The Mustang GT does more than go fast in a straight line. Agile handling and good brakes, a tolerable ride and comfortable seats, easy access and a good view out all contribute to a satisfyingly enjoyable drive. It doesn't hurt that the V8 is a hell-raiser that sounds great and the six-speed manual has short throws and an easy shift action.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceleration is quick and responsive. Handles like it is glued to the road."

Anonymous, TN (2013 Ford Mustang)

"amazing handling from a solid rear suspension. excellent acceleration"

Frank P., NY (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Fun to drive"

Anonymous, MI (2013 Ford Mustang)

"The Boss 302 has a great engine and handles great w/out any modifications."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Handles curves great and is very sporty"

Robert B., IN (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Exceleration is impressive for a naturally aspirated engine. Handling is race track ready."

John O., KS (2013 Ford Mustang)

"The 5.0 l engine accelerates very quickly and smoothly thru the gears. It is great on country roads with curves. Lots of fun to drive."

Stewart H., VA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"top of the line in all catagorys"

Robert W., DE (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Excellent acceleration + engine sound. Also handling is superb."

Anonymous, AB (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Simply FUN to drive, and the harder you driver her, the better she performs."

Mark M., MO (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Exceptional acceleration and performance"

Robert C., IA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"The acceleration of the V6 is surprisingly good. However, next time I would prefer the V8. The car is nimble. Tight turning radius. Very responsive."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration, holds the road on curves, great for trips"

Jere J., NC (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Feels like it’s glued to the road."

Anonymous, TN (2013 Ford Mustang)

"This is a GT500 Shelby, so the acceleration and handling are exceptional. It is a true high performance sports car and is a pleasure to drive."

Bob W., NY (2013 Ford Mustang)

"The acceleration (V6) is more than adequate and the handling makes it a joy to drive."

Donald M., WI (2013 Ford Mustang)

"This car is very responsive and fun to drive. 0 to 80 in 6 seconds. Good mpg, a little over 20 mpg, which I didn't expect. But it is a V-6 as Consumer Report suggested."

Jean P., TX (2013 Ford Mustang)

"acceleration is great smooth drive feel bumps low to ground visibility poor for short people like myself"

Janice W., VA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Fun to drive. Great handling and good acceleration even for the V6 engine. Annoying buzzing vibration noise coming from rear view mirror ."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Ford Mustang)

"premium gt is a lot of fun to drive-great handling and acceleration-great exhaust sound"

Stewart H., VA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"There's nothing like driving a Mustang gt 5.0. I don't race it, but when needed, that 420 HP throws me back into my seat. It's just an awesome car."

Anonymous, NH (2013 Ford Mustang)

"acceleration and handling are very good for a v6, RWD convertible"

Frederick W., NC (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Super fast, great acceleration and handling."

Joel P., VA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Very good acceleration. Great sound"

Anonymous, IN (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Good acceleration and gas mileage"

Mark D., FL (2013 Ford Mustang)

"tons of power"

Anonymous, IA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Nice quick steering, sits flat on the road when turning. Great acceleration from 60 mph on up"

Norman N., WY (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Handles well for it's weight, and it's FAST. It's a compliant ride and not too rough, very good for road trips."

Michael H., WY (2013 Ford Mustang)


Matthew B., WA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"This vehicle is just right. Right size, right amount of performance, right amount of cargo room, right amount of amenities. When I bought this new, I planned on keeping it for a few years. 9 1/2 years later I still have it with no plans on getting rid of it anytime soon."

Ryan B., KY (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration and braking are outstanding. Car breaks traction relatively easily when taking corners on slightly wet surfaces. Traction control does not seem to be properly functioning, but Ford mechanics state it is within spec."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"300 horses in a V6 is great though I would take a V8 if it was cheaper. Like the acceleration."

Jere J., NC (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Power is incredible."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"I traded my Shelby GT 500 to get the Boss 302. The Boss drives better, handles better and is measurably more fun to drive. The Shelby was faster, but I'm not on the runway trying to attain flight speed."

JERRY B., TN (2013 Ford Mustang)

"V6 automatic is very underpowered for the heavy car. the V8 is needed but costs $10,000 extra for the 2 cylinders. Very over priced upgrade."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Drives well and firm road feel"

ROBERT B., MI (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration is very good. Handling I'd good with no body roll on turns but the solid rear axil can be harsh and jumpy on hard acceleration or turns if road is not perfectly smooth. Independent suspension like the new models is much better."

R B., MN (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Despite the fact that this car doesn't have independent rear suspension, this is the best handling car I've ever owned. Amazing acceleration considering the fuel economy."

NICHOLAS H., VA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Great acceleration merging onto highway."

CONNIE B., FL (2013 Ford Mustang)

"This car is a monster, fast, handles very well and looks stunning."

MARK C., AB (2013 Ford Mustang)

"great accelaeration,wish it had indapenate rear suspension"

J A., PA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"It accelerates like a rocket and the power just keeps coming, it's soulds REALLY GOOD. It handles the curves like it's on rails."

MARK B., ME (2013 Ford Mustang)

"sync is terrible-i never use it-car accelerates great-handles road great-comfortable on long trips-gets 26 mpg even with premium GT 420 HP"

STEWART H., VA (2013 Ford Mustang)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"good ride ,handling ,style ,my dream car."

Robert W., DE (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Seats are race ready. Ride is firm as a sports car should be."

John O., KS (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Purchased the Recaro optional seats and they are worth every penny. Don't miss the power seats at all."

Mark M., MO (2013 Ford Mustang)

"fides well for performance car"

Anonymous, IA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Very comfortable seating with the leather seats. I don't believe the cloths seats are as good nor comfortable."

Lawrence D., AL (2013 Ford Mustang)

"seat has no cushioning back and neck is not comfortable squeaks in wheels"

Janice W., VA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Ride comfort is great--drive for 6-7 hours without fatigue."

Donald M., WI (2013 Ford Mustang)

"The layout of the steering wheel, floor pedals, center console, and gear shift is uncomfortable. I am 5'7" with a 32" inseam and average length torso and arms. If I easily reach the pedals, then my arm/shoulder is awkward to shift. If I put the seat back so shifting is less awkward, I'm not easily depressing the clutch, I have to stretch my leg."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"We use this vehicle for most of our trips, my wife and I. It has enough power and good handling (but not in snow). I'd like the mufflers to be a little more throaty. Mustangs tend to the the ride of choice for white trash but oh well. Outside temperature gauge is not very accurate."

Jere J., NC (2013 Ford Mustang)

"The seats seem to be off center from the steering wheel and are hard to properly adjust. I am 5'6" and didn't think I was too short for this car. Not having an adjustable steering wheel doesn't help either. The seat belts cut across my neck so I have to twist it to make it fit properly across my shoulder. There is a lot of road noise that new tires didn't help."

Jean P., TX (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Passenger seat does not go back far enough to accommodate a 6 feet tall person. Need to recline passenger seat to keep passenger’s head away from interior roof of vehicle and to try to improve knee room comfort for passenger. Ride is bumpy. GS400 Grand Sport Buick, 340 horsepower, 400 cubic inch with stiff Goodyear Custom Wide Tread tires had stiffer suspension, stronger suspension springs, yet it rode better than 2013 Mustang rides."

Anonymous, IA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Headrest tilts too far forward for my taste as well as others I have talked to. Seat not comfortable on extended trips (200 miles or more)."

WILLIAM C., CA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"The driver seat seems to be too far to the right. If I sit where I am lined up with the steering wheel I am sitting on the outer left of the seat. There is also big blind spot where the outside rearview mirrors and the posts connect."

JEAN P., TX (2013 Ford Mustang)

"The Recaro seats are top notch. This Boss 302 is a track designed car and not "comfortable", per se. but for my wants, it is perfect."

JERRY B., TN (2013 Ford Mustang)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I got a lot for the money and it looks great. I get compliments all the time."

Randy G., NY (2013 Ford Mustang)

"I'm getting very good gas mileage and the car looks great! The car also has great acceleration"

Dale H., OH (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Great handling and accelerating for a V 6"

Robert B., IN (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Performance and function are excellent as long as you don't need a bigger vehicle. Easy to get far under MSRP, and the power is unreal for the money."

Michael H., WY (2013 Ford Mustang)

"The Mustang is the total package in fun and performance at a reasonable price. The car feels like it is meant for durability, like it can take extreme driving and not feel like you are abusing it. The car gets attention wherever I go."

Ryan B., KY (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Overpriced for the quality received. Water pump failed, differential leaked, original equipment tires traction was poor on wet surfaces and non-existent on snow even with a mechanical no-slip differential, original equipment tires wore out tread early even with careful woman as primary driver. Front seat leg and head room inadequate for anyone 6 feet tall or taller. Will be interesting to see what happens to quality with the 2019 4-cylinder Mustang engine, with warning that for will probably stop producing Taurus, Fusion and Focus passenger cars."

Anonymous, IA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Very solid car with a powerful 6 cylinder engine, gets 31 miles to the gallon."

Anonymous, TN (2013 Ford Mustang)

"This was a special order vehicle. The sticker price was just short of 32,000, I paid 27,000 with no trade in"

Anonymous, NH (2013 Ford Mustang)

"There is nothing to compare with the Mustang. How it drives/feels or looks and its price. Its an icon for sports cars. Any comparison would mean the Corvette Z06. Outside of that you will have to be Bill Gates. Although the 2016 model is a disappointment because it looks like a baby that came from a Fusion/Focus and Accord coupe marriage."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Ford Mustang)

"I love my Mustang convertible. The only thing I don't like is the Takata airbags. They are supposed to be replaced in the 3rd quarter"

LAURA A., MI (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Excellent acceleration , fantastic gas mileage. Very comfortable seats."

Anonymous, TN (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Very nice upscale looking car, better gas mileage than I expected. No maintenance problems, for a low price"

Anonymous, NV (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Very comfortable, stylish, great acceleration, good mileage on highway. Received many compliment on look and style and color (Grabber Blue)."

JOEL P., VA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Did not hold value relative to what we spent"

Anonymous, TN (2013 Ford Mustang)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Nice curves, attractive tail lights, very attractive."

JOEL P., VA (2013 Ford Mustang)

"We still get positive comments on how attractive the car is, even though it's now 3 years old. The Deep Impact Blue color is a definite contributor to it's good looks."

GREG L., IL (2013 Ford Mustang)

"Sporty look and color (deep impact blue) that attracts attention by on lookers."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Mustang)

"I had to search all over the state to find an interior which WASN'T all black.."

BARB T., CA (2013 Ford Mustang)


JOHN D., TN (2013 Ford Mustang)

"This car is simply HOT! I get compliments from everyone, all ages and sexes. I love to just look at it. It's Race Red paint job is stunning."

MARK B., ME (2013 Ford Mustang)

"I love the mildly retro styling of the body and the in-- strument panel."

NORMAN N., WY (2013 Ford Mustang)
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