This version of the Honda Accord stands out as a comfortable, roomy, and efficient midsized sedan. It's also nice to drive and easy to live with. When matched with the smooth continuously variable transmission, the standard Accord's 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine squeezes out an excellent 30 mpg overall and 40 on the highway. That's better than most smaller compact cars and even some subcompacts.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very please with CVT transmission, acceleration. Handles well"

DAVID D., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"This car is a V-6. It accelerates really the point where you need to hold onto the steering wheel with both hands as their tends to be some "torque steering". You need to make sure your are in control when you accelerated hard."

Anonymous, ID (2014 Honda Accord)

"Transmission "mushy""

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Superb acceleration yet great gas mileage with the V-6 engine."

Anonymous, MO (2014 Honda Accord)

"4 cylinder is a little underpowered. Would like a little more zip."

TIM V., WA (2014 Honda Accord)

"when reved the car accelerates smartly and handles well. It is a sport model"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Handles good and has good acceleration"

WAYNE S., WV (2014 Honda Accord)

"Road Noise is surprisingly loud & distracting / annoying."

Anonymous, CO (2014 Honda Accord)

"drives good, but picks up every bump in the rd"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"The Honda Accord EXL was bought with 5000 miles on it as a demonstrator car. I am retired now but have had a 1997 accord previously with 131,000 miles accumulated. The 2014 Honda handles well and gets 35 mpg on a trip with cylinder shutdown. This car is much more luxurious than the previous Honda, it handles well and the V6 has plenty of power with decent gas mileage. Both cars have been very reliable."

DAVID L., VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Some hesitation when going from a stop to a slow forward speed. Suddenly jerks forward. Some improvement when I complained and a 'fix' was put in but still annoying."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Super smooth, fast acceleration (I have a V6 model), and extremely comfortable on long and short trips. The handling is firm, sporty and exceptionally good."

TOM C., NC (2014 Honda Accord)


TOPPER C., MA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration is very good. Turning radius and road feel could be better."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Sometimes when I'm decelerating and get down to about 10 to 15 mph, and then step on the gas to accelerate the computer doesn't know where to put the gear so therefore it's between gears and I step on the gas and nothing happens. This is happened many times in the past. I've taken it to two different dealers and they can't figure out what the problem is."

JAMES T., CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"This car replaced a 2002 Volvo, S-60. It's not quite as good in seat support/comfort or road handling and control."

RALPH W., CT (2014 Honda Accord)

"It takes too long to decelerate! I anticipate having to stop - say, at a red light ahead - take my foot off the gas, but the car keeps going & going - taking several blocks to slow down and stop. I spend my driving time applying the brakes. After taking my foot off the gas, the speedometer needle indicates the car is slowing down, but the car still moves forward at a good clip. I would not buy it again. Spoils the driving experience."

ABBIE S., CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Very good"

IGOR B., TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"acceleration is fantastic, takes off like a jack rabbit."

RICK B., CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"For a 4 cylinder, has great acceleration. Handles nice."

JOHN P., CO (2014 Honda Accord)

"The 2014 gets exceptional gas mileage on trips even though it is driven agressively. It also has exceptional acceleration which is needed almost daily on merges into traffic."

STEVE L., NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"the service at Avalon Honda nj"

ANTHONY S., NJ (2014 Honda Accord)

"It handles very well, is quite quick especially for a 4-cyl, and gets better gas mileage than the EPA estimates."

R C., MD (2014 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration and handling are very good."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Very good acceleration for a basic four cylinder in a good size car"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda Accord)

"The car does not have a 6-cylinder engine. But, the acceleration is good. The ride is stiff but the car handles very well in the curves. On the highway with higher speeds the ride gets softer and less stiff."

GREGORY K., WI (2014 Honda Accord)

"I got the V/6 and it has great acceleration"

DOUGLAS A., IN (2014 Honda Accord)

"Even after adjustments, car usually has slight left pull. CV transmission takes some getting used to, with strong acceleration."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Excellent acceleration with the V6 and control of driving in all weather conditions."

DANIEL W., IL (2014 Honda Accord)

"The car is not designed to be a sports sedan like the BMW 3 series and it doesn't have the pricetag either. In sport mode though it goes pretty well. It goes where I point it. I like the responsiveness."

GLOVER S., MO (2014 Honda Accord)

"It is a very strong road car. I get 40 MPG on the highway and it floats along. Very smooth ride."

DAVID S., VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Snappy, great fuel milage 38 highway, 32 overall."

ROBERT A., MD (2014 Honda Accord)

"Easiest and most maneuverable car to drive that I have ever driven."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"I do a lot of highway driving in all kinds of conditions . My car is a standard and I find it has very good acceleration when passing , which is important. It handles very well in both heavy rain and in snow.. There are ruts in the road and although you may begin feel the car hydroplane you can quickly get control. I have confidence that if I am driving in bad weather it will be my mistake that gets me in trouble and not the car ."

Anonymous, NL (2014 Honda Accord)

"4 cyl engine would be ok but the CVT transmission is not enjoyable. CVT transmission seems to hold back initial acceleration and many times it "bucks" and "wobbles" under hard acceleration"

Anonymous, IL (2014 Honda Accord)

"CVT is annoying with vague response when you need it most."

WILLIAM M., OH (2014 Honda Accord)

"handles very well. The CVT is a bit sluggish on initial acceleration. On the highway, it is fine.I wish I could have ordered the manual, but it was not offered in white paint."

WILLIAM K., MI (2014 Honda Accord)

"V6 excellent exceleration"

Anonymous, MT (2014 Honda Accord)

"aceleraron and handling are good ... Great car for making medium to long distance trips which is all I use it for. Don't do much in town driving since I walk or use public transportation in town"

FRANCIS D., NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"Tends to pull on highway, brought back to dealer who said they don' t see a problem?"

BRIAN R., NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"I am experiencing the hesitant acceleration (like the engine is missing during acceleration). I've been told it is normal for many Hondas. That is hard to believe with Honda's good overall record."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"The acceleration is great, reminds me of the Olds 442 I owned many years ago. The ride and handling is the best of any auto I have owned."

ERNEST W., CT (2014 Honda Accord)

"The acceleration is fantastic good handeling too"

JOSEPH L., WA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Great 4-cylinder engine. It moves well when one wants to accelerate rapidly, although rapid costs in gas mileage. I tend to drive it like I did my 2002 Pontiac Trans Am. However, the best gas mileage I've gotten was 37.5 MPG on the back roads of Florida."

KURT L., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"The only problem with the handling of my v-6 Accord is that the general problem with front wheel drive associated with a powerful engine: accelerating in a turn leads to noticeable torque steering and tire squeal."

KARL F., MA (2014 Honda Accord)

"The automatic transmission selector is confusing and seems to use engine breaking to slow down. The air conditioning causes bad vibration !"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Before purchase was somewhat concerned about CVTransmission. On ce I got used to it, I found it to be a very good experience."

BARRY A., PA (2014 Honda Accord)

"the road noise remains exceeding loud and interferes with conversations. This was an improvement over the 2011 but still less than what is desirable."

S C., NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"People complain endlessly about CVTs, but the CVT in my Accord is better than any automatic transmission I've ever driven. I still miss the manual transmission I had on my last Accord, but Honda has done a great job with the CVT."

RUSS R., UT (2014 Honda Accord)

"It handles it."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"I don't like the CVT "low gear" although there is no gear. It is almost useless to hold speed when going downhill."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda Accord)

"Rides hard but handles and corners like on rails"

PETER E., AZ (2014 Honda Accord)

"The Accord continues to be a solid dependable trustworthy car. We did have a surprising problem. The floor board on the drivers seat was flimsy and started to break through. Honda immediately replaced the boards and gave us very nice weatherized floor maps, as soon as we brought in the car,"

LALEEN D., IL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Sporty handling, great acceleration.."

THOMAS G., NV (2014 Honda Accord)

"CVT is very good and doesn't detract from the car"

Anonymous, WI (2014 Honda Accord)

"It corners really well."

Anonymous, CT (2014 Honda Accord)

"Excellent acceleration and steady handling."

MANUEL H., NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"55 mph trips - over 40 mpg. 65-70 mph trips- 38 mpg. Much quieter than previously-owned Accords."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda Accord)

"Handling is excellent and response is immediate, I love driving this car!"

MANUEL P., TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"Great acceleration, handles well. Love to drive this car."

REBECCA K., OH (2014 Honda Accord)

"The V-6 engine gives me a huge boost of power when it's needed for passing or merging into traffic. Still, I usually average 33-36 MPG per tank fillup. Handling is also way above average for a sedan."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"excellent acceleration and very good handline"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration seems somewhat sluggish. But it is a 4 cylinder, so that may have something to do with it. I have learned to be more aware of where oncoming traffic is when entering a high-speed highway."

STEPHEN R., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Have the sport model and the handling is excellent and very good power when needed- a bit more horsepower than the base model. Also excellent gas mileage."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Honda Accord)

"The CVT transmission is ok, but it does exhibit a slight judder and is not as smooth as a standard transmission. Also when cold there is excessive slip in the transmission unless you give it a minute or two to warm up. I would look for a car with a manual transmission next time."

TERRENCE G., NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"The mileage is great, but the car handles very sluggishly. The steer by wire is slow and the car understeers heavily. The phone, etc. is VERY difficult to work with. Not intuitive at all! You need to be a computer engineer to work the radio/CD/phone. Very clumsy."

ARTHUR B., TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"Plenty of power, smooth ride. Quite on the road"

ROBERT F., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Great acceleration, drives "Smooth" Love the Michellin Tires"

Anonymous, NH (2014 Honda Accord)

"CVT especially well suited to hilly terrain where I live, much smoother & gives better downhill engine braking than 5-sp auto in previous car ('05 Acura TL)."

DAVID N., AR (2014 Honda Accord)

"excellent acceleration. need to be alert to torque steering possibility when accelerating hard from dead stop up to 30 mph. Otherwise handles very well"

CORNELIUS F., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Cvt transmission is very annoying. I will never own a car with a Cvt again."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"Somewhat disappointed with acceleration of this vehicle. I previously owned a 2004 Accord and it performed much better in this area."

GABRIEL B., ON (2014 Honda Accord)

"Handling is stiff, slow to respond to a slight steering adjustment, hard to move/turn the steering wheel, it takes to much effort, pressure to move it."

MARGIE B., MD (2014 Honda Accord)

"very good"

MURRAY A., NS (2014 Honda Accord)

"I previously owned a 1998 Honda Accord, and so did my wife. My Accord was automatic, and hers is stick-shift. In comparison with these 1998 Honda Accords, ours drives like a motorboat for me. It's too big a car for me to handle."

JAMES A., IN (2014 Honda Accord)

"excellent acceleration and great handling. It doesn't feel like a 4 door sedan"

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Accord)

"It's VERY close in driving experience to my previous '03 Saab 9-3, but with much lower (so far) maintenance cost."

DOUGLASS D., VT (2014 Honda Accord)

"Very smooth strong acceleration."

JEFF C., OH (2014 Honda Accord)

"Because this car is a V6, its acceleration is excellent and its handling is very tight."

EUGENE L., CT (2014 Honda Accord)

"I love the way the car handles. The car is just small enough that I feel very comfortable getting in and out of small parking spaces."

WANDA W., NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"On the whole, it is very refined and a great pleasure to drive. The ECO setting get good gas mileage, but it's a bit peppier without it! I do wish a regular automatic transmission was offered for the 4-cylinder version, though the CVT isn't horrible."

RANDALL O., WA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Remarkable performance and fuel economy from the 2.4L engine."

TERRY D., AZ (2014 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I like the two memory positions provided for the driver's seat. This also has an electric passenger seat which is a very nice convenience."

TONY G., MI (2014 Honda Accord)

"Ride of car is hard."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda Accord)

"18" wheels on Sport model are not as compliant as I would prefer on most roads"

ROBERT G., NJ (2014 Honda Accord)

"Everything is great except road noise! Could be improved!"

DOUGLAS B., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Leather seats, climate control, and noise level are all excellent. The ride is a little harsher than I prefer, but tolerable."

CHRISTOPHER N., TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"We can not hold a conversation as the road noise is so loud. We sometimes have to wear ear plugs. We are older people and our hearing is not good to start, and the road noise makes it impossible to hear voices or even the radio without turning up the volume too loud."

MARY M., WA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Seats are very uncomfortable. Ride is stiff compared to my 2008 Accord sedan."

TIMOTHY D., NV (2014 Honda Accord)

"everything works good and very comfortable. very happy with it."

JAMES C., SC (2014 Honda Accord)

"The car is really low to the ground, so it is hard to get in and out of. It makes it ride well, but overall I think it makes it less comfortable."

Anonymous, NH (2014 Honda Accord)

"Noise. I have hearing loss and wear a hearing aid. The road noise is too loud on other than smooth pavements. My only complaint and partly my personal hearing problem is to blame. Still it is not nearly as quiet as the Avalon, my previous car."

LEE P., MO (2014 Honda Accord)

"I think if I bought this car again I would get the power seats the manual seats just don't bend correctly for really comfortable driving position Sad really as my previous 2000 Honda Accord had exceptionally comfortable seats"

JEFFREY W., VT (2014 Honda Accord)

"I'm 6'2" tall and it is a bit too low to the ground getting in and out of the vehicle."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Honda Accord)

"very comfortable seats and back support more cabin noise than expected ride a bit harder than I like"

Anonymous, MN (2014 Honda Accord)

"This car replaced a 2002 Volvo, S-60. It's not quite as good in seat support/comfort or road handling and control."

RALPH W., CT (2014 Honda Accord)

"The passenger seat sits very low in the Honda Accord and has no control. I wish it had controls to make it a bit more comfortable"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"seats, controls, ride and mileage are excellent"

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"I'm not satisfied with the tires that came on the car. After about 12,000 miles they started generating road noise. Coarse surfaced roads cover the noise, but the noise is obvious on smooth roads. This detracts from an otherwise nice car. I'm thinking of changing them out early."

Anonymous, IA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Head rest are uncomfortable, had to turn them backwards. Seat memory has recently not worked."

DONALD L., ME (2014 Honda Accord)

"My wife drives this Honda, getting usually 8-10 mpg more than I do in my Acura."

KAISER D., TN (2014 Honda Accord)

"Front comfortable on long trips. Makes hips ache."

CHARLES C., VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Bad: the right front passenger seat needs better electronic controls - it does not adjust well for a petite person; need to use a pillow!"

L B., TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"The only negative with this model is the front seat headrests. They push your head too far forward making it very uncomfortable."

STEVE K., TN (2014 Honda Accord)

"Seat needs to be more comfortable. It becomes an issue on long drives (2-1/2+ hours)."

Anonymous, OR (2014 Honda Accord)

"Our Accord's seats are very comfortable and supportive. I wish the air conditioner was a little stronger. It's fine when the weather's in the 80s. But when we hit 90s, it takes a LONG time to cool the car down."

Anonymous, KS (2014 Honda Accord)

"Seats are hard and not comftorable for extended trips. Car is noisy. The noise cancellation is ineffective. The car is overly reliant on electronics, when air temps approach 98 deg f the electronic controls overheat resulting in failures of FCW, LDW, camera overheat etc, once cooled down they reset, but it shouldn't' occur to begin with. Radio sound is poor and overly complicated to operate. The air conditioner condenser failed due to rock impingement, this is due to poor design of the air scoop"

TERRENCE G., NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"The air conditioner stopped broke when thin the first month and the warranty didn't cover it. It would only blow warm air. It turns out, the air conditioning system isn't protected. It's uncovered and if a pebble hits it underneath, it breaks. That's what happened. The dealer "fixed" it for over a thousand dollars, but it still doesn't work like it used to. It has to be on the coldest setting to feel anything."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"The Driver seat rubs against center console. It make squeaking sound. Otherwise seats are good."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Seats are not comfortable, head rest can not be adjusted to a comfortable position"

STEPHEN M., TN (2014 Honda Accord)

"just an enjoyable vehicle to drive"

LARRY L., WA (2014 Honda Accord)

"road noise on the highway is a little louder than I would like"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Generally comfort level is good (seats, climate control, ride). However, the road noise level in the passenger cabin is high to the point of being uncomfortable when the road surface is rough."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Honda Accord)

"driver's seat head rest thrusts driver's head forward. very uncomfortable. ride is very stiff & unyielding."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"The low beam lights are awful. I think you do a disservice to your readers by NOT including the low and high beam tests in your auto reviews! If I knew the low beams were so bad I would not have bought the Accord."

LEONARED L., NJ (2014 Honda Accord)

"Difficult to get in and out of the front seats. Too low for an older person."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda Accord)

"Headrests are uncomfortable whereas when resting head it pushes head forward resulting in neck pain."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Car is noisier than I would like"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Road noise reduction could be better."

DAVID H., CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"The seats in this car are not very comfortable. I think these are the least comfortable seats of any car that I have owned. Honda should also put a memory function in the drivers seat at the EX level which I have. They also should have included a leather steering wheel in the EX level rather than the plastic that it has."

MICHAEL M., VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"level of noise from transmission and acceleration"

Anonymous, MD (2014 Honda Accord)

"Passenger seat not as good s driver seat"

Anonymous, MD (2014 Honda Accord)

"rides hard,unless the road is smooth"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"This vehicle is very noisy. The climate control is not very good. You must turn the heat up all the way on high for temperature to be comfortable."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Honda Accord)

"Head rests are not comfortable"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"For me it has been reliable and comfortable. It works really well."

FRANCIS D., NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"Ride is too stiff - slight constant bouncing on any but the most smooth roads can actually make you a little nauseated on longer rides, more so in the rear seats."

GRANVILLE H., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is unaceptable, ride is compromised with he smallest of pavement problems."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Honda Accord)

"I hate the interior road noise. It is annoying on the best of roads. Had a 2012, which was much quieter."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda Accord)

"Love the handling but the firmer suspension and wide tires (Sport model) gives a rougher ride. I Liked the look but didn't consider the ride."

MICHAEL C., MI (2014 Honda Accord)

"I don't have any thing bad to say, I love this car!"

MICHAEL H., OH (2014 Honda Accord)

"This is my 6th Accord. I did take it on a short test drive and mostly was looking at the new controls and displays. I found out when I drove off the lot that I couldn't raise the seat high enough to see completely over the dash and to the edge of the hood. I went out and bought a seat cushion (I'm 5'3). I should have probably returned the car. I didn't know when I drove off the lot that I couldn't raise the seat enough. All the Hondas are the same. I did eventually go back and sit in a Ci"

SUSAN S., IA (2014 Honda Accord)

"seats put my seat down too low. I have to add a wedge cushion to sit higher. Have trouble adjusting heat when it's cold."

JOYCE N., CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Compared to our previous 2007 Honda Accord, the 2014 model is quieter. Less road noise intrudes into the cabin. The ride is firm and composed like the earlier version which we like. Seats are firm and comfortable, could use more lumbar support. Rear seat does not have a split fold down. In our hot climate the AC is slow the cool down the cabin. The dealer offers a more effective refrigerant for $100, but this should be stock in our opinion. There is some engine noise that intrudes into the cabin"

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Honda Accord)

"Great value for the money. Handles very well, great seats, great fuel economy. A delight to drive and own."

WILLIAM K., MI (2014 Honda Accord)

"ALL of the above:very good"

MURRAY A., NS (2014 Honda Accord)

"Seat comfort"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Very pleased with how quiet it is on our travels. Very comfortable ride, yet for a sedan superb handling."

GERALD E., GA (2014 Honda Accord)

"seats adjust - but lumbar support is lousy"

RICHARD A., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"The ride is somewhat hard, but it's a trade off with the car's superb handling"

PETER E., AZ (2014 Honda Accord)

"V6 acceleration excellent. Handling very good. noise acceptable for a car of this price. Excellent visibility. Like the idea of getting it all for a fixed price (safety features, comfort features etc.)"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Drivers seat does not give the visibility I expect. For instance, our 2001 Accord LX was easier to gauge where the right front wheel was located while seated in the drivers seat. Some height can be achieved through the hydraulic hand pump, however it isn't quite enough. Also, after pumping up the drivers seat, the height you put in is lost through slow leakage or bad seals."

DAVID C., NJ (2014 Honda Accord)

"very good"

ADRIAN A., CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Drivers seat won't accommodate wife's short stature. She can't drive it."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Overall a very good value, but ride is a bit harsh. Paint is thin and some interior plastics are scratched too easily. Roomy interior, even back seat is roomy. Should use acoustical glass and more insulation to reduce noise."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Climate control effective, in dash rattles, fairly good ride"

VINCENT D., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Roomy interior, good leg room, great visibility, quiet ride"

Anonymous, MD (2014 Honda Accord)

"Gas Mileage is good for the size of the car, handles well and low cost maintenance."

KENNETH C., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"The car is somewhat noisy."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"I do not think the seats are very comfortable on a long trip."

JAMES B., AL (2014 Honda Accord)

"I experience wind noise when driving at highway speeds"

GREGORY J., IL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Climate control needs adjustment frequently during driving. More than our Ford F150 truck and Honda Element. Seats are not as comfortable as Buick."

DARYL P., IA (2014 Honda Accord)

"The comfort and the height of the seats were a major selling point for me. However, there is a bit more air noise than I would like in a car, but it is not a luxury car so I'm not so disappointed."

WANDA W., NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"There needs to be more/ better storage room in the front. The glove box and center console are inadequate."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"Seats very comfortable; ride is awful--harsh and stiff"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Very comfortable, roomy and economical with upscale features at a moderate price. A lot of car for the money."

STEPHEN H., TN (2014 Honda Accord)

"Rough ride relative to competitive vehicles"

DOUGLAS G., MO (2014 Honda Accord)

"Lumbar support for driver's seat is wonderful. Driver's seat might be the most comfortable piece of furniture I own. I look forward to driving the car just because the seat is so comfortable."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Seats and head rest are not as comfortable to me as my Civic. Head rest leans forward to much. The pump up seat height adjust leaks down overnight. Dealer says that's normal."

JOHN A., NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"There is a very annoying rattling noise coming from the dash area. The navigation system is terrible."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"The sound system and speakers along with the low road noise is the best I've hear. Most of the controls are easy to access on the steering wheel. The seats have very good back support with easy adjustment positions. The ride is a little stiff but in the curves it hands like a sports car."

GREGORY K., WI (2014 Honda Accord)

"Seats have terrific support and comfort, very quiet ride."

EUGENE L., CT (2014 Honda Accord)

"Heat not satisfactory"

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Stay up with competition and offer options like heated steering wheel. Get a simpler infotainment set up. Stereo needs to be a better quality."

BRUCE F., MB (2014 Honda Accord)

"Road noise is louder than I would expect for a car made in 2014 and the premium version we purchased"

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Accord)

"LOVE the heated seats in the Winter months. they are pretty quick to warm up to a very comfortable level, and, with the adjustments in all directions, including height, this car is an absolute JOY to drive."

RALPH H., TN (2014 Honda Accord)

"Hard ride, feel every little pimple in road (as with all foreign cars). Seats a little hard also."

ROBERTA B., NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"The ride is a little harsh on many roads. It may be the tires rather than the vehicle. They are inflated correctly."

R M., CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"I have tested accords for many years. The 2014 Accord was the first that fit both my legs and arms. My feet comfortably fell on the pedals while my hands comfortably fell on the steering wheel. Minor adjustments kept even 20 hours driving comfortable."

DONALD H., MN (2014 Honda Accord)

"Only negative is about the seating for shorter drivers. There are no adjustable pedals (the 2004 Lexus ES330 I owned previously had them) so the seat had to be pulled forward so far that I was not in the safe zone for the air bag. The head rest is angled so much that my head was pushed forward and I could not move the visor to the side window. I ended up getting mobility adaptive equipment in the form of pedal extenders."

JERI S., IL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Nice car for driving on trips. Like that the drivers seat goes up & down automatically to help me get in and out of car. Generally like safety of electronics particularly lane warning."

H M., MD (2014 Honda Accord)

"Air conditioning is not up to the task."

Anonymous, NM (2014 Honda Accord)

"Climate controls out of the way (too low) and difficult to see and adjust. Seats OK but not great."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Seats are too low for my 78 yr old bones. They lack an adjustable lumbar positioner."

ALLAN F., IL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Front leg room is too small (42.5 inches). My old civic has just just about the same leg room (42.2 inches). Why?"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"My wife finds the passenger side seat, specifically the back of the seat to be somewhat uncomfortable, so she uses a small pillow to provide more lower back support. The ride seems sometimes to be somewhat "rough and noisy" but I haven't really determined if it is road noise due to the road bed or possible the tire tread. I won't know for use until I have to replace the tires that came factory installed. I am very previous with the drive train, acceleration, CVT transmission, and mileage. Hi"

C P., GA (2014 Honda Accord)

"I'm 6' 6" and these seats have enough adjustability to fit me fine. I would like more leg room. Here in Bakersfield, CA, air conditioning is critical and the Accord's A/C is excellent. It cools the cabin quickly and can even give you a chill when it's 111 degrees outside. The ride is a little noisy, but handling is very good."

DONALD D., CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"driver's seat is very uncomfortable. Car is an EXL model You rated it very good. One of the reasons I bought the car. Next time I will do more research on the forums on the internet and take your rating with a grain of salt!"

Anonymous, GA (2014 Honda Accord)

"It is very comfortable to drive. My only complaint is somewhat cramped cabin space. However, I probably feel that way because my previous vehicle was an Odyssey van."

CLINTON W., TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"Typical of a Honda, road noise (tire and wind) is always apparent. The ride is harsh for a mainstream family sedan. The seats are firm but very comfortable for me."

MIKE D., AL (2014 Honda Accord)

"The seats are not very comfortable for the driver. The overall ride is good."

L K., NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"The passenger seat is very uncomfortable for me. The head rest puts my head too forward. The seat dips too far down in the back and causes lots of hip discomfort. There isn't enough ways to adjust it to fit. Next time I'll check the seats before buying."

PHILIP V., OR (2014 Honda Accord)

"Excellent driving position. Excellent rear seat comfort"

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Accord)

"seats,cc excellent. ride firm,car tracks perfectly. some road noise probably from tires has been elusive to track down and fix"

CORNELIUS F., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"I'm 83. It was built for a younger person. It's a little hard to get into and out of for me, but I love it anyway!"

KENNETH B., KY (2014 Honda Accord)

"The phone connection to Pandora frequently fails."

JEAN L., NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"There is a slight bit of excessive road noise."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"Passenger front seat uncomfortable on long trips."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"Still too much wind and road noise. A little sound deadening vs the poorly executed active noise cancellation would have been more effective. Putting the defroster on high causes the noise cancellation to create a low frequency rumble. Cup holder, door cards, and seatbelt anchors constantly rattle/sqeak. Audio system was over advertised and fails to deliver."

JEFFREY L., PA (2014 Honda Accord)

"The electronic seat control makes driving comfort exceptional"

Anonymous, IN (2014 Honda Accord)

"One should not need a cushion to sit high enough in a car to be comfortable. The seats are just not comfortable nor do they adjust to make driving comfortable. We have made our own adjustments as best as we could with cushions. Okay for around town, but not for long trips."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Honda Accord)

"Drivers seat seems a bit lumpy."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"Seats and climate control"

SIGMUND G., NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"Excellent in all those areas."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Sometimes road noise is very noticeable. Seldom on phone in car but most times the noise makes it hard for both me and the caller to hear on the roads I normally use. In fact, I can only recall ONE telephone call (on a seldom used route) that the call was crystal clear."

SHELBY V., TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"Driving position is TOO low. Hard to get in and out of car. Insufficient legroom to fully extend legs to nearly straight. (I am 6', 240#.) So, with knees bent somewhat, outer aspect of right knee hits against center console which is uncomfortable. I could get a bit more leg room by lowering the power seat further, which coincidentally moves the seat back, too, but I don't want to go lower. For longer trips, I take a foam pad with me to put between my knee and the console. This is a bit of a PITA"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"The seat dips at the back causing my right leg to go to sleep.I cannot adjust the seat to correct this. I have to sit on a pillow. Other than that everything is excellent."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Honda Accord)

"Ride is a little rougher than expected. Can be tiring on long journys"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"the car is exceptionally quiet, much more so than other cars in its class."

JOSEPH G., MA (2014 Honda Accord)

"I've had to track down rattle noises and find fixes for them"

EDWARD K., NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"cramped leg room for long trips, around town is okay."

Anonymous, KY (2014 Honda Accord)

"The driver seat goes up or down. Great it takes the drivers height into consideration."

MAUREEN B., NJ (2014 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Excellent gas mileage"

D F., VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"The 2014 Honda Accord gives excellent performance and looks nice doing it. Excellent gas mileage, great acceleration I have no "cons" for my Honda."

CAROL M., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"excellent car for the price"

BILL V., OH (2014 Honda Accord)

"Love the looks of the car and how much value it has compared to other vehicles."

ROBERT K., WI (2014 Honda Accord)

"Includes most of the features of the more upscale Acura, including individual climate control, sunroof, etc., plus important safety equipment like rear and blind spot camera. All for 23k."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda Accord)

"Great driving experience. Good ride, very economical and fun to drive"

MAURICE H., NH (2014 Honda Accord)

"Its actually a good value for the money. Its just frustrating how the pennies they saved on sound deadening impact the noise level and audio performance."

JEFFREY L., PA (2014 Honda Accord)

"The 2014 Honda Accord did not come with any Roadside Service. You had to purchase this for a price. Not provided otherwise. Had two batteries replaced with 17K on the mileage guage and had to use a towing company to get me started. 2015 models NOW include this coverage. Also, two batteries replaced in 2 `/2 Yrs. Awful."

MICHAEL P., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"The Accord is worth the money in every area. We can get up to 42+mpg with it in normal driving. The only bad thing is that it will make more than normal noise on rumble strips. This Honda is worth the money- just wish it had air-cooled seats."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Honda Accord)

"This is our 3rd Honda Accord sedan V6. All excellent value. Very reliable, no problems. Very good acceleration, nice handling, smooth steady ride, excellent on highways for long trips, very sturdy, solid feel."

MANUEL H., NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"The styling is awesome Although the 3.5 L V6 is no Z06. Corvette the acceleration is impressive The inside design is impressive although the seats could be a little more comfortable Also the two-tone leather would've been nicer if there was different color options For a two door coupe it is fairly roomy and has a large trunk The headlights are nice and the fog lights work very well The layout of the controls are extremely well positioned And the number"

AL D., UT (2014 Honda Accord)

"Just keeps running, flawless, and fun to drive."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"A ton of safety features that I love"

JEAN L., NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"Excellent driving vehicle, comfortable, great mileage and handling. Could have spent more but wanted vehicle that would hold value, be inexpensive to operate, and was reliable. Got it all."

J F., IN (2014 Honda Accord)

"The value drops considerably after a couple of years with high road miles. Very frustrating and unexpected. Reflecting back, it would have been better to have purchased a used newer Honda, rather than pay full price, cash, for the 2014 Honda I bought. Now planning to gift it to one of my children rather than trade in when I buy a new vehicle."

L B., TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"Great car for the money. Very reliable"

RICHARD G., MA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Excellent value for the money"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Safety features wanted were much less than Ford or Acura"

DAVID D., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Did shopping on-line to determine what I considered a reasonable price for the vehicle I wanted. I went to the dealership and looked at a car. Negotiations went quickly. I didn't receive a high pressure sales job to buy things I didn't want. Wife drove off in the car that afternoon. Good experience."

KENNETH A., OK (2014 Honda Accord)

"Best overall vehicle for the price. Build quality, reliability, fuel economy are all excellent. Resale is very high. Awesome value."

RICHARD T., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Got a good price on car; gets very good gas milage."

JOHN P., CO (2014 Honda Accord)

"When I drove the car we had for trade in to the dealership I told them I wanted a 2014 with just exactly what that vehicle had. I didn't realize until much later that there were several features missing. I didn't get what I expected, I got what they had on hand. Very unhappy with the dealer."

HICKORY S., OK (2014 Honda Accord)

"All I can say it is a Honda. Reliable, comfortable, economical and very fun to drive. This is my 7th Honda. I always get great value from Honda"

JOSEPH L., WA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Disappointed that for all I spent on options that garage remote was not an option. All my other Hondas have it. VERY disappointed in the navigation system. Way too much trouble to program. POOR value for the $1500 price tag."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Honda Accord)

"We have had Hondas for several years and this is the first one that seems to stain immediately from things like bird droppings. I usually wax my Honda twice a year with Meguire's products but this Accord already has spots I cannot get off."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"I utilized your True Car system to get offers on line and validate the cost via phone before going to a car lot. Many times certain dealerships misrepresent the bottom line price even with the True Car system (i.e. Gwinnett Place Honda) so you have to force them to tell the truth on the phone."

JOHN S., GA (2014 Honda Accord)

"for ~50k i would expect back up camera and navigation to be included standard"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"Safety assist features"

ANTHONY S., MS (2014 Honda Accord)

"if I drive under 75 mph on the interstate I average 40 MPH or better. I traded in a 2011 Accord with 65,000 and got a great deal on that car toward the new 2014."

S C., NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"The ride is somewhat stiff. The 4 cylinder engine has enough torque and power to have strong acceleration on the steepest hills (Sierras). The CVT transmission is smooth and so far reliable."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"I feel this car was overpriced compared to it's competition."

GARY H., SC (2014 Honda Accord)

"CVT is very good Sets are not comfortable Air and road noise"

IGOR B., TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"The finish on the Cruise Control button started to wear off at about 15k miles. Dealer said it wasn't covered under warranty. First time this has happened in 4 Hondas. Oldest was 12 years old when I sold it."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"Great price for numerous feature that were EX featurs in 2012. Good mileage."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"Great gas mileage and very comfortable, love the features on EX-L model"

ARTHUR K., VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"I bought the Sport version with the 6-speed manual, out the door for $22,250. A lot of fun to drive, a very good transmission and a lot of car for the money. Very roomy, good size trunkand no problems at all with 44k miles."

GORDON L., VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"$185 per month sign and drive lease. Great value."

GARY W., WI (2014 Honda Accord)

"More complex than the old stuff. It should be moved closer and angled towards the driver."

Anonymous, CT (2014 Honda Accord)

"Gas mileage is good but haven't been on any long trips yet to find actual mileage on trips but around town OK. Has a mirror on the driver's side that let's you see when someone is next to you. fully loaded and has all the bells and whistles."

JAMES C., SC (2014 Honda Accord)

"Reliability. Overpriced."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Retains resale value better then other makes"

DAVID D., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"One of the best vehicles for value that I have ever had. Manual Sport model"

Anonymous, CO (2014 Honda Accord)

"I paid less than the amount True Car said was a good deal in our area and with no haggling."

Anonymous, SC (2014 Honda Accord)

"affordable lease for our budget"

Anonymous, IN (2014 Honda Accord)

"yhe Honda accord for the money spent is by far a much better choice than other sedans costing 10, 000 to 15,0000 more just a solid car with good resale value"

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Honda Accord)

"extended warranty very expensive and i was sold an aftermarket warranty i thought was a honda product for this reason i would not purchase another honda product."

ROGER W., SC (2014 Honda Accord)

"One of the best driving cars I have ever own."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"see prior entry"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"To get the quality fit and finish of this vehicle for $24,000 is incredible. I have had co-workers comment on how beautiful the leather seats are and on the overall quality of the dash and interior."

MICHAEL O., FL (2014 Honda Accord)


RONALD K., BC (2014 Honda Accord)

"I am completely satisfied with the value I got with my 2014 Honda Accord. To me, it's the best car on the market for the price."

TOM C., NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"Excellent Car"

LARRY E., MD (2014 Honda Accord)

"Excellent car. Well built with no flaws. A lot of car for the money."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say


Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Like the outside. Wish I had picked a different color, don't care for the all black interior, but that is what I picked and will have to live with. Not Honda's fault."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Honda Accord)

"One of the most beautiful styling sedan"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda Accord)

"styling is excellent"

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"I got the sport version of the Accord and I like the look and the color."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"it is a sleek and elegant looking car inside and out."

PAULETTE T., VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Easy to see all controls on dash and lighting is great."

Anonymous, SC (2014 Honda Accord)

"The seat material gets dirty easily, shows stains even if just water."

Anonymous, MO (2014 Honda Accord)

"It's not a bad looking car."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Appearance-Looks real classy"

WAYNE S., WV (2014 Honda Accord)

"you have to stretch a mile to close the doors"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Accord)

"Good: Has an overall "sporty" look. Bad: The roofline slopes too rapidly from top to rear that, combined with a rear side window that doesn't extend very far back, makes the rear end of the car appear stretched out too far; the large rear window extends over rear passengers' heads, exposing them to direct sunlight."

LAWRENCE P., VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"It's over 2 years old and the basque red paid still gleams. I love the extra chrome on it, especially that little piece below the back bumper. I get frequent compliments about what a pretty car it is."

DIANNE H., TX (2014 Honda Accord)

"The gull-wing on the trunk."

KAISER D., TN (2014 Honda Accord)

"Sport model has reduced trunk space."

JOHN S., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Nice looking exterior, functional interior, controls very easy to use and understand, intuitive"

VINCENT D., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"The material used on the LX interior is difficult to keep clean and readily shows any dirt."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda Accord)

"The lines between panels, doors, hood and other areas seem to be off"

TERRANCE F., OR (2014 Honda Accord)

"It looks nice, pleasing to the eye"

ROBERT F., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"It's so quiet that I sometimes can't tell without looking at the dash, if I've turned off the engine. It provides a very comfortable ride. This is very minor, but the only thing I don't like is where the cup holder is situated. I'd prefer that it was closer to the dashboard, so I could see it peripherally. As it is I have to take my eyes off the road if I need to look at it for any reason."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda Accord)

"Not too many mid size 2 door coupes. So Accord is unique . I like the styling!"

PETER S., FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"I wish I had upgraded to get leather seats. The light colored gray cloth seats look nice and are comfortable, but show dirt and stains,and will show much more wear over life of car. I wish car had more storage, readily accessible to driver's seat."

SUZANNE P., MD (2014 Honda Accord)

"Leather steering wheel cover surface peel off, probably caused by my oily skin. Replaced twice on warranty but peeling condition commenced each time within 2-3 months. Irritating but minor."

TOM B., WA (2014 Honda Accord)

"This is best Accord in years. I think it is absolutely beautiful. My only wish is that the EX came with dual exhaust."

JANE C., MD (2014 Honda Accord)

"run out of the mill look"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"The styling of the car is of course very subjective. However, the car has very clean lines."

GLOVER S., MO (2014 Honda Accord)

"generic styling that looks goods"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"I have the Sport model. The small wing on the trunk lid and the duel exhaust and sport wheels make the car stand out from the other Accords."

DAVID S., VA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Looks like every other mid-size family sedan"

Anonymous, NV (2014 Honda Accord)

"better looking than the camry or Altima mazda"

Anonymous, MN (2014 Honda Accord)

"Rides too low to ground. Front bumper scrapes curbs and causes body damage if you are not very careful to avoid all curbs when parking vehicle."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Accord)

"Very good looking vehicle inside and out."

REBECCA K., OH (2014 Honda Accord)

"Sport model caught my eye on the showroom floor. Cut butt!"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"We had an interest in the Honda Accord, Chevrolet Malibu. We needed a vehicle that gave us enough head room to get our 2 yr old grandson out of his car seat. The Malibu has a steep angle in the rear roof. Was too hard for me to get in the backseat without stooping low & hitting my head. Plus I didn't like the style. The Honda Accord has a lot more headroom in the rear. I love the styling. It's sleek & looks high end. We have the Sport in black & it's sharp. The chrome dual exhaust, the seats are"

Anonymous, IL (2014 Honda Accord)

"Nice looking car."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Accord)

"very good"

ADRIAN A., CA (2014 Honda Accord)

"My Accord coupe is very sharp, one of the best looking cars I have owned."

JERE H., TN (2014 Honda Accord)

"Car is a little boxy in style. I much prefer the sloping back of the redesigned Civic or the curved ends of the older Accord models"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda Accord)

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