The 2003-2005 Accord is well designed and notably improved over the previous version. It's quieter, more nimble, and has a more comfortable ride than its predecessor. Further, its powertrain delivers both good acceleration and respectable fuel economy. Overall, it combines user-friendliness with European flair.
There are 24 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"great handling and acceleration"

JEREMY M., CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"For its age it handles very well."

JAMES J., BC (2003 Honda Accord)

"Very strong engine that feels like a racehorse ready to run hard. Also gets 31 mpg on highways."

LOU D., VA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Very smooth acceleration."

Anonymous, PA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Good acceleration and handles well on mountain roads and highways"

TOM M., CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration from standstill Is remarkable--and just four cylinders"

ROLAND R., NY (2003 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration is smooth. Not a growling performer. Handling is very responsive."

Anonymous, CT (2003 Honda Accord)

"At 160,000 miles the handling and acceleration is still very good."

Anonymous, PA (2003 Honda Accord)

"I've got out of more than one tight spot because of the car's agile handling and ample reserve power."

Anonymous, IA (2003 Honda Accord)

"With its Honda V-6 engine, the car accelerates quickly and smoothly. It's handling is reminiscent of a sports car. After owning it for 13 years, it is still fun to drive."

Anonymous, CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"steering is too tight and front tires do not track straight"

WILLIAM T., NM (2003 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, NY (2003 Honda Accord)

"Tires have always cupped. Even after going in to get any issues fixed and realigned that may cause tire cupping."

Anonymous, KY (2003 Honda Accord)

"I have a 4 cylinder and it picks up as much speed as any other car I've ever owned, both 6 & 8 cylinder!"

DEE G., FL (2003 Honda Accord)

"Still rides like a new car. Very comfortable."

NIGEL B., SC (2003 Honda Accord)

"Strong acceleration. Zero leaks from motor, transmission, radiator. ..."

GILBERT S., CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Still fast after 200K+ miles!"

Anonymous, NY (2003 Honda Accord)

"has continued to perform well even now after 13 years."

JACK S., CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Excellent handling and acceleration; seems almost like a V-6 rather than an in-line 4 cylinder, helped by an efficient 5 speed automatic transmission."

RONALD M., MI (2003 Honda Accord)

"Performs exceptionally well for a 13 year old vehicle. We have decided to keep it as our 2nd vehicle instead of trading or selling it."

GARY D., BC (2003 Honda Accord)

"the Honda has excellent acceleration and handling"

NORMAN H., OR (2003 Honda Accord)

"Audio display panel went dark two years ago and still is. Airbag warning light came on last year. This car is driven to/from and in Florida only. The rest of the year it sits in our garage as the Mazda 3 is our city car."

Anonymous, ON (2003 Honda Accord)

"Great handling and great performance with the 240 hp V6 that was in the 2003 vehicle"

DAVID W., VA (2003 Honda Accord)

"The V6 6-speed is incredibly fast and incredibly efficient. I drive a lot of freeway miles and love having the extra power to get around. Despite all the power, the motor still sips gas and has a better gas mileage than my girlfriend's 4 cylinder Scion."

BRANDON K., OH (2003 Honda Accord)

"Very good balance: power, handling, reliability(execpt for rather "frequent" need for rotor service), average mpg."

Anonymous, NY (2003 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration and handling are still going strong. Fun to drive."

DILIP P., CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Surprizingly good acceleration for a 160 hp engine. Generally fun to drive."

Anonymous, ON (2003 Honda Accord)

"manual transmission--great acceleration, and excellent mileage (however no real stop/go driving)."

MARTHA K., CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"It's the best car I have ever owned and plan for it to be my permanent one."

Anonymous, MD (2003 Honda Accord)

"great acceleration and handling"

BERNIE F., ON (2003 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"It has too much road noise, and the ride is not smooth when the road isn't."

Anonymous, CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Smooth and relatively quite ride."

Anonymous, CT (2003 Honda Accord)

"Ride is great, other than soft springs, especially in rear: sags with any passengers and luggage. Handling is awesome, with extremely communicative steering. Seat comfort is good and noise comfort is pretty good. Climate control had receiver failure that caused clogging and loss of refrigerant. Repair resulted in slight loss of cooling capacity, but still works well enough."

Anonymous, AZ (2003 Honda Accord)


ELVA D., AZ (2003 Honda Accord)

"The road noise is noticeable at highway speeds."

DANIEL O., NY (2003 Honda Accord)

"It is a very comfortable ride -seats, leg room, head room."

KATRINA G., IL (2003 Honda Accord)

"adjustable seat a/c very good noise not bad"

JIM N., MT (2003 Honda Accord)

"This model the cabin picks up too much noise from the outside especially while driving on the freeway"

SHAWNDELL S., GA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Seats should be higher."

Anonymous, CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Car is EXTREMELY NOISY - would like for Honda to use noise reducing mats to deadenn noise. Low profile tires seem to have no purpose at all except to cause poor ride comfort and more cabin noise - not necessary for ANY reason. The steering wheel needs to extend closer toward the driver as arms are extended too far and causes fatigue."

Anonymous, WA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Ride is very nice and quieter than our CRV Seats are very low and hard to get into otherwise we like the car very much."

Anonymous, NM (2003 Honda Accord)

"Great seats & predictable ride"

JAMES W., AL (2003 Honda Accord)

"The amount of back seat leg room is amazing. Enough room for two adults to sit comfortably with their legs crossed. The back seat comfort and trunk space make this our car our road trip vehicle."

Anonymous, CO (2003 Honda Accord)

"The leather interior has held up great, and added a bit of luxury not found in other vehicles in this class."

Anonymous, GA (2003 Honda Accord)

"The seats can seem hard stiff after a long ride. The AC not working because of the compressor can cause the car to be very warm in the summer."

Anonymous, VA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Got what I paid for. (Work Truck)"

KIMBERLY W., TN (2003 Honda Accord)

"Very quiet car at highway speeds. Seats are comfortable, if low to the ground."

MARTIN S., IL (2003 Honda Accord)

"Road Noise: a problem with air conditioning"

DANIEL W., FL (2003 Honda Accord)

"too much road noise."

Anonymous, CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Driver seat comfort could be improved. THe car is somewhat noisy inside, the A/C is not as powerful as other cards."

Anonymous, ON (2003 Honda Accord)

"Very comfortable heated seats. Good handling with a stable ride"

JIM B., MA (2003 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, OR (2003 Honda Accord)

"Too much road noise and hard suspension"

Anonymous, MI (2003 Honda Accord)

"Too much road noise. With AC on, passenger side vents blow cold air while drive side vents blow warm air (have not yet taken for repair on this)."

BARBARA G., GA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Most comfortable car we have ever owned, even when compared to a BMW owned previously"

Anonymous, ON (2003 Honda Accord)

"The front passenger door lock stopped working from the key fob, works manually."

Anonymous, NJ (2003 Honda Accord)

"Drivers floor mat had broken left side holding clip break. This causes floor mat to shift forward and interfere with the gas pedal."

Anonymous, OR (2003 Honda Accord)

"Smooth, quiet, lots of pep. 13 year old car that runs just like new."

Anonymous, QC (2003 Honda Accord)


ALAN K., FL (2003 Honda Accord)

"leather seats and comfort driving."

Anonymous, FL (2003 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Purchase as 3 year old, low mileage (17000) for $10000.00 from a friend's leasing agency after he drove it."

TOM M., CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"196,000 miles with no problems prior to this year."

JIM B., MA (2003 Honda Accord)

"This Honda has had very few problems in the 13 years I have owned it. No major problems ever!"

ELIZABETH N., TX (2003 Honda Accord)

"Our 2003 Honda was a great value, and when I drive it now and compare it to our 2007 Honda, it is incredible how great 2003 Hondas were. They are solid cars with powerful engines that still purr with minimal upkeep many years later. The problems we have with this car are with the security system, which is incredibly expensive to fix (and so we didn't do it). The physical locks are also failing on the back doors (it's a four door) even though we seldom use the back seat. Comparing the 2007 and 20"

REGINA D., NJ (2003 Honda Accord)

"Satisfied all the way around"

ELVA D., AZ (2003 Honda Accord)

"This car is 13 years old and I routinely get 29 MPG on the highway! Unfortunately I live in the city which can be tough on tires and brakes, but I still get 18-20 MPG around town."

Anonymous, MD (2003 Honda Accord)

"This has been an outstanding value. I have owned the 2003 Honda Accord for 13 years. It has proved to be reliable and a good value. It is not constantly in the repair shop for repairs. I had a 1996 Volvo that was always in the shop for minor and major repairs. The Honda is a blessing in comparing the two."

FRANK S., NE (2003 Honda Accord)

"13 years old and it still drives and handles well - almost as good as our 2014 Fusion"

WILLIAM D., MA (2003 Honda Accord)

"Very reliable. Excellent handling. Good pep with the 6 cylinder. Not sure about the airbags.. it's not on a recall list but close."

CLIFF H., CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"I bought it used in 2004. Now at 115,000 miles and I have really had few problems over the years. Dependable, durable and still a nice ride."

SUE P., OH (2003 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, NY (2003 Honda Accord)

"Excellent quality, fuel efficiency and reliability"

Anonymous, TX (2003 Honda Accord)

"Great overall value for the money. However, after approximately 7 years the paint fails and the body begins to leak water."

JOHN Y., AE (2003 Honda Accord)

"The first major repair (failed evaporator and condenser in the A/C system) happened at 178000 miles. Why can't every car be built this good?"

MARTIN S., IL (2003 Honda Accord)

"Low cost of ownership, few expensive repairs. With routine maintenance and some additional items being replaced occasionally the car still runs like new."

MATT V., CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"So far, some repairs every year, but reasonable. Still in good condition, runs well and is comfortable, so serves our needs"

Anonymous, ON (2003 Honda Accord)

"This car has been exceptionally reliabe and handled very well in snow."

MARILYN M., CO (2003 Honda Accord)

"Exceptionally good value in every respect from original purchase through maintaining the vehicle for the past 13 years"

GARY D., BC (2003 Honda Accord)

"The car is still in immaculate shape with only 105,000 miles. Amazing vehicle, which is why we are looking to purchase another."

CHRISTINA M., GA (2003 Honda Accord)

"It's 14 years old in Sept 16. at 105000, did the full replacement kit for the honda, expect to get another 100000 on it.."

Anonymous, PA (2003 Honda Accord)

"The car still runs without any major failures in the drivetrain. However, nearly every other part of my car has fallen apart. The paint has peeled due to manufacturer's defect. The power seat is stuck. The power sunroof is broken and must be kept shut. The ceiling is falling down and sagging. The handbrake has been disconnected due to freezing cables in the winter. The air conditioner died after 3 years of use and I've spent over $500 and failed to fix it. Every little bit of maintenance is"

BRANDON K., OH (2003 Honda Accord)

"The car is extremely reliable, and is still a good car at 13 years old."

THOMAS G., PA (2003 Honda Accord)

"I'm impressed that my 13 year old vehicle, including both the interior and exterior, is still in very good shape and looks new."

MALCOLM M., AB (2003 Honda Accord)

"Very little maintenance problems. Good resale value"

Anonymous, CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"140,000 miles, almost no problems. Still drives like new. I can't find a reason to trade it in."

RONALD H., NC (2003 Honda Accord)

"My car has been very reliable, only replaced tires, batteries, filters & one major tune up."

KATHY H., SC (2003 Honda Accord)

"the car still runs great with even after 220,000 miles"

STEVEN L., PA (2003 Honda Accord)

"I've been driving this car for 13 years, and it has been very reliable with mostly routine maintenance."

Anonymous, NJ (2003 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Leather seats have cracked"

Anonymous, GA (2003 Honda Accord)

"After nearly fourteen years it still looks sharp."

KATHY H., SC (2003 Honda Accord)

"Great economy."

KIMBERLY W., TN (2003 Honda Accord)

"good for a 2003 Honda"

Anonymous, MA (2003 Honda Accord)

"beautiful styling and great driving experience all around."

BERNIE F., ON (2003 Honda Accord)

"About 30 months ago I had to have the exterior repainted. Honda's original paint faded to a point that it was horrible. I have talked to others who had the same experience. That has been the only major problem with this car in the 13 years we have owned it."

Anonymous, MD (2003 Honda Accord)

"It's style is still up to date, compared to the new models it still looks great."

Anonymous, QC (2003 Honda Accord)

"The car is 13 years old and the style has held up even though current trends are to folds & creases vs. curves"

JAMES W., AL (2003 Honda Accord)

"Sleek, clean lines."

GILBERT S., CA (2003 Honda Accord)

"The black paint on that year Honda Accord is TERRIBLE. Words do not describe how bad it looks. Almost every (I would say 4 out 5 cars black accord) have the same terrible oxidation level on the paint. It is horrible. I am surprised there wasn't a recall. That is the one complaint I have with the car. It is looks so bad that my 10 year old son doesn't want me to take him to his new middle school. I am not sure if I would buy another Honda for that reason alone - despite it running fine and with"

Anonymous, TN (2003 Honda Accord)
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