While this iteration of the Honda Accord remains an excellent midsized sedan overall, gas mileage is not as good as that of the previous model. This Accord still has a generous backseat, however both the four- and six-cylinder versions are more powerful than before. Stability control was made standard in all trim levels and crash-test results are impressive. We tested both a four-cylinder LX-P model and a six-cylinder EX-L.
There are 13 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Manual transmission is smooth and responsive. Dash controls are buttons & dials, not touch screen."

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Honda Accord)

"I didn't realize that this car had performance tires. The ride is very bumpy and noisy. Acceleration is slow because it is a 4 cylinder."

Anonymous, CT (2010 Honda Accord)

"I am short and this car fits me but still has lots of room for passengers.Good control while driving. Handles well."

MARC A., OH (2010 Honda Accord)

"Reliable and good quality. Great for the price."

GEORGE G., PA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Car is exceptionally noisy; otherwise car is very satisfactory"

CHRISTOPHER G., VA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Wow. We have the V6 and all-season performance tires and it rocks. Great handling and acceleration - fun. I always make people drive it and they're surprised and impressed. Such a great value."

DEBORAH F., NH (2010 Honda Accord)

"the truck could be better insulated to reduce road noise entering the cabin."

LARRY K., PA (2010 Honda Accord)

"2 times in the last 18 months had to repair/replace valve ignition units. Caused motor to lose power and run very roughly. When it is fixed, it runs great."

TIM S., GA (2010 Honda Accord)


J P., FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"I feel very confident while driving this car, it never crosses my mind that I will be stranded anywhere."

Anonymous, PR (2010 Honda Accord)

"I have had no problem yet I understand there was a class action lawsuit on the ECO of the engine. The alternating between more or less cylinders created a problem and I likely would never buy a 6 cyl again. The 4 cyl has plenty of Power"

Anonymous, OH (2010 Honda Accord)

"Great acceleration. Handling very tight."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Honda Accord)

"There was a service bulletin for this vehicle issued after I purchased it. The timing of the computer from the factory was not set correctly and it caused 4 spark plugs to foul so badly within 6 months that they had to be replaced. It was covered under warranty, but I would have liked to have been notified sooner."

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Honda Accord)

"I was a distracted driver and rear-ended a large Dodge pick=up truck that resulted in over $14,000 of damage to the front end of my Honda Accord. I was wearing my seat belt. The driver side air bag deployed. I have no doubt that I survived that crash only because of the safety features built in to my Honda Accord."

PAUL G., AZ (2010 Honda Accord)

"Good handling and looks, but annoying road noise."

PAUL R., TX (2010 Honda Accord)

"Underpowered 4 cylinder especially when trying to merge onto highway and a/c system is on"

SEAN M., MA (2010 Honda Accord)

"The 6cyl has more power then youll ever need"

RICK N., CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Good acceleration, responsive handling"

Anonymous, TX (2010 Honda Accord)

"Love the handling of the 2010. Balanced and unified with me as the driver. Only think I missed was V6 ooomph I had in mt 2003 Accord. So I bought a 2016 V6 Accord and am giving this 2010 to my 24 year old son this fall."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Honda Accord)


LOUIS T., NJ (2010 Honda Accord)

"The V6 is powerful and responsive which I like."

WADE B., AZ (2010 Honda Accord)

"Hondas - or at least the Accords I've had - 4 cylinder - have no get-up-&-go. You press the gas & it thinks about it before accelerating - unless you downshift into D3."

Anonymous, AL (2010 Honda Accord)

"It is a 4-cyl. Could use more pep. Wish it had less spongy breaks"

FW H., IL (2010 Honda Accord)

"On cruise control, it's easy to get 33-34 mpg ( yes, above the EPA)."

DAN K., TX (2010 Honda Accord)

"The car is too big."

FRANCES T., CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"We don't normally use this vehicle for long distance driving, but it is more than adequate. Although it has a 4 cylinder engine, the acceleration is quite good."

LES A., FL (2010 Honda Accord)


GLENN L., FL (2010 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very good ride and handling. Seats are average comfort for long distance drives."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Honda Accord)

"Front and rear seat is comfortable with leg room. Good acceleration for 4 cylinder. Styling is good. Would purchase another Accord."

GEORGE G., PA (2010 Honda Accord)

"somewhat rough riding and road noise is loud. I will not buy another Accord unless these items are improved."

DENNIS U., CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"The a/c outlets have become very hard to adjust. I am planning on taking it to the dealer to see what they can do to improve the situation!"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"The vehicle can be a little more quiet and the ride a bit less bumpy."

Anonymous, VA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Stiff ride and cabin noise"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"Great car but noisy ride. Sometimes hard to hear radio clearly at highway speed. Phone blue tooth is cumbersome to use."

Anonymous, MD (2010 Honda Accord)

"Noise is too pronounced for this otherwise good vehicle."

LEON B., PA (2010 Honda Accord)

"The seats are just not comfortable for long trips and the noise level is unacceptable and the main reason we would not purchase from Honda again."

Anonymous, SC (2010 Honda Accord)

"Seats are very uncomfortable."

Anonymous, IN (2010 Honda Accord)

"Driver seat is uncomfortable after hours on the road, thighs get numb."

JOHN M., VA (2010 Honda Accord)

"head rest is very uncomfortable on any trip over 30 min. front seats recline well but you can't take a nap on them when traveling, they are to uncomfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"I had a bad thermostat and the car refused to heat, New thermostat is better but with this small engine in the winter it won't stay warm unless driving down the hiway due to low engine RPM's."

TIM M., SD (2010 Honda Accord)

"My Accord does not have a navigation system yet your survey did not offer a "not applicable" response so I answered "neither satisfied nor dissatisfied ""

Anonymous, PA (2010 Honda Accord)

"need lumbar support, driver seat. I use a cushion on an elastic strap."

Anonymous, GA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Climate control is good. Ride is very good. Transmission is very smooth. Seats are comfortable."

JAMES P., FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"I find a distinct problem, for me, with the driver's seat headrest- which seems common to many cars of that vintage. It projects too far forward, putting my neck in a very uncomfortable position- the best I can do is put the seatback in a more reclined position, which is then too far back. The seat could use a little more lumbar support also, but the head rest is a real issue."

CHARLES M., VT (2010 Honda Accord)

"We have an EX-L. The adjustments on the driver's seat are poor - neither my wife nor I can find a good, comfortable position (the Murano driver's seat is excellent). And the Accord lets in a lot of road noise - the Murano is much quieter and more pleasant on long trips.."

Anonymous, OK (2010 Honda Accord)

"High road noise Rough ride"

PAT C., AZ (2010 Honda Accord)

"The bad - the accord is the noisiest car I've ever owned road noise sometimes makes it impossible to talk and often to hear the radio. I might have reconsidered buying it if I knew that in 2010. Otherwise a great car."

FRANK S., PA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Rattles and vibrations from exhaust system shrouds and interior plastic panels, loud road noise"

R K., CT (2010 Honda Accord)

"Climate Control inadequate. Exterior noise level high. Acceleration poor. Gas mileage very poor"

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Honda Accord)

"the car could be better insulated to reduce road noise entering the cabin."

LARRY K., PA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Very comfortable easy to drive"

L J., MO (2010 Honda Accord)

"Very bad road noise.Otherwise, great car!"

DICK R., TN (2010 Honda Accord)

"I like the relative seating room front and back for a car of that size"

Anonymous, MD (2010 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is very bad."

DANIEL J., TX (2010 Honda Accord)

"even with bad back it is comfortable to drive on long trips. A/C works well in hot weather"

THOMAS M., DC (2010 Honda Accord)

"Road noise at highway speeds needs to be improved."

Anonymous, AB (2010 Honda Accord)

"The ride is not as soft and comfortable as my old Ford Crown Victoria."

Anonymous, MD (2010 Honda Accord)

"Doesn't seem to be able to cool a hot car even after 1/2 hour running on full fan and low temp. Road noise is really loud but always has been."

MARJORIE N., PA (2010 Honda Accord)

"This Accord has very stiff seats, not comfortable. It is my wife's car and I don't like to drive it."

ED C., MA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Driver's seat headrest is so far forward that we need to use a pillow behind back and neck to make seat comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Too much road noise. Year after year the Accord gets the same hit and Honda doesn't fix it."

R P., FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"I am in love with Honda Accords. I have nothing but positive things to say about that model. I have a stick with a 4 cylinder. I recommend using synthetic motor oil and changing it every 5K with that V-Tec engine. The six cylinder is a different engine and I would follow the manufactures recommendation."

JOHN A., NY (2010 Honda Accord)

"The road noise is loud, but we were expecting that as consumer reports told us it would be. We understand the newer ones are quieter."

Anonymous, SC (2010 Honda Accord)

"Honda Accords are fairly noisy - so hard to talk on phone - but I don't have blue tooth. But Climate control problem is that - when the heat is on & you select floor only - air still comes out of many of the vents. It will heat up & dry out the air above your waist while your feet are still cold. Terrible on the sinuses!. Also - on AC - if you put it on dash & floor - the dash vents decrease so much that it is hard to cool the foot area & stay comfortable. But, from what I understand - other car"

Anonymous, AL (2010 Honda Accord)

"Front seat comfort is horrible! The front seats lack any back support making long distance trips unpleasant and miserable."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Black interior and seats. Linty all the time"

JUDY V., IN (2010 Honda Accord)

"Sit too low to the ground, very noisey ride (not related to the tires), no Bluetooth connectivity for music (only phone). Stiff and unforgiving ride."

KENNY W., KY (2010 Honda Accord)

"Seats and climate control are great. I'm most disappointed with the road noise in this vehicle. I understand current Accords are much improved in this area."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Honda Accord)

"Love the car. Only complaint is road noise. It is the only thing that would keep me from buying again."

Anonymous, OH (2010 Honda Accord)

"Rock hard drivers seat is very uncomfortable and anoying. The lumbar support air inflation unit fails constantly."

Anonymous, NS (2010 Honda Accord)

"Way too much road noise. The most uncomfortable seats ever. Have to sit on a pillow for any trip longer than a 1/2 hour."

KENNETH C., FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"The road noise is si loud it is difficult to have a conversation while frivibg."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is a bit to high."

Anonymous, CO (2010 Honda Accord)

"This is my 4th or 5th Honda. Obviously, I am a" Honda girl".. The sedan is roomy and comfortable and rides well. Acceleration performance/engine response/braking are outstanding. I have NEVER felt unsafe in this car. Being a music lover, I think the stereo equipment could be improved. Also, the car is much nosier than my previous Hondas. I am now retired and no longer drive endless hours in traffic. Therefore, I do not watch the mileage performance regularly. However, based on the fr"

ELLIE B., FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"Worse than average amount of road/wind noise in cabin. Needs more/better sound insulation. Meanwhile, things that should be loud, aren't (i.e. Turn indicators)."

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Honda Accord)

"I am a short person and the length of the seat is uncomfortable for me. On long rides I have to shift the way I sit because of being uncomfortable."

DEB W., IN (2010 Honda Accord)

"The seat cushioning is a bit thin so seats are a little uncomfortable on long trips. Depending on the road surface, noise in the car can be a bit annoying. Initial acceleration with the four-cylinder engine is a bit sluggish, but picks up quickly."

Anonymous, NY (2010 Honda Accord)

"Power driver seat with lumbar control makes driver seat very comfortable. Car interior very roomy for tall people."

WILLIAM D., FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is excessive. Otherwise nothing at all to complain about."

J L., CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Car was purchased for my wife. When I drive it occasionally, the seat does not adequarely support my back."

MICHAEL P., CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"The car is EXTEMELY noisy at city and highway speeds"

Anonymous, VA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Drivers seat is very comfortable for me. Probably has been the best I could have found in reasonable price range."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Honda Accord)


LOUIS T., NJ (2010 Honda Accord)

"The car is too long and wide. Can't judge how close I am to an obstacle."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Noise is always present."

Anonymous, MD (2010 Honda Accord)

"I am 5'2", and the seats are not comfortable at all for my body frame. My husband is tall and he loves them. We bought this vehicle because Consumer Report considered it comfortable for short and tall people. I wish I hadn't believe it."

Anonymous, GA (2010 Honda Accord)

"The ride in my Accord is like driving a go-kart through a dry creek bed. Any trip over five miles and I end up having to a pain reliever for my back. Terrible ride!!! Terrible!!!"

Anonymous, PA (2010 Honda Accord)

"The seats do not go high enough, especially on the passenger side"

GARY G., CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"The road noise is the worst thing for a otherwise very good car"

Anonymous, TX (2010 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is higher than I would like."

Anonymous, IL (2010 Honda Accord)

"the ride is noisy"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"We have had this car for seven years during which we were 67-74 years of age. I wish the car had passenger seat 8 way automatic controls like the driver side - t cannot be that expensive and I have developed enough physical problems tat I have had to put in a cushion so I am higher and can get out more easily. We will have to trade for an SUV soon since this feature is not available on many sedans. The second small detail that I would to be improved is that the headlights do not stay on when"

JILL H., GA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Honda continues to have a problem with road noise in the vehicle. Long trips turn this into a tiring, annoying situation."

DARRELL N., ND (2010 Honda Accord)

"The leather seats are hard."

CURTIS S., OH (2010 Honda Accord)

"Smooth riding"

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Honda Accord)

"My only gripes with this car are the jiggly ride and the road noise which is higher than it should be."

ARTHUR E., NJ (2010 Honda Accord)

"Cabin is so noisy with road noise it is very distracting"

LUTHER E., MS (2010 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Since purchasing, the best mileage in the city is 15mph, freeway is 18mph. Brought into dealer 3 times; said they couldn't find the problem. This is my 3rd Honda, and I've never had such bad mileage. Not happy with the dealer either. Probably won't buy a Hibda again."

LORRAINE B., CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"It is absolutely worth the $21,000 price. I feel as if I am driving a significantly better car than others in its class"

DAVID K., NY (2010 Honda Accord)

"Paid more for this car than a Camry would have been. I think the Camry would have been a better buy."

TIMOTHY T., SC (2010 Honda Accord)

"I bought this from my mother so I got the "family" discount."

Anonymous, NE (2010 Honda Accord)

"Great car with zero problems in six years and 100,000 miles."

GLENN L., FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"This vehicle is very economical to operate. Good value for the buck!"

RICHARD S., GA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Overall, this is a very solid and reliable car and an excellent value for the price."

Anonymous, NY (2010 Honda Accord)

"Car is old and currently out of service but has been a great backup car over the years."

Anonymous, GA (2010 Honda Accord)

"It's an Accord. Car and Driver's Ten Best Award's almost every year"

BRIAN H., SK (2010 Honda Accord)

"I paid extra to have a rear view camera installed. It is useless! Angle far too wide, red/green division, hard to see because it is too deep in dash. Navigation system cumbersome. I never use either. Thank goodness for Google maps."

Anonymous, GA (2010 Honda Accord)

"I bought this car from my uncle. I set the price to pay for it and I would do it again in exactly the same way. The mileage was 18485 miles when I drove it away."

CHARLES J., TX (2010 Honda Accord)

"I was able to buy my 2010 Honda Accord for about the same price as I had paid for the 2005 Honda Accord I was replacing it with."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"I got a super deal on this car in 2010. I was shopping for a used car and had set a limit or $15,000. I was looking on a used lot (part of a new car dealership - Joe Marina Honda in Tulsa, OK). They had a new Accord LX and a new Civic LX, both on the used lot being sold to meet a sales goal for the new car side of their dealership. I paid $17,988 for my white 4 door LX with 68 miles on it. The Civic they had priced at $15,988, but because the Accord was so much roomier, I opted for it for t"

MIKE B., OK (2010 Honda Accord)

"very reliable, dependable, holds its value.."

KEN H., NC (2010 Honda Accord)

"It's been a very dependable vehicle. The ride is also more than adequate."

LES A., FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"I never have any problems with my Accord. Reliability and the fact that it is actually being built in America are important attributes. Safety and relative performance are also important."

Anonymous, NY (2010 Honda Accord)

"Very good maintenance upkeep."

KENNETH S., TX (2010 Honda Accord)

"I was able to get a good price for the car."

Anonymous, NY (2010 Honda Accord)

"I HATE buying cars; however, this Honda has been remarkable and I am so glad to have it each time I get in."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Honda Accord)

"Great value and low maintenance cost"

L J., MO (2010 Honda Accord)

"This is the longest I have ever had a car and if I buy another car it will be an accord"

SHARON N., ON (2010 Honda Accord)

"Excellent value and very reliable. Maintenance and repairs are relatively inexpensive."

KIMBALL A., FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"This car has been very inexpensive to own and service. Other than oil changes, brakes, tires, and a battery I haven't needed any additional work. The vehicle currently has 115,000 miles on it."

MICHAEL R., NY (2010 Honda Accord)

"maitnance free mostly"

Anonymous, MA (2010 Honda Accord)

"1-High road noise on some highway pavement , The noise somewhat improved when I shopped around for less noisy tires, 2- lumbar support plastic gears don't stand up as they were repaired shortly after I purchased the vehicle. The plastic gears broke the second time this year after warranty was over. I didn't get this fixed because I find the seat is more comfortable without the lumbar support ."

-M N., SK (2010 Honda Accord)

"remains reliable easy to drive view from rear window not easy for shorter people"

Anonymous, NY (2010 Honda Accord)

"It was decently priced to be a certified vehicle (although problems experienced were kind of a disappointment)."

Anonymous, NY (2010 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"i is very good"

L A., FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"I love it"

JOHN A., NY (2010 Honda Accord)

"I am sick of the bland colors available to consumers. Choice is black, white or beige or some degree of these! What ever happened to some colors??"

LORAINE L., OH (2010 Honda Accord)

"Beautiful inside and out; classy. I call it a luxury car disguised only by it's price. we get compliments on this car all the time. Seats in this model year are stiffer than in the past but I understand they fixed that in later models - a good thing."

DEBORAH F., NH (2010 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, NJ (2010 Honda Accord)

"The arm rest has not held up to regular wear and tear. the upholstery started bubbling and shredding after 3 years."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Honda Accord)

"It is an ugly car."

IRA H., CO (2010 Honda Accord)

"The paint was poor applied at factory. Extreme fading"

KELLY S., TX (2010 Honda Accord)

"It is a sport coupe. i still think it's the best looking coupe of any built that bar none."

GERALDINE W., CA (2010 Honda Accord)

"good styling"

J P., FL (2010 Honda Accord)

"After some upgrades, it looks stunning"

BRIAN H., SK (2010 Honda Accord)

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