General Motors has positioned the new GMC Terrain as a premium alternative to its corporate cousin, the Chevrolet Equinox. But we don't think it's worth the extra cost. We found the Terrain lacking in some key areas, such as ride comfort, handling agility, outward visibility, ergonomics, and noise isolation. In fact, the less-expensive Equinox is a more capable and appealing vehicle.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It handles well and the turbo really helps when I am merging and does not strain in the mountains."

Larry G., TN (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Good ride ans good visibility due to seat height"

Rich E., OH (2018 GMC Terrain)

"the power is very good especially when entering a highway"

Christa-Manfred L., ON (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Very strong acceleration with the 2.0 Turbo engine. Handling is good for an SUV, with relatively flat cornering and good control."

Anonymous, SC (2018 GMC Terrain)

"This vehicle has a 9 speed automatic transmission and that is something to get used to."

Robert H., MO (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Really quiet riding, great acceleration. Very solid braking. 2.0 Turbo is very fast. Easy to maneuver with all the cameras and safety features. Really like the vehicle and its performance."

James C., FL (2018 GMC Terrain)

"For a 4 cylinder motor, acceleration is remarkable,y quick and responsive. The lane departure and blind spot detection work well with visible signals and seat vibrations. However, visibility looking back through the rear side windows is limited, so the blind spot detection and lane departure signals are must have features for this car. The steering is very responsive."

Anonymous, TX (2018 GMC Terrain)

"acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, OH (2018 GMC Terrain)

"good acceleration plenty of power"

Anonymous, MO (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Have a 4 cylinder with turbo. Great acceleration. easy to handle. Good sight lines using rear view and side view mirrors. Love to drive this car"

Lyn W., PA (2018 GMC Terrain)

"The 2.0 Turbo engine provides V-6 level of acceleration from an economical 4 cylinder engine HOWEVER the Turbo requires PREMIUM gasoline which is about 16 cents a liter more. Very quick in accelerating onto the expressways; good cornering, braking, and steering - very responsive."

Michael M., ON (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Great except for the engine auto stop function which cant be turned off"

Greg L., NJ (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Incredible acceleration for the size of the engine."

Anonymous, ID (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Great acceleration 2.0 L turbo has excellent acceleration"

Anonymous, NY (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Turning radius is poor. Better on Acadia"

Anonymous, NJ (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Handles great, but I dislike that the engine turns off at stops and has to restart each time"

Anonymous, NY (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Some of the controls aree confusing and not well explained in the owners manual"

Anonymous, NV (2018 GMC Terrain)

"GMs 1.5 Turbo 9T45 transmission will not shift into 9th gear, it stays in 8th gear even going down long hills. Had to use BBB to get GMC to trade up to 2.0 Turbo and 9T50 transmission! 9T50 will shift into 9th gear and probably get the same or better mpg than the 1.5 Turbo! Every 1.5 Turbo that I drove would not shift into 9th gear, but GM said transmission was working properly! At 70 miles per hour the 1.5 Turbo turns 2200 rpms, at 70 miles per hour the 2.0 Turbo turns on 1650 rpms! I can’t understand that the public doesn’t demand GM to fix their 9T45 transmission!"

Anonymous, MO (2018 GMC Terrain)

"excellent in driving visibility handling acceleration"

William J., MO (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Outstanding for a small engine. It actually spins the wheels from a stop, when in 2 wheel mode."

Craig W., IN (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Good smooth power, excellent shifting transmission"

Jeff W., ND (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Acceleration with four cyclinder turbo is unbelievable fantastic"

J C., PA (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Acceleration is weak and the 9 speed transmission is a poor pairing with the 1.5 turbo. The trans strains shifting through the first 3-4 gears. Gas mileage in city is poor."

Charles R., FL (2018 GMC Terrain)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats are comfortable and like the heating and cooling features."

Larry G., TN (2018 GMC Terrain)

"This is a very rough riding vehicle. It does not take bumpy roads or unimproved roads very well. Suspension seems stiff and unforgiving."

Steve B., PA (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Seats: nice leather, good memory function for different drivers depending on the key fob, comfortable over long drives. Ride: more comfortable than I expected, good cornering ability despite a comfortable ride. Noise: very good."

Anonymous, SC (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Power seats have automatic positioning for 2 drivers. Dual lumbar support and plenty of leg room. Easy entry and re-entry height. Leather is good quality. Vehicle is very quiet riding and had great acceleration with the Turbo. Very easy to handle with all the extra safety features and solid braking,"

James C., FL (2018 GMC Terrain)

"I love having heated seats! I wish they were a little bigger....possibly the same size as the Acadia"

Jackie D., IL (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Great seat comfort on long trips."

Anonymous, ID (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Comfortable ride .quite in the cabin"

Ira A., NY (2018 GMC Terrain)


William J., MO (2018 GMC Terrain)

"I feel this is a noisy car, almost like a white noise. have been back to the dealership with the prob. but it is what it is."

Nancy T., MI (2018 GMC Terrain)

"A little disappointed in this vehicle, poor gas mileage & no pick-up. Would not lease this model again. Smaller overall then the previous 2016 Terrain, I leased."

Anonymous, MI (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Seats properly conform to my wif's boody. Being short, seats adjust to a proper height for her"

Anonymous, NY (2018 GMC Terrain)

"My concern is with the wind noise when a vehicle passes me on the interstate, the level goes up. The tires are very road surface sensitive for cabin noise."

Clark P., MI (2018 GMC Terrain)

"seaaaaaaaaaaaat Should be more co,forrtabler"

Anonymous, NV (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Love the seats, heated and driver automatic control. Lots of leg room in the rear. Don't think I'd want to put 5 adults in the car too crowded. Perfect with 4."

Lyn W., PA (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Seats are small. Not comfortable"

Eileen N., NY (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Rattle above driver side window. Possibly in the grip handle."

Douglas N., CA (2018 GMC Terrain)

"very confortable, very roomy, easy to drive, handles well."

John G., FL (2018 GMC Terrain)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"While the tag price may seem high for what features come with the GMC Terrain, you will more than likely be able to get a much lower price from the dealer. I was able to get a total of almost $10,000 off with rebates and taking advantage of a member discount program."

David M., MO (2018 GMC Terrain)

"Expensive Denali. The interior is kinda cheap and hard plastics abound. Very expensive for what you get in a quality high end Denali. I would not buy again and will try to get out of the 3 year lease as soon as possible. Only had under a year. Want out."

Eileen N., NY (2018 GMC Terrain)

"seat back support ''great. the seat is very hard and lacks comfort,"

Ron R., CA (2018 GMC Terrain)

"This vehicle has most of the toys one would want in a car.which makes it very comfortable."

Ira A., NY (2018 GMC Terrain)

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