This version of the Honda Accord stands out as a comfortable, roomy, and efficient midsized sedan. It's also nice to drive and easy to live with. When matched with the smooth continuously variable transmission, the standard Accord's 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine squeezes out an excellent 30 mpg overall and 40 on the highway. That's better than most smaller compact cars and even some subcompacts.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

“This is my 4th accord. Definitely no longer fun to drive. Not sporty at all. CVT transmission takes the fun out of driving too. The increase in fuel efficiency from the CVT is negligible in every day driving. Bring back more manuals and real automatics.”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“I am very impressed with the acceleration of my Accord. This may have a lot to do with the fact that I've only owned compact cars in the past that weren't as fast, but regardless, I am satisfied with my Accord's acceleration.”

BRIAN C., TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“Fantastic power when required. The rest of the time, the car kind of "disappears" around you when driving, no great personality, but also nothing to distract you.”

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“When I first got the car (used), it would often jump a bit or lurch forward when first accelerating from a stop, or when near stopping when braking. That seems to have mostly gone away on its own over time.”

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Honda Accord)

“Great acceleration and good handling; steering feels a bit light for my taste, but it's precise.”

STEVE H., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“If ECONOMY is on, it accelerates poorly when "pushed" to do so quickly. So we just turn it off a lot.”

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Acceleration is minimally satisfactory and ideally would have a little more torque.”

JOHN S., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Acceleration on my 4-cylinder is outstanding. I nearly always get away from a stop light too rapidly. Handling also is outstanding, immediately responsive. A rougher ride offsets much of the satisfaction from the outstanding acceleration and handling.”

J C., SC (2013 Honda Accord)

“good power for a 4 cylinder great handling”

WESLEY W., BC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Responsive 6 cylinder engine mates to a decisive 6 speed automatic transmission for an engaging and rapid drive. Suspension firmness enhances the driving experience.”

MICHAEL D., WA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Ride is somewhat stiff/rigid & told that Honda is known for a stiffer ride. Have noticed a difference and neighbor Toyota smoother.”

JERRY A., PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“No manual shifter for managing steep hills; automatic shifting too slow to respond requiring too constant braking.”

RUTH L., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“My husband is always amazed at how quiet the engine is.”

MARILYN F., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Accelerator stalls could be dangerous”

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Driving this car is very enjoyable. It's acceleration is excellent and handling is good too. I had a freezing rain experience were I saw the light come on saying skid control was working then noticed a car facing the wrong way on the other side of the road.”

JIM M., ON (2013 Honda Accord)

“Not a big fan of the constant velocity transmission, too much shifting but it does produce great mpg”

Anonymous, CO (2013 Honda Accord)

“Very good handling (Sport model) and great transmission (CVT)”

Anonymous, OH (2013 Honda Accord)

“Somewhat lacking in pep -- doesn't accelerate rapidly.”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“Poor turn radius -hard to make a U-turn into a 2 lane road”

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Great handling and acceleration for a vehicle its size. Super gas mileage.”

ROBERT F., NJ (2013 Honda Accord)

“It is flatt out fun to shift the M6 and feel the smoothness of the acceleration understanding that you are still going to get 30_ miles per gallon.”

MARVIN W., VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Struggle some with the variable transmission especially when it is first moved in the morning. It feels like there is a problem in reverse. I don't know if this is normal something wrong.”

TERRY T., LA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The ride is very good. Alot of road noise.”

JOSHUA O., TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“V-6 Very quick”

T R., IL (2013 Honda Accord)

“The idle is very rough especially with the air conditioner on.”

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The car suddenly accelerates when turning at slow speeds. Very dangerous. Dealer cannot find any problem.”

JAMES W., IN (2013 Honda Accord)

“I dislike the CVT transmission because of the occasional droning noise and due to an abrupt "bump" or "downshift" that occurs at about 10 mph when slowing down.”

JEFFREY G., NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“We frequently get 42-43 MPG on the highway!”

Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Four cylinder engine is more than adequate for normal driving conditions. Continuously Variable Transmission is outstanding- Very smooth operation- keeps RPMs in a good range under all conditions”

CINDY B., AL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Top marks for both handling and acceleration.”

JAMES H., MD (2013 Honda Accord)

“I have a V6 and it handles as will as my bmw did.”

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Handling and driving experience”

Anonymous, ME (2013 Honda Accord)

“Very Fast”

LARRY D., AL (2013 Honda Accord)

“For a car with a four-cylinder engine, acceleration and handling are amazing. The sport option on the CVT transmission enables me to enter a traffic-filled highway at a speed that is fast and yet safe.”

G H., PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Good handling with the sport model. Good acceleration with the 2.4 liter engine in conjunction with the CVT transmission”

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Honda Accord)

“This car is very fast, and gets great mileage.What more could you want..”

MARK G., MD (2013 Honda Accord)

“Plenty of "pep"with the 4 cly engine”

JOHN B., OH (2013 Honda Accord)

“bought the Sport model and the firmer handling is greatly appreciated. it is on par with my Acura TL”

DONALD B., PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The automatic is a CVT and we are not familiar with them nor what exactly to expect. Often there is a little driveline shudder when applying the gas from a stop even if slow and gentle. In fact I think it's mostly in that case. Okay when you take off moderately or faster. Maybe no time to notice then. But creeping around the parking lot there is sometimes that odd feeling. A coworkers Nissan with a CVT never does this.”

DOMINICK P., NJ (2013 Honda Accord)

“Great handling and acceleration. The gear box shifts when expected.”

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Accord)


ROBERT G., NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“handling and acceleration are better than I anticipated with the 4 cylinder engine and cvt transmission.”

ED M., IL (2013 Honda Accord)

“All around good car with great acceleration with the V-6 and it gives good mileage, always between 28-29 mpg.”

DAVID S., WI (2013 Honda Accord)

“It does both very well.”

TRACEY S., MA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Excellent acceleration from a stop or while driving at highway speeds. Achieved an average 36 mpg on a 5,000 mile plus trip to Utah on an average speed of 70mph. Excellent handling for a non sports car. Great steering response. Love to drive(when my wife lets me)”

EDWARD F., VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Acceleration and handling are good and car hugs road far better than recent models.”

CATHERINE Y., NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“Very comfortable, powerful with the V6, quiet, smooth, really nothing to complain about. Not a sporty feeling car, though it actually handles quiet a bit better than you first realize. Just not a car that will get our heart pumping with excitement. Trouble free and great on the road.”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“Excellent acceleration and power. Love the smooth continuous power from engine coupled with CVT transmission. Paddle shifters help control speed on grades. Excellent handling in curves. Great mpg.”

ROBERT F., NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“Back up and right side cameras are fantastic and the should be on every car.”

LINDA D., PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“It is peppy and does well in the mountains despite having only 4 cylinders.”

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Very poor turning circle ... must back and forth in too many circumstances.”

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“High: Precise and quick steering; strong acceleration; large windows that provide good views outside. Low: Somewhat bumpy ride and noise inside the cabin; relatively uncomfortable front seats, despite lump-bar support adjustment.”

Anonymous, MN (2013 Honda Accord)

“good: handles well, acceleration is adequate.”

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Handles well, very responsive when Economy mode is turned off.”

SCOTT K., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Transmission is jerky at low speeds”

Anonymous, TN (2013 Honda Accord)

“We should have got the V6 instead of the 4Cyl along with the 6 speed transmission. This car is too heavy for the 4Cyl and has no real acceleration. We're ok with everything else.”

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“I've owned several sports cars over the years, Porsche, Mazda RX-7, and this relatively inexpensive family sedan with the standard transmission truly displays performance in handling and acceleration beyond what I expected. It's superior to my 2009 Accord in every manner.”

DAN G., MA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Very good acceleration for a 4 cylinder.”

Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Good acceleration and handling”

MIKE K., AZ (2013 Honda Accord)

“CVT is slower to respond than a regular transmission with quick acceleration. For open rode driving the CVT is very good.”

MITCHELL P., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“This six speed manual coupe is competent. It rides nicely but doesn't lean too much in turns. Inspires confidence but is still comfortable. The ideal compromise for this older sports car enthusiast.”

DENISE G., PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Great visibility and technical features like lane departure warning”

Anonymous, ON (2013 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“At times braking can be a little choppy, unsmooth.”

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda Accord)

“Bad acceleration”

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Reliability so far. Climate control. Acceleration and handing is good. Good value for the price in 2013.”

Anonymous, MO (2013 Honda Accord)

“The car has rough idle / vibration when first started. Once vehicle has been driven for approx. 10 minutes this goes away. Car has 4 cyl engine. This appears mostly when AC is on.”

GREG I., OH (2013 Honda Accord)

“car sometimes hesitates when you give it gas. you have to let off the gas and accelerate at less speed. could be dangerous when entering from an exit ramp, etc.”

JANICE N., NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“I bought the V-6 model and love the acceleration it has when needed. Excellent!”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“The CVT transmission provides smooth, strong acceleration with the 4-cylindar engine. The car stays flat and glued to the road during turns at speed.”

JUDY-BOB D., TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“I drive the 6-speed manual. It's fun!”

KARIN C., AZ (2013 Honda Accord)

“It has great handling and good feedback. It has wonderful acceleration for a 4 cylinder. We keep it in the Eco mode all of the time and have no problems accelerating into traffic when needed.”

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“This vehicle has excellent acceleration and handling. The electric power steering makes this car easy to drive and it is very stable on corning and handling. On the freeway at 70 MPH I get 42 mpg which is almost as good as any of the hybrids. All and all this is the best car I have ever owned and when I replace it it will be another Honda.”

W C., AZ (2013 Honda Accord)

“CVT is good, but would prefer the old style transmission. Radio sound is TERRIBLE in the 2013!”

MICHAEL S., MI (2013 Honda Accord)

“Gets 38+ mpg on interstates!”

Anonymous, AR (2013 Honda Accord)

“Great road feel. Holds the road well in curves. Acceleration when I need it. Great gas mileage.”

JOHN B., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Everything works great no problem for 3 years”

JAMES D., CO (2013 Honda Accord)

“I got the V-6 engine and I don't feel the acceleration that I'm getting in the "D"rive mode is indicative.”

PETER K., NJ (2013 Honda Accord)

“very competent handling car with more tha enough power , reliability, and great gas mileage 4 a 6 cyl. auto”

N J., VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“CVT is a possible problem. On acceleration it seems to be rough, as if the engine is missing or transmission is slipping.”

GARY S., OH (2013 Honda Accord)

“Acceleration is reasonable for the 4 cylinder. Handling is good for a family sedan, but I would not term it as 'sporty.'”

SAM M., GA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The continuous variable transmission (CVT) is great. Even under eco mode (where you get the best mileage). When I need a little more power, I shut eco mode and that 4 cyl engine acts like a 6 cyl. Best car I've owned”

GLENN M., CT (2013 Honda Accord)

“Turning radius is somewhat greater than expected.”

CLIFFORD R., MO (2013 Honda Accord)

“Drives nice and has great pick up with the 4 cylinder engine. Very good gas milage.”

ROGER W., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Accelerates well; very responsive handling”

W T., TN (2013 Honda Accord)

“It handles and drives great with more acceleration than expected.”

VICTOR B., TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“this car accelerates as well as my 2000 Lexus suv, and as well as my 2003 Honda 6cylinder 2 door accord”

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Ride is very firm. Road noise is louder than my 2002 accord.”

ROBERT S., PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Handles exceptionally well. Wide wheel base makes car very responsive in potentially dangerous situations like our I-5 commute. Instantly responsive steering system as saved me several times.”

DENNIS K., WA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Great car - but not a smooth rider - lets you feel the bumps and strips on the highways.”

LARRY H., MN (2013 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

“Seats are sturdy, easy to clean, satisfactory. The ride is very good, especially on long trips.”

JOAN H., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Very loud cabin and harsh ride. So much road noise you cant even use the Bluetoth”

AARON B., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The ride is a bit harsh. It never meets a bump, large or small, that it does not make an acquaintance with. The rest of list of comfort features are very good.”

JAMES B., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“After approximately 5 months I noticed the inside of the driver seat back was staring to wear the color off. The dealer said it wasn't covered under the warranty. After several calls to customer service in CA, they agreed to replace that part of the seat one time at no cost. I have driven the car 3 more months and there seems to be no wear. I had a 2001 Acura and the seats didn't show any wear until after about 8 years. Honda uses cheap stiff leather.”

Anonymous, TN (2013 Honda Accord)

“Good: quiet, relatively easy climate control, ride is smooth bad: visibility out back window poor, no wipers for back window,”

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Pluses: Quiet, comfortable front and rear seats. Dual climate control is nice. Camera for right hand side of car when turn signal is used is handy. Downside is the lane departure system is far from foolproof. Can go off expectantly even though you were and still are firmly in the center of the lane you are driving in.”

JOHN L., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“the seats are a little hard, not as comfortable as my previous car. haven't taken a long trip yet but think they might be uncomfortable after two or three hours.”

ED M., IL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Cabin noise is very loud.”

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Seats are very comfortable and provide excellent visibility. The noise level is acceptable. Ride is good on Highway but a bit choppy on the local roads.”

AJAY B., IL (2013 Honda Accord)

“I love this vehicle (excellent acceleration, maneuverability, climate control)... The ride/noise is much improved over the 2009 Accord, but the seats (and to a lesser extend the road noise) could still stand some improvement.”

Anonymous, DE (2013 Honda Accord)

“Driver seat is very uncomfortable”

Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Noisy at speed compared to Camery. Windshield wiper motors make a lot of noise when they run. Some minor noise from suspension when driving over rough road.”

Anonymous, CT (2013 Honda Accord)

“Tire noise ( stock tires )”

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“The noise levels in the cabin on the highway could be lower to satisfy me. While I do not need the Acura level performance in my Accord, I would pay a little more for an Accord if it had a quieter cabin on the road. I would also like a little more ability to raise the horizontal seat level than the electrical adjustment provides.”

STEVE F., SC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Has a rough ride on rough streets. Needs to have a compass.”

MARILYN F., MO (2013 Honda Accord)

“Passenger front seat is too low.”

W S., VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The cloth seats are comfortable. The Automatic Climate Control works very well. The road noise isn't too bad and the ride is what you expect from a Honda!”

RYAN J., WI (2013 Honda Accord)

“My Honda is everything l thought it would be.It's the best car l have ever owned”

JAMES R., NJ (2013 Honda Accord)

“driver seat comfortable with good back support”

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Honda Accord)

“I hate automatic climate control”

DANIEL B., MI (2013 Honda Accord)

“The drivers side seat does not self adjust all the time, like it is supposed to. Honda has not been able to resolve the issue, or they cannot duplicate the issue, at all times during the service appointment.”

PAIGE T., NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Front seats are too short, even for a person who is only 5'8", and the leather they are made of his horribly difficult to clean,”

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“Road noise is only major weakness of this car”

CINDY B., AL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Passenger seat does not adjust for height - too low”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“The two settings for the driver's seat is much appreciated. The noise level is not as muted as desired; however, I'm not willing to spend an additional 10 k$ to get the quiet ride I would like.”

Anonymous, ON (2013 Honda Accord)

“For the cost, this car is very noisy with wind and road sounds. Seats are rather hard.”

J D., OH (2013 Honda Accord)

“Noise level is somewhat higher than I expected at highway speeds.”

CLIFFORD R., MO (2013 Honda Accord)

“GREAT MPG, handles GREAT, Very Comfortable seats and nicely laid out instruments on dash. Has a little more road noise tha i'd like but better than the other Honda I had”

CARY S., OR (2013 Honda Accord)

“Car is to low to ground & to noisy”

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“5'10 passenger does not have enough legroom to fully extend legs. This is uncomfortable on long trips.”

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Engine noise and Vibraction. Wind noise around door seals.”

Anonymous, SC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Interior road noise is terrible. Not much better then a 1999 Acord. My Chevrolet pickup which 5 years older is much more quite. Disappointed with ride and noise level.”

Anonymous, WI (2013 Honda Accord)

“auto temperature control is not accurate; setting temp to 16C results in about 19C...too warm for me in winter”

Anonymous, NL (2013 Honda Accord)

“I am over 6 feet tall and find the seats are a little too close to the dashboard for legroom, my wife and I feel that the seats are just a little too low for ease of entry and exit.”

DAVID B., NE (2013 Honda Accord)

“Compared to my other accords/civics/pilots the seats in this thing were designed by a torture specialist. There is no finding a comfortable seating arrangement and the seats feel as if they are stuffed with cardboard. I also have a 1965 auto and THAT is more confortable than these seats.”

JOSEPH S., NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“The drivers side seat bolts were loose. I had to use a torque ratchet to prevent the seat from sliding around.”

KEITH F., NJ (2013 Honda Accord)

“The seats are not comfortable on long trips.”

WILLIAM C., OK (2013 Honda Accord)

“Road noise”

Anonymous, MO (2013 Honda Accord)

“The seats in cloth only came in black--which are too hot, and the velour is like velcro for any hair or lint.”

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“This is the only negative: traffic noise. Second is the AC. It's not possible to redirect the airflow so it's not blowing in your face unless you point it at the floor. The MPG is 27--28 except in the summer. With the AC, it's 26. But I live in Phoenix, so AC is essential.”

KARIN C., AZ (2013 Honda Accord)


PAUL M., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“This car is very comfortable on long trips for the driver and passengers, that includes the back seat passengers. It is easy to see out of, front and sides. Glad to have the backup camera. It has minimal road noise. The climate control is excellent.”

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Headrest pushes my head forward & angle cannot be adjusted. Seats are not cushioned well. Was told interior was leather but it is vinyl & doesn't look good after only 3 years.”

P E., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“This is a quiet, nice riding car. The 4 cylinder engine is very peppy. We get as much as 40 mpg on flat terrain! I wish I had AWD for the mountains where we live for snow in the winter. If I had to do it again, I would get AWD as we have it on our CRV and it is a lifesaver in the winter in the mountains.”

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Cabin noise is not as quiet as previous vehicle (Toyota Camry); front seat uncomfortable; would prefer power front seat adjustment”

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The seat comfort is adequate; the ride of the car is to rough, particularly over bumps.”

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda Accord)

“The road noise is too much.”

Anonymous, AR (2013 Honda Accord)

“Headrest is extremely uncomfortable for me, pushes my head forward and hurts my back.”

Anonymous, NE (2013 Honda Accord)

“It is more road noise when driving than I wanted. The ride is not very comfortable.”

YVONNE Z., PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“I think the road noise is loud. Takes a long time to heat up in winter to get heat. Rides a lil choppy in back.”

PAUL S., MI (2013 Honda Accord)

“Extremely disappointed in the headrest and seat design. No lumbar support and head pushed forward caused back and sciatica issues in both family members who drive this car. We ended up not driving it for the last 3 months”

WILLIAM Y., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Seats are comfortable, climate control, noise, etc are good.”

BART E., CA (2013 Honda Accord)


L D., OH (2013 Honda Accord)

“Quiet, powerful enough. Reliable”

D W., MI (2013 Honda Accord)

“Road noise is excessive and annoying only on coarse pavement. Unfortunately, we have a lot of coarse pavement in our area. All else is absolutely wonderful. Seats are extremely comfortable. Climate control doesn't work properly, in that it always dafaults to "recirculation" mode. It's simply a matter of pushing a button to fix, but shouldn't have to do this.”

RANDALL R., GA (2013 Honda Accord)

“my husband who is 74 years old and six feet tall finds the seats too low. I find them comfortable”

BARBARA F., NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“The car leaked water from carwashes everytime when it was brand new. Water came from air inlet ducts it was a poorly designed. Honda USA did nothing and only said they were sorry and I was the only one to report this. My Service manager at the dealership finally came up with a fix to the problem. He told me he had 4 cars that leaked. Honda USA flat lied to me and I won't buy another, but other than that I like the car. Get great service from the dealership”

GEORGE S., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“I have back/neck problems. The seat back curls my shoulders forward causing some aggravation.”

PAUL S., OH (2013 Honda Accord)

“The seats could be more comfortable. They should offer xm radio on my trim level.”

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Engine noise minimal but noticeable road noise. Could be the road itself or the tires. Driver armrests would be helpful.”

MARK G., CO (2013 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“I am most often the passenger in the Honda Accord. I am of average height. The passenger seat is too low and cannot be adjusted raising the seat. I find this to be very annoying. I use a pillow to sit more comfortably at a level I prefer.”

Anonymous, OH (2013 Honda Accord)

“seats not as comfortable on long trips and way too much road noise on the highway”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“*Comfortable seats. *Climate control works well, but there is no way to put the fan on and just get fresh outside air; it always turns on the A/C or heat. *Noise is a problem: though quiet on smooth roads, on worn, rougher surfaces and going over bumps, etc., it transmits way too much noise. *Rides nicely on smooth roads, but on rougher roads, uneven pavement, bumps, railroad tracks, etc., the ride is very harsh and uncomfortable.”

MICHAEL L., CT (2013 Honda Accord)

“Hard to get in and out of with my bad back. Rides stiff not smooth. Thank goodness it's my wife's car. It's the right size for her.”

RIC M., SC (2013 Honda Accord)

“the climate control work well if it us hot or cold outside. However, if the weather is nice outside and you don't want to open the windows, it's difficult to control the cabin temperature. If the cabin temperature is set at the outdoor temperature, the system will blow either hot or cold air at you (wish it had a vent setting).”

DAVID L., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“An amazingly quiet ride. Excellent climate control and very comfortable leather seats.”

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Very comfortable seats Very pleasant driving experience”

Anonymous, TN (2013 Honda Accord)

“Only thing that bothers me is that the passenger seat should move up and down like the driver side does.Also they could have use a better quality of leather in the seats.Besides that the car is really nice,even after 3 years on the road.”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“Seats are comfortable, excellent cooling and we enjoy the automatic seat adjustment and key-less operation.”

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Comfortable seats, quiet comfortable ride”

PAUL R., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Comfortable seats, very quiet ride.”

THOMAS W., SC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Although I don't drive a lot, I am very pleased with everything about my Accord.”

BARBARA H., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Seats are very comfortable. The Climate Control system is fantastic. I love the fact that all I have to do is set the temperature and the Climate Control System handles whether I need heat or air or defrost. In 3 years there has only been one time that I overrode the Auto setting and bumped the fan up to put out more.”

Anonymous, AR (2013 Honda Accord)

“Hoped this Honda would have less road noise than previous models. Slight gains may have been achieved, but the car is still far too noisy to have a decent conversation or listen to audio on many roads.”

DANIEL-JANICE N., AZ (2013 Honda Accord)

“Road noise is horrible and climate controls are inflexible.”

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The front passenger seat is not good. Killer for a long haul.”

Anonymous, IL (2013 Honda Accord)

“When new the noise very low but now the noise loud and a bother. The noise is not to bad driving around town but on the road on a trip it is a bother.”

Anonymous, KY (2013 Honda Accord)

“Seats not comfortable without much adjustment.”

BASIL J., QC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Seats and passive head restraints are very uncomfortable if ridden for more than a few minutes and there is constant wind noise from the driver's window/windshield area, climate adjustment takes attention away from the road due to poor design”

Anonymous, GA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Outstanding dashboard arrangement. Very convenient and intuitive. Seating is very comfortable, but the car is low to the pavement, making entry/exit a bit difficult. Pity Honda no longer offers leather trim options in manual shift transmission models!!”

RALPH B., DE (2013 Honda Accord)

“It seems a little too soft of a ride.My '08 Accord had a sportier feel to it.”

RICHARD L., MI (2013 Honda Accord)

“front rite side passenger seat is not moveable like the drivers side making passengers uncomfortable”

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda Accord)

“Seats could be better for tall driver”

Anonymous, SD (2013 Honda Accord)

“Ride is choppy; can feel every bump in the road. Drive is noisy when driving fast on the highway. Seats are comfortable. Climate control works well.”

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Road noise Rattle in trunk area”

Anonymous, MI (2013 Honda Accord)

“Leg room and low seating make the vehicle uncomfortable particularly on longer trips.”

JOHN C., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“The ride is terrible on less than smooth roads. There is a noise factor that goes along with the harsh ride.”

MARC L., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Air conditioner compressor not well protected from damage.”

Anonymous, MI (2013 Honda Accord)

“Rear seat plenty of room. Climate control easy to control”

DENNIS W., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“The seats are very comfortable and supportive. I like that the seats can be heated. Rear seat legroom is excellent. Trunk room is excellent. Once learned, all the controls are easy to use. The V6 engine acceleration is excellent. With cylinder deactivation the mpg is excellent in both city and highway. For a car this size, the ride is quiet and smooth. Overall, it is an excellent, dependable and trouble free car.”

KARL S., IN (2013 Honda Accord)

“ride is a little stiff when you go over any type of bump, etc. and there is more outside noise than I would like.”

JANICE N., NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“The only problem that I have had with the car is that the seat memory control did not work because the service technicians forgot to update the software for it.”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“The Accord is quiet, powerful, and truly comfortable in all aspects. It is hard for me to imagine that any car at any price could offer much more than the Accord.”

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda Accord)

“The drivers seat is not as comfortable and supportive as it should be. You get driver fatigue after 4-5 hours. Bottom of the seat flattens out.”

Anonymous, NE (2013 Honda Accord)


DAVID K., NH (2013 Honda Accord)

“Although the noise level on my 2013 Accord is lower than in previous years, it remains too high and can be irritating on some roads.”

WILLIAM R., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“driver seat frame had to be replaced under warranty after multiple visits to the dealer. spring kept popping and hitting my back.”

Anonymous, TN (2013 Honda Accord)

“It's very noisy on most streets and all highways. Consumer Reports said it was very quiet. It is when idling.”

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“We have owned many Honda Accords over the years and these seats have been the most uncomfotable. Additional cushions are used to improve the seating.”

Anonymous, TN (2013 Honda Accord)

“Front passenger seat leg room is too short. Seems less than driver side which is okay. I'm only 5'9" and my legs begin to hurt after 100 miles of riding. Seat not fully adjustable and can't tilt the passenger seat forward to release tension under knees.”

Anonymous, TN (2013 Honda Accord)

“Too much road noise.”

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“Drivers Seat is uncomfortable. To hard”

HELENE V., IL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Needs much better road-noise control.”

LARRY G., TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“seats could use a minor anount more padding”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“The car is very noisy at 40 to 55 mph. Hard to have a conversation using blue tooth phone and person to person conversation.”

KAREN S., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Noise level far greater than my 2008 Toyota Highlander”

J C., PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Lumbar support not adequate. Get sore back when driving for more than 30 minutes.”

PASQUALE G., MD (2013 Honda Accord)

“Road noise more than I like.”

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Good--Excellent gas mileage and comfortable. Bad--Power steering system went out, that has been corrected on recall.”

ROY F., TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“There is not enough legroom on the passenger side in the front compared to my 2008 Accord...My wife has a fit...Can't stretch out her legs...Did not have the problem in the 2008.”

FRANK M., VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The manual adjustments for the drivers seat could have more range. I am @5' 11" and 190 lbs, and I find the seat needs a little more adjustment range. If the seat is full back , it sits too low. When I move it to where I want, then it sits too low.”

DAVID H., SC (2013 Honda Accord)

“seats are not very comfortable for me, ride is a little to bumpy”

S W., MA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Road noise could be dampened more”

DAVID S., OH (2013 Honda Accord)

“Passenger seat uncomfortable on long trips otherwise good road trip car”

Anonymous, CO (2013 Honda Accord)

“Excellent ride and all listed items.”

WILLIAM D., IL (2013 Honda Accord)

“As time goes on, the interior road noise is increasing.”

CARLA P., LA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The ride is terrible, you can feel every bump in the road. Rise like a tank.”

JOHN R., PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The noise is significant at highway speeds.”

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“Good: Seats, climate control, ride, fuel economy, looks great, interior quality Bad: tires”

CRISTIAM H., PR (2013 Honda Accord)

“seats, etc. fine but ride somewhat less comfortable than heavier cars”

SANFORD L., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The seats become incredibly uncomfortable after a couple of hours on the road.”

TOM S., OK (2013 Honda Accord)

“Seats are adequate but do not give sufficient support for long road trips.”

JOEL G., IL (2013 Honda Accord)

“The seats are hard, could be more comfortable. This is just a minor complaint, otherwise I have no complaints at all.”

JEFF Z., TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“I am 4 feet 10 inches and I cannot adjust the seat to see over the hood of the car. I have to bring along a seat cushion.”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“Front seats are supportive and comfortable even on a 16 hour drive. Fairly quiet interior, superb sound system. Smooth ride while retaining control”

EDWARD F., VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Ride is too choppy in the Sport trim”

Anonymous, IN (2013 Honda Accord)

“In general, pretty good, but the noise level is high.”

CONRAD N., AB (2013 Honda Accord)

“Good perforance”

MERLE C., NS (2013 Honda Accord)

“less room, especially leg room, versus my 1999 Accord. I should have been more thorough in checking car out before buying.”

STAN G., NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Cloth seats are a magnant for dirt”

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Wish it had a TRUNK. What it has doesn't fit much. Cant even fit a bike with both wheels off.”

RICHARD E., AZ (2013 Honda Accord)

“Great stereo system that can't be heard at freeway speeds because of the road/engine noise”

RUTH L., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“This is my 2nd Accord. If you don't get the leather seats the cloth seats leave something to be desired. I drive for a living and take several cross-country trips a year. The seats are not that great but I don't like leather. I use additional seat cushioning.”

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Honda Accord)

“driver's seat uncomfortably hard. air conditioning slow to cool a hot car.”

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Accord)


TAYLOR M., VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Front seats are not comfortable on longer rides”

ERIN J., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“I wanted the sport version but I don't like that leather seats are not an option.”

TERRY T., LA (2013 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

“Paid $25K for 6-spd manual sport model with tinted windows, truck tray, wheel locks, splash guards, rear spoiler, door edge film, back-up camera, Bluetooth. For the cars that were on the market at the time, I felt I received value for the price paid”

JOAN H., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“When I see what people pay for SUV's and more prestigious cars over what I paid and what I received, I don't see where the extra money goes. Neither the driving experience nor the value of the more expensive cars justifies the extra money spent.”

Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Excellent value - good highway mileage (34), reliable”

Anonymous, TN (2013 Honda Accord)

“Good product for the money.”

MICHAEL M., MA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Bought with Costco. Great car for the price.”

RICHARD J., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Mileage is important given the number of miles we drive. We've had no major issues mechanically and it just keeps on going.”

DAVID E., IN (2013 Honda Accord)

“My 2013 Honda Accord has been a great car overall. My only complaint is that is doesn't always pair with my Pandora application.”

STEVEN A., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Car maintains it's value”

HOWARD B., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Bad seat to low and hard to get how. Head rest to far out or back sunken in to much”

Anonymous, NM (2013 Honda Accord)

“Relatively reliable and dependable. Quality of some of the parts (e.g., trunk springs are too soft and weak--shuts by itself at the slightest incline, speakers (for Bluetooth) has a constants fluttering noise when paired, quality and workmanship have declined over the years).”

JIMMY F., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“It handles very well, doesn't need anything but routine maintenance, it's very good on gas. Last trip to Tampa Bay I got 34.5 mpg goiung 75 to 80 mph on I95.”

GARY M., PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“GOOD MPG, Resale Value”

CARY S., OR (2013 Honda Accord)

“It was supposed to get 39 mpg highway, but only gets 29. Huge 20 year old 1990 Accord got better. Wish I'd kept it.”

ELIZABETH H., GA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Great car”

ROBERT G., NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“It comes with more features that usually cost extra in higher level trims in other automobiles.”

Anonymous, MN (2013 Honda Accord)

“This base LX cannot be beaten in terms of refinement, equipment, reliability and MPG for the price, in my opinion. (Other cars- 2013 - had various "mixes" of the above, but none had ALL of the above.) (Only thing missing was Power Seat, but "Sport" model only came with BLACK interior.)”

KATHLEEN D., NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“It is a very reliable car and the price is reasonable. This is the 8th Hondo we purchased. Great car!”

ERIC F., NE (2013 Honda Accord)

“it is the most dependable auto one could ask for.”

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda Accord)

“It's ok. Has been reliable.”

NEIL T., IL (2013 Honda Accord)

“The issue I had with value was after agreeing to purchase the car for a price the dealership put high pressure to purchase many other options (paint protection, interior protection agreement, extended warranty, pre-purchased maintenance). They did this by telling me how bad, unreliable, expensive their product was to maintain.”

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Excellent choice”

JAMES H., MA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Looks new after three years. Husband finds head rest a little uncomfortable,”

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Great gas mileage. Up to 39 mpg on the road. Very comfortable and very well engineered from a human factors perspective.”

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda Accord)

“We had to replace the starter on the Accord even though it was less than 3 years old. Honda ha knows this is a problem but will not issue a recall or fix it free, even though there are hundreds of examples of starter failure on the Internet. My car left me stranded twice. Thought was a dead battery, so we replaced that first. That cost, $137. plus the cost of putting in the new starter, $592.46, made this a very expensive fix for a fairly new vehicle in my opinion. I have liked the car but”

TERRI S., OK (2013 Honda Accord)

“This car does everything we want with excellent fuel economy and available power.”

JAMES W., OH (2013 Honda Accord)

“Purchased from Subaru dealer. Excellent prep. New tires. No issues.”

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda Accord)

“The car cost over $30,000 new. It had 26,400 miles on it and I paid 20,000 for the car. It bought it the day it came in from a 3 year lease. I had told the dealer the color, interior, and model I wanted. I also purchased an 8 year 100000 mile warranty of which 5 years and 73600 miles remain at the pro rated price. The best mileage I've gotten is 39.3 mpg while driving on the interstate at approximately 60 mph over about 30 mile without any traffic. Amazing! I usually get around 35 mpg on the hig”

DAVID S., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“I don't see how you can beat it for the value you get.”

JAMES B., PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“A very good fit and finish and reliability for a relatively reasonable price. Grear resale”

Anonymous, MO (2013 Honda Accord)

“Good value and very nice and knowledgable sales people at our local Honda dealer.”

BARBARA H., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“In my opinion the Accord is the highest value vehicle available. Longevity, reliability, features included are way above the competition.”

MARK B., GA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Lots of noise while driving”

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“easy to drive, good visability. Does NOT have back-up warning buzzer. Wish it had the safety feature that brakes when coming to a hazzard.”

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“Very dependable, it's nice looking and has great fuel economy.”

LINDA G., CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“The value we have received from the purchase of this Honda has been outstanding. Very reliable, looks stylish, and the gas mileage is AWESOME!”

Anonymous, IL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Excellent car for the money - very comfortable, powerful with the V6, quiet, smooth, really nothing to complain about. Just not a car that will get our heart pumping with excitement. Trouble free and great on the road.”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“Low maintenance, excellent gas mileage.”

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda Accord)

“This Honda Accord Coupe ($28,000) was comparable to a similar 'higher brand' vehicle at $42,000)”

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda Accord)

“Bought used, at a good price. Very nice car.”

ROGER W., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“I was able to buy this car over 2500 under MSRP . The audio system sometime it glit, the battery is the worse, too small for this size of car. easy to run down battery with 15 min when listen to radio without running the engine.”

Anonymous, MO (2013 Honda Accord)

“I did a crude cost comparison between a used (75,000miles) 2010 Accord and a new 2013 Accord both driven to 175,000 miles with the maximum car repair insurance possible. The full coverage bumper to bumper to 125,000 miles with the new Honda and the coverage on the 2010 to approximately 100,000 miles were included. We were not going to finance either car. Including purchase price, car insurance, taxes and several other comparable costs, I came up with a cost of 1$0.15/ mile on the 2010 Accord.”

JOHN M., NE (2013 Honda Accord)

“We feel the "new" model run of is the best yet, and prefer the rear of the 2013-2015 over the upgraded 2016; it looks best with the small rear deck spoiler, too, and the optional sport grill is even better than the 2016 upgrade. But - acceleration with the 4cly & CVT is inconsistent, often unexpectedly poor, and suggest potentially dangerous in an "avoidance" situation. The Road Noise issue is correctable with better tires, but the Wind Noise item is something Honda should address in one of thei”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“The dealer, Community Honda of Whittier, California, lied, cheated, and was unscrupulous in the transaction. Appeals to Honda HQ and other agencies were not helpful.”

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Accord)

“We just got this car on 7/25/2016 so we have not had much time to evaluate it, but we felt we got and excellent deal after researching Edmund's and Kelly blue book and got an excellent report from a private inspection company on this vehicle. Also car-fax gave it an excellent review.”

RALPH D., GA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Excellent vehicle. Comfort, great handling, and very good MPG.”

EDWARD R., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“You don't see USED 2013 Accords on the used car lots. I think that other owners, like myself, will drive Accords until they have over 200,000 miles on the road.”

P C., IA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Overpriced for a 4-cylinder, and underpowered - this is a sluggish car that can't accelerate well on highway on-ramps. No courtesy lights on doors, no garage door opener, cheap interior materials. VERY limited interior color choices. I wanted a Burgundy exterior, which came only with a black or light tan interior leather - Black is super hot in summer, so I rejected it, but I can't keep the light tan interior clean.”

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

“The coupe has a unique look that differentiates it from the run-of-the-mill mid-size sedans”

Anonymous, AB (2013 Honda Accord)

“There are too many bells and whistles for my taste. Controls are overly complicated, I find little use for backup camera (wide angle is distorted and misleading.) Right turn screen display is useless---side view mirror gives exact same information. Keyless start is dopey, but I guess it's the latest big thing. Dashboard is ugly. Too much chrome and glitz. Reminds me of a 1957 DeSoto---or maybe an Electrolux vacuum cleaner.”

J F., IL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Still looks fine.”

WILLIAM D., IL (2013 Honda Accord)

“The overall redesign on the 2013 Accord is great. I wasn't a big of a fan of the last couple generations but Honda got it right with this car. From the lines on the body to the head and taillights. It looks like a luxury car.”

RYAN J., WI (2013 Honda Accord)

“Style and handling”

Anonymous, ME (2013 Honda Accord)

“I added the side strips that help to protect car from parking lot dings etc. & look good. I also added the top visor over moon roof & back spoiler which make the car stand out from others and look good. Overall very pleased with appearance in and out. Camera screen especially large, clear & a definite enhancement for safety. Also love the rear & right cameras. Love the car!”

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Accord)

“Too much chrome on exterior of car”

Anonymous, WV (2013 Honda Accord)

“Smooth conservative styling, not baroque, incorporates excellent vision, especially out the rear quarters, which these days is terrible in most cars.”

FREDRICK S., MD (2013 Honda Accord)

“It's a smart looking car”

WESLEY W., BC (2013 Honda Accord)

“It is custom painted--bright blue!”

TRACEY S., MA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Center console (where your elbow rests) is too small. Side slots (pockets?) are too small to hold a water bottle. The 2003 Honda Accord is better designed.”

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Low, aerodynamic body flow with rear trunk wing which activates length.”

RICHARD B., OR (2013 Honda Accord)

“It had the best visibility to rear of any auto I considered for purchase”

WILLIAM F., OK (2013 Honda Accord)

“Wind noise is irritating especially when using the phone or having a conversation. I will say I have a hearing problem, but the noise made by the vehicle just compounds the problem. The next car I buy will be decided by the noise level as one.”

VICTOR B., TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“Style is as nice as new model.”

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Honda only offered the new style lights on the Touring level and they could not be added without changing wiring harnesses.”

RICHARD C., SC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Awesome mixture of style/sportyness”

DANIEL B., MI (2013 Honda Accord)

“This is my car and I think it is the most attractive Honda I have had and this is my fourth.”

Anonymous, SC (2013 Honda Accord)

“I love the style of the car. Roomy and a large trunk.”

SARA S., WI (2013 Honda Accord)

“Great looking and sporty for a sedan.”

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda Accord)

“Looks good”

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda Accord)

“I am still impressed with the style of this auto”

Anonymous, KS (2013 Honda Accord)

“Sleek and attractive”

ROSA K., NJ (2013 Honda Accord)

“It's a little conservative for my tastes -- a little on the boring side.”

JENNIFER J., SC (2013 Honda Accord)

“I like how my Accord is not swoopy in styling like many other midsize sedans. For instance, after exiting a friend's Mazda 6, my Accord seems very roomy and open with large windows. Despite not looking more like a sports car, as other cars imitate, I feel the Accord looks very nice.”

BRIAN C., TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“No longer has inside lock buttons on door. No longer has outside key lock on trunk. My husband drives this car and we both have trouble with operating the many buttons on the dash. Too many functions.”

Anonymous, KS (2013 Honda Accord)

“I wish the WIDTH of the trunk was better designed. There are very few large items that I can transport in it.”

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda Accord)

“Good--excellent all leather interior and exterior appearance.”

ROY F., TX (2013 Honda Accord)

“It's a good looking car”

GARY M., PA (2013 Honda Accord)

“I like the lines of the car”

HOWARD B., FL (2013 Honda Accord)

“Its a great looking car.”

FRANK M., CT (2013 Honda Accord)

“The Honda Sport is very stylish, The grey sport wheel give a sharp look along with the dual exuast system.”

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda Accord)

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