While this version of the GMC Terrain is not a bad vehicle, the competition had left it in the dust. While nice and roomy inside, the Terrain is less efficient than other five-passenger SUVs, but burns as much gas as larger, seven-passenger models. The 3.6-liter engine, shared with many other General Motors products, supplies quick acceleration times at the test track, but feels sluggish in routine driving.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"smooth ride, good sight lines roomy interior"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 GMC Terrain)

"its what I wanted for it to be"

Anonymous, PA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Sturdy car not a powerhouse but holds road well even in ice"

Christine A., OH (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Smooth shifting on acceleration. Handles nicely."

Teresa F., IL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Experience some conditions of highway passing and navigating hills where the 4-cyl engine is not adequate."

Anonymous, MI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The engine is adequate to normal use. Not peppy. The seating is comfortable and we find it to be a good road car. Good visibility."

Anonymous, MD (2015 GMC Terrain)

"It has ample power and is good to merge in traffic and handles well. I have the lane monitor that tells me when I get out of my lane and when a car is approaching from the side, so that is a good thing"

TIA M., TX (2015 GMC Terrain)

"See previous answer"

L A., GA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Compared to last vehicle this is a great ride. Navy system is a little complicated, but otherwise nice to operate."

Anonymous, SD (2015 GMC Terrain)

"6 cylinder engine is slow on acceleration"

BRUCE V., IL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"under powered, v-6 would be better choice. Had to add exhaust and intake, to bring increase power."

GREGORY B., CA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"We bought the smaller of the 2 engine options. It is under powered and MPG is not good for a vehicle this size. No where near the estimate per GM."

GEORGE V., MI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"very solid ride. comfortable. 6 cylinder provides as much power as an 8. good looks. rear hatch very usable. safe feeling vehicle. good truck looks, but car comfort and ride. best suv I drove"

MICHAEL W., OK (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Navigation is hard to use ie if you are navigating to a location and decide you want to change to another destination the first cannot be canceled.The manual provides no solution."

ROBERT L., NJ (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Nice ride. The entertainment system needs a upgrade like fords sync."

ROBERT R., CA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Solid driving platform."

J C., FL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Acceleration with 4 cyl is average at best."

TERENCE S., TX (2015 GMC Terrain)

"I love the expanse of this car because I can really sit comfortably. It has an "Eco" button wish I use all the time. So acceleration is slow but it doesn't bother me at all since I get great mileage. It has "on star" but I don't pay the monthly fee so I don't ever use any of the doodads..."

ROSALIND U., KS (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Rides real well, very comfortable. Just wish it had a little more pickup, trying to merge with traffic....."

DONALD P., OH (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Acceleration of 4-cyl is merely OK. But that is the price of better fuel economy."

ROBERT L., AZ (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Acceleration for a 4 cylinder could be better."

J M., MO (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Plenty of passing power. Extremely sluggish transmission which saps the fun out of the engine. Sometimes transmission is jerky when lost between gears."

Michael C., MO (2015 GMC Terrain)

"It needs the 6 cylinder instead of the 4."

Anonymous, AR (2015 GMC Terrain)

"A good handling vehicle. Acceleration is a little slow for a V6 engine."

Neil H., MI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Turn radius is not acceptable"

Anonymous, IL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Quick acceleration and easy handling. U-Turns take some room to complete."

Anonymous, VA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"great towing good ride"

Anonymous, SD (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The car drives nicely. Good acceleration when I need it. Turns are easy too"

Arnold D., OH (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Don't like the downshifts. They seem hard for an automatic trans. Longer turning radius. 4Cyl gets better gas mileage but is much noisier than former 6 cyl."

Charles K., OH (2015 GMC Terrain)

"hit a post right side back door. post was blow my line of sight. door had to be replaced at $3900.00.. Line of sight on right side of car should be lower."

Allen K., OH (2015 GMC Terrain)

"I feel very safe driving this car in all kins of weather"

Sherry H., WI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"We love how this vehicle handles . It has great acceleration when needed. Very satisfied with this vehicle."

Teresa F., IL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"more than adequate acceleration easy to drive/handle"

Anonymous, MT (2015 GMC Terrain)

"I chose the four cylinder engine......I wish I had chosen the six cylinder for better acceleration ."

Anonymous, MI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"We got the 6 cylinder engine and the car is really not heavy enough to safely handle its acceleration capability. The front end gets too light when accelerating quickly"

L A., GA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Excellent accelleration"

Anonymous, OH (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Very poor acceleration."

Anonymous, MI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The handling and acceleration is very good along with traction during our winters here in Mich."

Donald T., MI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The 4 cylinder engine often has to work extremely hard and is underpowered for the size of vehicle. Turbo would have been a good option."

Mel B., IL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"It rocks! Step on the gas and the car lifts off the ground!"

Mitchell P., FL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"I was hesitant about the ability of the engine to handle an SUV of this size, especially when merging into traffic. I have had no problem merging onto the interstate highway (where the speed is 80 mph). It shifts smoothly when I need it to. I do try to be aware of traffic flow so that I don't need to accelerate quickly. The vehicle handles smoothly, responsively, even when the cargo area is filled."

Joel H., SD (2015 GMC Terrain)


Anonymous, DE (2015 GMC Terrain)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"ride is good for a small suv. noise is very good as well"

Anonymous, MA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Great looking vehicle both inside and out. Have received many complements on both."

Mike H., MI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"For being a Denali --- No heated steering wheel and no AC on the seats, Seats , noise , and ride are all very comfortable thats why I have 38000 miles so far."

Kenneth S., PA (2015 GMC Terrain)


Francis D., AR (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Not too noisy and a smooth ride. Very comfortable seats."

Teresa F., IL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Very quiet ride. The seats are very comfortable. I love the automatic climate control feature."

Anonymous, IL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Road noise is high and ride quality is poor for the type of roads in our area"

Anonymous, PA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Climate control has a mind of its own. There is nothing automatic about it. You have to be constantly adjusting it."

ROBERT W., MO (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The Seats are not wide enough. the side bolster cuts into my thighs."

R W., MI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Ten hour rides from Ohio to NYC are no problems with the GMC Terrain. The long wheel base helps absorb the road and Active Noise Cancelation and Acoustic glass help absorb fatiguing noises. The 4-cylinder not the best for merging, it's broad torque just has you leaving your foot in it long to make a pass and my fiancé has no problem maintaining 80+ mph on the freeway. Though the suspension is stiff and the front seats are firm, I actually like the ride in the back seat. The back seat slide 9""

NORM C., OH (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Fairly quite ride."

J M., MO (2015 GMC Terrain)

"A constant knock from the right rear wheel well area."

JIM L., ON (2015 GMC Terrain)

"No a/c for rear seat passengers is my only complaint about the vehicle."

Anonymous, FL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"No room in front seat for purse, etc"

JUDY B., TN (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Built like a tin can. Road noise, wind noise and heavy rain noise come through loud and clear. Only the driver's seat is electric, all others are very uncomfortable. I got the V6 for extra acceleration, but the tin can is too lightweight to accommodate the extra power. When accelerating to pass, the front end is unstable"

L A., GA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"It came with Michelin tires which is bad for road noise on some roads surface."

Anonymous, SC (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The passenger seat is very uncomfortable and even though I bought the top of the line the seat has no adjustment except forward and backward."

WILLIAM S., IL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"sometimes the screen just cuts off and then comes back on"

Anonymous, SC (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The Air Conditioning has not been keeping up with heat over 80 degrees. Had the A/C checked and there were no leaks or problems and the GM Tech reported that the outlet temp of 48 degrees was within specifications for the Car. In 85 to 90 degree weather, the controls are at full yet the car does not cool down. GM has said the system is normal! Bull"

JOSEPH P., NY (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The ride is nice, very quiet and comfortable."

GREGORY B., CA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The gmc is easy to get in and out of. The moving back bench seat is nice. It has a nice ride too."

ROBERT R., CA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Excessive road noise and engine noise compared to Toyota Sienna. Narrow less comfortable seats. Longer turning radius. Stiffer but acceptable ride, to be expected from small SUV."

Charles K., OH (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The car is all wheel drive therefore it rides rougher than two wheel cars. The interior is not as roomy as my other car. I really like the seat warmers when the weather is cold."

Anonymous, MI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Very comfortable seats on long drives. Could be less road noise but it is acceptable."

Teresa F., IL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"seats are very comfortable and the power seat option gives great flexibility. love the heated seat option. Road noise has not been an issue"

Peter S., FL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Seats are very comfortable and include lumbar and partial electric fore and aft adjustment which is good for a big guy. Noise has been reduced and highway speed is quiet."

Rosalind U., KS (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Seats are very comfortable. Vehicle has a squeak in the rear hatch that is hard to fix."

Neil H., MI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"It is an attractive car...it drives well. Too bumpy on passenger side. Seat belts are very difficult to reach..too far back. There are NO a/c or heating vents in the back seat...crazy! Visibility is not good...many blind spots due to mirror and thick area beside mirrors...would not be too bad except there is no beeping feature if a car or object gets in your blind spot."

Anonymous, NC (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Seats are verycomfortable. Road noise needs improvement,"

Anonymous, AR (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The headrests seem to keep your head in a rather awkward position, so I tend not to let my head touch it."

Marilyn B., MO (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Seats are comfortable but I do wish the passenger seat was electric. I really miss that Also I do not like how the steering wheel is adjustable. My other car the wheel went higher so it was better for me. I am an overweight person and the steering wheel rubs on my stomach. I have short legs so I have to be close to the pedal."

Arnold D., OH (2015 GMC Terrain)

"low noise level comfortable seat that are easy to adjust"

Anonymous, MT (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Like a tin can on wheels. Just very basic transportation."

L A., GA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The car is just easy to be in over the long-haul; low noise; ride is great!"

Mitchell P., FL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Good basic comfortable seats on short and long rides, but could be more cushy; Noise is minimal - car is very quiet under most conditions; good comfortable ride with relatively good body control"

Michael C., PA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"very comfortable"

Anonymous, NV (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The seats in the Terrain are quite comfortable. Interior is moderately quiet but the 4 cylinder engine does make a fair amount of noise when worked hard. The ride is good but does get bumpy on rough roads which is pretty typical of other crossovers I driven in."

Bryan M., NY (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Comfortable and noise free ride, like being "up" higher than most cars."

Anonymous, VA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"I have cross bars and they make a lot of noise!!!"

Edwin F., PA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"comfortable ride but a little noisy. a somewhat sluggish for a 6 cyl."

Anonymous, SD (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The rear seat area has a nice amount of leg room. many of the people sitting in the back comment about the room."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 GMC Terrain)

"the front passenger seat is not adjustable for seat angle and the front edge presses against my sciatic nerve."

William S., IL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"It has very high road noise on lots of roads because michelin tire and not insulated for the noise"

Anonymous, SC (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Rides like a bigger SUV, very comfortable, good feel on the road.little to no noise."

Gregory B., CA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"It’s a rather noisy ride. Road noise can be distracting unless the radio is turned up to cover it. Road surface textures create most of the noise. It rides a little stiff, but not bad. The front seats are a bit deep in the bucket. I use a purple cushion seat pad to help decrease the depth as the edge of the seat, when getting in, can be painful on a delicate tailbone area. The seat is very sturdy, quite stiff but not bad. I drive a lot and it is comfortable for the ride. The back seat seem comfortable too."

Anonymous, KY (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Seats are comfortable and adjustable to maximize that comfort. For this size of SUV, the cabin is refreshingly quiet, making it easy to converse with passengers. Others have commented about how quiet it is. For me, the ride is very good for this size of SUV. I've made several road trips (a few thousand miles each) and have arrived without feeling like I've just driven a few thousand miles."

Joel H., SD (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Overall the seats are pretty comfortable. I wish the passenger seat was power adjustable. The ride is a little rough, I believe the type of tires that come with the car could be the issue. The noise level is a little high depending what surface you are driving on, i.e, asphalt, concrete. I think the window seals could be better."

Richard M., WA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Ride is more like a truck. Rough ride"

Jerry S., OH (2015 GMC Terrain)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"3.6 a little sluggish but better than what we had. heated seats and stero all great. infotainment easy. noisier than expected but not bad."

Anonymous, SD (2015 GMC Terrain)

"nice looking easy drive"

Anonymous, PA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"very good"

Anonymous, MA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Clean lines and details. Comfy seats and very roomy. Not exactly a quiet ride but acceptable. Needed to haul people and does it well and with good seating room and knee room. Decent gas mileage"

Christine A., OH (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Very dependable,good service and a good ride. I have had no problem to take it back to dealer. Very pleased with the dealership."

Anonymous, AL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"I don't like the laoding area when the rear seats are folded down. The loading area is on an angle and hard to keep boxes etc. from sliding."

Anonymous, ON (2015 GMC Terrain)

"I have a GM discount because my husband worked there but the car still cost over $30,000. I thought that was too high."

Anonymous, MI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Good vehicle, its the second Terrain we bought"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 GMC Terrain)

"It's not overpriced. I feel the quality of the vehicle parts are better than other brands. Also the dealership was the best I've dealt with."

RACHEL W., TX (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Buy the equinox, not the GMC Terrain."

JIM L., ON (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Excellent value for money - good room for 5 adults in cabin, with flexible cargo seating configuration in rear via sliding rear seat; Great fuel economy for size in awd version with four cylinder; Uses regular gas; good space for cargo even with full occupant load; dealers willing to offer good deals, which makes this size of SUV standout compared to competition in price range"

Michael C., PA (2015 GMC Terrain)


Donald P., FL (2015 GMC Terrain)

"This car is an excellent value for the money."

Anonymous, OR (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Great value, never a problem."

Harry S., PA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"I got a very reliable vehicle that handles really well both n town and on highway with comfortable seats, low road noise and pretty decent mileage."

Anonymous, CA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"I thought the price was really high. I had been looking at cars for a long time and found this one but the price was high even with my GM discount."

Anonymous, MI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"The vehicles accomplishes it goals more than adequately. Surprised how little maintenance is necessary."

Anonymous, TX (2015 GMC Terrain)

"It's been extremely reliable. No rattles. The part it like least is that it has a long turning radius due to the length of the wheelbase"

Thomas D., WI (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Comparison shopping is hard for this vehicle because not much is written but it is an excellent product for the money. Gas mileage and quality is high for the size and space. It is excellent to drive and I feel safe and secure."

Rosalind U., KS (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Style and smart-looking is what I wanted. Inside seating area is adequate for our needs as is the back area for hauling groceries, etc. It's easy to drive and gives a feeling of security inside. Compared to the other vehicles I researched and considered, this was the favorite."

Anonymous, NC (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Good buy"

Anonymous, CA (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Rust on body."

Larry K., MI (2015 GMC Terrain)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Distinctive exterior styling. Interior very detailed with contrasting piping/stitching"

TOBY K., MN (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Love the body style"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 GMC Terrain)

"Overall it is a comfortable car, not much road noise, good acceleration and the styling is good."

TIA M., TX (2015 GMC Terrain)

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