The well rounded Accord's strong points include a compliant ride, responsive handling, and a roomy cabin. The driving position and visibility are excellent. The 2011 freshening improved the refined four-cylinder engine's performance and fuel economy, but diminished cornering and braking performance. Road noise remains pronounced, and cabin features are sparse compared with many competitors.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

“Pretty fast acceleration and handling but the ride is a bit harsh.”

Anonymous, GA (2011 Honda Accord)

“The car delivers on what I bought it for, handling. It goes where it is pointed when it is pointed, feels solid doing it and stops really well.”

GREGORY C., SC (2011 Honda Accord)

“I have the V6 with 6-speed manual transmission the acceleration is wonderful you definitely feel like their is always plenty of power. Sadly I wish the handling was a little stiffer. It has a very comfortable ride but too much leaning on the turns”

Anonymous, CO (2011 Honda Accord)

“Handles great, but acceleration is slower than I would like”

SANDRA M., GA (2011 Honda Accord)

“I love this car's acceleration and feel. It's soft enough to be a good daily driver, but it's still nimble enough to feel fun. It's got loads of power for passing on the freeway, even uphill.”

RYAN M., CA (2011 Honda Accord)

“Best driving vehicle I ever had. At 78 years old, I have had many cars.”

HUGH V., NC (2011 Honda Accord)

“It is a four cylinder, has adequate acceleration for highway driving, cruise controls work very accurately, handles exceptionally well on curves at high speed, ride is more comfortable than other cars I have driven when it comes to my back and legs.”

DAVID H., RI (2011 Honda Accord)

“The acceleration on this car is amazing. Driving it is like riding a spirited thoroughbred. It is pure joy, but hard to keep from just opening it up.”

SUSAN S., OR (2011 Honda Accord)

“Engine is superb. Very dumb that it still requires a timing belt change. Transmission seems to hunt for gears a bit too much especially on the highway.”

Anonymous, MD (2011 Honda Accord)

“With its V-6 engine it has amazing power and is a dream to drive on road trips.”

GERALD B., MN (2011 Honda Accord)

“have a V-6 and like the acceleration”

ERLING M., WA (2011 Honda Accord)

“this car will accelerate very well for a 72,000 2011 V6.”

LARRY S., AZ (2011 Honda Accord)

“Excellent handling. Good acceleration.”

Anonymous, MD (2011 Honda Accord)

“precise steering, good feel”

WILLY P., KS (2011 Honda Accord)

“This auto acceleration is sluggish after 5 years, or maybe i need a tune up.”

Anonymous, MD (2011 Honda Accord)

“Anti lock brakes work great!”

Anonymous, TX (2011 Honda Accord)

“very satisfying auto overall - space wise, fuel economy - never less than 22mpg driving around town, 32 on the highway. the width of the A pillars make for a bit of viewing difficulty when turning LEFT”

Anonymous, NC (2011 Honda Accord)

“Noise level is high”

JOE P., AR (2011 Honda Accord)

“The Accord Coupe is very quick and nimble. My wile loves its performance.”

Anonymous, MO (2011 Honda Accord)

“excellent acceleration and very good handline”

Anonymous, MA (2011 Honda Accord)

“Smooth driving experience”

ELLIOT L., CO (2011 Honda Accord)

“v-6 accelerates great. handles well”

ROB I., TX (2011 Honda Accord)

“Handling is tight and responsive, acceleration is strong and predictable.”

EILENE A., FL (2011 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

“The seats are comfortable and adjust easily to fit various driving positions. Climate control is good, but a little noisy on hugh fan. Interior road noise could be a little better. Ride and handling is good, but would be nice if it was adjustableven based on my driving needs.”

BRIAN H., CA (2011 Honda Accord)

“The headrests force my head and neck too far forward and can't be adjusted. This is sometimes very uncomfortable. Cabin noise level is terrible.”

Anonymous, GA (2011 Honda Accord)

“Road noise on rough roads is loud .”

Anonymous, NC (2011 Honda Accord)

“Seat hurts back.”

Anonymous, MD (2011 Honda Accord)

“We have purchased Honda Accords for 30 years, however the seats and the angle of the headrests in the 2011 model make this an uncomfortable car in which to ride. Driver visibility through the back window is not good. We will be exploring other makes/models for our next car purchase if this has not improved.”

SUZANNE D., TX (2011 Honda Accord)

“headrests are extremely uncomfortable and require the entire seat to be tilted back. I also have banged my knees frequently getting in or out of the vehicle. I consider the Honda to be extremely well engineered and built. However, not user friendly. Still, a very good buy and my wife loves it.”

Anonymous, LA (2011 Honda Accord)

“uncomfortable backseat seatbelts”

Anonymous, IN (2011 Honda Accord)

“I found the noise and comfort of this vehicle far inferior to my Toyota. I regret buying because I bought for all the bells and whistles instead of comfort.”

J A., FL (2011 Honda Accord)

“The ride is a little noisy but I don't notice it very much. The leather seats are comfortable and I love the warmers in the winter I just wish it had cooled seats for the summer.”

Anonymous, CO (2011 Honda Accord)

“Seats are firm and comfortable”

EILENE A., FL (2011 Honda Accord)

“The road noise is really loud. I would have looked at other vehicle had I known that.”

CHRIS K., IL (2011 Honda Accord)

“nice car, but pick up road niose”

Anonymous, CA (2011 Honda Accord)

“Noise while driving significantly more noticeable than with the 2006 hybrid sedan Accord, which makes the not great phone connection even more challenged.”

GABRIELLE M., FL (2011 Honda Accord)

“seats are comfortable”

Anonymous, NY (2011 Honda Accord)

“Would like to have less road noise”

THOMAS D., OH (2011 Honda Accord)


HENRY J., PA (2011 Honda Accord)

“The driver's seat is too low and gives little support.”

ARNOLD G., MD (2011 Honda Accord)

“It has a lot of road noise especially on rough pavement.”

GURNEY L., NC (2011 Honda Accord)

“Firm yet comfortable front seats. Very supportive and excellent for long drives.”

Anonymous, NY (2011 Honda Accord)

“The headrests are too far forward for me, so I end up putting them further up or down than they should be (for my comfort over safety I suppose). Seats are supportive and the leather has held up very well so far.”

Anonymous, MD (2011 Honda Accord)

“I took my car for a 1700-mile summer road trip a few weeks ago. Even at four-years old, the car performed superbly and kept me comfortable in the Utah desert.”

BOBBY P., NV (2011 Honda Accord)

“It's an old story for the 2011 model. The lumbar support is all wrong. If I don't arrange myself to avoid the lumbar support in the lower seat I can hardly straighten up when I get out of the car. This is true even for short trips.”

GREGORY C., SC (2011 Honda Accord)

“Got an LX-P for the power driver's seat. Very good move.”

HARRY S., CA (2011 Honda Accord)

“The seats are very confortable in the long drive and the car is very roomy.”

Anonymous, NV (2011 Honda Accord)

“Road noise is not as quiet as I would like”

CLAUDIA M., NH (2011 Honda Accord)

“The way the head rests tilt forward tends to be uncomfortable on occasion. I know that this feature is designed for safety during car crashes, but it gets in the way during regular driving.”

JULIE L., IN (2011 Honda Accord)

“Driving noise (wind noise at driving speeds, road noise - varies with surface) renders the otherwise fine car unsatisfactory.”

J K., VA (2011 Honda Accord)


WILLIAM W., NJ (2011 Honda Accord)

“'Feel every bump and rut in the road. Otherwise, it's a great car!”

MARK H., TX (2011 Honda Accord)

“We bought the car "used" from a dealer and even though it was an XL - P meanting it had power options, the headlights did not come on automatically at sunset. This blew our minds to think that this option would not be on a car on that level.”

Anonymous, TX (2011 Honda Accord)

“I have to use cushion to get high enough behind the wheel and I can't see over the passenger hood not to bump tire on curb occasionally when turning right. Car does not have Audio or visual warning.”

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Honda Accord)

“Although I understand the safety purpose/feature - the headrest is annoying. It's too close to the back of my head. But after 5 years with this vehicle I'm completely used to it.”

SAM S., NY (2011 Honda Accord)

“Great ride, comfortable, reliable except stupid design "automatic" locking fails easily, and expensive to repair.”

JOHN C., FL (2011 Honda Accord)

“Road noise, climate control inadequate when head and feet selected.”

Anonymous, FL (2011 Honda Accord)

“Overall comfort is very good. However, like many cars today, the headrests are too far forward. This is for rear impact safety, but the headrests cause poor head/neck posture.”

Anonymous, MN (2011 Honda Accord)

“seats were very hard when new. took a long time to break in”

ROB I., TX (2011 Honda Accord)

“cabin is too loud with road noise.”

Anonymous, SC (2011 Honda Accord)

“the car is tight and a little noisey but no rattles and is as good now as it was new-very dependable”

D R., LA (2011 Honda Accord)

“Seats uncomfortable. Low engine power.”

Anonymous, GA (2011 Honda Accord)

“Road noise is quite loud.”

Anonymous, SC (2011 Honda Accord)

“Too much noise. Steering feel terrible.”

HUGH V., NC (2011 Honda Accord)

“Very good fuel economy but extremely loud road noise.”

Anonymous, CA (2011 Honda Accord)

“airbag recall, water leak in driver cloth ceiling, same rear shelf clatter that 2008 Honda had”

ROGER S., FL (2011 Honda Accord)

“Driving over 500 miles in a day is very uncomfortable if you are tall or close to 6 ft”

WILLIAM L., SD (2011 Honda Accord)

“We bought this car for our son at college and drove it 300 miles to drop it off for him. It was an exceptionally comfortable ride because the seats seemed ergonomically sound. Very impressed. Never owned a Honda before.”

Anonymous, CA (2011 Honda Accord)

“This is a very comfortable car for long trips in terms of seating and room.”

ROBERT W., DE (2011 Honda Accord)

“Very roomy”

RENEE B., FL (2011 Honda Accord)

“A little road noise which I do not like. Also, some brake noise when I have to make a sudden stop. Did not have this brake problem with any of my previous models.”

ELIZABETH B., NC (2011 Honda Accord)

“I am a very short adult. In order to reach the pedals I'm practically on top of the steering wheel. I can never get the seat the way I want it. I also feel it's too low to the ground and hard to get in and out of.”

Anonymous, FL (2011 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

“0.9% financing and a good price was a selling point.”

ROBERT P., MA (2011 Honda Accord)

“no problems”

JAMES T., NY (2011 Honda Accord)

“Decent car”

SAUL G., IL (2011 Honda Accord)

“Fuel efficient, reliability, roomy”

STAN K., AZ (2011 Honda Accord)

“excellent value for the money”

Anonymous, MA (2011 Honda Accord)

“I love our 2011 Honda Accord, even with it being over five years old now. This car is very attractive, and has gotten good gas mileage, and very little mechanical troubles. I hope we keep this car for a long time.”

CRAIG S., MN (2011 Honda Accord)

“Good car. Substantially noisier than older models. I love my 2006 Honda Accord and only tolerate this car. Gave it to my son for college. It is reliable and has good resale value.”

KAREN H., TX (2011 Honda Accord)

“It has had no problems since we bought it. - just normal maintenance. We always take it in for regular inspections.”

Anonymous, KY (2011 Honda Accord)

“An excellent value at $18,500.”

JAMES S., MI (2011 Honda Accord)

“comfort in long drives and style”

ERLING M., WA (2011 Honda Accord)

“We take this car on long trips of 10-12 hours and we are not tired at the end of the trip and we get about 34-35 MPG when on the express ways.”

TOM T., NY (2011 Honda Accord)

“car has been very satisfactory for our needs in retirement. major complaint is ROAD NOISE on the highway 50-70MPH Local Honda dealer has performed very well w/maintenance & money saving coupons”

Anonymous, NC (2011 Honda Accord)

“This is our third Honda vehicle and the quality has always been excellent.”

DAVIDA K., NY (2011 Honda Accord)

“Too expensive”

Anonymous, PR (2011 Honda Accord)

“Saved thousands of dollars at an end of year clearance sale Honda dealer.”

Anonymous, NY (2011 Honda Accord)

“Good price for the value Very reliable”

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Honda Accord)

“Re 2011 Honda: did not come with back-up camera nor side view mirror alerts. I will probably trade for a model that includes these safety features.”

Anonymous, NH (2011 Honda Accord)

“Very reliable with only routine maintenance.”

Anonymous, CA (2011 Honda Accord)

“our last 3 accords (wife's prior car and two currently owned by our kids) have lasted over 200,000 miles”

KENTON K., OH (2011 Honda Accord)

“I also got this car used at a great price.”

Anonymous, OH (2011 Honda Accord)

“This is a vehicle with great style, performance and reliability for a reasonable price.”

Anonymous, MO (2011 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

“Very nice styling, but the car sits too low for us now.”

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Honda Accord)

“Great value.”

Anonymous, VA (2011 Honda Accord)

“Has good aggressive lines overall. A bit long from the side view though.”

Anonymous, OH (2011 Honda Accord)

“Easy to get in and out of back seat, lots of leg room, large trunk. Don't like the color but lines are good”

Anonymous, WA (2011 Honda Accord)

“It's a very sporty looking car.”

Anonymous, GA (2011 Honda Accord)

“It is hard getting in and out because the car is too low to the ground.”

LORETTA B., IL (2011 Honda Accord)

“Styling of Headlights and body style are best Accord has offered to date.”

JUSTIN R., NY (2011 Honda Accord)

“Poor quality leather”

Anonymous, FL (2011 Honda Accord)

“As always no drastic change year to year. Everbody wants to look like an Accord”

RON S., FL (2011 Honda Accord)

“overall look”

HENRY J., PA (2011 Honda Accord)

“Hate the black interior! It was the only option with the light blue exterior I love.”

Anonymous, NY (2011 Honda Accord)

“A friend of mine is a car enthusiast. (I am not.) He was impressed with the design of my car, saying it reminded him of a higher-priced luxury sedan. He gave kudos to Honda and criticism to the other brand.”

BOBBY P., NV (2011 Honda Accord)

“Interior: Tan seats with silver interior accents and dark gray dash. Who thought this was a stylish combination?”

Anonymous, OH (2011 Honda Accord)

“No hatchback”

Anonymous, NY (2011 Honda Accord)

“Styling still looks current for a five year old car.”

ROBERT P., MA (2011 Honda Accord)

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