The Ford Ranger falls far short of modern pickup-truck standards. It's ungainly and stiff-riding; has a rough and noisy, inefficient engine; and a cramped, uncomfortable cabin. The interior is crudely finished. Compact dimensions and a usefully sized bed are the Ranger's only pluses. Even if you took thousands off its list price, the Ranger still would not be a bargain.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The performance is quit good for a V6 4.0 liter engine. Fuel economy is quit low in my opinion. The ride is good, for a truck."

William W., CA (2007 Ford Ranger)

"It has plenty of power. It can accelerate quickly. The 4-wheel drive works fine."

Thomas S., IA (2007 Ford Ranger)

"Suspension and brakes only fair."

Anonymous, TN (2007 Ford Ranger)

"very good small truck"

Johnny P., TX (2007 Ford Ranger)

"Lots of power, tight "truck like" suspension that is fun to drive."

Rob C., AK (2007 Ford Ranger)

"With the 4 cylinder engine acceleration is slow. Handling can be difficult if you place a large load in the bed of the truck."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Ford Ranger)

"For a truck, the 4.0L V6 engine has great power and acceleration, and handles any standard driving or light-truck hauling that is required of it. Handling is trucklike, but well-mannered both on and off road, and is little affected by engaging 4WD modes. Turning radius is very good, even for a small truck. Media critics of the Ranger don't know what they're talking about."

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Ford Ranger)

"I like the feeling of being higher off the ground with excellent visibility. V6 provides excellent response to acceleration needs."

Anonymous, ME (2007 Ford Ranger)

"Rough ride."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Ford Ranger)

"It's quick when I need it"

Anonymous, NY (2007 Ford Ranger)

"For a truck it is easy to drive on log trips"

Anonymous, CT (2007 Ford Ranger)

"It drives great for a truck which it is..."

PETER R., RI (2007 Ford Ranger)

"Turning area too large, i.e., too hard to park or turn in tight spaces."

TERRY A., CA (2007 Ford Ranger)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The exhaust system is an aftermarket an system. It's a little to loud."

William W., CA (2007 Ford Ranger)

"Ride is rather "stiff"."

John K., NY (2007 Ford Ranger)

"The bucket seats are still quite comfortable. The cabin is a little tight for anyone over 6ft tall. Recently I have noticed a rattle from some of the door trim pieces that stops when I place my hand on it."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Ford Ranger)

"It's a truck. It rides like a truck: noisy, bumpy, and rough."

Thomas S., IA (2007 Ford Ranger)

"Rides rough if not loaded and a lot of road noise."

Anonymous, WA (2007 Ford Ranger)

"The Ranger is a very quiet truck compared to other makes especially a Toyota Tacoma which my son has. I believe Ford does an excellent job on sound proofing for road and engine noise."

Jim C., ON (2007 Ford Ranger)

"Very rough riding and handling its not comfortable either"

Bob M., AZ (2007 Ford Ranger)

"ruff ride. not a seat support."

Anonymous, LA (2007 Ford Ranger)

"Even in top model there are no frills with the seats. No power and seats need aftermarket add-ons for more comfort."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Ford Ranger)

"needs more leg room seat doesnt go back far enough"

J B., CA (2007 Ford Ranger)

"Road noise is rather loud but then all cars seem to be noisier than in the past."

Anonymous, MI (2007 Ford Ranger)

"The Ranger continues to run, pull, and start. The doors rattle, there's a lot of the dash that rattles. The gear (reverse drive etc) indicator doesn't work. The ac only works max and off. The heat venting and temp adj system doesn't work. The dome light won't work. The brakes make the truck shake violently when braking hard. The controls were in primitive, non-conventional places and outdated mechanisms. The engine and trans are great. I stuff cardboard in the doors to reduce rattles. The doors"

Anonymous, TX (2007 Ford Ranger)

"Seats are very comfortable, but there is not tilt wheel to adjust for a slender dude like me, it is mounted too high like it is for obese people"

Anonymous, TN (2007 Ford Ranger)

"Air conditioning needs refill about every 4 years. Also we just replaced the tires and the handing is greatly improved AND the road noise much reduced."

Anonymous, WA (2007 Ford Ranger)

"The seats are a little hard and the ride is a little rough."

Anonymous, MN (2007 Ford Ranger)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Was quite a bit less expensive than other trucks in it's class and I"ve been happy with the performance."

Rob C., AK (2007 Ford Ranger)

"Good gas mileage. Good value overall."

Joe D., AR (2007 Ford Ranger)

"First of all, it's a truck; a small light one at that. I had to special order the 5 speed manual with a 4-cyl engine and beyond that had no add ons, even the windows are hand cranked. For what I paid and for why I use it (gardening, household chores not communting) it's proven to be well worth the price."

James S., MN (2007 Ford Ranger)

"good and reliable truck."

Anonymous, IA (2007 Ford Ranger)

"This is a very reliable vehicle and is the second Ranger I have owned."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Ford Ranger)

"This is a basic, 5-speed manual transmission that has no superfluous electronics. It has only 33,000 miles; I do not drive that much. It is a solid vehicle and I am pleased but as you know it is no longer made in the U.S. so if I want to, I could not purchase another (have to go to Mexico I suppose)."

JAMES S., MN (2007 Ford Ranger)

"It was a good price for a utility truck for use for home with hauling gardening soil, gravel, wood chips, and other building supplies. The ride is a little bumpy but it is O.K. for what we use it for."

TOM B., BC (2007 Ford Ranger)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It was made to be a work truck and that is what it is. No frills, no cool features like the Tacoma, just plain Jane."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Ford Ranger)

"it gets good mileage and I've never had anything done to it."

Anonymous, MO (2007 Ford Ranger)

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