While still a fine, competent car, the Accord is losing ground to newer competitors. Braking, ergonomics and fit and finish remain impressive. But engine performance, ride quality, accommodations, and interior quietness aren't outstanding.
There are 19 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

“acceleration, handling, seating”

Anonymous, SC (2000 Honda Accord)

“Really enjoy the performance of the six cyl. engine on both city and highway driving. Handling is good.”

Anonymous, CA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Bad: Accord has considerable road and wind noise. Good: Acceleration is good for 4-cylinder v-tech engine. Steering is a little better than average.”

JOHN S., NM (2000 Honda Accord)

“The car holds the road and has quick acceleration. I've had a sometimes clunky response on acceleration as the gears change .”

ANN M., DE (2000 Honda Accord)

“It has great acceleration with the transmission shifting smoothly through the gears. Handling is quick and responsive.”

GERALD C., CA (2000 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, CA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Handled good and has great pick up.”

CAROL P., NY (2000 Honda Accord)

“Vehicle transmits a lot of road noise into the cabin. We have the V-6 and it is responsive. Handling better than most but with a mediocre turning radius.”

WILLIAM B., CA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Whether on the freeway or on city streets, these days you need an agile car - one that has pickup and quick acceleration so you don't get run down by speeding and/or impatient drivers. The Honda V-6 has good acceleration, and handles well during rapid acceleration.”

Anonymous, OR (2000 Honda Accord)

“Absolutely LOVE the acceleration -- sound and feeling!”

KERETHA C., WI (2000 Honda Accord)

“Keeps up with everyone on toll road. Doing 80 mph or more to do so.”

Anonymous, TX (2000 Honda Accord)

“I've often heard the term "FISH TAILED" but didn't realize what it exactly meant. Averting a collision , I pulled a hard left then a quick right, continued down the road as if not a thing took place. Persons in other car cringed for impact left behind scratching their relived heads, as so myself.”

LEONARD R., CA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Its a very good comfortable car and drives well even though its gotten old. I would buy another one again”

Anonymous, CA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Love the way it hugs the road. Fun to drive and handles well.”

Anonymous, NY (2000 Honda Accord)

“Drives and staylish”

Anonymous, TX (2000 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

“The comfort is excellent. My next car will probably be a Honda.”

Anonymous, OH (2000 Honda Accord)

“For the amount I paid, it is comfortable. Not much noise when riding, smooth, warms and cools quickly inside. Seats are comfortable (seats are fabric).”

Anonymous, AE (2000 Honda Accord)

“Very comfy for a height-challenged driver! The noise level on longer rides is problematic. The car is definitely not sound-proofed! I have been very happy driving this car and have no major complaints at all. I'd buy it again.”

SUZANNE S., OR (2000 Honda Accord)

“There is a lot of road noise.”

Anonymous, SC (2000 Honda Accord)

“Road noise is pretty bad somewhat due to poor new tire selection. But at 160,000 miles, the car doesn't owe me anything.”

MARY G., PA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Seats are uncomfortable”

PAT R., WA (2000 Honda Accord)

“See previous response. Not many 2000 model year cars had navigation systems. Your survey did not allow for that so I answered "neither satisfied nor dissatisfied".”

Anonymous, PA (2000 Honda Accord)

“15 y.o. LX car seats have lost some cushioning. Some dash lights went out in 2010. Noise is dependent on tires chosen, my air is minimized as of last year -- $400+ to replace.”

KERETHA C., WI (2000 Honda Accord)

“Leather seats and smooth and comfortable ride”

Anonymous, NJ (2000 Honda Accord)

“Road noise: the car is noisy...was from the beginning. This was our 3rd Honda when we bought it and was purchased because of the car's truly excellent dependability. Other brands have now improved, and we are not happy with the level of road noise that gets into the car. Thus if we buy another car, it will probably not be a Honda.”

JOHN J., CA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Extremely good ride”

Anonymous, CO (2000 Honda Accord)

“I do not like the road noise”

W F., CO (2000 Honda Accord)

“The car is hard to get in and out of.”

Anonymous, SC (2000 Honda Accord)

“Honda has always had a road noise problem.”

JIM S., IL (2000 Honda Accord)

“The seats aren't as comfortable as they could be!”

MARI B., CA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Good seating, climate control, and ride. But somewhat noisy. Some of the noise can be attributed to Michelin tires, however. Other than some wear and tear issues, this car is solid and a terrific value having lasted 152000 miles and is ready to go another 100000. Good maintenance by a competent mechanic is key.”

Anonymous, GA (2000 Honda Accord)

“The ride is comfortable and quiet, but what is a miss is that the angel of the steering wheel generates a need to reach for it--it does not show up as a natural configuration relative to being seated and to driving in comfort.”

Anonymous, NM (2000 Honda Accord)

“Power seat adjustments auto climate control”

Anonymous, CO (2000 Honda Accord)

“Just a great car- looks, operates rather over all satisficstion”

Anonymous, TX (2000 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

“Solid construction and a classic style. Not too many bells and whistles to go bad.”

Anonymous, GA (2000 Honda Accord)

“I've had Hondas since 1987...in that price range they are the best overall value I have found. They are sound and if maintained, they don't need much major repair. I've had this 2000 Honda Accord since 2005.”

JOHN J., WA (2000 Honda Accord)

“2000 accord, has 182000 km total operating cost for 16 1/2 years, maintenance, tires, oil change $ 17,340.00 Can. needed new transmission 4 weeks ago $ 2.400.00 included in above”

Anonymous, ON (2000 Honda Accord)

“Low maintenance costs, still have the original exhaust system after 280k miles”

Anonymous, NY (2000 Honda Accord)

“very good quality”

Anonymous, MD (2000 Honda Accord)

“trouble free, gas mileage, performance”

Anonymous, SC (2000 Honda Accord)

“go for it”

RONALD B., TN (2000 Honda Accord)

“Change the oil, keep tires properly inflated, do routine parts replacement and these Hondas go on forever”

Anonymous, NY (2000 Honda Accord)

“Very reliable for price. It's what would definitely make me buy this car again. Had minimal problems with it!”

Anonymous, AE (2000 Honda Accord)

“This one has been trouble free. When it is time to replace it I will go to a Honda dealer first.”

Anonymous, OH (2000 Honda Accord)

“I got a great price”

Anonymous, NJ (2000 Honda Accord)

“Excellent value - for a 16 year-old, it's a stylish, reliable, comfortable, and relatively fuel-efficient vehicle.”

DIRK M., NV (2000 Honda Accord)

“Love all points with car and if I were to replace I would buy another Honda, very reliable . But at my age I will not be [purchasing another.”

G C., BC (2000 Honda Accord)

“It provides enough protection on the road with other bigger vehicles.”

Anonymous, CA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Dependable, durable, requires very little maintenance.”

DAVID V., IN (2000 Honda Accord)

“You get a car that if maintained on a regular basis, will give you very few headaches and few problems. I bought my car in 2007 with 56k miles, it is now 16 years old with 213k miles and the only major problem was replacing the alternator. Yes, it has started to rust along one of the wheel wells, but I live in Iowa and we are #2 for the use of salt mixtures in winter, so rust after 10+ years is expected.”

DENISE D., IA (2000 Honda Accord)

“The transmission failed and I was lucky enough to be included in the large class action lawsuit vs. Honda. There was also a valve issue that the Homda dealership couldn't figure out for over a year. $1,000's of dollars later a local mechanic was finally able to figure out the issue and fix it. My lil yard projects from this week! Door handle broke from normal wear and tear. Back of passenger seat fell off from normal wear and tear when only 5 years old.”

Anonymous, WA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Bought used. Very good value. Reliable.”

KEVIN C., CA (2000 Honda Accord)

“My 2000 Honda has been very reliable, has needed few repairs, gives a comfortable ride and is still running well after 16 years.”

Anonymous, PA (2000 Honda Accord)

“This car is great value for the money. Overall it has been a reliable car apart from transmission problems that were fixed. It is very quick off the mark. Fuel economy is good considering the way I drive it.”

GERALD C., CA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Great dollar value, low maintenance and fuel costs.”

Anonymous, NJ (2000 Honda Accord)

“It ranks high in sturdiness, comfort, and economy, at a price that's moderate rather than high. "Champagne taste on a beer budget"”

BECKY F., CA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Very high milage with few major problems”

Anonymous, CT (2000 Honda Accord)

“Transmission problem occurred at 280K miles. No major problems on this car related to engine or drivetrain. No electrical or AC failures. Routine maintenance only. Now the cost to repair exceed the value so will replace this car with another.”

Anonymous, TX (2000 Honda Accord)

“1998 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder was the best car i wver purchased for the price. You cant come close to that value in new cars today.”

Anonymous, AE (2000 Honda Accord)

“I have 318,000 miles on it and it still is going strong”

MICHAEL M., MA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Reliable and good long-term value”

J B., IL (2000 Honda Accord)

“There was recall due to faulty electronics for dashboard, aND one side airbag, but otherwise worth the money.”

Anonymous, DC (2000 Honda Accord)

“Overall low cost of ownership, few expensive repairs. With routine maintenance and some additional items being replaced occasionally the car still runs like new. My only complaint is the EGR port gets clogged due to the Ethanol in the California fuel, but it's not a big problem and is easily corrected.”

MATT V., CA (2000 Honda Accord)

“I am going into year 17 of owning this car and it is just a solid car. No major mechanical issues. Fantastic value if they are maintained.”

SCOTT M., OH (2000 Honda Accord)

“Excellent fuel economy”

JAMES K., GA (2000 Honda Accord)

“Honda makes great cars! Mechanics tell me that I can drive to 300,000 miles and I saw one with 420, 000 for sale nearby on Craigslist.”

J B., WI (2000 Honda Accord)

“The Accord is a 1997 not 2000 with over 260,000 miles and I have probable spent less than $600 in maintenance cost, not counting the usual oil, tires, battery and filters.”

Anonymous, SC (2000 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

“Still get a lot of requests from kid to buy it!”

Anonymous, CO (2000 Honda Accord)

“This car still has great styling compared to brand new ones, the paint has held up very well”

FRED J., AZ (2000 Honda Accord)

“stil decent looking after all these years...”

SETH M., MA (2000 Honda Accord)

“The car is actually a 1996 model. I've loved the way it looked from the moment I bought it. I'd buy another one today if I only drove more.”

Anonymous, MO (2000 Honda Accord)


RONALD B., TN (2000 Honda Accord)

“It looks good for an older car.”

CAROL P., NY (2000 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, MD (2000 Honda Accord)


NANCY R., OH (2000 Honda Accord)

“The paint job is a real miss. The clear-coat is peeling off, the paint is fading in places, and the car generally has not weathered well at all. I've noticed this on other Accords of the same styling.”

Anonymous, NM (2000 Honda Accord)
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