The Ford Mustang is significantly updated for 2018 with revised front and rear styling, updated interior, revised powertrains, and new high-tech options. The V6 has been retired, leaving the turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder and 5.0-liter V8, each available with a new 10-speed automatic transmission. The V8 engine has been reworked to create more power and aid fuel economy.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Fun to drive. Acceleration is good, handling is a lot more agile than the crossovers we own. Nice for a change of pace."

Harold G., IN (2018 Ford Mustang)

"The GT350R is an outstanding performance vehicle very responsive with exceptional handling"

Anonymous, ON (2018 Ford Mustang)

"This 2018 Mustang is my 4th Mustang. All the previous ones had V-6 engines, & I mourned Ford's discontinuation of the V-6. that said, I have been pleasantly surprised at the i4's smoothness & responsiveness. I've long enjoyed the fun-to-drive quality of Mustangs, but this one is the best handling, smoothest of all."

Charles G., TX (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration, handling and appearance"

Anonymous, FL (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Exhilarating 460 HP, track handling suspension and a fast shifting 10 speed auto. All in a great looking body."

Jeffrey C., CA (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Power, rapid acceleration in all gears, use of the Various toggle gear switches such as track, sport, wet/snow You can feel the difference between these especially In the wet road toggle"

Michael E., TX (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Great acceleration with the 2.3L turbo. Fun to drive"

Richard N., OH (2018 Ford Mustang)

"It's extremely fun to drive!"

Aaron Z., OR (2018 Ford Mustang)

"It is a fun car to drive. It handles very well for a V8 sports coupe and the acceleration will put a smile on anyone's face."

Rick D., TX (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Precise steering, powerful responsive engine"

Anonymous, NC (2018 Ford Mustang)

"A no-compromise sports/performance car that can compete with expensive brands."

Robert A., MI (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration is great. Ride is somewhat stiff & could use a little more refinement."

James H., WI (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Very fast and well balanced. I have never had a car with this great of handling. We have the PP! with the Magnaride and it makes a world of difference on the road and on track days. If you are looking for performance, test drive both with and without, before buying one"

Anonymous, LA (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Very good handling and exceleration"

Martin M., IL (2018 Ford Mustang)

"I miss the acceleration of a 5 liter engine. The 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine is somewhat anemic"

Anonymous, TN (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Amazing amount of power that comes on linearly (with the 10-speed automatic) yet is capable of achieving 28 - 29 mpg on the highway when driven sanely."

Robert R., MI (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Outstanding in both"

Randy N., OK (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Rides and handles exceptionally well for a convertible. Much more planted and solid feeling, with less shake than the competitive-segment nameplate convertibles that I have driven. Acceleration with the 2.3L and the 10-speed auto is pretty reasonable. More than enough for public roads."

Brian J., MI (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Great steering feel, particularly like to be able select steering mode, spor, normal, etc. The car has more than enough power. The ride is a good compromise between handling and smooth ride."

Michael G., MI (2018 Ford Mustang)

"It is quicker, quicker and very quick depending on which driving mode you select."

Gary L., MI (2018 Ford Mustang)

"The car is very responsive, both in acceleration and handling. I love the Cruise Control"

Anonymous, AZ (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration and handling is the reason I bought the Mustang."

Robert M., WA (2018 Ford Mustang)

"the GT beats anything else out there. nothing like good old American muscle."

Kathy H., MI (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Badass. Sound of the engine is awesome."

Raymond G., AZ (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Very fast and nice sould"

Anonymous, TX (2018 Ford Mustang)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Super comfortable base GT seats! I can drive this car for hours on end without the need to get out and stretch. It's relatively quiet inside and has a decent ride for a performance car."

Robert R., MI (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Ride & control are much better than past mustangs I have owned Power seats with heating & cooling are great & the lumbar feature is also great for the back support"

Michael E., TX (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Seats are surprisingly comfortable, especially on journeys over 1 hour. The ride is very good and improved over previous mustangs. There is still a tiny bit of creaking from the interior (dashboard seems to be the source), which is surprising for a new car with only 4,000 miles."

Anonymous, MI (2018 Ford Mustang)

"iRide is better than the 2014 or 2013 we had. road noise isn't so bad; engine and exhaust noise are too much of a good thing (when I have the time, i'll deactivate the engine-to-cabin sound tube, which may help a little); seats are still unknown, no long trips yet."

Frank S., CA (2018 Ford Mustang)


Anonymous, FL (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Comfortable seats, but this car is quite loud."

James H., WI (2018 Ford Mustang)

"The premium interior is very comfortable and well laid out and the seats hold you during fast cornering. Road noise is good, that said, the exhaust note is somewhat loud, but that is what you want to hear with the V8."

Anonymous, LA (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Very comfortable ride, quiet for a convertable (sound insulated windshield) and very adjustable ride. steering feel, engine response and shifting can all be selected. The improvements made recently are very good. 10 speed transmission is seamless and smooth."

Dale M., SC (2018 Ford Mustang)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The car loooks, sounds and performs great. Many like the revised styling and performance. It has 40 More HP than the 2017 model."

Gary L., MI (2018 Ford Mustang)

"It is a fun car and we enjoy the comverable I. The summer"

James B., IN (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Hard to believe all the content for an inexpensive price (under $25,000)."

Robert A., MI (2018 Ford Mustang)

"Innovative engineering with 460 HP, performance suspension and a fast shifting 10 speed auto. Well made and more affordable then the competition."

Jeffrey C., CA (2018 Ford Mustang)

"For a V8 Sport Coupe, I paid an excellent price. It handles well, has amazing acceleration, and gets pretty good gas mileage for a V8 engine."

Rick D., TX (2018 Ford Mustang)
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