Ford improved this version of the Mustang with more refined handling, communicative steering, upgraded interior materials, and standard electronic stability control. While the ride is decent, it doesn't feel quite as tied down and composed as it should. The transmission shifts very smoothly and the engine delivers a throaty V8 note. Plus, 20 mpg is quite good for this level of power.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It is an awesome car to drive and you look forward to every trip you take. The Shaker sound system is fabulous and the car is pleasure to drive an curvy two lane roads. It encourages one to take and explore the road less traveled. You will be smiling thorghout your trip."

John S., NY (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Stiff ride. Sensitive steering wheel response--required getting use to initially but able to do so quickly. Will comment on seats. Passenger seat is too low. Also, do not like head rests--limited ability to adjust as desired."

William C., TX (2010 Ford Mustang)

"We bought this vehicle because we wanted a second car that was fun to drive. It is a 6 cylinder but it still is fun to drive and has all teh "pep" that we want."

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Once I had a Whipple supercharger installed, it became a performance machine and my satisfaction with it went way up. Gas mileage went way down though but that was not unexpected. Could handle better on canyon roads though. Not having a limited slip differential is a very negative thing too."

Ronald H., CA (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Excellent acceleration."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Mustang)

"This car is fast It is comfortable and handles well enough for a large car"

George S., NC (2010 Ford Mustang)

"I enjoy the available acceleration. The steering is a bit stiff and the ride a bit harsh. However only a problem if using as a daily driver. As a toy car, it is fine."

Larry M., ON (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration with automatic transmission a little slow but car easy to drive and handle once moving. Car ride is somewhat stiff in city but rides great on freeways or highways. Road noise is obvious at all times."

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Accelerates and handles great."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Handles nicely, very good acceleration.Fun to drive."

Danny P., FL (2010 Ford Mustang)

"The acceleration is breath taking. ( 540 HP supercharged ) Buts you back into the seat. Handling is ok but do not take traction control off or turn in any direction while accelerating hard or the car will slide side ways and you will loose control."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Ford Mustang)

"This car is a blast to drive. It is a convertible and an outstanding vehicle. I have a 1968 Mustang show car and the newer model is as much fun, but more civilized to travel large distances in."

John S., NY (2010 Ford Mustang)

"The car does not have a "tight' ride. It is very loose. I was very disappointed in the engine--doesn't feel like it is a quality engine"

Anonymous, NY (2010 Ford Mustang)

"It's a V6, 4 liter, same as used in the old Rangers... so it has enough torque, bur doesn't get fast to higher rpms... And mileage is not so great against the V8 Coyote...Convertible. We don not strain it. OK but if i had to buy again i would get the V8 or wait for the 2011 V6 Mustang! Handling is great with the Premium package 18 inch wheels and stiffer suspension and those Pirelli P Zero tires. Never got in trouble in curves that i like to take at a let's say challenging speed!"

Daniel C., QC (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Very good acceleration, which I consider an important safety feature when getting on freeways. The car handles very well at all speeds. It has a safety feature which keeps it from loosing traction in wet weather."

Constance M., CA (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Th engine intermittently drives rough. Handling is great"

Vernon M., WA (2010 Ford Mustang)

"The Mustang exemplifies why car guys love an American V8; sound,power and instant acceleration"

George S., NC (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Fun car to drive. It was my dream to own a Mustang."

Anonymous, WI (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration is very responsive and accelerates quickly enough for me. it has power and is fun to drive"

Anonymous, MB (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Good acceleration and excellent handling in city or highway driving."

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Ford Mustang)

"It's the best performing car i have ever driven, power, handling, all of it."

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Ford Mustang)

"With stick shift, a fun car to drive."

William C., WI (2010 Ford Mustang)

"acceleration and handling however of late, squeaks and rattles are annoying"

Mark M., PA (2010 Ford Mustang)

"It has excellent acceleration and sounds good. With better tires (Michelin) it handles great."

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Ford Mustang)

"acceleration and handling are great"

Dennis U., NE (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Fun to drive, powerful."

PATRICK H., OH (2010 Ford Mustang)

"It's fun to drive, great acceleration, stops on a dime, turns on rails and turns heads."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Ford Mustang)

"lots of power and smooth accelaration through the gears. fun to drive"

Anonymous, MB (2010 Ford Mustang)

"fun to drive"

BARBARA R., WA (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Outstanding driving experience"

FRANK E., TN (2010 Ford Mustang)

"For a V-6, it has PLENTY of power. The solid rear axle detracts from the ride a little, but it holds the road with ease."

DAVID R., AZ (2010 Ford Mustang)

"We have the 6 cylinder but it handles well in traffic and provides all power you need. Driving around Phoenix with its freeways it is great!"

LEO B., AZ (2010 Ford Mustang)

"The v6 has enough power to be functional, but not enough to be exciting. The seat is functional, for around town, but not suitable for a long trip. Good handling, very stable."

Anonymous, VA (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration is surprisingly good, given the bad reviews of the v6 engine. Handling is also quite good despite rear wheel drive."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Mustang)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I like the way the car looks, but it is not comfortable to drive, especially with the top up. A lot of blind spots."

Anonymous, IN (2010 Ford Mustang)

"This is a Convertible and is very quiet and comfortable as well as a blast to drive. Rear seat is for children only. The ride is firm, but comfortable. I would buy this car again without reservation."

John S., NY (2010 Ford Mustang)

"The upgrade power adjustment seats are very comfortable. The road noise is noticeable and the ride on not so well maintained city streets is a little stiff. Except for road noise, the ride is great on highways or the interstate."

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Ford Mustang)

"the passenger seat is like riding on concrete, plus, the passenger seat sits very low."

SUZANNE S., TX (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Grandchildren (8 and 10 year old) love the seating in rear, adults do not. My classic 1968 Mustang has more rear seat room. It is an advatage if going out with another couple and you do not want to drive, they will offer to take their car!"

JOHN S., NY (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Had to replace several motors rear defroster truck wind shield wipers fan motor"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Ford Mustang)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great car for the price."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Mustang)

"A truly great value.... First repairs.. rear brake pads and disks replacement happened during the 10th year of utilization! Most dependable car i've owned so far! Better that the xxxxxxxx of yesteryear and now the koreans"

Daniel C., QC (2010 Ford Mustang)

"Its a mustang! handles great sporty sports car"

Dennis U., NE (2010 Ford Mustang)

"It is a convertible and as a convertible, the price for the fun of driving on road trips open to the outside was excellent."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Mustang)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The appearance of this 2010 Mustang are classic and really great. When i got the vehicle it needed a little polish and wax. The finish has held up very well. We love this vehicle."

LEO B., AZ (2010 Ford Mustang)

"The car is a 'looker'. It definitely still turns heads, even six years later."

DAVID R., AZ (2010 Ford Mustang)
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