A fine and competent car, the Accord's braking, ergonomics and fit and finish are impressive. But engine performance, ride quality, accommodations and interior quietness aren't outstanding.
There are 16 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"good acceleration, comfortable ride"

Anonymous, MO (2002 Honda Accord)

"202000 miles and very few brake downs and fairly low cost repairs"

Anonymous, MS (2002 Honda Accord)

"Weak engine provides poor acceleration when needed in certain situations. The acceleration is particularly poor when the A/C is engaged."

Anonymous, ON (2002 Honda Accord)

"It drives well. It does what I want when I want it. I can kick-it when needed. Great all-round vehicle."

Anonymous, VA (2002 Honda Accord)

"The car has the smaller 4 cylinder engine and accelerates fairly slowly."

Anonymous, NJ (2002 Honda Accord)

"Excellent vehicle in all respects. Very reliable; handles road well; quiet ride; low maintenance."

ANDY A., NV (2002 Honda Accord)

"This is a V6 and has marvellous acceleration."

GAIL F., PA (2002 Honda Accord)

"When entering the state highway or other roadway with fast-moving traffic, I can count on accelerating to the highway speed in less than five seconds."

DELPHINE C., CT (2002 Honda Accord)

"sluggish acceleration"

Anonymous, PA (2002 Honda Accord)

"transmission had to be replaced with <25000 miles on it. front seats are low so visibility is poor. No way to raise seat height, esp if driver is short."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats are comfortable, good visibility"

RICK R., CO (2002 Honda Accord)

"The seats are not very comfortable especially on longer trips."

D G., CA (2002 Honda Accord)

"Front seats are very uncomfortable. The bottom seat cushion is not long enough to support the upper leg.. It only has a 2 way power driver seat (up or down). But as you bring it up it also moves forward and vise versa. Needs to be a full 6way power seat. Can't drive for more than 1 hour and need to get out and stretch."

JAMES L., WI (2002 Honda Accord)

"The seating is too low to the ground for tall people, especially when you get older."

TED K., CA (2002 Honda Accord)

"Road noise."

Anonymous, TN (2002 Honda Accord)


ERNEST M., PA (2002 Honda Accord)

"It has a good climate temperature. It heat up quickly in the winter and cool down quickly in the summer."

Anonymous, OH (2002 Honda Accord)

"turned out to be so large that we don't drive it much. I personally don't like to drive it where the parking will be tight, or the traffic heavy and slow."

LC S., VA (2002 Honda Accord)

"Noisy inside, marginal AC"

Anonymous, NC (2002 Honda Accord)

"Quite ride and not allowing allowing outside noise. Climate control works well. Comfortable seats. Stable ride with good moderately tight suspension."

Anonymous, FL (2002 Honda Accord)

"Seating too close to the floor"

Anonymous, TN (2002 Honda Accord)

"My Honda did not have a very smooth ride and was quite noisy before we recently replaced the tires. They made all the difference in world."

COLLEEN E., TX (2002 Honda Accord)

"A better Lombard back support, driver seat, is lacking on this car."

JOHN N., PA (2002 Honda Accord)

"The car has always been noisy and there is a whistling sound that seems to come from the passenger window or windshield area. No one can figure out what it is."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Honda Accord)

"The car is very quiet and comfortable. The only downside is that visibility out of the windows, particularly front and back, is not very good."

KEVIN M., CA (2002 Honda Accord)

"The driver's seat is low even for average-to-tall drivers, and has terrible lumbar support."

Anonymous, NC (2002 Honda Accord)

"The car is quiet, has good acceleration, and has a smooth ride.Purchased from a relative."

Anonymous, FL (2002 Honda Accord)

"I am below average height. I'm also on the heavy side. It's hard for me to find a car where I can reach the pedals and the steering wheel is not crammed in my chest. Or that I don't feel claustrophobic. That was the case with this car. See it was very comfortable"

Anonymous, WA (2002 Honda Accord)

"Comfort would be excellent except the driver's side arm rest needs more padding. My elbow gets sore resting on this arm rest. Vehicle is somewhat noisy at highway speeds. This is a know Honda characteristic."

ROBERT W., WA (2002 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"cost less to maintain very reliable"

TOM Y., NY (2002 Honda Accord)

"We highly recommend this vehicle"

Anonymous, AZ (2002 Honda Accord)

"Replaced transmission at 107000 just 7k over the warranty. Second Honda I had that had faulty transmission. Costly repairs"

Anonymous, CA (2002 Honda Accord)

"Fantastic car--reliable, safe, good-looking, and still drives beautifully after nearly 300,000 miles. And because it's been garaged its entire life, it looks like a new car."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Honda Accord)

"Having a car for 14 years that never broke down and still running like new is a very good indicator of the car, and buying a fully loaded top of the line car for $23,00.00. is an excellent value."

Anonymous, NJ (2002 Honda Accord)

"Very reliable vehicle."

Anonymous, BC (2002 Honda Accord)

"Best car I ever owned"

Anonymous, CO (2002 Honda Accord)

"Car has not had even a single mechanical issue. It has not been in the shop for repair in the 14 years I have owned it."

CHARLES A., MS (2002 Honda Accord)

"Bodily integrity: after 391,000 kms there's not a squeak, rattle or other problem. Same clutch and all systems except position 3 on the fan (!) work as they did when I bought the car 14 years ago."

CHRISTOPHER F., ON (2002 Honda Accord)

"At the time the Honda Accord VP model was sold via internet pricing at very little over true dealer final cost, and offered a good balance of all that is desired in a 4-door sedan, including reliability, handling, acceleration, necessary features and styling."

Anonymous, WI (2002 Honda Accord)

"It has been inexpensive to run, and for it's age I believe it still looks great."

Anonymous, CO (2002 Honda Accord)

"Summer driving with ac I get 22+ miles per gallon. The rest of the year I get 25+ per gallon."

Anonymous, DE (2002 Honda Accord)

"My 2002 Honda Accord has had limited additional repairs over and above regular maintenance items, gets very good gas mileage, and at 14 years old continues to be highly reliable and run very well."

BRUCE C., ON (2002 Honda Accord)

"The Honda was purchased new in February 2002. A reliable and pleasure to drive, a great car."

LORENZO M., CT (2002 Honda Accord)

"This car had about 40,000 miles on it when I bought it in 2004. It now has about 90,000 miles and is going strong, though I don't drive any great distance anymore. So I am very pleased with the value and reliability of this sturdy and attractive vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Honda Accord)

"Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. No breakdowns of any major systems. Just tires, brakes, and oil so far."

STEPHEN A., CO (2002 Honda Accord)

"There was a leak in the fuel tank. When we got it replaced we were told that there had been a used fuel tank in the car. This is significant because we purchased the car brand new from the dealership! The repairman became unwilling to vouch for this when we tried to pursue it with the dealership."

Anonymous, ON (2002 Honda Accord)

"Bought the car used in 2012 and have put on about 82,000 miles. Definitely got value for the money I paid. This is a solid car."

Anonymous, OH (2002 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It has a classy look about it then and now. It looks sleek and sexy. The inside definitely not as much so. I just wish I did not get such a lemon. They sold me at the Honda dealership a car that was completely rusted on the underside everything falling apart. I had to replace almost everything on the car it came from New York this was not told to me . So all the rust and corrosion came with it. Had to replace all the fuel lines and brake lines because they were rusted through talk about dangerou"

Anonymous, WA (2002 Honda Accord)

"Visibility is great and I can see the hood while driving. Newer, sleeker cars have crappy visibility and I can't see the hoods, which is somewhat disorienting."

DAVID O., TX (2002 Honda Accord)
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