The Ford Ranger falls far short of modern pickup-truck standards. It's ungainly and stiff-riding; has a rough and noisy, inefficient engine; and a cramped, uncomfortable cabin. The interior is crudely finished. Compact dimensions and a usefully sized bed are the Ranger's only pluses. Even if you took thousands off its list price, the Ranger still would not be a bargain.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I need a high ground clearance 4WD vehicle to drive on remote backroads, so I knew the truck would ride and handle on the rough side when I bought it. In other words, I was aware that I would have to accept compromises with driving a 4WD pickup truck."

Anonymous, MT (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Big pooch"

Anonymous, IL (2002 Ford Ranger)

"always ready"

ARTHUR L., SC (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Transmission replace"

ALLEN L., AZ (2002 Ford Ranger)

"good looks comfortable to ride in handles extremely well. It pulls loads far bigger than suggested with no problems! my only gripe is fuel mileage."

WAYNE G., MO (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Poor gas mileage, small gas tank, only 15 gallons. A good dependable vehicle. Still handle well and good acceleration when bed is filled. A few times unsure about how stable the vehicle was. Believe that vehicle was made before the new stability features were incorporated into pickup trucks."

Anonymous, WA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Acceleration is very good. Handling is average."

TOM F., NC (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Bad: Rangers are now designed to drive like a bigger 4-wheel drive vehicle. Has high center of gravity and steering is clunky. Suspension is not designed for comfortable smooth ride. Good: Engine power of 3.0 6-cylinder is very good."

JOHN S., NM (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Still has good grab when I need it, pulls the camper trailer easily and is easy to manage."

Jeanne J., NB (2002 Ford Ranger)

"It's just an all-around pick up truckto do homeowner type stuff, Fishing taking the dog for a ride going to the dump hauling mulch you get the idea"

David O., VA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Good hp."

Edward B., GA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"poor acceleration and clumsy handling"

Anonymous, GA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Great power, can go anywhere"

Jeffrey K., WA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Size. Not too big."

Edward B., GA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"plenty of power"

Anonymous, SC (2002 Ford Ranger)

"I am very happy with the way our 2002 Ford Ranger drives except I wish I had the 4.0 liter engine instead of the 3.0 engine. I would probably get the same gas mileage(we had a 4.0 in an Aerostar van) and the difference in acceleration and ability to pull hills and a loaded trailer would be worth it."

Joe J., GA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"This is my second Ranger that I’ve owned. These vehicles are very reliable, awesome acceleration and handling. I’m very satisfied."

Thomas G., PA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Great handling Tight turns holds the road as if it was a much heavier truck. I have the big 6 with 4.0 liters it has great acceleration as well as pulling power."

Thomas H., OH (2002 Ford Ranger)

"has good pick-up, handles like a truck"

Lynn R., OR (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Ranger drives much better with a load. Rear wheel drive makes it easier to get stuck, but for a small pickup it carries cargo well and seats are comfortable. Manual transmission makes it easier to drive and more flexible in different road conditions. Not a whole lot of power (4-cyl). Good gas mileage on hwy"

Anonymous, OR (2002 Ford Ranger)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I like the Ranger,but like you said in your reviews, you never forget you are driving a truck."

LARRY G., FL (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Seats have been the most uncomfortable I have ever experienced. A/C doesn't always cool especially when it is extremely hot. Noise, well the vehicle is showing it's age. The vehicle is a 4x4 and the ride is definitely rougher than the Civic."

Anonymous, ON (2002 Ford Ranger)

"It sits and rises well for my 6 foot plus frame."

J H., VA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"The seats are very well made and have a nice soft feel while driving. Seat back is wide and tall, so a taller person has good support."

Thomas P., PA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"It's a noisy ride and not very comfortable for long distance."

Anonymous, UT (2002 Ford Ranger)

"The ride is just like a full size truck. Really smooth and "heavy". The seats are great. with spine support and full movement in all directions"

Thomas H., OH (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Comfortable seats to sit on."

Anonymous, MO (2002 Ford Ranger)

"For a truck, the ride is good and the level of quiet is exceptional. The truck handles some rough roads better than the Lincoln."

Anonymous, OH (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Shape of the seat allows driver to be comfortable for long periods on road."

Anonymous, WI (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Great small utility truck - the seats are comfortable and the suspension is a good compromise between a passenger car and a work truck. Fairly quiet inside even on the freeway."

Paul W., OR (2002 Ford Ranger)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Reliable, workhorse good mpg, fix ability."

ALLEN L., AZ (2002 Ford Ranger)

"it was an average price for and has operated reliably for the past 3 years"

Anonymous, NV (2002 Ford Ranger)

"it has 156000 road miles on ,and i love."

Anonymous, IL (2002 Ford Ranger)

"This was a Budget Car Rental vehicle. We had certain needs in a vehicle at the time of purchase. This truck met all those needs. But gas mileage & high cost of fuel prohibits its use as a daily driver. We needed 4WD and a small cargo area without driving a bigger vehicle."

Anonymous, WA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"dependable and always in stile"

ARTHUR L., SC (2002 Ford Ranger)

"good value for the money"

JOHN S., MD (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Great looking pickup that handles fairly well, is easy to drive and maneuver."

Anonymous, IN (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Very good"

CHARLES B., FL (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Overall is a decent vehicle. The tires are a different size than what it calls for so speedometer is off about 6 MPH @ 60mph."

JANS R., OH (2002 Ford Ranger)

"We have owned this small truck for 15 years and it is a keeps on chugging"

Anonymous, OR (2002 Ford Ranger)

"My Ranger still looks good even after 15 years. The interior is good (seats, mats, doors). Everything works as it should cruise ,heater and AC, radio. I have had no trouble with the automatic transmission."

Ward T., VA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"4 wheel drive w/ good hp."

Edward B., GA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"I've had the Ranger for over 15 years and it has been 99% reliable. It costs almost nothing to own, still looks good, rides good, and has most of the original parts. Considering what I paid for it, it has been a very good value over the years."

David K., NC (2002 Ford Ranger)

"The price was very reasonable compared to the other vehicles in it's class with the same options."

Thomas P., PA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Has lasted a long time with few major repairs."

Anonymous, MO (2002 Ford Ranger)

"very reliable, plenty of power"

Anonymous, SC (2002 Ford Ranger)

"I just wanted a basic pickup and it is perfect for my use"

Anonymous, MO (2002 Ford Ranger)

"I've had this Ranger for over 16 years and it has been 100% reliable. It has many original parts and costs my less than $500. per year to own, including insurance and maintenance. Although I only drive it several thousand miles per years, it shows no signs of breaking down."

David K., NC (2002 Ford Ranger)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It's a TRUCK! There is no styling on a truck!"

CAROLE S., GA (2002 Ford Ranger)

"the styling is very attractive and for its age looks much newer in regards to paint and and styling"

Anonymous, NV (2002 Ford Ranger)


CHARLES B., FL (2002 Ford Ranger)

"Just an overall good looking vehicle, aged well. Doesn't look out of place in a parking lot with new cars in it."

Anonymous, WA (2002 Ford Ranger)

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