An update of the 2003-2005 model, the 2006-2007 Accord combines sportiness and all-around capability. Both the base four-cylinder and the optional V6 are refined, quick, and relatively economical. The ride is nicely firm and handling is nimble. The front seats are comfortable and the interior is well finished. Electronic stability control became standard on V6-equipped versions. Road noise is our biggest complaint.
There are 17 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I am truly amazed at the performance the 4 cylinder motor provides. I let a friend us it and he swore up and down it was a 6 cylinder. In addition, on long drives, primarily freeway/highway driving I have got as high as 32 MPG and the vehicle has in excess of 190,000 trouble free miles. Awesome vehicle."

TIM W., PA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Love the six speed transmission and v-6 combination. It has put the fun back into driving but with reliability and practicality. I am holding on to this car until it dies."

J B., MD (2006 Honda Accord)

"It has enough power to get rubber in third gear, it turns tightly enough to do a U turn in a two lane street and it handles like a sports car."

Anonymous, TN (2006 Honda Accord)

"Very powerful engine for its size with good gas mileage. Excellent acceleration and handling."

DOMINICK R., GA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Husband purchased this vehicle. Had wanted a used Camry. Gas mileage very disappointing. Harder ride because of the larger wheels. Didn't really pay attention to wheel size when purchasing and how that would make the ride so hard. Problems with steering in tight spots. Have had vehicle to a dealer and an independent shop, neither could find the problem. In tight spots, very difficult for either husband or I to turn wheel. Almost, as though no power steering in that situation. Makes park"

DARRYL T., MO (2006 Honda Accord)

"Very good acceleration andhandling"

GEORGES F., QC (2006 Honda Accord)

"Could have more head room. I am 6'4". It handles very well and is quite."

RICHARD M., AZ (2006 Honda Accord)

"Best handling car I've owned."

JOHN K., CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"overly sensitive steering."

KAREN M., CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"good acceleration but very tight or touchy handling"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"good milage, minimum repairs, however a little tough steering"

VINCENT C., OH (2006 Honda Accord)

"Delayed acceleration response. It has at least one second or more delay before responding on driver input for fast acceleration could be dangerous on the freeway."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"I have never felt unsafe while driving this car. Goes and stops just like I want it to do. I try not to go over the speed limit by no more than 5 MPH and the car can get me there very smoothly."

R Y., CO (2006 Honda Accord)

"Everything is good. The V6 engine has been very reliable and responsive in the Accord. It is a joy to drive on short and long trips. It has 110,000 miles and no issues. The Accord will be one at the top of the list when ready to trade."

JAMES H., FL (2006 Honda Accord)

"For a var smaller engine, this car has always been very peppy on the highway, and the cabin is roomy and I am a large man."

Anonymous, ON (2006 Honda Accord)

"Car is firmly planted on the road and performs every time I get into it."

PAUL L., CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Great acceleration and handling, rides too firm, too big, needs rear camera, good fuel economy for performance but not good enough for traffic commute."

Anonymous, ON (2006 Honda Accord)

"I continue to experience 40+ mph on my trips"

JOHN C., OH (2006 Honda Accord)

"Small engine so not great acceleration but the handling is very good"

Anonymous, CO (2006 Honda Accord)

"This car accelerates well. It handles like a dream."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Handles like a sports car not the smooth ride I was hoping for. Overall it's a very fine auto."

PATRICK K., CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration is excellent! It's a v6! The ride is to stiff &I the steering is a little hard!"

ROBERT C., PA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration and handling are acceptable. I find visibility to be a problem. Ironically, safety features such as side airbags exacerbate visibility by enlarging the front pillars. In fairness, I find this to be the case in most cars these days, not just mine. I recently installed a back-up camera system to alleviate the problem, because the car is an otherwise comfortable attractive reliable ride that I acquired at a good price."

PETER B., NC (2006 Honda Accord)

"This car has a 6 speed manual transmission that makes it fun to drive. Handling is clean and sue footed. Acceleration is amazing while still getting 30 miles per gallon."

Anonymous, IL (2006 Honda Accord)

"This is the 4-door SE model, 4 cylinder, with manual transmission. It's been very spirited and fun to drive on the highway and on curvy mountain roads here in Vermont."

TIMOTHY W., VT (2006 Honda Accord)

"Six cylinder engine provides excellent acceleration, especially for passing. Gas mileage is mediocre."

Anonymous, DE (2006 Honda Accord)

"Very fast and smooth"

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Honda Accord)

"It's really quick and fast, V6 revs up quickly. Handling is balanced, can really throw the car around. I placed Hi Po Continentals tires on it at the 30,000 mile mark. Very good decision for this car."

LEE H., MD (2006 Honda Accord)

"My Accord is fun to drive. I have a V6 Coupe. It is sporty and fast - too fast sometimes. I feel very safe on the highway as I know I can get out of a tricky situation, if need be. The car is smooth and corners very well. Lots of fun!"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Honda Accord)

"Good acceleration and handling. Overall reliability has been great."

JEFF D., NV (2006 Honda Accord)

"Handling on curves is fair to poor as the car plows through the turns being front heavy. Otherwise driving is smooth and under control."

Anonymous, OR (2006 Honda Accord)

"I have a V6 manual transmission which is great."

Anonymous, PA (2006 Honda Accord)

"(1) When it comes time to overtake and pass a slower vehicle, it is sure nice to have the extra power. (2) When entering a freeway, the extra power is excellent for handling the 70mph merge."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Honda Accord)

"The 6 speed manual transmission matched with the 3 liter V-6 gives the operator the option of either quick acceleration in most speed ranges or allows for a very smooth and economical acceleration.(It accelerated faster than our 300 Z-X) At high way speeds, passing acceleration is quite responsive and does not require downshifting to 5th gear."

DAVE C., IL (2006 Honda Accord)

"I think it handles real well. It has great acceleration and handling."

RANDY W., LA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Good acceleration in traffic, decent mileage on longer trips--29 mpg. Smooth handling as it is a heavier vehicle."

MARK S., IL (2006 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Above-average comfort from the leather seats. Very quiet ride due to active noise cancellation, and smooth, accurate handling."

RENEE M., VA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Noise when driving at high rate of speed."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Front seats uncomfortable"

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Honda Accord)

"Noisy rough ride"

Anonymous, GA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Front seat padding is too thin. Can't do long trips easily."

CHRIS C., NC (2006 Honda Accord)

"Very comfortable. No noise after 130000 miles. Climate control is very good."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda Accord)

"Very reliable , powerful, very good value for money, excellent driver seat comfort"

Anonymous, VA (2006 Honda Accord)

", seats, climate control"

GEORGES F., QC (2006 Honda Accord)

"The Honda's ride is too stiff and the leg room (front) is insufficient. (I'm ~ 6' tall)"

Anonymous, AL (2006 Honda Accord)

"The bucket seat on the passenger side is a back-breaker. I have to use special pillows to accommodate long trips. I have lower back issues and the passenger seat is not as adjustable as the driver's seat."

Anonymous, NC (2006 Honda Accord)

"Our two Accords have both been reliable workhorses. They are comfortable, have decent fuel economy, and are a pleasure to drive."

MARGARET H., VA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Comfortable/good climate control/tire noise on some roads/on average very good."

JUAN G., FL (2006 Honda Accord)

"10 years old and a very good car"

VINCENT C., OH (2006 Honda Accord)

"Road noise should be better."

Anonymous, OR (2006 Honda Accord)

"Some rattling noises from dash and and front doors. They come and go and are difficult to locate."

DOMINICK R., GA (2006 Honda Accord)

"My single dissatisfaction with this vehicle is the design is unable to accommodate much baggage or any large items in either the trunk nor the back seat, simply due to the shape of the spaces and door access. If the future models of this same auto do not address this issue, I would much prefer another model, but would likely choose another Honda, due to the reliability of both my last cars."

LYNN M., RI (2006 Honda Accord)

"Quiet. Great sound system. Electric seat controls and heated seats and mirrors. Back seats are comfortable for adults."

JESSE B., AR (2006 Honda Accord)

"Even with using an orthopedic pillow, the driver's seat is uncomfortable for my back."

JOYCE H., CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Wish it had less road noise"

REX R., VA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Seats are very comfortable and ride is average."

STEPHEN O., TX (2006 Honda Accord)

"The road noise is excessive. Even the new type of tires now recommended does not improve the noise level. Although this car has been exceptionally reliable, high road noise is very annoying. The radio has to be turned up, people have to talk louder, and it just gives the impression of being a cheaply made car."

Anonymous, LA (2006 Honda Accord)

"The 2006 Accord EX is much quieter than our 2009. It is a dream to drive and has intuitive controls that are easy to use."

KATHLEEN P., GA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Heater doesn't always work"

BILL L., NM (2006 Honda Accord)

"Noise, so speaking or listening to music is difficult. Radio control on steering wheel to increase or decrease sound is sporadic."

F L., HI (2006 Honda Accord)

"Seats are comfortable but getting in and out can be a little difficult."

Anonymous, TN (2006 Honda Accord)

"The price of the car was $26,000. That's a lot. For that price, I would expect there to be less road noise and the seats to be more comfortable. In addition, the windshield defroster does not work unless the AC is on, even in the winter."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Seats are lower than norm so getting in and out more of a chore as we have gotten older"

JUDITH B., NJ (2006 Honda Accord)

"I wish the road noise was less"

Anonymous, TN (2006 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, OR (2006 Honda Accord)

"Uncomfortable seats for any drive over 100 miles. Noise level is too high to make this a long distance vehicle."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Honda Accord)

"Very uncomfortable for long distance. Difficult to get in and out of."

Anonymous, MT (2006 Honda Accord)

"The only issue is that it is a rather noisy car."

MIKE H., CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Beautiful styling for a van. Very comfortable and spacious. Quiet ride."

DEBRA B., VA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Climate control: the vents don't extend rt. or left enough for short people who move the seat forward to it's maximum. Noise: I am dissapointed with the amount of road noise and the extent of wind noise in the cabin."

A S., OR (2006 Honda Accord)

"Air conditioning has been out last two years"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Honda Accord)

"The most disappointing thing about the car is the road noise on the freeway! Everything else is stellar, but man, they could have made that thing so much quieter on the road."

BROOK M., UT (2006 Honda Accord)

"It's noisier than I expected and has a rougher ride, but otherwise it's a great car. My driving is all in the city now, mileage was better when I did more freeway driving."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"The front seats could be more comfortable considering the original price of the car."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Seats are OK, not excellent. Excessive engine and road noise."

Anonymous, IL (2006 Honda Accord)

"Driver's seat was not supportive enough for low back on long drives. (No electronic front seats)"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"This is the most comfortable car to drive in all areas. Seats, A/C, access to controls. The seats are easily adjustable, A/C works quickly (and quietly) on the hottest days. Easy to drive. Have had no major issues with this car."

RHONDA H., MD (2006 Honda Accord)

"I purchased a seat cushion as I needed the additional height in the seat"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"We purchased this Accord new. Our total cost of ownership has been lower than expected at about 110,000 miles."

STEVEN P., TN (2006 Honda Accord)

"Have spent very little on routine maintenance"

Anonymous, OH (2006 Honda Accord)

"Bought used through Costco program from a dealer. Dealer tried "price is only goo for today", but complaint to Costco stopped that. I was surprised at the difference in the price I paid vs. what private sales were. However, had no car at the time, and wanted a reliable vehicle, quickly. I doubt I would go back to this dealer, but would use Costco program again."

FREDERICK S., MD (2006 Honda Accord)

"240000 miles and no repairs beyond what I'd consider normal wear and tear."

PETER B., WI (2006 Honda Accord)

"It is an extremely reliable car and along with the Toyota Camry that I had previously it is the best car I have ever owned. You cannot go wrong with a 4 cylinder Honda Accord!"

RON B., IA (2006 Honda Accord)


MARK A., MA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Great car with great MPG at a good price"

PHILIP L., TN (2006 Honda Accord)

"reliable,fuel efficient, fairly comfortable"

TERRENCE W., BC (2006 Honda Accord)

"Good value"

LYLE P., NY (2006 Honda Accord)

"I now have 215,000 miles on this car and it still performs wonderfully. Very easy to handle, comfortable, good visibility, moderate price for repairs. It may be good up to 300,000 miles, or more."

MYRON M., NC (2006 Honda Accord)

"I bought the car used (a year old) with about 14000 miles and was given a very good deal."

STEPHEN O., TX (2006 Honda Accord)

"A good, comfortable RELIABLE car."

LOUIS S., GA (2006 Honda Accord)

"This has been the best car I have owned. Handles well, virtually no repair costs, reliable, looks nice...previously I tried to buy US made cars but this car was about 89% US content made in Ohio and got much better reviews."

EDWARD B., WI (2006 Honda Accord)

"We relied upon CR when we purchased this car that was just coming off lease. We intended to by a 4 CYL for fuel economy, but dealer sold us a 6CYL for same price. (Long Story). Gas mileage has been pretty close to the less powerful car."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Honda Accord)

"It's been extremely reliable so far which I value greatly. I'll drive it into the ground."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"This was my first Honda. I based my choice primarily on Consumer Reports analysis/research. It's a basic vehicle but highly reliable and efficient to own. Bought a second Accord 7 years later and have been extremely pleased with my decisions. Thank you!"

DONALD J., AL (2006 Honda Accord)

"Best car I have ever had."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Honda Accord)

"I have been extremely pleased with this car. It has performed very well."

Anonymous, NC (2006 Honda Accord)

"The car performs very good. ( with an exception from the beginning that was explained before) not very cheap in gas compsuption."

JUAN G., FL (2006 Honda Accord)

"I used Consumer Reports pricing service to ascertain what I thought would be a good price. The first offer I got from the dealer was for $600 below the bottom of the price range you gave me. I was so stunned, I just said, "Yes." I paid just over $18,000 for this vehicle, new, in 2006."

TIMOTHY W., VT (2006 Honda Accord)

"Very reliable. Nice, somewhat sporty (no, its not a BMW) drive for a family sedan. Firm suspension/tires get a little noisy on rough roads, but that's OK. My fourth Honda, and third Accord in my lifetime. I'll likely get another. My previous Accord I gave away with 276K miles. Can't go wrong with an Accord."

RANCZYNSKI V., WI (2006 Honda Accord)

"Bought via Costco and price was surprisingly low. I get around 35 MPG when driving on a long trip."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Honda Accord)

"I have received very poor mileage with this car and was not able to improve things even though I took it to the dealer early on. It gave me the same mileage as my old 1999 Mercury Villager van! Ouch!"

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda Accord)


LEONARD D., FL (2006 Honda Accord)

"I can not think of any problems with this car. Gets over 30 MPG on the interstate. Fun to drive, responsive and gets you where you want to go. All we have ever done is the usual, wipers, tires, battery, breaks and a new windshield or two. No leaks, nice car."

R Y., CO (2006 Honda Accord)

"Excellent value for money spent. Low maintenance costs ."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Has not needed as many repairs as my old Toyota."

MYRON G., NY (2006 Honda Accord)

"My Accord LX v6 is ten years old, has NEVER failed or caused ANY problems. Truly a first for me on any car I have ever owned."

LEE H., MD (2006 Honda Accord)

"The power steering system was affected by a Honda recall (leakage of fluid leading to smoke and possibly to fire). I had the problem before realizing it was covered by a recall, and fixed it with my own money. Unfortunately, the problem recurred, requiring a second costly repair. However, the car has been unusually reliable in all other respects. For that reason, I upgraded the sound system and added Bluetooth when it was 9 years old (!)."

GARY B., VA (2006 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"to low to the ground hard to get in and out"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Accord)

"It has nice styling--classic good looks. It still looks attractive to me even though it is almost 11 years old."

SHEILA G., MD (2006 Honda Accord)

"The car is 10 years old and still looks stylish."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, SC (2006 Honda Accord)

"Never looks like a 06. Could mistake it for a newer model"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Honda Accord)

"Lock buttons on door. Keylock on trunk"

Anonymous, KS (2006 Honda Accord)

"looks fine and has kept it's overall looks"

RANDY W., LA (2006 Honda Accord)

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