The 2003-2005 Accord is well designed and notably improved over the previous version. It's quieter, more nimble, and has a more comfortable ride than its predecessor. Further, its powertrain delivers both good acceleration and respectable fuel economy. Overall, it combines user-friendliness with European flair.
There are 24 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Peppy - but probably at the expense of mpg."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Accord)

"good highway vehicle, less comfortable driving in city/traffic. Delay in drive by wire accelerator pedal is a problem."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Accord)

"The V-6 engine gives excellent acceleration hen necessary."

CARL S., TX (2005 Honda Accord)

"2005-2006 a ccord smooth acceleration holds the road.nice car for long drive new jersey to florida.very little road noise. great sound system. air cond. could perform better (especially for Florida cars)"

ROBERT G., FL (2005 Honda Accord)

"The 2.4L iVTEC engine offers good gas mileage while providing sufficient acceleration when needed."

Anonymous, PA (2005 Honda Accord)

"I am amazed at the acceleration and power I have with the 4 cylinder engine."

NANCY H., MN (2005 Honda Accord)

"My car is a V6 Accord. The pickup on this car is amazing! I'm a 73-year-old woman, and have no problem merging into traffic on busy highways, which, at one time, was a bit daunting for me! As far as handling goes...tight curves are a breeze! It is amazingly stable! This car is11 years old, and seems brand new! I've done all the maintenance suggested by the manufacturer, and have been totally happy with it for all this time. Hopefully, it will be my last car...but if I'm capable of safely"

JOANNA R., OH (2005 Honda Accord)

"Since about 200,000 km we have had to top up the oil between changes. Acceleration is not as peppy as new. Rear stabilizers make noise on cornering and don't work that well but we don't think repair is worth the expense."

ELEANOR Y., ON (2005 Honda Accord)

"Although not BMW quality, my Honda Accord handles extremely well, especially braking and steering. I wish, however, that the suspension were a little softer, soaking up more bumps and creases in the road."

EDWARD H., TN (2005 Honda Accord)

"Quick acceleration for avoidance purposes involves hesitation."

Anonymous, NY (2005 Honda Accord)

"After 11 years, engine still pulls strong. Still have factory clutch. Interior ahs help up very well during the years."

COX W., FL (2005 Honda Accord)

"6 cylinder car has very fast acceleration. Handles well, but has a hard ride."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Honda Accord)

"The only negative is that the ride is rather firm"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Accord)

"handles exceptionally well on the highway"

Anonymous, ON (2005 Honda Accord)

"great on curves acceleration is smooth (manual)"

Anonymous, ON (2005 Honda Accord)

"The acceleration is somewhat slow but has not been a problem in getting into traffic."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Honda Accord)

"It is a V6 model, and has plenty of power whenever wanted. It also handles flawlessly. The tires wear even right down to the time to replace them. Cornering is always assured. Car performs very quietly."

DOUGLAS L., OR (2005 Honda Accord)

"See previous comments"

DAVID S., WA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration and handling are quiet and sure. I bought the coupe. I'm a bit on the short side (5'7"). Visibility is poor."

RICHARD C., PA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Not very exciting to drive."

DEBRA P., MA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Very peppy after 100000 miles"

Anonymous, FL (2005 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration is good and drives well."

D S., AZ (2005 Honda Accord)

"There is a delay of a second or two when having to accelerate quickly."

ERIC S., WA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Awesome performance!this car has never failed to meet my highest expectations. Reliable and moves out when you step on the gas"

WILLIAM M., VA (2005 Honda Accord)

"This is a V6 model and it has terrific acceleration and handling; although city driving mpg is not terribly good, it gets 30-31 mpg on the road as speeds up to 70 mph."

Anonymous, AR (2005 Honda Accord)

"Easy to upgrade sway bars from equivalent Acura model for cost effective improvement to handling."

Anonymous, UT (2005 Honda Accord)

"The acceleration is good (6 cylinder) and the car handles well"

V O., NJ (2005 Honda Accord)

"Feels peppier driving the Honda relative to the Toyota."

R B., MI (2005 Honda Accord)

"solid, responsive steering. Have had problems with transmission surge though."

MIKE-HOLLY H., UT (2005 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"pretty good comfort but the ride is not as smooth as the 2000 Toyota Camry which it replaced"

JOHN T., MD (2005 Honda Accord)

"Too loud while highway driving."

MICHAEL H., MA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Passenger seat is too low and cannot be raised. In general,it is not a comfortable car for long trips"

Anonymous, NY (2005 Honda Accord)

"Surprisingly comfortable on long trips. A/C compressor went out at 55,000 miles (out of warranty), but dealer/Honda replaced part for free if I would pay labor (around $400). No troubles since."

JOHN M., TX (2005 Honda Accord)

"Road noise a little loud. Sometimes difficult to hear conversation between the back and front."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Accord)

"The noise in the cabin during long distance trips with the 2005 Honda Accord is noticeable compared to our 2000 Lincoln LS, which is very quiet. Overall though, our Honda Accord gets much better gas mileage of our 2 cars and I don't have to fill the Honda with 91 octane fuel like the manufacturer, Ford, requires on my Lincoln LS."

Anonymous, NE (2005 Honda Accord)

"I prefer leather seats, whereas this vehicle has cloth seats. I also prefer electric seats, but these seats are manually operated. I wish it had a coin holder on the dashboard."

JAN O., FL (2005 Honda Accord)

"At highway speeds wind noise is intrusive."

A G., NS (2005 Honda Accord)

"The driver's seat is a little narrow. Have to use a pillow to raise up for comfort."

Anonymous, SC (2005 Honda Accord)

"Seating is good but could be more comfortable. Same with noise level. Good but could be better especially on highway."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Honda Accord)

"The noise level inside the car while driving is high. Also, seats are uncomfortable on long drives putting pressure on outside of hip."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Honda Accord)

"I wish it was a little quieter. I wish the visibility was a little better. The support posts on either side of the front windshield are on the wide side and limit visibility a little."

PATRICK R., CA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Quiet.Front seats comfortable. Rear seats cramped. (I bought the coupe.)"

RICHARD C., PA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Rather noisy ride."

K H., TX (2005 Honda Accord)

"Ride, AC"

MOHSEN B., ON (2005 Honda Accord)

"Seats are good. Ride is goos."

D S., AZ (2005 Honda Accord)

"Front seats are not as supportive as I would like. Brakes (front) have been a problem since new. Pulsing, interim squeaking, grabbing (touchy pedal)."

Anonymous, GA (2005 Honda Accord)

"leather seats make it easy to get in and out,less noisy than toyota, Great on curves"

Anonymous, ON (2005 Honda Accord)

"Road noise."

S M., PA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Road noise - higher than expected road noise."

Anonymous, OR (2005 Honda Accord)

"Somewhat difficult getting out of car--especially from the front passenger seat."

ROD H., FL (2005 Honda Accord)

"The driving position is good and it is a comfortable car to drive"

V O., NJ (2005 Honda Accord)

"Outside Noise is an issue"

ART M., GA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Reliability and quality of construction."

JAMES H., OK (2005 Honda Accord)

"over time the seats became uncomfortable and hard to access the car and out. Paint not standing up re body and hub caps peeling"

GEORGE H., BC (2005 Honda Accord)

"It has no lumbar support in the front passenger seat. It is insignificant on short trips. Most of the time I am the only one in the car."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Honda Accord)

"Road noise and tire noise is somewhat concerning"

Anonymous, IL (2005 Honda Accord)

"Driver seat found to be very uncomfortable because of rigid lumbar support - more or less resolved by using a small foam cushion behind me on the seat. Otherwise overall comfort very good"

Anonymous, ON (2005 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I have been driving the car for 10 years and nothing ever breaks. Original everything including brakes at 160000km. Smooth ride but weak handling"

Anonymous, BC (2005 Honda Accord)

"I have a 2005 EXL sedan, 4cyl, 5spd auto. Quite good for local (Seattle north metro) driving, good handling, performance, and milage. Decent comfort (multiple trips to Portland OR, eastern WA, and one trip to central Montana). Road noise is a little loud."

DAVID S., WA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Very reliable in all sorts of weather, including -30 C temperatures. No rust so far."

IAN S., MB (2005 Honda Accord)

"Would by another Honda Accord in a heart beat."

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Honda Accord)

"With approximately 120000 miles on the vehicle, I have had no major repair expenses, and I have followed the owner's manual for service (thank you, CR, for saving me tons of money compared to the service the dealer wanted to do!). It's a good overall 4 door sedan for commuting. With snow tires on all year (I drive less than 5K/year, so I did not spend money on a second set), it even does fairly well in winter weather."

JAMES M., CT (2005 Honda Accord)

"I bought this well maintained Accord with 180000 miles on it. There have been no unexpected maintainable issues. Performance and gas milage of the 4 cylinder engine have been more then satisfactory. The present mileage is 200000 mi."

CARL L., MI (2005 Honda Accord)

"My 2005 Honda Accord is over ten years old with 13,000 miles on it and thus far, except for oil changes and routine maintenance, I've only had two repairs. One set of front brakes and an alternator."

Anonymous, NY (2005 Honda Accord)

"292,00o miles and going strong ! Only complaint are the areas of rust (passenger door, rear panels, trunk)"

MICHAEL M., OH (2005 Honda Accord)

"I bought this car at Car Max with about 20,000 miles on it. This is the only time I bought a car, new or used, that I didn't feel I'd been ripped off after the purchase."

RICHARD S., IL (2005 Honda Accord)

"Purchased the top of the line Accord, and it has delivered flawlessly except for the cental lectronics/GPS needed to be replaced. This car does not use any oil between changes, and oil is even still yellow when I change it at 4000 miles."

DOUGLAS L., OR (2005 Honda Accord)

"Great car for reliability and drivability"

BOB F., PA (2005 Honda Accord)

"No problems other then dashboard light for seatbelt comes on all the time so I feel Honda has some work to do on that"

RONNI F., NY (2005 Honda Accord)

"New car was $17,000. I have had $1,000 in repair for noises under the hood. I got a new alternator and some belts replaced at a Honda Dealer. Not sure I really needed the work but I have not had any mechanical problems at all other than that."

SHARON M., CA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Comfortable, good gas mileage, 160,000 miles with just $400 in non-maintenance repairs. We won't trade till over 200k miles. Great value."

CHARLES G., MA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Purchased a used 5-speed Accord. Very satisfied with the vehicle. Lots of trunk room, solid performer, looks professional. Good gas mileage."

Anonymous, PA (2005 Honda Accord)

"I have only had a couple of issues in the 11 years of ownership and one was covered under a recall. The only expenses are the normal maintenance costs."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Extremely reliable , inexpensive to own ."

DEBRA P., MA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Superb reliability"

ANN T., AZ (2005 Honda Accord)

"Solid performance and reliability."

JANET N., OH (2005 Honda Accord)

"Amazing overall cost per mile. (Acquiring, maintenance, Repairs, Fuel)"

STEVE W., KY (2005 Honda Accord)

"This was one of the more expensive cars in its class when purchased in 2005. Money definitely well spent as we are still driving the vehicle with very low operating costs at more than 350,000 km on the odometer."

ELEANOR Y., ON (2005 Honda Accord)

"The car handles beautifully and it has great acceler-ation but it is way too noisy. Honda does not provide enough insulation maybe to cut down on the weight to give better gas mileage. Camrys are much quieter"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Stillruns great"

Anonymous, MO (2005 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Good aerodynamics style"

MOHSEN B., ON (2005 Honda Accord)

"The outlook is good."

HUAI C., MI (2005 Honda Accord)

"Sporty looking"

WALTER W., CA (2005 Honda Accord)

"Very satisfied with Honda assembly but dealers are the worst part of buying any car. Rear spoiler, which I did not want but already installed, became loose. Took to dealer where we now live (moved over the years) Dealer said installed incorrectly and cost to repair ridiculous to consider."

TED R., AL (2005 Honda Accord)

"Exterior lines . Interior withe the wood grain'"

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Honda Accord)

"Trunk is snub nosed. but in general attractive styling"

NILS V., MI (2005 Honda Accord)

"It is a very classic style. I still get complements on it."

Anonymous, NC (2005 Honda Accord)

"Love the dark, metallic blue. The overall styling. The sun roof. Just one sharp car. Love it!"

GINNY M., PA (2005 Honda Accord)

"The car's design creates many blind spots and is tough to judge distance in the back and front for parking purposes"

DENNIS T., CA (2005 Honda Accord)

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