The 2003-2005 Accord is well designed and notably improved over the previous version. It's quieter, more nimble, and has a more comfortable ride than its predecessor. Further, its powertrain delivers both good acceleration and respectable fuel economy. Overall, it combines user-friendliness with European flair.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceleration on inclines from stop is poor. Handling of the vehicle for the most part is only satisfactory."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"quick response even for a 4 cly"

Anonymous, DE (2004 Honda Accord)

"The 240 hp v6 is an extremely quiet and smooth running engine that provides great excelleration and handling while getting ~25mpg city and 30 mpg highway"

RICHARD B., NC (2004 Honda Accord)

"My car does not have the pickup, but considering how old the car is."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Too much torque steering when accelerating rapidly"

Anonymous, AK (2004 Honda Accord)

"The acceleration of the 4-cylinder is really very good. The handling is absolutely terrific. It feels nimble and capable, especially compared to an SUV or minivan, or our previous car (a Sebring). The handling is definitely my favorite feature of this car."

EVORELL F., FL (2004 Honda Accord)

"I have the V6 and acceleration is very good. No trouble passing or merging into traffic. Handles well. This is my road trip car and have taken several long term trips cross country and was not fatigued driving. Good driving comfort."

GAR D., SC (2004 Honda Accord)

"This vehicle with a V6 engine has excellent acceleration"

Anonymous, IL (2004 Honda Accord)

"V-6 engine is strong, steering is responsive"

Anonymous, NY (2004 Honda Accord)

"acceleration, handling, comfort."

ROBERT B., CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"My Accord handles great - it takes corners like it's on rails! The acceleration is decent for a four-cylinder 160 hp vehicle -- aided by very good gearing on the manual transmission. Acceleration is not outstanding, though gas mileage is quite good."

ERIC S., NJ (2004 Honda Accord)

"If available I would have preferred a turbo charged engine instead of a v6"

MARC F., QC (2004 Honda Accord)

"For a 4 cylinder vehicle it has very good acceleration. It is a very comfortable car to ride in and to drive."

JACKIE C., CO (2004 Honda Accord)

"As old as this car is, it still accelerates like a new car (or better)."

Anonymous, FL (2004 Honda Accord)

"excellent acceleration"

DENISE V., NH (2004 Honda Accord)

"Although I drive conservatively, when I do pass on a 2 lane road, the excellent acceleration of the V-6 adds to my safety and confidence.Handling is nice."

STEVEN M., MN (2004 Honda Accord)

"it still handles well and provides a good ride after 12 years. We hope it goes another 6!"

Anonymous, OR (2004 Honda Accord)

"Good acceleration for 4 cilinder eng. and good handling"

STEVE L., CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Great acceleration with the V6, coupled with 31mpg highway fuel economy. Handling is fine for a family sedan. Great on long trips."

Anonymous, OH (2004 Honda Accord)

"The 4 liter with a manual transmission is an excellent pairing. You can push it to get up and go but it's very frugal. However, like all Honda's, road noise is a negative."

CHRISTINA H., CO (2004 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration is excellent V6 240 hp, handling is superb"

B T., NC (2004 Honda Accord)

"Fun car to drive but front wheel drive is un predictable in rain, snow or high speed cornering."

LARRY F., AZ (2004 Honda Accord)

"The 3.0 liter V-6 exhibits a slight delay when accelerating, then abruptly kicks in."

JAMES C., WV (2004 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration the same today as when new."

JOSEPH F., NJ (2004 Honda Accord)

"Handling and speed always feel balanced"

ARTHUR R., ON (2004 Honda Accord)

"I have the 2004 Accord V6 six speed manual. It was Honda's most driver oriented car at the time I bought it and it, while not a true sports car, drives very nicely. Can be tossed around and driven quite aggressively when I feel the need, but handles routine daily driving quite well. When new it easily accelerated rapidly to seriously extra legal speeds and will still do so today. Very happy with the handling and acceleration this car offers even after 12 model years."

DEREK C., NC (2004 Honda Accord)

"It handles well."

JOHN M., AB (2004 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say


ERNEST M., PA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Climate Control is very good. Ride of the vehicle is very good. Road noise is very loud."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"There is a good bit of road noise but I don't notice it most of the time. Other people comment on it. I find the driver's seat comfortable and climate controls good. Climate control could be a little better for the back seat. Overall ride is smooth and comfortable."

LINDSEY E., NC (2004 Honda Accord)

"Ride is good, but engine and road noise are a bit loud."

Anonymous, WI (2004 Honda Accord)

"The driver's seat has broken 2 times (replaced once) - it can no longer be tilted back."

JUDITH W., MA (2004 Honda Accord)

"It is all good! No complaints other than the exterior clear coat fading and peeling."

JOHN M., AB (2004 Honda Accord)

"Very comfortable. Noise is very good."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Honda Accord)

"Generally a quiet stable, comfortable vehicle. I note that my wife who is 5' 2", has difficulty viewing the windshield and uses a cushion to get a higher position. This is a 2004 model and comfort level has held up well"

JOHANN C., CO (2004 Honda Accord)

"Only problem is that seat belt cuts my neck."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Honda Accord)

"Ride has been one of it's weak point's and if you are looking for a great ride at least the one I own is not the best but aside from that we have had outstanding performance and dependability for 12.5 years and I would not be afraid to buy any Honda at this point"

PETER H., IL (2004 Honda Accord)

"The 2004 EX-L Accord's black leather seats held up very well in both comfort and looks over the past 12 years. With proper care, they look almost new."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda Accord)

"For the last 2 years, heat goes only to the passenger side, none to driver side. A/C is normal. All ducting is clear, all the diverter doors work properly in response to dash controls. No one can suggest an explanation, and it costs $1000 just to take the dash apart to get to the heat exchanger, where it seems the problem must lie, whatever it is. I just listen to my teeth chatter in the winter."

SAM S., OR (2004 Honda Accord)

"The driver's seat is badly deteriorated, and the AC has had problems with distribution of the cool air. It has been to the Honda dealer some 3-4 time without resolution. We are presently looking for a new or slightly used driver's seat."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Honda Accord)

"seating is very low and can be a bit bumpy on rougher roads"

JERRY S., VA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Seat leather is crackled and has been damaged by the seat recline lever on the passenger seat. When a person is seated in the seat a fold in the leather occurs by the lever interferring with its operation."

Anonymous, OR (2004 Honda Accord)

"Too much road noise. Seats not comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"The Accord is just a great car in all ways. I have a V6 so it has plenty of zip. Ride, seats or great and noise level is okay."

THOMAS P., FL (2004 Honda Accord)

"Very nice ride, low noise level, heat and cooling very effective and dual controls nice for passenger."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Honda Accord)

"Still a quitter ride then many newer cars"

MARGARET P., CT (2004 Honda Accord)

"road noise is higher than I'd like"

Anonymous, OK (2004 Honda Accord)

"Honda is a Driver's car. It's handling is good while providing comfort. Road noise is a problem, however, I understand the 2016 is improved in that area"

B T., NC (2004 Honda Accord)

"I have the seat raised to the highest level, but still need a pillow to see over the steering wheel. I am 5 ft. 1 in tall. Also the back seat anchors for seat belts are installed backwards and almost impossible to get to click. The console compartment is difficult to open and close. I do like the general handling of the car on the road."

Anonymous, OH (2004 Honda Accord)

"fairly noisy, very responsive"

J S., UT (2004 Honda Accord)

"climate control is good"

JASON A., FL (2004 Honda Accord)

"It's an LX so it's somewhat spartan. The seats are on the firm side, and it's got some very noticeable highway noise."

EVORELL F., FL (2004 Honda Accord)

"Seats are wicked comfortable. I have back problems and I am most comfortable in the car."

JEAN G., MA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Rides very hard, like a truck. But is fun to drive - great handling."

Anonymous, IL (2004 Honda Accord)

"In 2004 it was easy to get into, but due to handicap I need a cushion to drive/see out."

BETTY L., OH (2004 Honda Accord)

"Feel somewhat small.. compact, low to ground.... but it is more sporty....wife likes it though."

KEITH M., MO (2004 Honda Accord)

"Car is a little on the noisy side. Ride is a bit stiff but that's good for handling. I'm 6' - 3.5" and the seats could be better for my legs but other than that it's a fairly comfortable car."

JOHN K., TN (2004 Honda Accord)

"Great seats, low noise, good stereo"

STEVE L., CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Nice smooth ride AC is weak"

MARK H., GA (2004 Honda Accord)

"I'm 6'4" tall and I find this car very comfortable. The seat comfort and adjustability are great. The automatic climate control is very effective and unobtrusive. The ride and handling are very good."

Anonymous, OH (2004 Honda Accord)

"Very well made car, have really not had any major problems"

JOHN C., NC (2004 Honda Accord)

"Seats are hard & we use seat cushion to provide more comfort. We have experienced several major repairs with this vehicle unlike other Hondas we have owned. A/C compressor failed requiring new drier, condenser, etc. Also have had to replace master brake cylinder. Brake rotors had to be turned when we got the car, which was brand new. They were wrapped. This required new rotors later, which was not covered by warranty. Battery had to be replaced within 4 years, not covered by dealer. we h"

Anonymous, VA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Too much road noise. We even change to the Pirelli tires recommended by Consumer Reports for quietness and still it has much louder road noise than our F250 diesel."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Honda Accord)

"Leather starting to have cracks. Apply conditioner."

Anonymous, NC (2004 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I don/t drive it a lot but its been very dependable. It performs at or above expectations in most areas but the ride is a little bouncy on Chicago's bad streets."

JOSEPH M., IL (2004 Honda Accord)

"I have been driving this car for 12 years and NOTHING has broken or failed."

MAUREEN S., CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"good value"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Nothing breaks. Proper maintenance will enable it to run a long time."

Anonymous, NY (2004 Honda Accord)

"I haven't had any major problems with this car, and I now have 214,000 miles on it. I feel like this has been a great value for the money I spent and has been really reliable."

LINDSEY E., NC (2004 Honda Accord)

"Has all of the options that Lexus Mercedes and others charge a lot more for"

PHIL C., GA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Low repairs costs, reliable car with no concerns. Best deal for price paid. I am a long term car buyer, I keep them for many years. Still looks new"

SAMUEL G., MD (2004 Honda Accord)

"This car has been true to what others say about it - it is a very good basic car."

Anonymous, MA (2004 Honda Accord)

"This is a great car for the money."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Still looks great and runs great!"

Anonymous, NC (2004 Honda Accord)

"almost 300,000km and still performing well"

Anonymous, AB (2004 Honda Accord)

"Lasts forever"

DAVID S., AZ (2004 Honda Accord)

"Excellent family size car. Decent gas mileage. Good performance in city and highway with good handling."

Anonymous, ON (2004 Honda Accord)

"I have had this car a long time and never had any problems. I take care of my cars."

Anonymous, CO (2004 Honda Accord)

"Got a great value for the money. We could have afforded more but chose this car."

GARY S., CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"160000 miles without need for repairs. Drives as well as new."

Anonymous, OH (2004 Honda Accord)

"The accord is an excellent, functional family car that will serve owners well for a long time. It's not sporty or fancy but it's VERY functional and reliable."

CHRISTINA H., CO (2004 Honda Accord)

"The car is truly a good and enjoyable car. The AC is not working properly right now."

ROBERT B., CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"I have had no issues with this car; the only costs have been for routine maintenance (oil and filter changes) and expected wear such as tires and brake linings. It is extremely reliable, reasonably comfortable, and serves my needs well."

RUTH G., OH (2004 Honda Accord)

"Handles well in any weather. Good performance and has aged well."

Anonymous, MI (2004 Honda Accord)

"owned for 12 years 216K miles with little expense and has always performed well"

MARK H., GA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Honda has a long reliable history"

Anonymous, DE (2004 Honda Accord)

"Virtually no repair costs in 12 years other than routine maintenance"

R R., AB (2004 Honda Accord)


CALEB A., GA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Amazing Value when buying used. However I pride myself in getting good deals from private sellers. Bought the car with 69k on it for 9k when it sells for 28kk brand new."

GARVIN C., CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"I have 350,000 miles on my Accord. Followed all recommended maintenance and have never had a serious problem with the car. The greatest automobile I have owned."

JOHN L., VA (2004 Honda Accord)

"I bought my 2004 Honda Accord at the end of the 2004 model year. I wanted a manual transmission, and the dealership was eager to sell the car to me so they sold it to me for $100 over dealer invoice. The car is a great one."

ERIC S., NJ (2004 Honda Accord)

"My Accord is extremely reliable - with regular maintenance and service I have been able to avoid any major parts failure or replacements for over 10 years."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"I bought the 2004 Accord when it was 2 years old. It has proven extremely reliable over 10 years. That is my definition of value for my money."

Anonymous, OH (2004 Honda Accord)

"Reliable getting me from A to B. Had some long road trips and never had to worry about getting broke down. Three days ago I was hit very hard by a vehicle larger than mine running a red light at high speed. I was hit on the driver's side, car was smashed and totaled and I walked away unhurt except for being very sore. Must be a very well engineered and crash tested cabin. So thankful for that."

Anonymous, NC (2004 Honda Accord)

"I originally wanted the LX Honda Accord but side airbags weren't available at that time except on the top of the line Accord with leather, sunroof, etc. So, I bought more car than I wanted originally but later enjoyed the extra luxury which was not overpriced. The Accord cost a bit more than some competitors but I thought (and still believe) the Accord is a better car."

RICHARD S., CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"I bought this car for my teenage son. It is very reliable, and I love that it comes with a high safety rating!"

TANYA B., GA (2004 Honda Accord)

"156,000+ miles and still on first clutch. Handles very well. Excellent acceleration. Very comfortable. Only problem has been recall on airbags."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Very dependable car and has nice creature comforts."

LARRY F., AZ (2004 Honda Accord)

"Excellent Car"

LARRY E., MD (2004 Honda Accord)

"I have had very few repair bills. I do a spring and winter maintenance and have had no major repairs."

Anonymous, ON (2004 Honda Accord)

"Probably the best car we've ever owned. At tens years old, it is just as reliable as when it was new."

BOB N., CO (2004 Honda Accord)

"The car has required no major repairs and continues to be a highly reliable machine. It has been an excellent investment."

Anonymous, NY (2004 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"People still comment that is looks like a new car!"

ROSS M., MA (2004 Honda Accord)

"I love my Honda!"

Anonymous, SC (2004 Honda Accord)

"Classic style. Car is 12 years old but still looks stylish"

DALE E., FL (2004 Honda Accord)

"I still get compliments on my car, even at its advanced age. The styling is not time-sensitive!"

Anonymous, KS (2004 Honda Accord)

"The 2004 Accord styling still looks good. The quality of the metal used should be noted since there is no surface rust evident on this 12 year old car."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Seating too low for 5' tall woman. Have to manually crank it up, then seat is too high for other drivers in the family. The headlamps/plastic outer housing have fogged badly. This is a major problem for this and all cars. Plastic should not be used ever for headlamp covers."

BARB K., TX (2004 Honda Accord)

"The design for the rear windows is poor and makes it difficult to see (judge) when driving in reverse or looking for side traffic"

PATRICIA H., CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Very roomy and handles well."

Anonymous, CO (2004 Honda Accord)

"Futuristic when purchased, now standard."

DAVID S., AZ (2004 Honda Accord)

"It looks good and sporty, but not ostentatious. It was not a particularly expensive car, but the looks don't make the car seem like its trying too hard to be something its not, nor is does it look 'cheap'."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda Accord)

"Vehicle looks great"

JOHN C., NC (2004 Honda Accord)

"After almost 12 years the car still looks in style. Very nice design."

GERIANNE A., LA (2004 Honda Accord)

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