The Ford Expedition makes a leap forward with this redesign, shedding weight while adding comfort, convenience, and optional safety features. The Expedition comes in two lengths. The longer version, called MAX, is about a foot longer than the standard Expedition and competes directly against the Chevrolet Suburban.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"This is the first six cylinder vehicle I have ever owned and it has more power than and eight cylinder vehicle I have ever driven with outstanding MPG !"

Anonymous, NY (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Handles well in all normal circumstances, performs better than previous large SUV's (Suburban, Tahoe) in avoidance maneuvering. Tows a 5000 lb horse trailer easily."

Oren L., NC (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Good weight to power ratio. Driving style options such as sport actually does feel and handle differently. Trailer package works really well."

Anonymous, AB (2018 Ford Expedition)

"New transmission is very smooth and speed control is excellant,"

Jeanette R., MI (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Great acceleration and the handling is very tight for a vehicle of this size."

Anonymous, TN (2018 Ford Expedition)

"This thing steps out and goes. You can be at sixty within a few seconds. Handling is wonderful"

Anonymous, TX (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Solid chassis but smooth ride. Able to tow either of my boats without a problem. Wonderful power yet great highway mileage. Holds its line in the highway lane with little wandering; corrections to line are minimal."

Anonymous, VA (2018 Ford Expedition)

"I have the Platinum Model with a 400HP 3.5L EcoBoost. Plenty of power and acceleration for the size of the vehicle. V8 Performance with the gas mileage of a V6"

Michael C., MA (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Feels more "solid" than 2012 vehicle."

Frank R., WA (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Great pickup for passing Easy to steer Very good in snow"

Anonymous, PA (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Handles and accelerates very well for what it is. Feels safe and secure."

Mark H., VA (2018 Ford Expedition)

"I use this to tow a trailer. This vehicle has plenty of power and torque to do that job well"

R V., SC (2018 Ford Expedition)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats are best in class for comfort. Much better than the 2015 Tahoe we previously had. The seat ventilation is also outstanding. Overall interior comfort is excellent. Wind and road noise is also excellent. Normal conversations at 80-85 mph is no different than at 40 mph."

Anonymous, TX (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Seats are very comfortable and the ventilated feature works great. The cabin is extremely quiet and the ride is good."

Anonymous, TN (2018 Ford Expedition)

"The seats are very comfortable. We test drove several other vehicles (Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Sequoia), and the Expedition was by far the most comfortable."

Anonymous, MI (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Extremely quiet, very supportive comfortable seats."

R V., SC (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Build to haul 8 people and cavernous interior. Ride great with 8 on board and still room for cargo. My third Expedition Max"

James H., NM (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Large, easy to adjust....comfortable"

Anonymous, PA (2018 Ford Expedition)

"The seats are incredibly comfortable, with many adjustments. Have the cooling as well which works great. The car is very quiet - they seem to have found the balance between blocking outside road noise while still hearing emergency vehicles. Ride - love, love, love it. We have the CCD package - not sure if that makes the difference, but it is very smooth. Major bumps you certainly feel, but minor stuff not much."

Laura R., OH (2018 Ford Expedition)

"The seats are extremely comfortable, the overall interior is roomy in all three rows of seats for adults. The adjustable suspension works well, and for a large SUV, the interior is super quiet, even at highway speeds"

Michael C., MA (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Overall I love my new 2018 Expedition. My previous vehicle was a 2007 Audi Q7 (original owner) I LOVED my Q7 and held onto it for so long because I just could not find a vehicle that had as good of a fit and comfortable drive (did not like the new Audi's) so I went with a larger vehicle. I do not regret the Expedition however for my size 5'1 and 115 lbs I need the steering wheel to be able to adjust lower, seat to have more of a tilt range so that my feet and knees are comfortable and not cutting off circulation (it felt like a good fit at the dealership) however upon driving it everyday I realized it did not have enough positioning options for shorter people, even with the pedal adjustment which does not help the depth/height of the seat cutting into back of my knees. The steering wheel is very uncomfortable especially on long trips, there is not enough range of adjustments for the SW being lowered or seat tilt to give me a comfortable driving position. The hand placement on steering wheel is not comfortable and not enough room for my hands to be placed comfortably and hold onto so my arms seem to get tired quicker on long trips. Steering wheel should be lower than shoulders and arms relaxed unfortunately without a wide range of adjustments steering wheel is not lower than my shoulders and my arms are not relaxed. Recommended hand placement is no longer 10/2, it is now 9/3 and for me on my Expedition it is difficult to drive comfortably and safely at 9/3 the way the steering wheel is made. Though I like the positioning of 10/2 it is really not comfortable in my Expedition. When I test drove the Expedition it was the base model and the seat cushions were comfortable however in the Limited the seats are a little harder (maybe its from the air blower), it's not a big issue, but was noticed. When it rains it sounds like I'm back in our old house with a tin roof (my Audi did not have the rain noise). Also, when the rear AC is on it is loud so its a little bothersome when you have others in the vehicle. I have the Captains Chairs in the back and we love them but for a smaller person it takes some oomph (muscles) to place them back in the seating position once lowered, if I was taller it might not be as much of a issue, the kids really struggle with it. I love my Expedition and will most likely get another one when the time comes,, fingers crossed they make some adjustments. One more thing, I wish I would've gotten the 360 camera because when I get close to something for example pulling into the garage even with the sensors beeping I'm not able to tell how much clearance I actually have since it is such a large vehicle, live and learn."

Lisa A., TX (2018 Ford Expedition)

"The most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned"

Anonymous, NY (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Very quiet and composed and the seats are excellent in all three rows"

Anonymous, IA (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Safety tops; lane assist and safety tech is well designed and effective. Easy to park for large SUV, quiet, excellent seating comfort"

Oren L., NC (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Seats adjust to any level of comfort. Heated and A/C seats. Messaging seats. lumbar support. Quietest vehicle I have driven. Ride is as good as the Towncars I used to drive."

D B., KS (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Ability to adjust to comfortable driving position."

Frank R., WA (2018 Ford Expedition)

"Quiet smooth ride"

Anonymous, CO (2018 Ford Expedition)


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