The Ford Ranger falls far short of modern pickup-truck standards. It's ungainly and stiff-riding; has a rough and noisy, inefficient engine; and a cramped, uncomfortable cabin. The interior is crudely finished. Compact dimensions and a usefully sized bed are the Ranger's only pluses. Even if you took thousands off its list price, the Ranger still would not be a bargain.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I would have liked cruise control."

ROBERT S., WA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"It lacks any pickup and is terrible going up hills. It gets terrible mpg in city driving"

Anonymous, WA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"A very good solid little truck. Never had any problems in over 16 years."

STEPHEN F., NV (2000 Ford Ranger)

"I think that this truck handles very well. The ride is firm, but not punishing. The acceleration is adequate, but not outstanding, particularly when loaded, or pulling a load."

MARTIN R., OR (2000 Ford Ranger)

"The truck fish tails every time it rains or snows. We have to buy new sand bags for the back every year."

KATHY E., IL (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Actually, acceleration & handling are OK, but it's the climate control I dislike. The intensity of air, and which vents it comes from, will change, depending on the speed and acceleration of the vehicle. In fact, if the vehicle is going at high speed, the air conditioning shuts down, almost completely. Once the speed of the vehicle slows down, the AC resumes. At random, the air will come out of the front vents and then stop coming out of there, switching to the vents along the bottom of the"

KEN E., VA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Slow on the uptake. Hesitation before things get moving. Poor gas mileage; I'm happy to get 16mpg, which is rare."

BRUCE S., AZ (2000 Ford Ranger)

"This is a simple utilitarian truck that does the job around the property pretty well."

Tor L., CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"For a nearly 20 year old truck it still does the job. I’m keeping this one for a while longer."

Mark W., ID (2000 Ford Ranger)

"I modified My Ranger Super Cab,So with new Engine,Transmission,Front and Rear Ends,and Programer,Jet,It is very Fast for an Automatic ! Handles Great,keeping in Mind,It is a Heavy Duty Off Road 4x4 ! It will do 80 MPH on My Mountain Here !I have to let off at that Speed,as I turn off to My Road!"

William C., PA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"The truck drives like a truck (stiff rough ride over rough roads). It accelerates excellently."

Frederick G., NY (2000 Ford Ranger)

"I purchased the 6 cylinder. Acceleration is there when I need it with no hesitation."

B B., CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"3.0 engine is very slow"

Anonymous, KS (2000 Ford Ranger)

"The Ford Ranger is my husband's truck. When I drive it I and comfortable and the manual shifting is smooth. Being a smaller person It is often hard to see while driving other trucks not our Ranger I can see all around the truck. I has a quick response to the gas petal. For me it is fun to drive."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"acceleration and handling are good. 4L, 6 cylinder engine required major overhaul at 70,000 miles -- very costly.. Ride is rough but this is accepted as it is intended for possible "off roading" as a 4x4 vehicle. With little weight on the rear end, it is dangerous on icy roads as it has lost traction and veered out of its lane of traffic (thankfully no crashes or injuries)."

Paul H., MN (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Is no power house that's for sure. Handles like, well, the truck that it is. I.e. awkwardly."

Anonymous, AB (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Have a small V-6, but wish I had ordered the larger V-6. Somewhat sluggish on a steep incline and in acceleration on an interstate, especially when there is an incline."

Anonymous, TN (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Mediocre acceleration."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"powerful engine, and car like handling"

Anonymous, CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Slow to get moving."

Bruce S., AZ (2000 Ford Ranger)

"good for both"

Steven W., IN (2000 Ford Ranger)

"It's a little sluggish on excelleration, but handles well"

Anonymous, CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Easy to handle at all times."

Barbara K., HI (2000 Ford Ranger)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Overtime, the seat has you pushed forward up top and little back support."

CHIP S., OH (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Rough ride"

JULES H., MB (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Seats & handling"

PHILLIP W., FL (2000 Ford Ranger)

"This has been a great car because I use several ways. It still look like new."

Anonymous, AZ (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Seats are not comfortable, the air conditioning stopped working, it is very noisy"

KATHY E., IL (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Everything is great about the comforrt of the seats, climate control and noise. The ride is a little rough on some roads because we did not get 4 wheel drive. It will sort of slide instead of holding the road."

Anonymous, GA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"The defroster takes forever to clear the windshield & the heater barely gets going before I get to work. Too many blind spots to feel good about changing lanes or parking."

Anonymous, OR (2000 Ford Ranger)

"a lot of noise and the ride is stiff."

Anonymous, VA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Seats as comfortable as an automobile"

Tom W., IN (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Noisy, rough ride -- bounces over potholes."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Drivers seat is uncomfortable"

Anonymous, ON (2000 Ford Ranger)

"The Ranger is a work truck and nothing more. The seats we knew when we bought it were it's worst feature. We did not buy it to take on trips."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"The headliner has started to fall but otherwise the seats look great and they've never had seat covers on them. The ride is like a truck so I can;'t really complain about it. Noise is fair, worse when at highway speeds."

Stan S., CA (2000 Ford Ranger)


Anonymous, TN (2000 Ford Ranger)

"ride very stiff, hard"

Anonymous, HI (2000 Ford Ranger)

"I am rather tall and still fit quite comfortably - ride smoother than I would expect in a truck."

Anonymous, TX (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Keeps on "tickin'"..."

Bruce S., AZ (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Ranger seats (esp driver) are know for wearing out early. Mine did too. I replaced them 3 years ago at 120000 miles with cheap "racing" seats I bought on eBay"

Anonymous, CO (2000 Ford Ranger)

"They are terrible, poor quality and uncomfortable on long trips. It is very noisy and bunny ride. I have never liked it but husband won't part with it, yet he agrees about criticisms"

Carol M., WA (2000 Ford Ranger)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Overall best half ton truck I ever had"

JULES H., MB (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Bought it used for a very good price and have had a couple of minor problems due to age"

Anonymous, UT (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Good utility vehicle"

NATHAN C., WA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"The ranger has held up great considering the milage"

AARON T., TX (2000 Ford Ranger)

"The engine needed a major overhaul at 70,000 miles"

PAUL H., MN (2000 Ford Ranger)

"15 years of driving with only manufacturers maintenance done. no breakdowns"

Anonymous, PA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"I purchased the Ford Ranger from a friend when it had only 35,000 miles. It still has low mileage, about 40,000 and still runs great."

Anonymous, SC (2000 Ford Ranger)

"We needed a 4 wheel drive utility/truck vehicle. We bought this truck used for $12000 12 years ago and it has served our needs very well in that time"

THOMAS J., VA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Got a good deal, paid less than what others were adking"

Anonymous, MN (2000 Ford Ranger)

"It's smaller size that the Ford 150 is a real plus for me when I cart around my two Boston terrier's who lay on a bench I made that fits across the 2 jump seats behind the front seats. The back cargo area is big enough to carry groceries and other items that are bigger like appliances and lumber."

JOHN C., WA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"A good value great truck runs great!"

EDWIN M., IL (2000 Ford Ranger)

"We purchased this truck used for a price that was lower than average. The truck looked brand new and the mileage was low. It is a good size for our needs."

BETTY R., MA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"need to keep your maintaince up."

Anonymous, HI (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Won the truck"

HECTOR M., NS (2000 Ford Ranger)

"We purchased this pickup for 11 years ago when it was5 years old and it has served us very well. We replaced the clutch but that cost was small when averaged over the period that we owned the car. Buying a good vehicle when it is five years old and keeping it for a decade or more save a huge amount of cash."

Anonymous, BC (2000 Ford Ranger)

"No major expenses until 80,000 miles at 15 years. Regular maintenance along the way."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"The now-discontinued Ranger was a good value for me, at $10000 used in '05 with a 4.0 V6 and 4WD. The torsion bar suspension ride is less comfortable than coil springs would be, but for my use it's tolerable."

WILLIAM C., VA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"gas mileage"

Anonymous, MI (2000 Ford Ranger)

"This was not a very expensive truck it has served me very well for over 16 years. I will keep until ???? Forever."

JOHN M., IL (2000 Ford Ranger)

"I needed a vehicle dependable that wouldn't let me down and that fit our budget. I leased the Ranger for 3 years and then bought it. This fitted the criteria and provided a way to move things. For the price, I think it was our best option overall."

Anonymous, NC (2000 Ford Ranger)

"I bought the Ranger for my son when he started college. He drove it for 7 years and when he bought a new pickup, I kept the Ranger. Great utility vehicle and we have several friends who borrow it. Minimal maintenance costs over the years."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"It is over 19 years old and has been in the shop only once for a transmission gasket replacement. Still runs like a top."

Duane L., TX (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Had for 18 years. Maintain regularly with no major problems except those that go with age."

B B., CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"It still runs good! Very little maintenance or repair costs."

Robert M., FL (2000 Ford Ranger)

"They're not sold anymore so It would not do anyone any good."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Driving vehicle for 18+ years Low maintenance."

Jeremiah G., CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Great truck."

Richard F., NJ (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Has held up well over the years with typical maintenance and only a couple other pairs (water pump) but never the clutch or engine. At 185,000 it still has the same torque and drive. It's value was A+ comparing it to a Toyota."

Stan S., CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"This truck still runs smoothly. I've rebuilt most of the parts over the years; the truck has held up exceedingly well. I am extremely satisfied with this workhorse."

Staci P., FL (2000 Ford Ranger)

"if need be would look for exact replacement Does everything well"

Anonymous, CA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Got a great price with great financing and have gotten a lot of good use from this vehicle."

Anonymous, TX (2000 Ford Ranger)

"This vehicle has been a good investment. No significant repairs in 17 years of ownership."

Anonymous, NY (2000 Ford Ranger)

"We've had the ranger for many years and it has been a reliable work horse for us. We just wished Ford still made a smaller pickup today like the Ranger"

Anonymous, CA (2000 Ford Ranger)


Anonymous, TN (2000 Ford Ranger)

"over 200k miles and only reasonable repair expenses"

Richard T., LA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"This truck has been an incertable value. no problems in all these years"

Anonymous, TX (2000 Ford Ranger)

"Just the right size for every day use."

Barbara K., HI (2000 Ford Ranger)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It's a 2000 model but still looks good among any of the trucks I see on the road. I haven't had it repainted but keep it cleaned and nicely waxed."

JOHN C., WA (2000 Ford Ranger)

"good match on two tone paint,clean lines"

RICHARD F., FL (2000 Ford Ranger)

"I like the outside style of the vehicle. The inside is a little tight."

FLORENA C., MD (2000 Ford Ranger)

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