While this iteration of the Honda Accord remains an excellent midsized sedan overall, gas mileage is not as good as that of the previous model. This Accord still has a generous backseat, however both the four- and six-cylinder versions are more powerful than before. Stability control was made standard in all trim levels and crash-test results are impressive. We tested both a four-cylinder LX-P model and a six-cylinder EX-L.
There are 11 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Excellent acceleration"

BERT C., MA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Shakes at highway speeds, yet tires are in good shape."

R S., CT (2009 Honda Accord)

"good acceleration for a 4 cylinder...sticks well in corners"

LARRY J., MI (2009 Honda Accord)

"I buy new manual transmission cars ever 8-12 years. I have had : 2 Mazda's; 1 Toyota; and this is my second Honda. This one has the fastest acceleration(0-70 mph), the best handling, and the shortest distance stopping of the 5 cars/SUV's."

LAWRENCE H., TX (2009 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration with Base 4-litre engine is very sluggish with air-conditioning turned on."

Anonymous, ON (2009 Honda Accord)

"The wind and road noise on this model is pronounced, much more so than a previous Accord that I owned. It also feels a bit underpowered for a car of its size."

VERNARD A., CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"throttle response and handling are limited via the vehicle stability assist; when turned off it is more pleasurable to drive."

JON H., PA (2009 Honda Accord)

"drives well, noisy in cabin, got cylinder scuffing recall notice and now i get to drive in fear engine will die. its not the reliability of a toyota. seems to wear tires rapidly. on third set of tires at 49k, i have maintained well"

KENNETH L., CT (2009 Honda Accord)

"The engine is a 4 cylinder and underpowered. It is fine living near the coast but has too little power for steep hills."

HENRY B., VA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Car holds the road better than any car I have ever driven. Interior is roomy with a big car feel. A great automobile."

LARRY W., IL (2009 Honda Accord)

"Very reliable car.. just not a fun car to drive. MpG is horrible should get 30. ITs BLAH to drive"

Anonymous, FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration onto highways is always excellent. There have been times when I had to make a quick stop and turn quickly. The handling is terrific and always feel in control."

PAUL P., NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"A ladder in middle of 3 lanes, @ 45 mph saw very close, looked both sides and made a quick left turn and right to return to my lane and I felt in control without any squealing or sliding."

Anonymous, SC (2009 Honda Accord)

"Good clean handling. Good acceleration with clean braking."

ELIZABETH F., CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is extremely loud in this model. I understand Honda took care of this issue in later models, but when driving on the freeway road noise is extremely loud."

Anonymous, WA (2009 Honda Accord)

"road noise ,hard suspension"

Anonymous, ON (2009 Honda Accord)

"fantastic throttle response, people mistake its a 6 cyl., Gets off line quickly and smoothly. Tons of power for passing. Absolutely no problems. Handles much better than say a Camry. Comfortable on trips."

DOUG L., WA (2009 Honda Accord)

"this car goes exactly where you aim it and has great responsiveness in both acceleration and handling."

DAVID B., NC (2009 Honda Accord)

"(excellent) 6 speed manual transmission was available; excellent clutch"

Anonymous, AZ (2009 Honda Accord)

"It is ok. I ordered it with smallest engine so it is not a slingshot! Handling is precise. The steering and suspension are well balanced."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration on interstate driving is great. Hold on however to the steering wheel as it really needs two hands as it goesgoesgoes!"

Anonymous, NE (2009 Honda Accord)

"Problems with spark plug misfires twice requiring car to run poorly and having to be serviced both times."

GILBERT S., CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"The acceleration is good (6 cylinder). The car also handles very well, like a sports sedan. Unfortunately the road noise can be excessive."

V O., NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"The accord may be a family sedan but I find it very fun to drive with a tight handling system and good acceleration."

GARY C., ME (2009 Honda Accord)

"The most stable-feeling car I've ever owned."

Anonymous, NM (2009 Honda Accord)

"The Accord Coup drives like a motorcycle on 4 wheels. Extremely fast and powerful. I remarkable car in power and performance outfitted with large V-6 engine"

ROGER J., NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"The engine and transmission are very responsive although the mileage is not as good as that of my old 1999 Accord. Handling and braking are quite good as well."

JOHN C., SC (2009 Honda Accord)

"V6 gives plenty of power for acceleration. Handling good and tight."

JERRY B., MO (2009 Honda Accord)

"Hard ride"

Anonymous, CT (2009 Honda Accord)

"Expected better gas mileage"

KENNETH D., MA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Drives like a solid sports sedan. Most comparable to a 5 series BMW"

ANDREW S., SC (2009 Honda Accord)

"Definitely need something with quicker pick-up."

Anonymous, MI (2009 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration could be better."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Excellent handling and acceleration"

CRAIG J., OH (2009 Honda Accord)

"I'm generally happy with the way it drives. I do have a problem of estimating where the car begins and ends when parking. When I first got the car, I had to lower the steering wheel because it blocked part of my front windshield view. I then had to lower the seat because my knees hit the wheel. As a result, I'm sitting too low making it difficult to see how the car is fitting into the parking space."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Too much road noise."

ROBERT S., TX (2009 Honda Accord)

"enjoy driving car, handling and acceleration are great. I have a heavy foot and the car's response is excellent. Gas mileage is so-so, however that is probably due to the way I drive"

MICKEY N., CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Fast acceleration. Great handling."

JAMES F., IL (2009 Honda Accord)

"The four cylinder engine is strong and accelerates easily into traffic. Braking and steering are very good"

Anonymous, MD (2009 Honda Accord)

"Excellent drive train and shifting experience. Great clutch, easy and accurate steering. 270 HP V-6 engine and close-ration 6-speed manual transmission."

KENNETH S., OR (2009 Honda Accord)

"It is a 2.4L engine that has good performance and enough power to pass when needed. Fuel economy is 23 city 31 Hwy (Great!!)"

RAFAEL C., NC (2009 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, MN (2009 Honda Accord)

"Biggest bad: Large blind spot."

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"Like powerful combination of 6 cylinder engine and 6-speed manual transmission."

J L., CA (2009 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Cannot open vents without AC on. If you do, only get hot air."

GERARD G., DC (2009 Honda Accord)

"2015 navigation system is great. siriux xm radio is great. rear view cameral is great. The accleration is a tiny bit sluggist compared to other vehicles I have driven."

Anonymous, TN (2009 Honda Accord)

"Had vinyl crack and come apart on console lid and door armrests. Needed to be replaced (but not at dealer)."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"Driver and front passenger seats poorly padded, lack good lumbar support, and the head restraints are hideous. I have spent hundreds of dollars at upholstery shops and still cannot make these seats comfortable. Shame on Honda!"

R T., FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"The car is too noisy from the wind. The seats cause discomfort within an hour of starting a trip."

Anonymous, MA (2009 Honda Accord)

"The seats are not comfortable. I can feel spring-like supports because so little padding. I complained at first, but no response from Honda dealer. Bought a pad to cover uncomfortable bottom. All rental cars I have gotten have much more cushioned seats!!!'m"

ALISON T., DC (2009 Honda Accord)

"Headrests can be uncomfortable if seat is too erect"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Somewhat noisy when driving. A/C has lasted in very good shape, without any repairs needed, since purchased."

RONALD P., NY (2009 Honda Accord)

"Road noise... it's really noisy..."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"O'all reliability good. Scheduled maintence is a little high $. Road noise is excessive. I will not buy another honda. Yes tried different tires ... No joy."

Anonymous, TX (2009 Honda Accord)

"Range of settings and over all comfort"

ROBERT R., MD (2009 Honda Accord)

"Air has to be on all the time or car fogs up. A lot of road noise."

ELAINE S., RI (2009 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is a little more pronounced than I like"

ROGER G., OH (2009 Honda Accord)

"Tight fit and good quality of workmanship throughout."

DAVID K., MD (2009 Honda Accord)

"Seats are too firm. Not much thigh support."

D S., TX (2009 Honda Accord)

"The seats are comfortable though the drivers adjustable seat had a rough sounding/feeling performance as it was moved back and forth. This was eventually repaired at no cost. Am very dissatisfied with the level of road noise though tires other than the manufacturer supplied might address this issue."

WILLIAM B., SC (2009 Honda Accord)

"The seats in the LX version are a little flat and firm for my tastes. On long trips they can get a little uncomfortable for some passengers."

JOHN M., KS (2009 Honda Accord)

"Poor AM/FM radio reception, even on local stations. Vehicle has high road noise. Manufacturer mitigates this with radio auto-volume control to increase volume with speed of vehicle. Big negative toward purchase new."

RICHARD B., CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"+ Comfortable ride on long trips, climate control good...pretty good power...quiet ride. - oil leaked and added oil about 1500 miles...Honda had a recall on the engine and corrected it 5 yrs later. now no oil leaks."

LAMBERT R., PA (2009 Honda Accord)

"The seats in my 2009 Honda Accord are not very comfortable. They are fabric and looking back on my purchase I probably should have gone with leather"

JEFFREY C., MA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Leather seats are okay in the winter, but are hot & sticky in the summer. Without remote start for the seats to heat up before one gets into the vehicle, they're really not all that useful. This car does not have a quiet ride at all. Not overly noisy, but I would not call it a quiet ride."

Anonymous, MI (2009 Honda Accord)

"Too much outside noise"

GEORGE N., MA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Picks up a lot of road noise. Position of headrests is somewhat uncomfortable,"

RICHARD L., FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"I feel that we hear too much of the road noise."

Anonymous, IL (2009 Honda Accord)

"2009 Accord EX-L V6 "Super Coupe" w/ 6 speed manual & nav: Very comfortable seats, leather wears well; like dual climate control; road / wind noise is less of a factor with sound insulation in doors and trunk for 2600 watt after market sound system. Installed Honda Factory Performance suspension upgrade and anti-roll bars creating tremendous, very neutral handling improvement for FWD car."

JAMES E., AL (2009 Honda Accord)

"lumbar support in driver's seat"

Anonymous, VA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Too much wind and road noise."

Anonymous, IL (2009 Honda Accord)

"The main reason I bought this car was that this model had the most headroom in its class. It does. I'm 6'4". It also turned out it has plenty of leg room in the front and back seats. It's very comfy to drive and my passengers have also commented on the comfort. Suspension is soft enough that it makes it a really smooth ride."

STAN H., IL (2009 Honda Accord)

"Seats are very hard on my butt. Not very comfy Road noise is a bit loud."

DOUG M., CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Seats are very comfortable, even on long trips. My only complaint is that road noise is louder than it should be."

MALCOLM C., OR (2009 Honda Accord)

"Bad: Road Noise Good: Comfortable seating"

NICK M., ON (2009 Honda Accord)

"Noisy in general. Things in trunk bounce around even over small bumps.Headrest is not comfortable for a short person. Visibility is not optimal for a short driver."

Anonymous, DE (2009 Honda Accord)

"good power, good frontal visibility. adequate climate control, slightly on the noisy side."

R O., CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"The seats are comfortable and he driving position is good. On certain roads the road noise is excessive"

V O., NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"Very good driving on interstates. Noise level to high."

RICHARD T., AR (2009 Honda Accord)

"Leather seats are VERY hot in summer. Ride is very stiff."

R S., CT (2009 Honda Accord)

"Seats are very uncomfortable. I had to have extra padding added to them to make it tolerable."

Anonymous, TX (2009 Honda Accord)

"Front passenger seat is not powered."

CALVIN W., TX (2009 Honda Accord)

"I would be happier with less road noise coming into the cabin"

Anonymous, TX (2009 Honda Accord)

"Uncomfortable seats. Noisy"

Anonymous, TX (2009 Honda Accord)

"Seats depth causing discomfort behind my legs. Can't drive it long distance"

PHYLLIS N., SD (2009 Honda Accord)

"Love the Honda Accord my wife and I have both commented that the seats could be more comfortable."

DONALD K., NE (2009 Honda Accord)

"Driver seat is not wide enough."

J S., AZ (2009 Honda Accord)

"The road noise level in the Honda needs improvement. It is quite loud compared to my 1992 Acura Legend. One other issue is the lid on the center console needed replacement. Dealer did not have a viable cost replacement lid (wanted to sell a whole new center console (> $350). Went online and purchased a leather skin for $26 (color matched exactly and went to a local auto upholstery dealer who replaced the skin using existing lid (I had removed and reinstalled) for $35... I think the thin vinyl O"

Anonymous, VA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Made for small people. I'm 6'3" and there isn't enough knee room. My wife at 5'2" finds it just fine."

DON G., MN (2009 Honda Accord)

"The only thing I don't find comfortable are the head rests."

CHRISTINE M., NY (2009 Honda Accord)

"The engine is a bit noisier than I would like."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Ride is hard and noisy"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"This is my husband's care so I can not speak for him As a passenger, I find this car very uncomfortable and very noisy. I could not take a long trip in this car as the driver or passenger. He prefers a sporty car so he's happy - would not be my first choice. The interior has deteriorated quite a lot. If this were my vehicle, I would be very unhappy, but again, not my daily vehicle. ;-))"

ELLIE B., FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"The leader is a problem"

Anonymous, PR (2009 Honda Accord)

"Too much road noise"

Anonymous, KY (2009 Honda Accord)

"Ride is too harsh on the roads around here. Honda could have softened the ride somewhat. Headrest pokes WAY too far FORWARD, pushing the drivers (and front seat paasenger's) head WAY TOO FAR FORWARD to be comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Seats are made with inferior cloth that wears thin with use. Looks cheap and also in winter, it is the type of cloth that causes you to have problems with static."

Anonymous, IN (2009 Honda Accord)

"Seats are comfortable on short-medium length journeys, but need to be more supportive for longer trips. Aid conditioning/ventilation is good in the front, but not for rear-seat passengers. Provision of ventilation for rea seat needs drastic improvement."

Anonymous, ON (2009 Honda Accord)

"The Accord is a great car, but it has a lot of road noise. I had a Honda Odyssey previously, and it also had a lot of road noise. Seems like noise reduction is not a big priority for Honda."

Anonymous, KY (2009 Honda Accord)

"While this car has been an excellent value, I personally find the seats uncomfortable; however, my wife does not have any problem with the seats. The car is noisy at turnpike speeds."

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"dual climate controls are wonderful, seats are amazingly comfortable. The ride is very smooth."

Anonymous, NM (2009 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is the only comfort problem and reduces satisfaction with car from being very satisfied. It would also add to the comfort if the passenger seat had power adjustments like the driver's seat."

DANIEL K., GA (2009 Honda Accord)

"I find the driver's seat uncomfortable and experience sciatic pain on multiple hour trips. My wife who is the primary driver of this car finds the seats very satisfactory."

TODD G., CT (2009 Honda Accord)

"Seats are comfortable and adjustable."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"My only complaint about my 2009 Accord EX is that it is louder in terms of engine noise that our 2006. I have had it checked out by the dealership, and it seems to be standard noise level for this model."

KATHLEEN P., GA (2009 Honda Accord)

"I have a bad back and the driver's seat is very comfortable"

DAVID O., PA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Car is very satisfactory but does have more road noise than I would like. It's relatively quiet on newer roads which may be more of a comment on the condition of our roads than on the vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"The fan doesn't provide a lot of air flow when set to both head and feet, but its enough. Interior is a bit loud on the highway."

DAVID B., MD (2009 Honda Accord)

"Passenger seat needs lumbar support as standard Item"

Anonymous, VA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Lots of road noise"

Anonymous, MN (2009 Honda Accord)

"Driver's seat is way too forward. Knees are just about into the steering wheel. No leg room!!!"

WILLIAM S., NC (2009 Honda Accord)

"Too much road noise. Hard suspension feel road bumps. Poor quality leather"

PATRICK S., NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"Physical comfort (seats, air conditioning) is fine. Ride improved when original tires (Dunlop) were replaced with Michelins. Road noise is the worst feature: not a problem at all on smooth roads, but the least bump is like being inside a drum."

W W., TN (2009 Honda Accord)

"Uncomfortable seats for long trips."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is terrible. Cannot ride with windows down either because something with the aerodynamics amplifies the wind noise tremendously."

SCOTT W., OH (2009 Honda Accord)

"Overall very stable and a good car. I can be noisy when driving at highway speeds. MPG could be better"

Anonymous, MN (2009 Honda Accord)

"It is erratic--sometimes getting cold when I want warm and the opposite in the summer. It gets very frustrating."

Anonymous, VA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Too noisy, especially road noise and tire noise"

WAYNE E., NC (2009 Honda Accord)

"The Accord has had a history of rattles in the rear portion and has been looked at numerous times with little or no solution."

Anonymous, AL (2009 Honda Accord)

"a lot of road noise"

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"driving compartment is tight for me; right leg is uncomfortable on drives exceeding 1 hour. I am 5'10" tall."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"Have started using hearing aids, which amplify all the road noise, air flow, signals, beepers to a distracting level. Have to remove or mute aids when in car."

Anonymous, ID (2009 Honda Accord)

"Interior leather trim falling apart."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"Noisy cabin"

Anonymous, MI (2009 Honda Accord)

"Winshield air leak when new that dealer fixed. Rattle that has gotten worse over time. Road noise quite high and also sharp jolts on broken pavement"

Anonymous, NE (2009 Honda Accord)

"Stiff ride, feel most bumps"

Anonymous, WI (2009 Honda Accord)

"I find leather seats are hot or cold and not very comfortable. Not just Honda but all cars and trucks."

Anonymous, MI (2009 Honda Accord)

"I drive 27 miles each way to work in rush hour traffic. I am very comfortable sitting in my Accord while waiting in traffic. There is lots of room for others in the car as well."

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"Road noise a little loud."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Value when purchasing was fine. However, mpg is not good. This is the sole reason in retrospect I regret the purchase of this car."

AARON K., CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"We purchased this car as a certified used car. It has been extremely reliable! Only expenses are routine maintenance items."

JOHN M., KS (2009 Honda Accord)

"Inexpensive to buy and operate"

VICTOR M., CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"It's hard to believe, but the car went over 91000 miles before I replaced the original brakes. To date, except for routine maintenance and two headlight bulbs, I have not had to spend any money on repair for this vehicle."

ROBERT J., PA (2009 Honda Accord)


DANIEL L., NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"Until the 100K mile scheduled maintenance, repair cost of this vehicle have been very good"

TED M., FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"Almost no repair expenses! Just brakes,oil, and tires. Affordable and dependable."

Anonymous, NH (2009 Honda Accord)

"Other than regular maintenance, this car has been extremely reliable. It looks great. The leather seats are still beautiful and comfortable after eight years. It's a great car for about-town commuting."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"The car is reliable and worth the price."

FRED H., VA (2009 Honda Accord)

"It is a very reliable vehicle with excellent styling. It has all the space I need and it is fun to drive. The only negative comment I ave is road noise but I can live with that to get the reliability and handling of the car on the road."

RAFAEL C., NC (2009 Honda Accord)

"Good fuel aconomy, very difficult to get in and out due to lowness"

R B., ON (2009 Honda Accord)

"Our Honda has been a car worth the value; however, it's downfall to us is that it is hard to see out the back window when trying to back up. I really don't know the reason."

PEGGY L., FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"excellent reliability"

Anonymous, PA (2009 Honda Accord)

"It does everything well, at a modest price with great reliability and low cost of owning."

THOMAS O., NY (2009 Honda Accord)

"This Honda car is the best car for the money on the road today, and \i am very satisfied."

Anonymous, ON (2009 Honda Accord)

"Great gas mileage and extremely reliable."

MICHAEL S., FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"Plenty of road noise"

ADRIAN K., TX (2009 Honda Accord)

"No mechanical problems."

CHRISTINA O., CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"been a very reliable car once I had engine problem corrected."

R O., CA (2009 Honda Accord)

"The 2016 Accord touring model has been fun to drive with all the safety equipment. The audio navigation system takes a while to understand."

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"bought it used as a good deal."

GERALD S., NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"It was a little more that wanted to pay."

Anonymous, OH (2009 Honda Accord)

"I shopped over the phone. I got it for $21k taxes and fees included, and it was a brand new car. It's holding value pretty well. It has never broken in almost 7 years. Great value."

STAN H., IL (2009 Honda Accord)

"Excelent fit and finish. No problems after 60 months, has only required oil changes and a set of tires (not worn, replaced because of age). Very easy to drive and comfortable to ride in."

ROBERT T., FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"Good price and service. Good mileage. Honda sacrifices ride and quietness for mileage by reducing the weight of the car."

JERRY B., MO (2009 Honda Accord)

"good performance for the money"

Anonymous, AZ (2009 Honda Accord)

"Very good price for reliable car"

C H., NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"Very reliable car. It always starts, and I can rely on it to get me where I need to go without problems. On the other hand, the ride and the noise inside the car are a bit offputting to me."

PHIL M., IA (2009 Honda Accord)

"gas mileage and reliability, but noisy"

ALFRED G., TX (2009 Honda Accord)

"The car still looks brand new and I still get compliments on it"

MICHAEL N., AL (2009 Honda Accord)

"I have had no major problems with this car. However, I have not had my air bags changed but I have received a letter from Honda with information on when they need to be replaced."

R L., PA (2009 Honda Accord)

"All autos are "Way" overpriced!"

JAMES S., FL (2009 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"When released it was extremely attractive and stylish"

BARNEY B., ON (2009 Honda Accord)

"I love the exterior styling , and the leather heated seats in the exl"

CRAIG J., OH (2009 Honda Accord)

"With the spoiler, it has a sporty design. nothing else."

ELLIE B., FL (2009 Honda Accord)

"still has modern aerodynamic look"

LARRY J., MI (2009 Honda Accord)

".2 door coupe styling"

ROBERT R., MD (2009 Honda Accord)

"+ shape and design, color both interior and exterior...climate controls...radio volume and channels controls on steering wheel. 17 in wheels makes a comfortable ride."

LAMBERT R., PA (2009 Honda Accord)

"I have had many compliments from strangers in parking lots on what a nice looking car it is."

GRACE M., MN (2009 Honda Accord)

"It looks expensive."

Anonymous, NM (2009 Honda Accord)

"Still looks stylish after 7 years."

Anonymous, SC (2009 Honda Accord)

"At the time the styling was very good"

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"Love the style aerodynamic. The steering response has saved my life."

Anonymous, NE (2009 Honda Accord)

"It has the traditional coupe style look. I always get looks from people on the street and compliments from friends even after 7 years. The color red helps"

PAUL P., NJ (2009 Honda Accord)

"love the metallic green color but it is no longer available"

TIM C., MD (2009 Honda Accord)

"That's one of the reasons my husband bought this car, he liked the style. Then when he test drove it, he was sold. :} Has had no problems with this beautiful 2009 Honda Accord. This type of car did not receive a airbag recall. Went to dealer and they said his car is fine. He will keep this car as long as it drives. :}"

Anonymous, PA (2009 Honda Accord)

"Aerodynamically clean lines. White with tan leather interior."

ELIZABETH F., CA (2009 Honda Accord)

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