The well rounded Accord's strong points include a compliant ride, responsive handling, and a roomy cabin. The driving position and visibility are excellent. The 2011 freshening improved the refined four-cylinder engine's performance and fuel economy, but diminished cornering and braking performance. Road noise remains pronounced, and cabin features are sparse compared with many competitors.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Lacking in acceleration handles well but not strong"

SCOTT W., NJ (2012 Honda Accord)

"It has a manual transmission, so it is more fun to drive and has good acceleration for the engine it has."

JON R., IA (2012 Honda Accord)

"The V6 accelerates fairly well, better then my old 1993 and 2000 4-cylinder Accord, but worse then the 2005 V6 Accord. Handling is not as agile as any of my previous Accord. I have been rode in every single generation of Accords except the current generation."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Honda Accord)

"There is some acceleration hesitation that happens when speeds are in a stop and go condition. The hesitation lasts for a couple of seconds before throttle response begins. This does not happen always so it is unexpected and I must exercise care when involved in congested traffic situations."

RALPH B., FL (2012 Honda Accord)

"It accelerates when I am merging into traffic very well. It also handles well especially on wet roads."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Honda Accord)

"For a 4 cylinder car it has good acceleration and very responsive handling at all speeds"

PERRY P., ON (2012 Honda Accord)

"I'm unhappy with the acceleration when trying to merge into highway traffic"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Honda Accord)

"very Good"

JACK C., TN (2012 Honda Accord)

"Drives very well even in bad weather. But acceleration is sometimes a little groggy but it works"

Anonymous, MI (2012 Honda Accord)

"Smooth and responsive, drives and handles with ease. Honda could do more to reduce the road noise."

KAREN W., CT (2012 Honda Accord)

"great acceleration, useful in many ways, and good handling to keep us safe"

ART M., PA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Maybe it's because it's a 4 cylinder, but my only complaint is when I take off there's definitely a lag between when I push the gas and when it goes. I think it's size of car mixed with the smaller engine. I would get a v6 next time."

MEAGAN S., TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"Excellent road manners and great acceleration."

DON P., TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"I LOVE the performance of this car! The V6 is very quick and responsive. I always feel like I can get out into traffic quickly and safely without worry, and that I have the power and responsiveness to get me out of tight situations. I will say that the suspension could be more "sporty" or performance-oriented. The ride definitely leans more toward a family car, but I didn't want to pay the large premium for the Sport version, so I got what I bought."

DANIEL H., NJ (2012 Honda Accord)

"V6 engine is great. Short, stop & go driving gives lousy mileage.(13) Highway is great(31)! Handling & braking are great, that's why I buy Hondas. Not as sporty as my 2007 V6. More comfortable, more & better features."

JEROME R., IL (2012 Honda Accord)

"Car acceleration hesitates and in traffic that lack of responsiveness risks accident."

ALFRED N., VA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Moved to the country and definitely has tougher times on the hills when running air conditioner. Acceleration that is."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Honda Accord)

"It has saved my like by accelerating when I needed it. It kept me from being t-boned, I was able to speed out of the way"

DON A., OR (2012 Honda Accord)

"good handling"

YIFAN W., NJ (2012 Honda Accord)

"Would be better with less spongy breaks"

FW H., IL (2012 Honda Accord)

"The noise level. The accord needs more sound proofing."

RICAHRD G., NJ (2012 Honda Accord)

"Has good acceleration and is easy to handle."

PHILIP B., WI (2012 Honda Accord)

"The handling is great and so is the ride. The car is a little sluggish off the line and when you need to punch it to pass on the freeway."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Honda Accord)

"I am a former miata owner so a FWD sedan will never come close in handling to that but I am most happy with the acceleration of the accord and the handling is pretty good. I would give it a B minus for this class of car especially when coupled with regular fuel and 30 plus mph on the highway."

DOUGLAS B., FL (2012 Honda Accord)

"The transmission has a somewhat hard shift when going from 2nd gear to 3rd gear. It's almost as if it wants to downshift. The dealer, during the warranty period, indicated nothing was wrong with the transmission."

HUGO G., TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"price was right and ihave had no problems with car.."

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Honda Accord)

"Handling on the highway is outstanding. MPG city only = 22, hwy. only 36 - 38. Horrible road noise. In-dash controls demand you take your eyes off the road to view the LCD screen to make selections. Screen very difficult to read with polarized sun glasses."

MARGUERITE O., OR (2012 Honda Accord)

"One of the last larger sedans available with a manual transmission in the price segment. Pretty exciting to drive. Awesome powerful engine and tight suspension. Somewhat noisy. Could not get my phone to play audio through the dedicated port."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Good acceleration and smooth drivetrain with 2.4L 4 cylinder engine. Solid handling, steering and firm braking. Brakes, although firm and sure, do vibrate under hard downhill braking."

Anonymous, OR (2012 Honda Accord)

"Lots of power"

Anonymous, SC (2012 Honda Accord)

"This car handles exceptionally well for being a family sedan very happy"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"Very tight steering & good acceleration for 4 cyl. engine."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Driver's seat is uncomfortable. Road noise is loud."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Honda Accord)

"Thigh support on driver's seat too high. Seat angle too far back and can't be tilted down in front. Ride noise maddening."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"One of the reasons I purchased the car was that it had power seas for driver and passenger. After purchase, we were surprised to learn the driver seat's power had many adjustments, but the passenger seat could adjust only (a) back and forth or (b)recline of back support. It did not have the ability to go up or down - my wife is extremely uncomfortable riding in the car."

L M., CA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Driver's seat has too much lumbar support even in lowest setting"

Anonymous, MI (2012 Honda Accord)

"very noisy navigation is the worst"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Accord)

"The only thing I dislike are the front seats. They are not comfortable."

PAUL M., PA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Very noisy road noise. Lack of adjustment options on front seats."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"The air conditioning off and on indicator is very small and hard to read from the driver' seat"

HARVEY S., BC (2012 Honda Accord)

"Too much road noise."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Honda Accord)

"way too noisy inside even with quit tires and the air blows way too hard on the lowest setting. Everything is great except for these two problems and I consider these to be major, deal breaker problems."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Honda Accord)

"I don't find the seats particularly comfortable. They aren't terrible, but they become less comfortable after long drives. The ac is strong, which is great in Texas heat. It cools fast. It is difficult to regulate however; I find it hard to keep a balance between cold and hot. The ride is great. My biggest complaint is probably road noise. The ride is loud, to the point of making it hard to hear conversation from the backseat on occasion."

PHILIP J., TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"Leather seats are a bit stiff. Test drive was with cloth seats, and they were definitely more comfortable."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is noticeable at freeway speeds. Heated seats are very comfortable in the winter. The ride is firm, but responsive. More sporty to drive than the Toyota Camry."

TIMOTHY B., OR (2012 Honda Accord)

"The front seats for a larger person are very uncomfortable"

DREUX D., NJ (2012 Honda Accord)

"The heat/AC are too far away you need to take eyes from the road"

Anonymous, MD (2012 Honda Accord)

"The driver seat had a hole poke through the back do to not having enough padding between the metal & the seat cover, I had it repaired & also has to have a section repaired that was starting to wear thin. I take very good care of the vehicle & thought I should haven gotten more than 55000 miles on the seat before a repair, the seat type is fabric."

HARTGRAVES T., IN (2012 Honda Accord)

"Most uncomfortable front seats of any vehicle I have ever owned! Car seat designed with safety and little regard for the person using badly designed product."

MICHAEL E., MN (2012 Honda Accord)

"I like that it doesn't have all the electronic devices. Only thing I don't like much is lack of storage inside and the back seat comes forward but it only a small area added from the trunk"

DON A., OR (2012 Honda Accord)

"Even though it's an EX-L, the passenger seat has very few seat adjustments. It should be the same as the driver's seat. The car is very noisy. It's even difficult to talk in it."

THOMAS F., WY (2012 Honda Accord)

"The accord is meant to be basic, reliable transportation. The front seats are very basic but like the fact that they go way back for tall drivers. The ride vastly improved after changing the factory installed Dunlop tires to Michelin X radials."

MICHAEL O., FL (2012 Honda Accord)

"I am 6 foot tall and the seats and everything in the front inside of the car needs to be pushed back about 3 inches. Uncomfortable to drive for extended periods, use cup holders, arm rests etc"

KELLY W., MI (2012 Honda Accord)

"Comfort and heating of the front seats."

NEWTON W., TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"Lots of road noise, worse with a window down. Seats and headrest uncomfortable."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Seats are okay but not great. some fatigue after an hour on the road. Considerable road noise (a common Honda issue)."

Anonymous, OR (2012 Honda Accord)

"Leather seats front both uncomfortable, stiff."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"Getting in and out of the Honda is irritating - the dashboard projects too far into the vehicle and I constantly hit my know on it - most often when getting into the vehicle. Its not well designed."

IAN H., CA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Unadjustable lumbar support is not right for my back. Driver's side is OK, but passenger side front seat is not comfortable, especially when reclined."

Anonymous, NC (2012 Honda Accord)

"Lumbar support is not great."

RENEE L., CA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Seats seem a bit hard. Need more lower back support. Somewhat hard ride."

TOM B., CA (2012 Honda Accord)

"A/C could be a little stronger More sound deadening"

GORD W., ON (2012 Honda Accord)

"Noise, as CR had noted from road and wind are high."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"comfortable interior, but lots of road noise"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Honda Accord)

"Very comfortable but significant road noise."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Honda Accord)

"The 2012 Accord allows for a high level of road noise to the point it makes it difficult to hold conversations and to listen to the radio."

RALPH B., FL (2012 Honda Accord)

"Extremely noisy inside"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Accord)

"My only two complaints about the car are turning radius (which is terrible) and the ride over joints/potholes is very hard."

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Honda Accord)

"The 2012 Honda Accord is an LX and we also have a 2005 Honda Accord EX. The 2012 Honda LX is significantly nosier (road not wind) than the 2005."

IAN C., CA (2012 Honda Accord)

"2012 Accord insulation is no good and road noise is high also the AC is not very powerful"

Anonymous, VA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Vehicle is very comfortable except road noise is very pronounced. not acceptable on a vehicle in this price range."

Anonymous, MB (2012 Honda Accord)

"I do not care for the sport tires. They make for a hard ride, something I wasn't aware of when I bought the car."

DIANE D., CA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Seats are very comfortable during long trips. a very quiet ride. AC does an excellent job of keeping the car cool."

TOM W., OK (2012 Honda Accord)

"The seats are uncomfortable for my neck, head, and back. The longer the drive the more these areas of my body hurt. For this reason alone I am not planning to buy another Accord again (the gas mileage is dissapointing too)."

LYNNELL S., WI (2012 Honda Accord)

"In this basic model, the height of the front seats and the comfort of the seat cushions do not adjust."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Accord)

"The seats are supportive and comfortable, and the ride is very good"

JAMES L., CT (2012 Honda Accord)

"Car is very comfortable but I do feel the road noise is somewhat high."

DALE-ALTHEA R., MN (2012 Honda Accord)

"I'm 6'8" tall. The driver seat does not go back far enough,"

SHELBY R., PA (2012 Honda Accord)

"The car is not as comfortable nor as quiet as my 2004 Honda Accord. The seats are too firm and the adjustment is performed differently than my 2003 making it less comfortable on long drives."

ALFRED N., VA (2012 Honda Accord)

"I am very satisfied with this category except for one little thing: the minimum setting of the A/C is still too cold."

Anonymous, NH (2012 Honda Accord)

"The driver's seat needs more support. I refuse to take this car if the trip takes more than 1 hour."

JAMES V., RI (2012 Honda Accord)

"Noisy ride. Honda scrimps on insulation and sound deadening."

BRUCE W., FL (2012 Honda Accord)

"The car is noisy on the highway."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Honda Accord)

"For the most part the ride is ok but the road noise is higher than I like. The back up camera is fairly useless in most daylight conditions."

Anonymous, DE (2012 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is a problem, particularly in areas where the highway maintenance has fallen behind. Otherwise is very comfortable."

ROBERTA M., OR (2012 Honda Accord)

"I doubt any vehicle in the class would be able to perform better than my 6 cylinder Accord, except in the area of ride comfort, as you feel the road when driving. ."

STEVE A., GA (2012 Honda Accord)

"noisy on the road and rougher riding than I expected"

ROBERT B., VA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Way too noisy - tolerable in town - unbearable on highway - even drowns out the radio - What a shame for such a beautiful car..."

TIMOTHY M., FL (2012 Honda Accord)

"Seats are a little too firm for a long trip."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Honda Accord)

"Does not have tilt control. Seatbelt anchor is uncomfortable. Seatbelt does not adjust at top to low enough position."

Anonymous, MO (2012 Honda Accord)

"seats adjust - but lumbar support is lousy"

RICHARD A., FL (2012 Honda Accord)

"Cabin noise is greater than anticipated at highway speeds."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Honda Accord)

"Seats are not as comfortable as our previous car - a Camry"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"Cannot raise the seat high enough, and I feel like I am sitting in a bucket - cuts off circulation in my legs"

Anonymous, WA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Air conditioning is either too strong or off - no in-between, Seats look great but are very uncomfortable - I have to use a 3rd party seat cushion,"

JOHN H., NJ (2012 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This car has been very good and is very good value."

CHARLES R., NM (2012 Honda Accord)

"Excellent high quality car for the price."

DON P., TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"Runs without issues."

DON K., PA (2012 Honda Accord)

"In 2 yrs oil change is only expense other than adding air to 1 tire every 4 months. Re-seal will fix"

GORD W., ON (2012 Honda Accord)

"Great reliable transportation. Good value for the dollar."

RONALD T., VA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Nothing has gone south on this car."

BRUCE W., FL (2012 Honda Accord)

"Car is super reliable, works well, designed well, reliable, what we expected and more. Great mileage for the size of car."

JUAN MARCOS L., FL (2012 Honda Accord)

"This was the last model before the addition of several standard features to the Accord line (Bluetooth, rear view camera, blind spot sensor, etc.) It was also the last year for its design. I bought it a few months before the new one was released, and did not get a substantial discount. This gave my feeling of value a dent. The car is low on features for what I paid. Non-luxury features, however, the car has delivered what I need very well."

PHILIP J., TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"The car has 60k miles on it and has always been washed on a regular basis. On inspection of the underside of the car recently, there is rust starting on every under body seam. I can fix mechanical or electrical issues but once rust starts, the body integrity is compromised."

DOUGLAS L., OH (2012 Honda Accord)

"Wanted manual transmission, had to settle for automatic because manual was not available at this dealership"

CRAIG P., NM (2012 Honda Accord)

"value priced, reliable"

RON D., IA (2012 Honda Accord)

"I was able to get an excellent deal on the new car. It is a manual, and is more fun to drive."

JON R., IA (2012 Honda Accord)

"The overall interior and handling is great"

NICK H., CA (2012 Honda Accord)

"Have had 4-5 Accord, all driven 18 - 20K miles per year and always been very favorably impressed with monetary, reliability, cost per mile, and quality of manufacturing and service, and resale values."

O C., MS (2012 Honda Accord)

"Purchased Ap.2016 with 12000 mi. Like new inside & out. Best hwy. handling car since my 1960 Austin Healy 3000. Has terrible road noise."

MARGUERITE O., OR (2012 Honda Accord)

"Driven 30k miles a year with nothing done but maintenance ."

RANDY L., OK (2012 Honda Accord)

"I bought this vehicle, an Accord EXL, this April with 110,000 km on the odometer for $15,800 after having it inspected by my mechanic. It is in excellent condition. A new EXL (which I would not have bought) would have cost me twice that price."

R T., ON (2012 Honda Accord)

"My 2012 Honda Accord EX L/Navi is the last model year in its generation, all the bugs were out of the car. It has great acceleration, handling and comfort for the price I paid as I bought it at the end of the year, got a great price. Leather seats are fantastic, the power the car has comes in handy especially merging on the freeway and passing. The highway fuel economy is 30 to 31 mpg even at consistent speed over 75 MPH. If you going to purchase a large heavy sedan you are better off with a v-6"

DOUGLAS B., FL (2012 Honda Accord)

"Very reliable"

RICAHRD G., NJ (2012 Honda Accord)

"Very dependable car. Smart looking. The color of leather trim, tan, help keep the car cool in California summers. No major repairs.serviced at regular intervals. Handles well on mountain roads. Lond distance driving gets 30 miles to the gallon."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Accord)

"good handling"

YIFAN W., NJ (2012 Honda Accord)

"This is my 4th Accord and they continue to be great cars. Very reliable, not flashy but steady and the best car in the market."

BILL D., MS (2012 Honda Accord)

"Has been good investment holding trade-in value"

STEVEN C., TX (2012 Honda Accord)

"Nothing really bad. Car has a safety feature that it will not accelerate if there is any pressure on the brake. I'm a 2 footed driver. This feature almost killed me until I figured it out."

RONALD J., MD (2012 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The styling of this Honda is a clean and attractive look with an interior very well laid out."

KAREN W., CT (2012 Honda Accord)

"It is very slick looking. I love the look."

CAROL S., OH (2012 Honda Accord)

"Exterior styling is sleek and modern. Interior is comfortable and stylishly modern."

THOMAS C., FL (2012 Honda Accord)

"Looks more like a sports car (2-door)"

PHILIP B., WI (2012 Honda Accord)

"The overall styling is excellent and should remain ahead of others in that area for some years to come."

GERALD B., MN (2012 Honda Accord)

"about 4-5 cars in this class from the profile they all look the same, you can't tell them apart. i guess thats the nature of car design."

WILLIAM A., NY (2012 Honda Accord)

"Many friends have used the phrase, "nice car"."

Anonymous, CT (2012 Honda Accord)

"The 2011 and 2012 Accord has a better grille then any recent Accords. It is definitely better then the current 2016 Accord grille, which is just as ugly as the Acura beak shield grille. Would never consider an Acura because of its ugly grille design. Long time Honda owner, but with the ugly grille, I may consider a Toyota next time. The rear of the 2012 Accord just doesn't look right. As a whole, the 2012 Accord is at least pleasing to the eye. Better then the 2003 to 2005 Accord styling a"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Honda Accord)

"I almost didn't buy this used car because of the ugly and impractical interior. It has very light tan upholstery."

LYNNELL S., WI (2012 Honda Accord)

"The coupe has great styling"

LAURA S., MI (2012 Honda Accord)

"Interior look is luxurios. Outside is chunky."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Honda Accord)

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