When Ford added a turbocharged four-cylinder engine to the Mustang and replaced its ancient solid-axle rear suspension with an independent multilink design, the company effectively provided its quinquagenarian pony car with the equivalent of a heart transplant and a hip replacement. What does any of that mean? Strong power with decent fuel economy, handling more planted than skittish and a spryness belying its years.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"ECO-BOOST engine very responsive; adjustable steering/suspension is GREAT !! ONLY problem is that my arthritis makes entry/exit difficult UNLESS the convertible top is up. Otherwise a great car !"

MICHAEL F., NY (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Very fast acceleration and corners flat."

J M., CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Very comfortable ride. Multiple selection to choose from, Sport, Cruise etc. Turbo throws you back in your seat."

DAVID S., MI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"With a 5.0 with 434 hp, this car can move. Acceleration is great with power when you need it."

BOB S., OH (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The mustang does everything extremely well. And the sound is like a 60s hot rod except much faster."

STEVEN C., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The Mustang is an iconic "fun" car. I owned a 1966 Mustang, but gave it up when I went to Vietnam Nam in 1968. I waited over 45 year before I bought the 2015, and have never had a moments regret. It is styled after the classic Mustang of the 60's. It is fun to drive. It is responsive, quick and sure in the corners. On top of performance it is comfortable and the instrument cluster is easy to see and understand."

JOHN H., NC (2015 Ford Mustang)

"just a great car...handling and performance"

TOM M., ON (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Handles like a cat through turns. Added Roush CAI and HP is up to 340 with torque of 347. And it effectively eliminated the turbo lag. Very quick."

JOSEPH S., MD (2015 Ford Mustang)

"there is nothing i am dissatisfied with"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Unbelievable for the price!"

HUGH H., PA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"It's fast!!! The adjustable steering and ride make for great fun especially on secondary roads."

CHARLES B., NC (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Fantastic performance--the way a Mustang should run!!"

GEARY R., AZ (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Handling and comfort. Low rpm torque is a disappointment. I tend to be rather gentle on the clutch, engaging the clutch without touching accelerator usually, so this is perhaps associated with how I drive, and it may not be an issue with an automatic transmission."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Mine is an all black Mustang Premium convertible, 50th Anniversary Edition with 310 HP Ecoboost 4-cylinder turbo; it feels like a much larger engine. The 6-speed auto transmission and electric steering have selective sport driving features that make the car responsive and fun to drive."

DAVID K., IN (2015 Ford Mustang)

"While having the smallest Mustang engine size, the car has outstanding acceleration. We do a lot of mountain driving and the handling is superior"

ROBERT W., CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Great acceleration and engine growl. Excellent handling."

Anonymous, MN (2015 Ford Mustang)

"bumps are very harsh; handles well and has plenty of power"

OTIS S., MD (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Very surprised that it has the acceleration, but not low end torque you'd expect from 300 plus horsepower."

PAUL D., CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"It could be me because it's my first sports car but it's pretty easy to lose grip on the rear tires in aggressive turns with acceleration (like taking off at a light but only slightly more aggressive then normal - rear end slides out)."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Its a dream to drive. Acclerates and handles very well."

JOSEPH R., MD (2015 Ford Mustang)


PETER B., MD (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Husband does not like Chinese engine. He is a very experienced driver and feels the clutch is notchy. The dealer said shifting needs to be done at lower RPMs....on a performance car?"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The accelerator calibration is damped. This 435 hp vehicle feels sluggish simply because it takes a lot of accelerator pedal movement to get sprightly acceleration. The alternative driving modes available don't remedy this."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"For the money the 2015 Mustang GT with the performance pack handles very well. I had the pleasure of driving it in Germany for about 1.5 years so got to do high speed driving legally. Also took it onto the Nurburgring in Germany and set a decent lap time of 11:03. The car handled very well and held about 1.05g in the corners with 0 modifications. Sadly now I'm back in America so can no longer push 100+ legally unlike the Autobahn. Still had a lot of fun with my Mustang :) and will continue to do"

ALFRED S., NE (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Fun to drive"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration is breathtaking and cornering as good as Stealth. Manual gearbox has short throw and easy to work through the six if you need them or three for normal driving. The Brembo brakes are huge and stop on a dime. Fun to drive."

HAL A., AB (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The updated chassis, with independent rear suspension, coupled with four-wheel disk brakes and upgraded Pirelli P-Zero tires provide road holding and stability to match the 435 HP engine. The car can accelerate, change direction or stop as needed to allow flexibility and options to deal with difficult traffic situations."

JORGE S., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"With 435 hp 5.0 v8 and 6 speed transmission, acceleration is super. Also handling is crisp and sharp."

B W., MO (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The new body design."

MICHAEL M., MA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Drives better than my Lincoln MKZ ..."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"great pep"

IRVING M., TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The new ecoboost turbo engine accelerates swiftly when asked to. I'm very happy with it and get much better gas mileage than the v-6 or v-8 options."

MARK J., WI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"extremely responsive & great handling"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The acceleration is superb and the handling is very good."

Steven C., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Surprisingly capable and quick"

Anonymous, QC (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Looks outstanding in and out. Acceleration is beyond expectations."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Responsiveness is terrific."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Excellent handling (performance pkg) but ride quality suffers because of it. Excellent acceleration for a 4 cylinder."

Anonymous, TN (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration and handling is good for a 4 cylinder turbo. However mine has a standard transmission with the performance package. However acceleration is considerably less than the v8. I leased mine and it is my daily driver. If your wanting performance car you should go with the 5.0. I drive equally in town and on the freeway and average 24mpg. I am impressed with the gas mileage."

John C., OH (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Excellent handling weather in sport steering or not. The paddle shifters are very good, acceleration is great."

Gerald M., NE (2015 Ford Mustang)

"pure joy to drive. Handling excellent. 5.0 liter is impressive. It is truly smiles per gallon."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Extreme high level. Of performance. Does everything right as a high level driving car"

Donald C., PA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The handling of this car is fantastic for a daily driver. It is very predictable and stable. The suspension works well on twisty roads and absorbs the bumps with ease. I am particularly impressed with its steadiness on a steep downhill decent off the throttle in a hard turn. The back of the car stays where it should much like that of a BMW 3 series. My car is equipped with the performance package. On the track the weight of the car becomes apparent. While the suspension is fantastic for spirited..."

James H., AL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Hugs the road; accelerates well and IS FUN TO DRIVE!"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Great at all speeds."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Great performance!"

Anonymous, RI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Handles well, responsive in accelerating, handles the curves quite well, very pleased! Brakes smoothly & quickly. Great experience. This car is regularly driven to the mountains and to the beach."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"4 cylinder turbo is plenty of power for this car; but it comes with a 6 cyl"

Mike P., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The GT accelerates quickly..handles ( in sport mode ) the best"

J E., TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Good acceleration and handling with all-weather tires"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I own the GT model so the acceleration is obviously gr eat. Hugs the road even on sharp curves. Love this car!"

John K., MN (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Great acceleration for a 4 cylinder. Handles very well."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I have a manual transmission and love everything about it. Great acceleration and handling. Very responsive steering"

Andrea K., MI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The Mustang is fun to drive. The 4 cyl. ecoboost has very good acceleration and response. The turning performance is a lot of fun. Cornering is flat and dry road grip is quite high. Steering is responsive and appropriately quick."

David S., MI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"very good for the money when compared to foreign cars that cost more"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Almost no buffeting at highway/interstate speeds. Fun to drive. Everybody wants to run the Mustang. Even Little old ladies in ISUZUS"

Bill B., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Fast - fun - awesome"

Richard Z., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Amazing zero to 60, and that’s without using launch control!"

Michael F., MN (2015 Ford Mustang)

"It is still surprisingly quick even after having driven it for over three years."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Ford Mustang)

"powerful acceleration, especially at cruising speed. Handling is secure and confident."

Scott A., IN (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Ecoboost is fun to drive for the price payed"

Norbert H., MI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The ecoboost is very impressive. It gets up to 33 mpg on the open road, yet still has LOTs of pep and ability to accelerate and it really holds the road well. Driving through curving, hills roads us a lot of fun in the way it hugs the road, and eats up hills no problem or hesitation."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Ford Mustang)

"It's the best accelerating, best handling car of the 20 I have owned."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Ford Mustang)

"This vehicle handles very well, the steering is taught and though the ride is a bit harsh, it is to be expected in a vehicle such as this. The six cylinder engine has lots of power when needed, it cruises well on the highway and is fairly economical. The sound of the dual exhaust is always welcome welcome without being too loud."

Brian G., TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Handling is outstanding. With winter tires and using the snow and wet setting, getting around in the winter was fine. Ride is firm, but comfortable flat on corners, steering responsive with good feel. Engine has more than enough power, is smooth to the 6500 red line. Manual transmission has great feel. First 3 gears are really close together. Brembo brakes efficient."

Hal A., AB (2015 Ford Mustang)

"435 hp and 6 on the floor !"

Mary T., OR (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration from standing start is strong but falls off dramatically in higher gears. No top end for passing to speak of. You must hear down and your already at very high RPM's."

Bob L., WA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Even the standard V6 engine has very responsive acceleration and handling."

Anonymous, MO (2015 Ford Mustang)

"With the performance package, handling is superb. Needed to add Ford Performance tune [$700] for exceptional acceleration."

Barry M., NY (2015 Ford Mustang)

"310 Horsepower 320 Ft/Lb of torque on 6 speed automatic. Very stable handling (Much better than the Charger R/T that I traded)"

Anonymous, CO (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Horrible vehicle to park the front splitter sticks out 20 inches beyond where the hood appears to end and the vehicle is wider at the back than the front"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The changeable driving modes that even have track apps available, very exciting and fun to drive!"

Matthew H., NE (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Great acceleration and handling. Smooth in turns and engine very responsive."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Very nice acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Love the handling and acceleration, plus good looks and comfortable! Love the cooled and heated seats. Great stereo system. My favorite car ever!"

Tim K., CO (2015 Ford Mustang)

"My Mustang with the turbo 4 cylinder engine accelerates like a V-8 and handles as well as my much smaller Miata. Excellent all around!"

Mark J., WI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"very loud I love it."

James W., NJ (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The Turbo 4 cylinder is amazing... This fourth mustang I’ve had. The other 3 were GT’s (8 Cylinders. The 15 would take the 2012 I had off the line... Maybe not for the long hall, but ist is really impressive."

Ron K., MO (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration and handling are outstanding, yet the car is easy to drive in heave traffic and other conditions where power is not needed."

Bruce P., OH (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I enjoy the ride, power and performance of the Mustang. The car handles responsively and has firm and smiooth controls. It handles curves and cornernering smoothly with easy handling. The acceleration is sure and powerful."

John H., NC (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Accelerates very well, corners and brakes superbly, transmission shifts smoothly and accurately to the point I don't use the paddle shifters"

Anonymous, GA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Great Handling and road feel."

Shawn G., KY (2015 Ford Mustang)

"This is probably the most fun-to-drive car I've ever owned."

Dean L., TN (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I have the EcoBoost with cold air intake. She accelerates like stepping on a cat's tail and corners unbelievably well."

Joseph S., MD (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Handing and acceleration is outstanding. This GT model , convertible has 435 HP"

Bruce E., NH (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The newest style Mustangs (since 2015) feel SO much better in handling than their predecessors, mostly due to independent rear suspension. No longer does the back want to hop around, and it feels so much more grounded. The ecoboost 4 cylinder turbo engine has enough pep for fun, combined with really decent mpg. Perfect for people who don't really want the extra power in a car with multiple drivers (father of college age girls)."

Stephen B., TN (2015 Ford Mustang)

"multiple driving modes that change the character of the car based on how you want to drive. 26 mpg in normal mode, 19 mpg in sport"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Handles so much better than a comparable 2005."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The handling ability with this new model and the4 independent suspension, responce of Turbo and the acceleration . I also love the knew style!"

Jo D., CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Excellent handling and fun to drive!"

Bryan R., NY (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Turbo went out at only 40,000 miles. Would have been a $10,000.00 repair except that when I bought the car I did something I almost never do, I bought the very expensive ($2,000.00) six year/100000 mile bumper to bumper warranty.Did not cost me anything out of pocket but there was some small part required for the repair that was on back order that took two weeks to arrive."

Donald M., GA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The handling is excellent. I always feel secure when driving and always have control of the vehicle even when the elements are bad."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"It is like a rocket as it is the Mustang GT. Great fun on winding 2-lane roads!"

Donald M., KS (2015 Ford Mustang)


Anonymous, LA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The acceleration and handling are outstanding."

Anonymous, ND (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Accelerates like a mustang GT. Handling and braking outperform previous Mustangs I have owned."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Handling is very good, flat controlled cornering no oversteer. The best acceleration. It has very good pickup so getting on our super highways is no problem! Gas mileage is about 9 liters per 100 KMs. It is very controllable even when under adverse conditions. Not the best in ice/snow conditions due to weight to horse power. Light weight call 478 horse power."

Chuck R., ON (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Exciting to drive especially for the cost of the vehicle as compared to many other sports cars"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The acceleration and handling are excellent. My only complaint is that the clutch is very stiff. It's difficult to get a smooth shift."

Dave S., NY (2015 Ford Mustang)

"acceleration is excellent as is the handling."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Ford Mustang)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"These are the most comfortable seats i have ever found, in any vehicle. The mechanism to move the seatbacks out of the way for rear passenger loading is not great, pretty hit or miss really. Seat memory on the base package would be nice. The rear windows re-asjust when the doors are open/shut, and they do not always seal correctly--this leads to massive and distracting wind noise."

STEVEN M., TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"All good, except ride suffers because of very low profile tires."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Front seats very comfortable. But Not tight and neat. Had a nightmare trying to replace leather seat covers with Ford. Also rubber seal over windshield flew off. Was repaired."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I wish it were easier to get into and out of the car."

EDWARD F., AL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I love everything about it great mileage"

PAULETTE W., IL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"'the a/c doesn't cool off like the older cars that I've owned. It takes about 10 minutes to get the interior temperature to a comfortable level and it only gets cold after a long time, even set on the lowest temp setting. The dealer has looked at it, but says that it's operating correctly for this system, which has something to do with an environmentally responsible type of coolant."

Anonymous, NH (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Seats very comfortable and adjustable. Climate control very good. Sport ride so a bit active."

BOB S., OH (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Comfortable seats, quieter than I thought it would be for a convertible. While the air conditioner is fine, I think it should be produce air that is little colder."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"This car is more than comfortable on longer distance driving. Being able to adjust seats, climate control is great, being a convertible there is more noise but it's so much better than our old Miata."

Anonymous, DE (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Whether driving on the highway for a long distance or just making trips around town, it is a blast to drive. The cabin remains cool even in Florida's 105 heat index in July. Cooled seats are a plus. It's a sports car, so it sounds like one inside the cabin, but not in an offensive way, in an awesome way."

RICHARD Z., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I find the car difficult to get in and out of. Maybe do to my age."

RICHARD R., MA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Evaporator failed none available for repair"

BRUCE J., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The front seats are extremely comfortable and supportive."

MARK J., WI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The 2015 Mustang rides and drives like no Mustang of the past. The ride is firm but not harsh. Long road trips are not a burden in this car. Road and wind noise is quite acceptable and on par with more expensive sports cars. My car has the Recaro seats which tend to be too restrictive on a 7 hour road trip but perfect for spirited driving and daily commutes."

James H., AL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The seats are very comfortable"

Steven C., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Very comfortable seats. Plenty of power from dead stop and for passing."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Front seats are roomy and comfortable; back seats while roomy there is NO LEG ROOM. A child or small adult would have to ride in the back. It is a convertible so there is road noise and the body is low to the ground so you feel the bumps in this car. Manual back rest is an issue since sometimes it doesn't catch well and clicks into a crooked position."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Very stylish red leather is as good as it gets"

Donald C., PA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The 2015 Mustang GT convertible has a decent ride, the noise level is relatively low, and does not interefere with normal conversation top up, or top down. Seats are a bit narrow ( fine for us as we are both thinner) but would not be comfortable for anyone with any type of slightly larger "girth". The ride is as expected, this is a GT, so you feel more like you are riding in a powerful beast!"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"just an uncomfortable seat to sit in"

James L., OH (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Seats are comfortable and the ride is solid. Acceleration and handling make it fun to drive."

Bill B., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I like being able to change the suspension and traction with a switch."

Mary T., OR (2015 Ford Mustang)

"WE were told you can access the back seat with car seats in the middle row. This is very difficult. Front seat is powered forward, middle seat leaned forward and not much space left to get out 5'10" son into back row."

Marcia M., IL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Most comfortable seats I’ve ever owned"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"This vehicle is extremely fun to drive. There is a bit too much road noise. The ride is mostly comfortable but it is a bit stiff and choppy on some road surfaces."

David S., MI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The leather seats are extremely comfortable and supportive. I have a convertible and the sound levels in the car are as quiet as a hard-topped vehicle. The road grip and handling are superb."

Mark J., WI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"adjustable seats make it easy for anyone to get comfortable, even for long trips"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The adjustability and bolstering are great, and heated/cooled seats at this price point are great. Also like that they are programmable via memory"

Anonymous, GA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Though the driver's seat has power controls on long trips the seat becomes uncomfortable very quickly making your back and legs hurt. The passenger seat has no power controls, it sits extremely low, is very uncomfortable even for short trips around town. there is never a comfortable seating position in this seat!"

Brian G., TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The car is surprisingly comfortable, given the sportiness of the car."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Our 2015 Mustang is a 50th Anniversary edition convertible with Eco boost 4-cylinder turbo engine. The seats are highly adjustable and the forced air seat cooling is especially nice in hot weather. The noise level, with the top up, is low for a convertible. The ride is good for a pseudo sports car. Best Mustang we've owned to date."

David K., IN (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Very comfortable front seats and quiet going down the road. Performance Pack is over damped, makes the ride a bit busy on rough roads but not harsh."

Tim I., TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The cooling units for the seats do not work. Ford screwed up by using the same cooling units that are used in the fusion. In the fusion however the cooling units are cooled by under seat air conditioning ducts. There are no such ducts in the mustang. thus the cooling units quickly overheat and actually heat."

William S., CT (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The heated & cooled leather seats are awesome . Fits me like a glove . I smile every time I drive it . Styling inside & out reminds me of my old 1970 Mach 1"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Front seats are comfortable. Heated and cooled. The back seats are there for insurance purposes only... so they can call a 4 passenger while in reality it is really a 2 passenger."

Ron K., MO (2015 Ford Mustang)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Absolutely love my GT. More power than you need but it sure helps at times. Extremely comfortable with the Ford seats and I'm a big guy. Beautiful inside and out and great buy for the money."

DANNY G., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Wanted a special 50th edition and paid additional 5,000, hope I don't get kicked out of consumers Union! Shameful."

MATTHEW H., NE (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I have had the A/C break down within 2 months of purchase, and again after it was fixed. 4 check engine lights where a the same part has been changed out 3 times. Then the computer goes faulty. This car has spent more time in Ford's garage than in mine. $45,000 and I have just over 8000 miles. Very unreliable."

RICK R., NV (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Ford products are excellent value all around for me. So are Mercurys. I adored the Mercury Monarch."

STEVEN A., NY (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Paid a huge premium because it was one of the first ones available for this new model year so the dealer charged full sticker price, and the sticker price two years ago was $2,000 higher."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I liked the looks of the prem. Ft mustang vs the chev. Camaro, it looks dated. It has ex. Power &a handling and it was $42k. It is a lot of fun car for the money."

Francis C., CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"We paid 30k for this car and with all the power the car has and all the extras that came with it the car was well worth the money"

Steven I., RI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Over 300 hp and beautiful styling and a convertible for under $38,000 is a great value. The car drives great and handling is crisp. I get comments on how great it looks to this day."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Ecoboost base model has all features needed for reasonable price. A performance bargain. But add the performance package and special tune from Ford Performance and you get a super car for about $32k."

Barry M., NY (2015 Ford Mustang)

"great performance for the money"

Shawn G., KY (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Performance and features make it one of the best sports car values"

Tim I., TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Mustang is a great car that is affordable and fun to drive. While it does not as many bells and whistles, I don’t need a car for this purpose. I won’t use them anyway."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Best value in a new car I have ever owned"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Depreciation was greater than expected."

Mark M., GA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"It handles and accelerates well. Add a cold air intake for best reduction of turbo lag. Gets great gas mileage at 32 Highway, 27 average."

Joseph S., MD (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Bought the showroom display one year old and saved $3000"

Anonymous, CO (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Ecoboost premium package is great, performance and 29+ miles per gallon"

Tim K., CO (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I believe that I paid a little more than I should have for the this vehicle. I will research other dealers for future purchases. The car itself is great and I did negotiate it down somewhat, but I still gave a little more than I wanted too. In the future, I will shop around for the particular car I want before I visit the dealer!"

Mike H., TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Fantastic value, V8 convertible Mustang GT...worth it every day"

Michael F., MN (2015 Ford Mustang)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I get looks everywhere I drive this car, with big smiles and thumbs up! Strangers talk to me about this car at many places that I stop - restaurants, gas stations or any store parking lot.I love this car!"

TERRANCE T., WA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Very sleek lines - have received many complements on the styling."

CHARLES B., NC (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The styling is very retro and cool. It's a great color and very sleekly designed."

Anonymous, MO (2015 Ford Mustang)

"This is the best looking car for the money."

CHARLES I., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"This car is the LE 50th Anniversary Edition and is beautiful inside and out with the special touches and serial number that comes with this car. It is kona blue and sets off the chrome accents."

JACQUELINE P., TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Prettiest car for has made in years"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Outstanding design of he new 2015 Body. Turns heads everywhere we go. It is a convertible and with the top down it enhances the sleek look."

DAVID S., MI (2015 Ford Mustang)

"It is striking, an excellent blend of classic Mustang alongside modern touches. It has creases and angles that look sporty and agile. The interior is a great blend of styles also and all the trimmings look miles ahead of the previous generation as well as its competitors. In short, it is styled and trimmed to appear much more expensive than it is."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Get lots of people stopping to look at it and telling me they love the way it looks....old and young people"

Anonymous, MO (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Every day, Someone stops me and ask , What kind of vehicle is that?"

MICHAEL M., MA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"New styling for 2015. Best-looking Mustang of the modern era."

KENNETH D., TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Looks like the original"

JOE B., TN (2015 Ford Mustang)

"The car's looks are stunning. Sleek but true to Mustang roots."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I've had a guy in a BMW stop me and ask me about my car"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"wider body grill overall loo of the car"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"Beautiful style, sleek lines and good visibility."

B W., MO (2015 Ford Mustang)

"great look..gets lots of compliments about styling"

ROBERT G., FL (2015 Ford Mustang)

"It is noticed wherever we go, especially with the top down. 50 Anniversary edition is great and is noticed."

DONALD M., KS (2015 Ford Mustang)

"My first Mustang was a 1965 This onw is a 50 year anniversary version Great stylw"

WILLIAM H., TX (2015 Ford Mustang)

"People frequently state they love the color (blue) and that it's a beautiful car (even Mercedes aficianados). Has the 50 Year appearance package, which makes it stand out."

JOSEPH S., MD (2015 Ford Mustang)

"I get quite a few compliments about the looks and styling of the car."

EDWARD F., AL (2015 Ford Mustang)
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