MORRIS T., AB (2016 Ford Escape)

"Great car for the price"

Anonymous, CT (2016 Ford Escape)

"A lot of "bangs for the bucks". I love the Sync and navigation system and the ease of entry into the front seats and the cargo area."

Anonymous, AR (2016 Ford Escape)

"I looked at Honda CRV first went to the Ford Xscape because it was a better deal and I said it is much more comfortably"

JAMES P., FL (2016 Ford Escape)

"Great styling, comfort, and versatility. sound system and phone support are great."

GARY H., OK (2016 Ford Escape)

"The Ford SE Escape was purchased in August 2016 and we were given 4-5 discounts/rebates when we purchased it. The 2.0 turbo boost really provided the extra power we needed. This is my first 4 cylinder so I didn't want to lose the feel of the v6. I was also pleased with the upgrade to the SE model. It had all the amenities we wanted and more!"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Ford Escape)

"Great vehicle"

ANTHONY S., MI (2016 Ford Escape)

"While basically a good vehicle, somewhat pricy when compared to other similar alternatives"

CHARLES M., NY (2016 Ford Escape)

"We just wanted a vehicle for around town, shopping and things like that."

JIM A., NC (2016 Ford Escape)

"Perfect height for women who are aging and getting shorter but still a comfortable SUV."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Ford Escape)

"We got a discount on price and finance it thru ford credit i love the feel of driving and the power adjust seat and steering wheel that help with price the added features"

Anonymous, MA (2016 Ford Escape)

"I feel like I got jacked around a little bit by the dealer. I feel like I didn't get to completely ask for what I wanted."

DAN A., WA (2016 Ford Escape)

"Good value. had to downsize. For the price it was an easy decision"

Anonymous, MI (2016 Ford Escape)

"It's the first time I've ever leased a vehicle. My monthly payment is considerably higher than I expected because of some dealer-added items, (fabric protection, paint protection, etc.) that I neither expected nor wanted."

Anonymous, MI (2016 Ford Escape)

"Real nice value for the money and added features are excellent."

CALVIN B., PA (2016 Ford Escape)

"Price, overall performance"

Anonymous, AB (2016 Ford Escape)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Front end styling is not outstanding but had little to do with why I chose this vehicle."

DIANE F., OH (2016 Ford Escape)

"I think I would have preferred a lighter color interior."

WENDY S., IL (2016 Ford Escape)


ROBERT B., OH (2016 Ford Escape)

"Styling, comfort and electrnic systems (so far)"

DAVID O., NJ (2016 Ford Escape)

"overall appearence"

JAMES A., MI (2016 Ford Escape)

"bucket seats are comfortable the minute i got in car for first time and it handles very well on the road"

Anonymous, MA (2016 Ford Escape)

"my first new car ever. so it looks rather contemporary to me."

NICHOLAS A., CA (2016 Ford Escape)

"The pain of it in the quality of what it looks like from the outside"

JAMES P., FL (2016 Ford Escape)

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