An update of the 2003-2005 model, the 2006-2007 Accord combines sportiness and all-around capability. Both the base four-cylinder and the optional V6 are refined, quick, and relatively economical. The ride is nicely firm and handling is nimble. The front seats are comfortable and the interior is well finished. Electronic stability control became standard on V6-equipped versions. Road noise is our biggest complaint.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It's a fun car to drive. It's hard not to go on a trip every time you drive it."

Anonymous, WI (2007 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration is good. Handling is extremely good. Easy to drive."

GREG C., UT (2007 Honda Accord)

"Moves when I need it"

STEPHEN W., VA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Love the acceleration, never disappoints."

Anonymous, VT (2007 Honda Accord)

"I drive a manual stick shift so my acceleration is good"

Anonymous, NJ (2007 Honda Accord)

"It should drive more agressivley and be smaller."

JERRY O., CO (2007 Honda Accord)

"It's a very comfortable car, and acceleration is ample. The turning radius is too large for really good handling, though."

DAVID H., IL (2007 Honda Accord)

"Very responsive, and handles well when using good tires"

KEVIN H., WA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Powerful despite 2.4 L engine. Great on gas and reliable."

Anonymous, QC (2007 Honda Accord)

"It is a v6. It is a hot rod. Fun to drive. It was a dealer demo car."

Anonymous, UT (2007 Honda Accord)

"Excellent acceleration and tight handling. Superb braking too."

RAYMOND R., NC (2007 Honda Accord)

"handles like a sports car"

PETER M., NS (2007 Honda Accord)

"I bought the 6 cyl and I do a lot of driving and I have the power when I need it. It's just as peppy as it was 10 years ago. I have 181,000 on it so far."

FRANK K., KS (2007 Honda Accord)

"I have a 6 cylinder and it's gotten me out of more than one accident. A ton of get up and go. I live in an area of Oregon with many pedestrians and bikers who don't always watch where they are going. I saved myself recently with awesome brakes when a guy on a bike swerved in front of me."

PAMELA P., OR (2007 Honda Accord)

"Very responsive and also stable on ice/snow"

Anonymous, WY (2007 Honda Accord)

"I really appreciate the extra get up and go (is that the Variable Valve Timing?) when I really need it, like on expressway entrance ramps. My previous car - 2000 Toyota Camry was really sluggish by contrast."

R R., NY (2007 Honda Accord)

"Handles well for a family sedan. The V6 gives it great acceleration."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Being a stick shift, the car handles extremely well in all respect. It has very good acceleration and cornering. To this day, it continues to handle beautifully."

CARL M., CA (2007 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, IL (2007 Honda Accord)

"Cannot complain, with 194000 miles it runs like a champ."

Anonymous, NJ (2007 Honda Accord)

"It has to have the right tires to get a quiet ride. I had some Hankook 787 because CR rated them so well, but it felt like I was on metal rims. Perelli 7s, on the other hand, made it feel like a brand new car."

MARK D., NM (2007 Honda Accord)

"My Honda has very responsive handling during dangerous situations."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Honda Accord)

"I get the acceleration when I need it"

DAVID M., CA (2007 Honda Accord)


DOLORES B., OH (2007 Honda Accord)

"Although it's only a 4-cyl it drives like a much more powerful car. We are extremely pleased with it."

Anonymous, AR (2007 Honda Accord)

"I have the four cylinder engine and at 65 mph, the engine is at the 1/3 of max rpm at 35 mpg. Push on the gas pedal and the vortex makes it accelerate like a v8."

DEAN H., IL (2007 Honda Accord)

"Basic economy 4 cylinder... Not "exciting" to drive, but gets you there. Good gas milage and low maintenance costs offset (somewhat) the lack of fun factor."

SCOTT W., VA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Brake pedal is too sensitive"

CHARLES C., CA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Does not feel nearly as secure as previous car- 2003 Ford Focus ZX3. Steering feels "loose"."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Honda Accord)

"Handles well; accelerates boldly to merge into traffic and to get out of harm's way."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Honda Accord)

"The small (Acura) V6 has very good acceleration, while remaining quiet, and smooth. Steering is responsive and predictable. My wife loves driving it."

JAMES B., PA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Sight lines are poor when checking blind spots while driving."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Accord)

"For a four cylinder gas milage has been good and acceleration has impressed us"

LUJANE W., UT (2007 Honda Accord)

"The car has comfortable and supportive seats. With the V6 engine acceleration is strong and smooth. The car handles very well and has a very good turn radius. Trunk room is very generous. The GPS and on screen controls are excellent and very easy to use. My only complaint is that in these days of free GPS data updates, the yearly data updating is overly costly. The styling, although almost ten years old is still appealing."

KARL S., IN (2007 Honda Accord)

"V-6 engine has strong power. My wife especially appreciates how fast it accelerates for merging from on ramps. The handling and road feels is precise. The visibility is very open and easy to see around, including the back window."

EDWARD R., GA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Great acceleration (6 cylinder )"

MARCIA L., SC (2007 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration very good with V6. Handles like a sports car although supposed to be a sedate Sedan - sports car with 4 doors!"

DEXTER L., ON (2007 Honda Accord)

"Excellent except for turn radius."

KAY B., AZ (2007 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Lots of road/tire noise inside car. It always sounds like the doors/windows aren't closed or shut completely."

TODD A., AZ (2007 Honda Accord)

"I wish the seating were higher for easier entrance/exit."

Anonymous, DC (2007 Honda Accord)

"continuing issue with heater-a/c dampers for air flow"

STEVEN K., VA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Lot of road noise."

BILLY B., GA (2007 Honda Accord)

"The seats are a bit firm on long trips"

DOUGLAS S., CA (2007 Honda Accord)

"It's a noisy ride"

Anonymous, NY (2007 Honda Accord)

"leather seats are hard and difficult to get comfortable with bucket seats."

RONALD M., MN (2007 Honda Accord)

"Seats are not too comfortable. Noisy ride."

ROGER W., FL (2007 Honda Accord)

"the seats become uncomfortable on long trips of 5 hours or more"

Anonymous, IL (2007 Honda Accord)

"Very much road noise."

Anonymous, GA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Wish that my seat was not so low to the ground - don't see as well visually."

WENDY C., VA (2007 Honda Accord)

"excellent car"

ERNEST R., OH (2007 Honda Accord)

"Seat comfort is not the best; had to add additional pads for comfort. climate control is excellent, both cooling and heating. car is very nimble and peppy for a 4 cylinder. road noise is high especially as the vehicle has aged."

LESLIE R., TX (2007 Honda Accord)

"I wish this care were quieter on the road. Also, the headlights have gotten very fogged up, and that also seems to be a problem with other Accords of a similar age I see."

STEPHEN C., TX (2007 Honda Accord)

"hard seats knee room to the side"

DAVID D., TN (2007 Honda Accord)

"lot of road noise"

JOHN C., NC (2007 Honda Accord)

"Seats, dual climate controls,"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Honda Accord)

"Road noise on other than smooth surface is very annoying. On very smooth roads noise is not a problem."

CURTIS M., SC (2007 Honda Accord)

"Ease of in & out, still comfortable after 100K miles"

SAM H., AL (2007 Honda Accord)

"stiff ride. a/c could be better. a bit noisy."

TOM B., CT (2007 Honda Accord)

"The rode noise is too loud."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Honda Accord)

"Driver's leather seat could be more confortable on long drives, I had to use aditional cushions. They are Very hot during summer"

JUAN M., TX (2007 Honda Accord)

"Seat gets uncomfortable when driving for extended periods, i.e., more than an hour or so. No matter how much I try to adjust the seat, I can't get comfortable. My back starts hurting. This does not happen with my Mazda."

RICKIE M., CA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Would like it to be quieter."

SHLOMIT N., MO (2007 Honda Accord)

"Not comfortable driiver's seat on long trips"

Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Accord)

"Not a very smooth ride. I feel every bump, especially man hole covers"

Anonymous, NY (2007 Honda Accord)

"Road noise at highway speeds."

R M., FL (2007 Honda Accord)

"The only negative I can speak to is road noise. The low profile Michelin tires were noisy. When I replace the at 50,000 miles I went with another size tire that was not so low profile and road noise and ride were considerably improved. Only complain I have had in 86,000 miles."

THOMAS R., GA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Seats are a bit stiff, upholstery is not as plush as my 2002 Toyota Camry."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Very comfortable on long trips."

RICHARD G., AR (2007 Honda Accord)

"even tho the honda is old it still cleans up well leather is still in tact"

JOHN G., CA (2007 Honda Accord)

"easy seat adjustment zone temperature control"

TOM Y., NY (2007 Honda Accord)

"The ride is generally quiet and comfortable, but what was a miss is that the electric seat does not go up high enough for a shorter person to see over the steering wheel or curved dash above the instrument panel. This is also a safety breakdown."

Anonymous, NM (2007 Honda Accord)

"Front drivers seat is uncomfortable on the seat portion itself."

JOHN H., OR (2007 Honda Accord)

"Ride is somewhat rough, you feel every bump in the road. The road noise is very loud inside the vehicle with all windows closed."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Honda Accord)

"Really a fun car to drive. The seat heaters only cover the center of the front seats and cool off as per design. Annoying. Rear leather seats don't have seat heaters available. Rear passengers are cold until car warms up. There is alot of wind and road noise"

BRIAN B., UT (2007 Honda Accord)

"noisy and hard to get in and out of as we aged. we were very happy with power and styling."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Accord)

"This is my third Honda accord, and the air conditioner has not been adequate in any of the three. It cools, but not very quickly, and obviously it is worse the hotter it is. Our other car is much better with the air conditioning."

KATHY G., IN (2007 Honda Accord)

"great car, seats are fine, climate control works, ride good...but too much road noise."

Anonymous, TN (2007 Honda Accord)

"The optional driver's heat seater is hard and can become a bit uncomfortable, even when off, on my thigh. Ride a bit stiff (yet I preferred to the squishy ride the Camry of same year had)."

MURRAY E., MD (2007 Honda Accord)

"Seats should be extended beneath the knees and should be wider and thicker."

Anonymous, RI (2007 Honda Accord)

"It is a basic car, so I don't expect a lot. It is noisy (road noise). The interior is plain vanilla, functional but not sexy."

SCOTT W., VA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Interior comfort. Reliable"

Anonymous, NJ (2007 Honda Accord)

"Very noisy"

A W., MI (2007 Honda Accord)

"It has been very comfortable to drive, great seating position, able to control vehicle in all situations. Visibility is great."

D W., IN (2007 Honda Accord)

"More interior room than Mercedes, especially rear"

Anonymous, PA (2007 Honda Accord)

"The caR if fine with the exception that it is very loud. There is nothing wrong with the car, that is just how they were made."

GORDON J., VA (2007 Honda Accord)

"This has been a great car but the road noise on the highways makes it difficult to hear dialogue on the radio."

THOMAS C., UT (2007 Honda Accord)

"eats are somewhat solid and road noise."

Anonymous, OK (2007 Honda Accord)

"car is now 9 years. a little noisy at 55mph. air conditioner sometimes blows hot air. corrected by "thumping" dashboard"

Anonymous, GA (2007 Honda Accord)

"It's a bit noise on the highway"

JUDIE W., OH (2007 Honda Accord)

"I find that I am not able to sit at the wheel for longer than a few hours at a stretch without incurring severe lower back pain. In my previous vehicle (a VW Passat), I had no such issue, even on all-day trips."

Anonymous, NJ (2007 Honda Accord)

"The driver's seat won't go back all the way. I've taken it to the dealer's service department, but they were unable to fix it."

JOE R., NJ (2007 Honda Accord)

"Front passenger seat needs more adjustable including tilt."

DONALD V., NJ (2007 Honda Accord)

"Healing Seats movility of Seats and driving confort"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Accord)

"The air conditioning is not as good as that in our 2008 Honda CR/v"

Anonymous, KS (2007 Honda Accord)

"I have had 3 back surgeries and my surgeon told me to get a Honda for the best seats."

FRANK K., KS (2007 Honda Accord)

"Lateral support"

ROBERT D., MA (2007 Honda Accord)

"rides hard over uneven surface, noise level for outside noise is unsatisfactory. great acceleration and handiing."

JOHN C., CT (2007 Honda Accord)

"I did not realize until after I bought it, that the car has manual side mirrors - not electric. That was very disappointing - expected electric mirrors to be a standard feature on the Accord."

Anonymous, WI (2007 Honda Accord)

"The seats are fabric, not leather, and they don't allow me to slide into a comfortable position."

A P., FL (2007 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"good value, for what we paid. repairs with Honda are relatively expensive, so we have used other reliable mechanics for major repairs."

LESLIE R., TX (2007 Honda Accord)

"very reliable, comfortable"

Anonymous, PA (2007 Honda Accord)

"I've owned Hondas for years and NEVER had to do anything but oil changes, tires, and scheduled maintenance. A tremendous car!"

PAMELA P., OR (2007 Honda Accord)

"The dependability of its engine and other major components and its body styling."

JOSEPH P., CA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Has maintained resale value very well."

RICHARD G., AR (2007 Honda Accord)

"I bought it used with very low mileage and a good price"

Anonymous, CO (2007 Honda Accord)

"Gas saver, beautifully designed."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Very good value"

LOREN B., CO (2007 Honda Accord)

"great choice"

ERNEST R., OH (2007 Honda Accord)

"Very reliable car"

MOIZ B., WA (2007 Honda Accord)

"My wife likes this car a lot. I like that it is a solid performer that only needs routine maintenance. When its time is up, I will feel that we got more than our money's worth from the Accord. My wife will want another, I just hope they look better than this one does."

PAUL L., FL (2007 Honda Accord)

"The Accord has been a solid, reliable car for the past 8 years, with little need for expensive repairs. We purchased it fully loaded at a price that was right in line with its competition, and have not been disappointed with its quality."

JAMES B., PA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Fair price, retains value and minimal expense in repairs over the years."

JO L., NC (2007 Honda Accord)

"My Accord is 9 1/2 years old and has had no reliability issues. The only thing I have spent money on is routine maintenance. I have never before experienced such a high degree of reliability. This will definitely steer me towards Hondas or Acuras for future purchases."

ROBERT C., MN (2007 Honda Accord)

"Dependable, with proper care will last a long time"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Honda Accord)

"It has been a good car"

LUJANE W., UT (2007 Honda Accord)

"Very reliable 120000 mms no problems only routine maintenance"

Anonymous, NJ (2007 Honda Accord)

"The car has been very reliable. No major problems."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Honda Accord)

"Very reliable. No major problems in 148,000 miles"

JOSEPH H., FL (2007 Honda Accord)

"Very stable car. We do preventive maintenance reguarily to help keep any major repairs down. So far so good."

EDMUND C., TX (2007 Honda Accord)

"i purchased for about 23K. 5 speed , leather seats, moon roof,. sometimes think i could have purchased for 21000 if i had researched more."

Anonymous, GA (2007 Honda Accord)

"low maintenance, no issues"

Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Accord)

"0 Problems in 9 years ownership. Unbelievable."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Accord)

"It is an amazing car, comfortable, economical and sporty. Almost no issues in nearly 10 years and 200000 miles. It is by far the best car purchase in terms of value I've ever made."

GREG C., UT (2007 Honda Accord)

"we bought the car for 18,000 including tax in sept 2007"

Anonymous, NY (2007 Honda Accord)

"Fill up the gas tank and changing the oil is 95% of maintenance you need. The Accord is amazingly trouble free."

Anonymous, CT (2007 Honda Accord)

"It has been surprisingly reliable, comfortable, and the resale value remains high."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Honda Accord)

"The only thing I would change is trim level. It is extraordinarily reliable."

S D., NE (2007 Honda Accord)

"This is our second Accord (we still have our first). Previously, we owned a Mercury, a Buick, a Ford and a Chevrolet. The Accord is by far more reliable and less costly to own than the other vehicles."

Anonymous, OR (2007 Honda Accord)

"Car has 161,000 miles and starting to show it. Just replaced leaking valve cover gaskets, power steering pump, rack & pinion all due to leaks. Seats not as comfortable as the Odyssey for long trips, but it's more fun to drive. This is our 4th Honda Accord. We would likely get another one."

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Honda Accord)

"My Honda was a good value. My mechanic said that the relatively costly repair I just had done was caused solely by the terrible conditions of the roads in NJ where I live. In my area, we not only have terrible road surfaces (not just unrepaired pot holes) but also huge dips in the road that our town had actually painted arrows on to warn drivers. This is likely what caused my suspension problems. Our older Honda is a more solid car so It has SO FAR coped with the awful roads more successfully. W"

REGINA D., NJ (2007 Honda Accord)

"The Accord I drive was five years old when I bought it in 2012. It only had 58,000 miles and was in great condition. I have owned it for 4.5 years and drove it another 65,000 miles with no major issues. Well worth the $12,000 I was able to bargain when I bought it from the previous owner."

CATHY H., OH (2007 Honda Accord)

"My wife insisted that I buy this car used from a friend because she thought it would ride much smoother than the car she had been driving. It isn't any better in that respect. But the car came with a V6 engine that has much worse fuel economy than the 4 cylinder vehicles I usually buy new. The car also had serious problems with the front end (ball joints, bushings) and ruined several of the expensive low profile tires the car uses before diagnosing and fixing the problem."

DAVID O., PA (2007 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, KY (2007 Honda Accord)

"would like better gas millage"

DAVID M., CA (2007 Honda Accord)

"too many repairs"

Anonymous, CO (2007 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Its a honda nothing special"

DEAN S., WI (2007 Honda Accord)

"Exterior styling is poor, in my opinion. I never liked this generation's styling. But the interior is entirely different-- I've very much liked the interior. Controls are of high quality, and well placed. Overall, the dash is nicely presented. A high overall CR rating at the time, coupled with interior appeal (obviously where I spend all my time driving) is why I chose this car even though I rather loathe the exterior."

Anonymous, OR (2007 Honda Accord)

"Many miles thus far----90000"

Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Accord)

"nice shape and still looks pretty good."

Anonymous, NY (2007 Honda Accord)


ROBERT D., MA (2007 Honda Accord)

"The headroom getting into the car is low due to the slope of the roof"

MITCHELL L., FL (2007 Honda Accord)

"Looks almost new."

KAY B., AZ (2007 Honda Accord)

"Smooth lines."

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Honda Accord)

"I have never had any repairs other than standard maintenance!"

Anonymous, PA (2007 Honda Accord)

"Bad interior integrity . Clove box failed. Door on consol won't close."

ROBERT B., NC (2007 Honda Accord)

"Not really fancy; but nice."

Anonymous, MO (2007 Honda Accord)

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