While still a fine, competent car, the Accord is losing ground to newer competitors. Braking, ergonomics and fit and finish remain impressive. But engine performance, ride quality, accommodations, and interior quietness aren't outstanding.
There are 19 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

“This car has problems on slick roads. It is as if the front end is not heavy enough; front tires spin even after a ran when first starting. I have the 4-cylinder standard engine with standard transmission. On the other hand, this car has been totally trouble ffree until I just had to replace the clutch--more a maintenance item than anything, but $1500!!!”

JIM D., OH (2001 Honda Accord)

“V6, lots of sip”

Anonymous, MB (2001 Honda Accord)

“It accelerates to merge with highway traffic with ease, and handles well in emergency situations.”

P P., ON (2001 Honda Accord)

“Although I live my Accord it does not handle as well in the snow as our Toyota. This is my only complaint.”

Anonymous, ME (2001 Honda Accord)

“When I want to accelerate pulling out, pick up is very good and not sluggish. Steering and handling during drive time is adequate and responsive in turns.”

Anonymous, NC (2001 Honda Accord)

“prone to fluid leaks, but is an old car seats are uncomforable”

Anonymous, WI (2001 Honda Accord)

“6 cylinder accelerates very well. Can see out of all windows. Easy for me to handle.”

Anonymous, CO (2001 Honda Accord)

“Great acceleration”

J I., PA (2001 Honda Accord)

“The steering wheel turning isn't as smooth as the 2000 Accord. (Our mechanic said that there wasn't an issue, it was just the make of the car). It is MORE noisy than the 2000 Accord. It does not smoothly accelerate.”

Anonymous, AE (2001 Honda Accord)

“I love the manual transmission.”

Anonymous, TX (2001 Honda Accord)

“very good acceleration; we feel safe with the way the vehicle responds and handles”

TERRY C., IL (2001 Honda Accord)

“My Accord has proven to be an excellent purchase. The 3.0 V6 provides admirable power and acceleration, and it handles well both locally and on extended trips... so I'm never tired out when I arrive at my destination. Highway fuel mileage meets and exceeds its window sticker rating.”

WILLIAM C., VA (2001 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

“Not too thrilled with the famous "Honda" road noise.”

RICHARD H., TX (2001 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, AZ (2001 Honda Accord)

“The car when new was quiet. Now the window seals make air noise when traveling at speed. I should have replaced them two years ago.”

BRAD P., CA (2001 Honda Accord)

“an easy-handling comfortable and reliable car”

DOUGLAS D., CA (2001 Honda Accord)

“Climate controls work like a champ even after many years of use. Seats holding their shape well. Doors and windows seal well. Not a noisy ride.”

Anonymous, IL (2001 Honda Accord)

“Comfortable seats,powerful climate control,good ride.”

Anonymous, SC (2001 Honda Accord)

“Seats are VERY comfortablr”

Anonymous, AZ (2001 Honda Accord)

“Noise. The interior is not insulated enough.”

LAURENT N., NB (2001 Honda Accord)

“Excessive wind noise”

MICHAEL C., CA (2001 Honda Accord)

“Seats have always been uncomfortable for long drives. It has bad wind noise which interferes with your hearing ability. Due to an intermittent engine noise (possibly an upcoming pulley or component failure), the engine runs rough and is overall louder, as if my car is straining, when this happens. Considering my Air bag light has been on due to a faulty drivers seat belt, per SRS code, the safety of my ride is completely compromised at all times. AC has always worked great for me. Appreciate the”

SHANNA J., CA (2001 Honda Accord)

“Front seats need better lumbar support. Air conditioning still cools with no service in over 16 years, but could put out a little more cooling.”

J L., CA (2001 Honda Accord)

“comfortable seats, climate control is great, road noise, but could be due to tires, as when I purchaed the car I noticed how quiet it was. rides is smooth.”

NANCY M., BC (2001 Honda Accord)

“comfort and climate control has been excellent”

Anonymous, ON (2001 Honda Accord)

“On the highway, it's noisier that I'd like. It's old, but was always noisy.”

ROSS H., VA (2001 Honda Accord)

“Our Honda Accord only gradually got noisier, less comfortable. I can't fault it for that, after all it's 15 years old. I always wanted the AC to run better for the back seat passengers. When I am no longer able to drive, this will make someone else a fine vehicle.”

Anonymous, ID (2001 Honda Accord)

“This car is also an EX-L model so the seats are very comfortable and supportive. The ride is good but noise level is intrusive at speed. Climate control is adequate summer and winter. Even now, some passengers comment about the comfortable ride for this older model.”

DOUGLAS S., NC (2001 Honda Accord)

“The seats are well-built and well designed but rather hard, so driving long distances can get quite uncomfortable. This has always been a somewhat noisy car, something CR noted way back when it was a new model. Heater is excellent, AC is a bit anemic at low speeds and seems to work better on the highway.”

Anonymous, CA (2001 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

“comfort and reliability”

Anonymous, MB (2001 Honda Accord)

“I'm pleased with the durability and ride comfort. We went on a 6000 road trip and enjoyed every minute of it in the car. It performed flawlessly in all respects including comfort, handling @ 80 mph, gas mileage, and with the v6 plenty of acceleration.”

GARY P., AZ (2001 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, FL (2001 Honda Accord)

“Amazing overall cost per mile. (Acquiring, maintenance, Repairs, Fuel)”

STEVE W., KY (2001 Honda Accord)

“I bought this car with 101,000 miles from the proverbial little old lady. It has been exceptuionally well worth the $8K I paid for it. It now has 178K miles.”

SUSAN L., FL (2001 Honda Accord)

“For the 15 years I have owned the car it has been great and never had any issues that left me stranded or prevented it from driving. It's had regular, routine maintenance, and a few minor issues that mostly started in the past year or so such as with the CD player (but that is to be expected on an older car).”

JAMES W., AL (2001 Honda Accord)

“Considering the price I paid ($26,000) and the reliability of this vehicle, I definitely believe I got a good value for my money.”

THOMAS G., CO (2001 Honda Accord)

“Great value”

CHARLES L., OR (2001 Honda Accord)

“long term dependability - owned car for 16 years”

Anonymous, WI (2001 Honda Accord)

“The leather trimmed seats were very much worth the investment. Gas mileage has suffered with the advent of 10% ethanol. Gas mileage has dropped more than 10% on long trips which use to net an average of 30 MPG or more. Now it is less that 26 MPG..”

DOUGLAS S., NC (2001 Honda Accord)

“Reliability, super quiet motor and ride, few repairs. My car has 240,000 KM and still going strong, and feel this is one of the best purchases I have ever made (bought used with only 23,000 KM). There is a recall on the airbags and my warning panel lights are not all working as they should but beside those correctable issues I'm a very happy owner.”

JENNIFER J., BC (2001 Honda Accord)

“No repairs on this 15 year old car purchased new.Pay oil changes, brake fluid chgs.,new Honda batteries every 5 years(before they die), tires from time of purchase just now showing wear. I drive only 1200 miles per year. My best purchase ever.”

Anonymous, CO (2001 Honda Accord)

“Required almost no repairs that are not scheduled maintenance.”

JEANINE B., NY (2001 Honda Accord)

“It has held up great compared to repairs needed and mileage, amazing paint job, solid feeling vehicle with less plastic body than newer cars.”

Anonymous, IL (2001 Honda Accord)

“You pay for quality and with almost 200,000 miles on the car and only about $150 in parts for repairs, I have saved $$ on the back end”

BRIAN F., AZ (2001 Honda Accord)

“It's been a great little car!”

Anonymous, OR (2001 Honda Accord)

“Reliable transportation for16 years. You cannot beat that!”

Anonymous, NY (2001 Honda Accord)

“The 2001 Accord had a design/engineering problem with the automatic transmission. As a result, I had to have the transmission replaced around 110-120K miles. Very expensive, around $3000.”

GARY N., MN (2001 Honda Accord)

“Good all around car. Reliable”

Anonymous, HI (2001 Honda Accord)

“With regular maintenance for over 48,000 miles, this car has had no major malfunctions or reliability issues. You take care of the car, and Honda will take care of you.”

Anonymous, MD (2001 Honda Accord)

“Most of the money I have spent on this vehicle has gone toward basic maintenance. The only non-maintenance-related money I've ever spent on it was for a new upper subframe. The old one rotted out on the right side.”

MICHAEL H., MI (2001 Honda Accord)

“I have had the car over 15 years and over 205K miles and it has NEVER been in the shop for a repair outside of maintenance or recalls. I have fixed some things myself and let some small things go. With good tires it still drives great. Very low cost of ownership. I think I have gotten my moneys worth out of it.”

EDWARD S., TX (2001 Honda Accord)

“This vehicle just will not die. After 215,000+ miles, still have the original spark plugs; very good ride; and extremely good MPG on Interstates (32+MPG at 65-70 mph.”

JOHN K., VA (2001 Honda Accord)

“It was a very fair price considering the year (2000). But even so, it's taken us comfortable to and from work (20 miles round trip) and around the city and neighboring towns.”

Anonymous, AE (2001 Honda Accord)

“It is a very reliable car”

LAURENT N., NB (2001 Honda Accord)

“I bought this vehicle used from a friend who had taken very good care of it and it was only 5 yrs old.but have had several issues with it as noted, which has been quite expensive and disappointing for a Honda known for high reliability.”

MARK F., IN (2001 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

“Despite being a very common car I still love its clean, sleek shape and it has not become dated-looking”

DAN S., TN (2001 Honda Accord)

“it suits my taste very well”

WILLIAM C., NE (2001 Honda Accord)

“The paint stays looking like new and I never polished it.”

SAM M., KS (2001 Honda Accord)

“Like the interior room and the space inside the vehicle as well as trunk space. I like the "box" look in lieu of an outside slant look.”

Anonymous, NC (2001 Honda Accord)

“Ugly brown. Great value.”

Anonymous, WA (2001 Honda Accord)

“It is pleasant to look at. Nothing stands out to detract from the looks.”

GARY P., AZ (2001 Honda Accord)

“Uncomfortable driver seat”

Anonymous, IN (2001 Honda Accord)
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