While this iteration of the Honda Accord remains an excellent midsized sedan overall, gas mileage is not as good as that of the previous model. This Accord still has a generous backseat, however both the four- and six-cylinder versions are more powerful than before. Stability control was made standard in all trim levels and crash-test results are impressive. We tested both a four-cylinder LX-P model and a six-cylinder EX-L.
There are 9 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Love having the V6"

ROGER P., NY (2008 Honda Accord)

"Really like the manual transmission. Would consider buying another Honda Accord, but they do not offer manual transmission on their higher end models"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"The car shudders or vibrates at a certain speed and certain RPM during acceleration."

Anonymous, OH (2008 Honda Accord)

"The Brakes have been terrible since new and so far the dealer or factory has no solution for it. the rotors warp and pulsate at highway speeds, especially in the mountains. I should have invoked the lemon law."

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Honda Accord)

"Although this vehicle has decent horsepower, the acceleration and handling is mundane."

TED C., CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"I like the very responsive v6 engine. The sedan handles surprisingly well. I have had no braking issues since I replaced the brake pads with ceramics. The velour seats are comfortable. I wish the transmission 2/3 shift was not so sluggish."

E P., CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"The acceleration when needed is always available"

Anonymous, NJ (2008 Honda Accord)

"Handles very well - precise steering with minimal input/effort."

Anonymous, MA (2008 Honda Accord)

"The four cylinder engine is supple and more than powerful enough to transport 4 adults and luggage. The driving experience, especially on hilly roads and in curves is first-class and you feel in control. Even on snow and ice this car is better than others, even with normal tires."

PETER M., NY (2008 Honda Accord)

"I would probably enjoy having the extra power of a six cylinder. Handling is great."

FRED W., OH (2008 Honda Accord)

"Easy to drive and handle"

Anonymous, WI (2008 Honda Accord)

"Handles well, takes curves smoothly. The only issue is when the AC is blowing there is a slight hesitation when accelerating. Otherwise it accelerates nicely"

Anonymous, AL (2008 Honda Accord)

"Feels like a luxury car, both in handling and acceleration."

NICK-MAUREEN S., OH (2008 Honda Accord)

"this is a driver's car. Seems to outperform my '96 Prelude V-Tec in all but cornering"

SCOTT S., OH (2008 Honda Accord)

"It is too powerful and this causes gas mileage to be 25"

Anonymous, NY (2008 Honda Accord)

"acceleration is very good for a 4 cylinder car....I feel the handling is very good when on twisty roads."

FRANK P., NJ (2008 Honda Accord)

"It's reliable, handles very well on the road, great comfort and fun to drive."

TREVOR H., ON (2008 Honda Accord)

"handles very good & accelerates great for a 4 cylinder"

Anonymous, NV (2008 Honda Accord)

"good long distance cruiser"

DAN S., PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"I traded in a (boring) Camry for this vehicle. I'm much happier with acceleration, comfort, and amenities."

GERALD V., PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"It has always handle like a dream. I love my Honda Accord."

Anonymous, TN (2008 Honda Accord)

"runs and handles well"

R K., PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"handling is very good, acceleration is poor at certain speeds"

GARY R., FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"Approx 3 yrs ago, Honda replaced out of warranty (their cost) the rings on 3 cylinders due to excessive oil consumption/blow by related to the cylinder deactivation feature. If not for this fix, I would not recommend this vehicle and would not rate it as buy again. Since this fix, the vehicle is perfect."

CHRISTOPHER D., FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"This model has a four cylinder. When you accelerate hard the motor is noisy and seems to have a lack of power. Also, given the four cylinder engine it should get better gas mileage. The car handles nice and drives nice."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration good. Doors sound hollow. Good looks. Brakes seems to be weak point Seats set too low. But overall good car have to my son in college."

LARRY C., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Relaxing drives"

Anonymous, MD (2008 Honda Accord)

"This car is several years old and still moves like crazy. An overall fun car to drive"

JOHN C., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Has an annoying 3-4 shift judder when cold at lower speeds and when hot has a very annoying knocking sound in the front end. Apparently common and not diagnosed."

Anonymous, MI (2008 Honda Accord)

"This car is more fun to drive than my last car, a 1992 Honda Accord Coupé. It handles very well & can accelerate briskly when needed. 5 speed/4 cylinder."

DAN L., PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"It doesn't handle nearly as well as a Camry, which I should have bought."

BARRY B., MD (2008 Honda Accord)

"very powerful engine and excellent handling on curves in the road (if the road is smooth)"

RICHARD H., QC (2008 Honda Accord)

"Seats too hard, otherwise is a great vehicle."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration with the 4-cyl. engine is very weak. Handling is still good."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"Steering could be more responsive; would like to experience quicker turn-in."

MICHAEL H., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Turning radius wide -!acceleration slow"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Has been a good car for cross country trips. I live in the mountains and find I would be better off with a 4 wheel drive vehicle due to new driving restrictions during snowy weather"

Anonymous, CO (2008 Honda Accord)


MEHMOOD S., NY (2008 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"too much wind noise on passenger side"

RONALD C., ME (2008 Honda Accord)

"I don't think the ride is as smooth or as quiet as it should be."

THOMAS W., PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is really really loud."

CATHERINE J., WI (2008 Honda Accord)

"The console between the front seats has peeling vinyl, and the drivers seat has a 3" rip in b the back due to insufficient foam."

Anonymous, MD (2008 Honda Accord)

"Seats are very uncomfortable for long trips."

STEVEN P., IL (2008 Honda Accord)

"Overall comfort is good but both drivers and passenger seats could be more comfortable especially on road trips."

WILLIAM W., SC (2008 Honda Accord)

"Very loud road noise in passenger compartment."

WILLIAM R., CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"For a coupe it offers very good rear seat and trunk room. Its definitely the coupe to get if practicality is more important. The ride is very smooth and quiet, but the handling is a little lacking. Its roots are from a midsize sedan so although that's understandable, I would have expected a coupe to be tuned to be more planted with less body roll."

TODD W., FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"front seat head protectors are too far forward and cause you to hold your neck at an angle that gives you pain on long rides."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"Tire noise has always been intrusive, both with original and replacements (which were different brands). I thought I preferred all-manual HVAC controls, but have become spoiled by automatic temperature controls in my other car, so now I find these somewhat fussy."

D S., IN (2008 Honda Accord)

"high level of road noise when on the highway."

GARY H., MI (2008 Honda Accord)

"Too much road noise. Small refrigerant leak which nobody has been able to find."

BARBARA G., GA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Easy to use very good ride"

ARMANDO L., FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"seats are good for people with long legs"

GARY C., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is to high. We have a noise in the suspension and Honda has yet to find the problem. I've had it to the dealer twice."

Anonymous, TN (2008 Honda Accord)

"Low seats for an old guy to get into and out of."

HENRY H., WI (2008 Honda Accord)

"designed with intelligence to provide a good experience"

DENNIS M., NY (2008 Honda Accord)

"Seat is low and I am having trouble getting in and out of it. Use an additional cushion to raise its height."

ANN H., NM (2008 Honda Accord)

"At my age, I am looking for a car that I can step UP into, not down. too hard to get in and out."

Anonymous, VA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Reliability, response"

H Z., FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"1. Road noise is extensive. Generally need to take hearing aids out for a long trip. 2. Want to have passenger seat lumbar support."

Anonymous, OK (2008 Honda Accord)

"seats are very comfortable with good lumbar support, road noise is the most annoying of all factors"

GARY R., FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"The electronic seat control makes driving position exceptional"

Anonymous, IN (2008 Honda Accord)

"Generally comfortable, but headrests tip too far forward, pushing neck forward for ordinary driving."

Anonymous, PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Has a rather rough ride and is noisy for such a car."

CRAIG Y., NV (2008 Honda Accord)

"Long trips are hard on back Drivers side window sill is too high, making it uncomfortable to prop arm on window"

LARRY B., IL (2008 Honda Accord)


CRAWFORD N., AL (2008 Honda Accord)

"The worst thing is the arm rest. Both left and right on the drivers side have bubbled and disintegrated. I got Honda to replace them once but they have both fallen apart again. Also, the shelf behind the rear seat makes a racket. Honda shimmed it once but it continues to make noise. Honda refuses to do anything else to fix it. The car drives like a tank."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Honda Accord)

"The leather has held up extremely well. Controls are still tight, displays are clear."

Anonymous, VA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is high"

KIM B., UT (2008 Honda Accord)

"heated seats, good air condioning, firm ride, handles well"

Anonymous, MA (2008 Honda Accord)

"The active head restraint system makes the seats horribly uncomfortable for me. The plastic plate in the seat back protruded into my spine. I took the seat back off and pulled it out which made it tolerable. Wife has no problems with comfort, so it is her daily driver."

WILLIAM K., IA (2008 Honda Accord)

"lack of lumbar support"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Road noise' could use more insulation like Camry."

Anonymous, TN (2008 Honda Accord)

"Thigh support needs to be better in front passenger seat--seat is too short..."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Honda Accord)

"Tire noise is sometimes bothersome, esp. on certain kinds of road surface."

GHOLAM R., FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"road noise and seats to low cant adjust up"

Anonymous, MT (2008 Honda Accord)

"Road noise: bad"

Anonymous, AR (2008 Honda Accord)

"For long drive Ford F-150 much more comfortable than Accord"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Noisy inside, unsolvable rattle in rear deck when sun shines on it."

Anonymous, NC (2008 Honda Accord)

"Road noise very excessive, making ordinary conversation diffcult. Dealer advertised MPG for this V-6 Accord were 28/32 at the time of new purchase, yet what the vehicle actually achieves is ridiculously low, only 20/22."

WILLIAM W., MD (2008 Honda Accord)

"The head rests are terrible. You can not adjust them against the back of one's head. The seats also lack back support and are too deep for smaller people. I use a pillow to compensate for all of this. Earlier models of Honda, eg 1984, had all of these problems solved."

TOM W., NY (2008 Honda Accord)

"Too much road noise in cabin"

Anonymous, WI (2008 Honda Accord)

"The noise level of the Honda is terrible, and if it is the reason that I would not buy another one. However, the engine is very good and responsive, the interior is well appointed and the styling is one of the best for this year's model."

Anonymous, PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Love the car. Only complaint is road noise. Only thing that would keep me from buying again."

Anonymous, OH (2008 Honda Accord)

"Noisy ride in town and out."

Anonymous, PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"The seats are not as soft as I would like. The noise level is noticeable. The ride and handling is excellent and highway MPG is very good"

T B., KY (2008 Honda Accord)

"a lot road and wind noise on highway"

Anonymous, WI (2008 Honda Accord)

"This has been a very high quality car no problems at all"

ROGER W., IN (2008 Honda Accord)

"Love my Honda but I wish the seats were more comfortable. The leather seats and other leather in vehicle is not holding up very well. Leather is cracking on seats and on arm rest leather is bubbling."

Anonymous, SC (2008 Honda Accord)

"Front passenger seat lacks power controls. Very difficult to get out of."

DON D., TN (2008 Honda Accord)

"front seat headrest are positioned too far forward."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"My only complaint about this very solid car is its road noise, and the noise during a rain shower. There is no wind noise to speak about. Otherwise, this car is a very solid and nice vehicle."

Anonymous, IN (2008 Honda Accord)

"The seats sit too low without a way to raise them high enough. It is a noisy ride."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Comfortable on long trips. Rides nicely"

JIM L., MS (2008 Honda Accord)

"It's WAY too noisy. Can't hear a conversation with a passenger above 40mph!"

LONA W., VA (2008 Honda Accord)

"The road noise is very load in this vehicle."

TED C., CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"headrests slant too far forward; too much road noise"

Anonymous, MS (2008 Honda Accord)

"the lumbar support does not fit my body"

SCOTT Y., NY (2008 Honda Accord)

"comfortable, dash is easy to read"

Anonymous, WI (2008 Honda Accord)

"road noise"

Anonymous, IL (2008 Honda Accord)

"The auto setting does not cool well. It takes a long time for the a/c to put out cool air. The interior does not get cool enough. I need to set the temperature on "LO" to get effective cooling."

M F., FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"Road noise ;is a bit too loud"

MARY G., PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"This car has a lot of road noise, normal conversation is difficult to hear. It has a clunk in the front end that cannot be fixed. Nothing as worked to repair the problem. Otherwise it is a good car."

DAN M., CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"The road noise is very bad, if this is not improved in the newer models I doubt I will buy another accord"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Seats are firm and comfortable."

FREDERICK G., NY (2008 Honda Accord)

"everyone comments on comfort of the seats."

Anonymous, ON (2008 Honda Accord)

"The seats and the ride are very stiff.Not as well insulated from road noise as it could be.This model seems to have electrical issue with vent doors in the climate control system."

SCOTT F., FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"Very noisy at Freeway speed"

Anonymous, OH (2008 Honda Accord)

"Comfortable seating, great handling but somewhat stiff; occasional but persistent package shelf vibration noise."

Anonymous, MA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Very comfortable to ride in, excellent seats with heated seat option."

MIKE P., OR (2008 Honda Accord)

"Very powerful V6 engine and sports car like handling But very noisy inside cabin especially on the highway, Ride is rough as you feel too much (get jarred) of any bumps in the road as suspension is too stiff and seats too hard. Seats are so hard you get sores if you have anything in the back pocket - even a handkerchief"

RICHARD H., QC (2008 Honda Accord)

"Not pleased with highway ride noise."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Very noisy, the new (2016) Civic is quieter than the old Accord..."

VASILEIOS G., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"The only issue that I have with the seating is that the wrap around piece of plastic at the bottom of the seat become disconnected, twice. Honda was very good about fixing the issue."

TOM M., MA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Passenger seat not very adjustable."

Anonymous, NY (2008 Honda Accord)

"Interior noise is loud even with noise cancellation system active"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"The seats are too short for tall people, such as myself. Road noise is a problem."

Anonymous, PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Interior is noisy when driving"

Anonymous, WA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is a real issue. It's difficult to talk with anyone in the back seat while driving. While the car is very reliable and virtually maintenance free, I wouldn't purchase it again for this reason."

ROBERT V., CO (2008 Honda Accord)

"Front seating is uncomfortable on long trips"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Rough ride, road noise has always been so bad can hardly hold a conversation on the highway (even after tire change). Three of four electric door locks started to malfunction shortly after warranty expired. Headlights low beams do not shine on the roadway adequately. High beams are very good. Climate control is very good. Interior trim quality is better than average."

JOHN-VICKI S., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"The comfort of the seats and the overall ride is great. The outside noise on the other hand isn't good! It needs more insulation in the car to block out the road noise."

AMY B., WA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Road noise gets a bit old. Seats, climate control & ride are very good."

DAN L., PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"I am very satisfied with everything about the car except the road noise ."

Anonymous, CT (2008 Honda Accord)

"This model is just extremely noisy. I have had 3 Toyota Camrys and never been bothered by noise."

Anonymous, NJ (2008 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is very bad. Automatic cooling is not what I would expect."

RICHARD K., NJ (2008 Honda Accord)

"The car is very loud when windows are open"

JANET K., NJ (2008 Honda Accord)

"Front seats are small and the large console box takes up too much room. Most of my dissatisfaction is with the road noise. New tires at 45,000 miles did not resolve this. It makes this nice car unsatisfactory."

Anonymous, CT (2008 Honda Accord)

"Weather stripping separated within the first year on driver's door. Front passenger carpet refuses to stay under door stripping-always separates. Driver's side should belt does not retract all the way so it gets caught when closing door. Does not happen all the time and never when taken to shop while under warranty. Has gotten progessively worse over the years."

MARIAN M., NV (2008 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This is the most trouble-free car I have ever owned. It has 60,300 miles on it, and I have not put a penny into any kind of repair, only routine maintenance. I have not even replaced a lightbulb."

MORGAN L., PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"good vehile"

Anonymous, ID (2008 Honda Accord)

"I have learned over the past 20 years to buy Honda vehicles coming off of 2-year leases directly from the dealership in order to get the best value. These vehicles offer up to 10 years of trouble free driving."

FRANK P., ON (2008 Honda Accord)

"I always liked the looks of the Honda,,,it has a large interior, good gas mileage..good performance...good reliability."

FRANK P., NJ (2008 Honda Accord)

"Honda is already known for this, but this has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned."

GEOFFREY N., NJ (2008 Honda Accord)

"very reliable.. Gasoline mileage is in town driving. Bounces at speed bumps. Interior fine."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Looks very nice and was a very good deal from the dealer. Overall excellent car."

KEVIN D., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Good: I kept the regular maintenance up to date and never had a serious expense during the 7 yrs I have owned this vehicle. Bad: Head rests and overall seats were not comfortable for myself or my wife."

Anonymous, NM (2008 Honda Accord)

"good price, no repairs, comfortable, reliable"

DONALD L., PA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Like that the car tells me when it needs an oil change: average is at about 800 miles; rather than the standards of 3000 or 5000 miles on other cars."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Good car but to much road noise which was addressed in the later versions"

CARL G., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"The car has been very reliable."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Honda Accord)

"Good quality car with low car depreciation"

ARMANDO L., FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"This car drives itself and rarely needs anything outside of regular maintanence"

JOHN C., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"I've always had good experiences with Accords but this time my engine completely died at about 165K miles. It could have been a oil change mistake but who knows?"

Anonymous, IL (2008 Honda Accord)

"At 195,000 km honda rebuilt the motor (for free) because of high oil consumption."

VICTOR W., ON (2008 Honda Accord)

"About 120,000 miles on it. Exceptional reliability."

ROBERT C., NY (2008 Honda Accord)

"Good reliable vehicle"

Anonymous, WI (2008 Honda Accord)

"I have had more problems with this car than with any of the other three cars put together. in the first year the rubber seals in all four doors had to be replaced as they were falling off the frame. Before the end of year 2, I had to get the rear inside brake light bulb replaced, the wheel bearings in the left rear wheel, there was a rattle in the rear dash panel, the lugnuts were replaced as they were rusting. In 2011, the TPMS sensor had to be replaced, the key fobs were replaced as they w"

Anonymous, AB (2008 Honda Accord)

"modest price but well above-average value"

Anonymous, OH (2008 Honda Accord)

"Have put on 230,00 KM with very limited problems. Still looks good and is a very reliable car for a Canadian winter."

RODERICK W., AB (2008 Honda Accord)

"I thought I had paid too much for the lack of comfort with the car. Not as smooth as the Toyota, stiffer suspension, noisy."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"I'd put this Honda up against any car on the road to at any price for reliability and dependability."

TIM T., MA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Again, the value of this vehicle appears too m high."

TREVOR H., ON (2008 Honda Accord)

"Low maintenance costs!"

VASILEIOS G., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"good price when I bought it"

GARY C., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"I get good mileage, It looks good. It is comfortable to drive It has good pickup on the road."

JOHN L., CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Engine requires oil to be added every 2500 to 3000 miles. This is a defect that plagues many 2008 Accords."

GARY W., NY (2008 Honda Accord)

"Lot of car for the money"

JIM L., MS (2008 Honda Accord)

"after all this time it still looks like the best car in the parking lot,& Better than the new ones"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Over all I think the Accord is a good value. The one area that has been a major disappointment is the leather seats. They have not worn well at all, after 1 1/2 years they looked like they were 8+ years old. The arm rests and center console are cheap, thin vinyl and wear terribly."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"The brakes only seem to last about 17,000 miles. Otherwise the car is reliable and otherwise has been trouble free for 8 years. I only drive 5000 miles a year so I expect to drive this car to over 100000 miles. So far I only have 33,000. Big trunk. The one thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a full size spare tire. Okay, there you have it."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Good value for the money for the Honda Accord is reflected in the Purchase price and costs of regular scheduled maintenance. The car has been driving fine for years."

PETER M., NY (2008 Honda Accord)

"Did it all on the internet and since I have been a good customer and did get the Consumer Report auto price my price for the 2008 Accord was $18,300"

S A., IA (2008 Honda Accord)


MEHMOOD S., NY (2008 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Strangers come up to me mentioning how beautiful the vehicle looks and asking if it is one of the 'new' models."

ELTON K., CA (2008 Honda Accord)

"It hasn't gone out of style, has everything except a navigation system and/or phone."

NICK-MAUREEN S., OH (2008 Honda Accord)

"Nice sport car type look"

Anonymous, MA (2008 Honda Accord)

"I really liked the style of the 2 year old car my wife picked out for us to look into buying. When actually going to see the car I thought the exterior was very stylish as was the interior."

GARY M., WA (2008 Honda Accord)

"Still looks like a new car"

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda Accord)

"Very sporty"

KEVIN D., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Does not look outdated at all yet"

ROGER P., NY (2008 Honda Accord)

"overall styling of Honda accord"

Anonymous, NV (2008 Honda Accord)

"Nice style, looks good and paint is very good."

CARL G., TX (2008 Honda Accord)

"Factory leather used on Honda Accord is very poor quality. Carpeting is poor quality and not installed well. Interior design and styling has cheap feel/look & does not hold up to average wear. USB & phone jack poorly located - should be in dash & not in armrest - if kept in armrest, should be opening toward back so back seat passengers can use jacks."

Anonymous, WA (2008 Honda Accord)

"No problems"

DAVID H., MO (2008 Honda Accord)

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