The Mustang GT does more than go fast in a straight line. Agile handling and good brakes, a tolerable ride and comfortable seats, easy access and a good view out all contribute to a satisfyingly enjoyable drive. It doesn't hurt that the V8 is a hell-raiser that sounds great and the six-speed manual has short throws and an easy shift action.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It is a blast to drive and the torque is just addictive."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Outstanding acceleration. 0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds. In Sport mode steering & handling our excellent."

James P., PA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The acceleration with the V8 engine and 6 speed manual is effortless."

Patrick S., AZ (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The 2012 Mustang has the 3.7 L V-6 with 6-speed automatic transmission. It accelerates quickly and smoothly. The steering is very precise. It is easy to handle especially on curves. It has no over-steer or under-steer. It is fun to drive."

Anonymous, SC (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The Mustang is a good sports car and fun to drive with the top up or down."

Anonymous, MO (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Good - lots of power, very responsive handling, fun to drive Bad - road noise, but who cares - your in a Mustang!"

Brian P., VA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"We thought about buying a V-8, but our V-6 Mustang has all the power we need for freeway driving in the Metroplex, and is a joy to drive on the open road. Very responsive."

Diana T., TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"So much fun to drive and handles so well."

Robert C., PA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"While the 8 cylinder GT has quite aa bit more power, this model, the 6 cylinder is powerful enough and handles well. It could have crisper handling, but it is good and fun to drive. It does have a tendency to lean too much in corners and the handling can get loose on windy roads, but if you are prepared for that it is still solid and handles well for its size."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"this is a Boss 302. Ford designed this car for performance and handling. I got what I wanted"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Great ride and handling."

Robert L., WI (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Awesome. Love it. Makes driving fun."

Fred M., MA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Very good acceleration, excellent OEM tires (for handling and grip), sounds good"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"We've put a tuning chip in our Mustang and it improved the fuel mileage and the idling of the car. I love the sound of the Mustang when we go from a complete stop and accelerate."

P K., MI (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The acceleration is crazy good."

Anonymous, CT (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Awesome! A 6 cylinder with 300 horsepower that really moves and still gets us about 30 mpg on the highway and averages almost 25 mpg. And it handles so well, especially when you consider that it did not come with an extra cost suspension package. Just an awesome car for twisty mountain roads that won't break the bank when you fill up."

Jose S., CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Scoots when I want it to, predictable handling."

Bryce K., FL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Good acceleration"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"car accelerates quickly and handles very well for a muscle car."

Roger T., CO (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Fantastic V8 engine and very good handling"

David L., ON (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Excellent acceleration and tuneable handling to fit your type of driving."

A L., MO (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Excellent acceleration with the 5.0 engine. Handling is best of any recent Mustang, but it's still not a sports car."

Anonymous, NC (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Handles very well. Acceleration and handling are excellent on dry roads. The Mustang doesn’t do well on snow or ice."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"It drives and handles very well"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Very fun vehicle to drive. Excellent acceleration and handling."

Anonymous, NV (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The 305 hp engine delivers plenty of power and acceleration for my style of driving, the handling is more than adequate. However, a super quiet pillowy (my word) smooth ride cannot be claimed."

Larry S., PA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Seems to be pedal lag when accelerating, perhaps due to throttle by wire system."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Drives like a road racing car, great acceleration, fantastic handling, cornering and braking."

Craig O., MN (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The Boss is a street-legal car designed for racing. The Boss is a MONSTER on the road and a joy to drive."

C B., MI (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Accelerates easily and with traction control on it is easy to handle."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"it's a SHELBY GT500!"

Lawrence T., VA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"it has the right amount of power for me. It can accelerate out of trouble situations, but it is not overpowered to lose control. It brakes and handles tight, which is how I like to drive."

Anonymous, AR (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration is what stands out the most - having the ability to get up to highway speeds quickly when needed."

Robert S., IL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"It is incredibly fun to drive. A lot of torque is very addicting."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Great power and handling. The V8 low end torque takes most of the work out of the manual transmission. It's comfortable around town, and lights up with a tip of your left foot. Great brakes, handling, and a fairly supple ride make it a pleasure to drive."

Anonymous, ON (2012 Ford Mustang)

"performance package, manual transmission and engine are a terrific combo"

Anonymous, ON (2012 Ford Mustang)

"This car is an automotive dream, fun to drive on the track (where it excels) or out on a spirited drive in the foothills. The free revving BOSS 302 engine is superior."

Marion D., CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"great handling and excellent acceleration with the 5.0 engine."

Jeffrey T., MI (2012 Ford Mustang)


Anonymous, NM (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Just fine"

Anonymous, CO (2012 Ford Mustang)

"It's a Shelby GT500 with legendary handling and acceleration, and an absolute blast to drive."

Dale D., TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Perfect blend of efficiency and performance. Great acceleration and is great fun."

Matthew M., NC (2012 Ford Mustang)

"5.0 V8 is all you need to know."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Sit back and hold on because when you step on the gas you get pushed back in your seat. I love it."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Ford could charge extra for the sound of the 5.0 engine."

Kenneth C., NS (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The V6 engine offers very good acceleration and is not bad on fuel, depending on your driving style."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"My Mustang is a great driving car. Fantastic acceleration and handling. I love the interior too."

James M., TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"while initially sluggish, the mustang accelerates very well. It's been a good vehicle."

Vincent R., MN (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Most powerful vehicle I have ever owned. Grew up in the pony car days but never owned one. Never thought I would. The retro GT was affordable and insurable. I have and will always love that late sixties body style. I never intend to sell this car."

John T., GA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Great acceleration and smooth handling."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"It is a very smooth driving car. The six speed transmission shifts very smoothly. The car really holds the road well."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Despite the v6 Automatic model I bought, the Mustang is every bit a muscle car I expected it to be. I am easily able to hit 100mph (when I choose to every once in a while), and also possesses fabulous acceleration when needed to speed up and overtake / change lanes. And it hugs the road well on sharp turns."

Rajiv D., NJ (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The handling is phenomenal. The engine is an amazing combination of low speed torque and high rpm power. The steering feel is exquisite, and the upgraded Brembo brakes slow down the relatively heavy car magnificently. Best of all, it's got 80k miles and I still beat the brakes off it daily, with zero issues!"

Joe R., NM (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Love the V6, ride is fine, very comfortable car for long distances. Disappointed with the handling -- a base Hyundai Accent feels more settled and secure on an imperfect, twisty road. Bumps in turns can really throw the back end and unsettle the whole car. Worse, this behavior isn't predictable. Not unique to my car (I've seen it happen to other '05-'14 Mustangs, forums are full of (mostly) guys trying to figure out how to fix it.). Very surprised that this didn't come out in your tests (or anyo"

CARL M., WA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Amazing. More power than I can use, but very rewarding. Great driving experience."

LARRY H., MT (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Ford called this the "best track car they ever built." Quarter mile in 12.1 sec and 0-60 in 4.1 sec."

Anonymous, SC (2012 Ford Mustang)

"This is a GT 500. THe car has den driven 76000 miles. The clutch was replaced under warranty, other than that no problems. Still as quiet as the day it was purchased"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration is very good for a six cylinder, faster than some V-8's. Handling is also very good but I would not say the car is actually fun to drive. It feels heavy. Mine is a convertible so there is considerable road noise even with the top up. I find is tiring on a long trip."

Anonymous, LA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Plenty if power, crisp handling and precise steering."

JAMES P., PA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Handling, excellent. Acceleration is off the chart!"

Anonymous, GA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The power never seems to end. It holds a line better than any car I have ever had, including a Corvette. The handling is neutral and predictable, even when pressed had on a track."

KEVIN G., IN (2012 Ford Mustang)

"it is a mustang I have owned 3"

JOSEPH F., IL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"It's a boss 302"

PATRICK C., WI (2012 Ford Mustang)

"This vehicle replaced a 2008 Mustang GT. The acceleration and handling are greatly improved."

Anonymous, SK (2012 Ford Mustang)

"No problem quick acceleration quick handling"

Anonymous, SC (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The car has plenty of power and is fun to drive, even with the V6 engine. And, gas mileage is excellent at 23 mpg. A fun car to drive and not a gas hog."

KENNETH J., IL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"After driving over rough pavement the steering pulls left, then right, then left and right until it feels like something resets. The transmission is notchy, the economy shift function is agrivating. The back seat is useless. It's not a comfortable car. The auto dimming rear mirror is useless in the convertible California Special - the light doesn't reach the sensors because of the small rear window and the air deflector."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"This car is a smooth and quick ride when you need it to be. Great for cruising down to Key West and has the power to pass in the zones when you need to get from behind a "Pokey Joe"."

THERESA K., FL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Amazing. I've owned many sports cars over the years and this is by far the fastest and nicest"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The Mustang is a retro hot rod with super acceleration and very good handling. I installed after market exhaust that is very loud. Great fun!"

MICHAEL R., CO (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Too big, too heavy, primitive suspension, large turning radius, Terrible transmission."

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Very good handling, grip (changed tires as originals took too long to warm up) and acceleration. Lets you do as much as is possible on public roads, on closed roads allows for a good deal of fun. Seats are comfortable for long journeys. Nice engine"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Fantastic acceleration, however the tires spin in first gear even with the traction control turned on."

JANE M., MI (2012 Ford Mustang)

"My Hot Rod Mustang: Accomplished several modifications, adding a super charger, 4.10 differential, performance rear shocks. Its a Hot Rod, but a pleasure to drive with docile stock characteristics, until you go full throttle. I LOVE MY MUSTANG!!!"

CLYDE T., LA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Even with a V6, the 2012 Mustang is agile and responsive. It excels on the freeway, but really loves the open road. A joy to drive."

DIANA T., TX (2012 Ford Mustang)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"A bit noisy, seating is a bit awkward. The car has a standard transmission (clutch. brake, gas)"

Anonymous, NY (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Seats are comfortable, The noise is a problem when talking on the phone."

Anonymous, NH (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Comfortable seats and even for being a convertible after almost 80,000 miles, the interior has no squeaks, rattles, or moans. The only annoying thing is the head restraints, which are too far forward for me to feel completely comfortable in the front seats."

Jose S., CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Seats OK, lots of road noise, choppy ride"

Vincent R., MN (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Very comfortable front seats. Rear seats are not but I don't use them"

Rajiv D., NJ (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Comfortable front seats."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"This is one comfortable pony car. I don't factor in the rear seats, of course. No one ever sits back there. The front seats are extremely comfortable, and there is ample room in every direction. I love to have plenty of headroom, and Mustang delivers, unlike other pony cars. Seats are very supportive, and well finished in faux leather. The ride is also very good, in a pony car kind-of-way. More road feel than a sedan, as you'd expect. Visibility is also quite good, far exceeding any other Americ..."

Gary N., CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Paid extra for the Recaro seats and the seat cover material is terrible. Frayed and worn out with threads pulling in less that a year. Dealer replaced under warranty and same thing a year later. Total garbage"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"HATE the head rests. particularly on the passenger side. VERY uncomfortable. My chin rests on my chest. No back support. Hard to get in and out of the car."

Anonymous, ID (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The seats are comfortable for me, while still being supportive enough during hard turns... and I'm a six-foot-tall, 230-pound male. However, it would be nice to have less road noise, but I don't think noise levels are unacceptably high for a sports car. Climate control works well (my car has the base, manually-controlled system)."

Anonymous, IN (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Surprisingly easy to take on all day trips."

PAUL H., FL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"only driver seat automatic passenger seat manual and on floor hard to enter and exist no room in back seats for adults outside rear mirrors not adjustable from inside no automatic turn off of head lights paid too much"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Race type seat very comfortable and hold you in on the track. but a little harder to get out for a old guy."

GARY H., WA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"There are a lot of squeaks, groans and other noises that shouldn't be coming from a 4-year old car driven only in good weather and with only 60K km."

ALEXANDER C., ON (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Great handling and very quick at any speed. Have std heating/AC"

RICHARD L., CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The seats are the most uncomfortable car I have had in 30 years, we turned the headrest around to enable me to look where I am driving instead of looking at the steering wheel. Just spent $3000 on the air conditioner components."

DEBORAH L., TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Super comfortable Recaro seats"

KERRY M., CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"poor visibility but side inset mirrors help"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Bucket may be too deep. Seems like sitting too low but can't adjust any higher."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Driver's seat very comfortable, passenger seat not so much."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Seats and head restraints are uncomfortable"

CESAR S., GA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"OE Tires (Pirelli) were severely cupped at 12K miles and made the ride very jarring and made an exceptional amount of noise inside the cabin. Recently replaced all 4 tires with Continentals with a wonderful improvement. The climate control system does not adjust the air conditioning response very well at high temperatures (above 85)."

VINCENT R., MN (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The air diverter has never worked."

ERIC G., TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The headrest are too far forward for me to get into a comfortable driving position. Our Ford dealer said there was nothing they could do to help. Otherwise, love the car!"

JOSE S., CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Clutch pedal too far away even with extender which means I have to put seat too far forward. Then I can't swing my feet to get out so I have to move the seat back and forth. I don't understand why it doesn't have a memory or exit seat. I am constantly adjusting the seat/mirrors so I am never comfortable."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Paint pealing, 28000 miles"

BRUCE T., NC (2012 Ford Mustang)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I have not had to put much money into this car except for the usual maintenance. Oil, gas, tires, services for fluids and to check on conditions. I did have to replace the water pump, but that was the only mechanical repair over the 149,000 miles I have had and driven it. I have the original clutch and brakes, which astonishes me. At least two mechanics have told me that at the rate I am going, I shouldn't have to replace the brake linings or the clutch until about 180,000 miles. I have never had this type of experience before and believe that despite the so-so mileage I have gotten more than my money's worth from this car."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"This car is holding it's value well"

Patrick S., AZ (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Complete satisfaction with this 2012 Mustangs V6 Premium as to all the categories listed is this answer’s response. It has delivered all that was wanted at a reasonable price."

Larry S., PA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"This is the best looking, best performing car for anywhere near the price. It not only performs great but gets above average gas mileage!"

Matthew M., NC (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Performance package is fantastic There is no better performance bargain that is also a great grand touring vehicle and looks great."

Anonymous, ON (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Good buy for the money"

B P., MD (2012 Ford Mustang)

"You probably can't buy more fun for the dollar than the Mustang GT. It's a great everyday driver, and it turns into a sports car with great power and handling anytime you want."

Anonymous, ON (2012 Ford Mustang)

"My interest was in the 5.0 coyote engine and manual transmission. Candy red paint didn't hurt either. Wanted something that could perform on a level with most anything on the street. Not a lot of options on this base model however for $30K try to find a better bang for the performance buck."

John T., GA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"I got the 5.0 Mustang. It has performed sensational plus I got a convertible."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Very reliable. Great acceleration and handling. Driver's seat very comfortable but front pax seat low and does not adjust. Pleasure to drive."

KATHERINE M., HI (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The Sync system is awful, worthless, atrocious, dangerous. I specifically bought the Sync option in my Mustang - it has NEVER worked correctly. I brought it into Ford dealership several times to have it fixed. They never fixed it. When the vehicle finally went out of warranty they washed their hands of off the Sync problems completely - disgraceful!! The interior fit and finish is very poor/cheap. The exterior panels do fit/align well and paint chips easily. Overall a disastrous purchase and ver"

CONOR S., CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Only problem is having the driver bag being recalled. Overall value is good"

Anonymous, SC (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The car is so solid, responsive, and reliable - I am still surprised at how little it cost. It is so much better than my BMW which cost 3-40% more."

KEVIN G., IN (2012 Ford Mustang)

"The BOSS 302 is a great value for the money a lot of performance for the money. It is a great car"

GARY H., WA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"fair price under book price"

JOSEPH F., IL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Inexpensive to buy and maintain Fairly reliable Great engine"

DAVID L., ON (2012 Ford Mustang)

"paid too much"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Boss Mistang-exceptional performance."

KERRY M., CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"550 horsepower for $50,000? Where else could you get it besides the iconic Mustang? People STILL (usually young guys) go crazy about this thing. I get 26 mpg highway mileage, and it's simple but effective: Nav, bluetooth, nice sound (radio and engine). Reliable as Old Faithful, to boot."

DENYS A., CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"I paid 32500.00 through Trucar and when I tried to trade in my mustang on a smaller Ford with better gas mileage after one year the same dealer I bought the mustang from offered only 16,000.00 for the mustang..1/2 loss in value...No more Fords for me."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Mustang)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It just has the right look for a mustang. Long hood and a short trunk."

Anonymous, LA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"I still get comments at gas stations and parking lots, many clearly envious. It's a style that doesn't go out of style."

PAUL H., FL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"I like the look of edgy sophistication that the 2012 Mustang has. It is a substantial sport coupe with just the right amount of attitude."

DIANA T., TX (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Retro styling"

BRUCE T., NC (2012 Ford Mustang)

"It is a Califirnia Special GT. Unique styling features set it apart from the run of the mill GT. You rarely see one."

JAMES P., PA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"I love the car except Ford's refusal to repair the corrosion and paint bubbles on the front of the hood. All Mustangs from 2011 - 2014 have issues with the hood paint. Apparently Ford used bad aluminum for the hood that had imbedded ferrous metals which caused the hoods to bubble, peel and rust. Ford knows about the problem but has instructed dealers to NOT fix the car. The government should sue Ford to affect these repairs."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"It's a bright red Mustang. Eye-catching, which means setting the cruise at the speed limit."

BRYCE K., FL (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Looks fantastic for an inexpensive car Very satisfying to drive"

DAVID L., ON (2012 Ford Mustang)

"Full size sedan, very large trunk is great for traveling, rear window go fully down, A/C auto control is great, Cruse control is the best for down hill auto down-shift."

RICHARD L., CA (2012 Ford Mustang)

"I prefer the retro-styling as opposed to the newer models."

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Ford Mustang)
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