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The all-new, electric Hummer EV SUV and pickup truck promise to be both green and off-road ready, with gratuitous power and sports-car quick acceleration. The nameplate's revival is led by the five-seat, four-door pickup truck.
Its 5-ft pickup bed features a power tonneau cover and multi-function tailgate. Both vehicles have removable glass roof panels to create an open-air driving experience. Among their tricks are the ability to 'crab walk' or move diagonally, up to 18 cameras for negotiating trails, and available Super Cruise driver assistance. The Hummer EV pickup truck launches in 2022 with the pricey, full-featured Edition 1 boasting 1,000 horsepower and promising 350+ miles of range. The SUV follows a year later, with top output being about 830 horsepower. Over the following two years, other less expensive versions of each will be offered with reduced power and range.
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