This version of the Honda Accord stands out as a comfortable, roomy, and efficient midsized sedan. It's also nice to drive and easy to live with. When matched with the smooth continuously variable transmission, the standard Accord's 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine squeezes out an excellent 30 mpg overall and 40 on the highway. That's better than most smaller compact cars and even some subcompacts.
There are 3 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"278 horse power. Wow."

SID L., FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Fuel economy"

JESUS P., PR (2015 Honda Accord)

"Was initially impressed with CVT but now wish for a traditional auto gearbox. Hesitation/hunting common on more aggressive acceleration diminishing confidence and refinement. Engine roars on modest highway upgrades unless "eco" mode engaged. Far to easy to overshoot "D" (drive) when shifting from park or reverse."

DAVID B., NY (2015 Honda Accord)

"The gas mileage for a 'larger' car like the Accord I thought to be very good. On the highway, I get 35 to 38 mpg, while in reasonable city driving I get upper 28 -30 mpg."

G G., IL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Handles extremely well. I especially like the cvt."

JOHN C., MD (2015 Honda Accord)

"Car too wide. Wheel base too long. Can not see out of rear window"

Anonymous, MD (2015 Honda Accord)

"The highway gas mileage has been outstanding- usually 37 to 40 mpg. The electronic display encourages thrifty driving and I find it is training me to slow down, not accelerate as quickly, etc. My monthly gas bill has dropped dramatically while still giving a comfortable ride, although at times a bit noisy."

MIKE N., FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Handling of My2003 Accord was very good. I found this Accord sport to be a step better, it is very tight and not mushy like a Toyota Camry. Acceleration is very good (not BMW or Porsche mind you but V good for a sedan) and if you are cruising at 50, 60 or 70 and need a burst of speed to pass or get out of a bad spot the Accord Sport has the acceleration and response to do it."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Honda Accord)

"Absolutely love this car and so far has been very reliable. However I wish it had a ride more on the level of Volkswagen - My trim line seems to have scimped on road isolation and on the rough roads in the Northeast bumps can heard a little too much - Driving a Golf TSI on holiday in Europe left me wishing this Honda had the ride of that car - If it did this car would score an 11 out of 10."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Honda Accord)

"Drives like a dream. The side mirror camera is incredibly helpful. The automated collision avoidance system is a little oversensitive for rush hour traffic, but on road trips, it's great!"

GLORIA K., TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"Soon after purchase, we drove from western OK to Mesa, AZ. Excellent automobile"

CHARLENE S., OK (2015 Honda Accord)

"Very responsive acceleration"

Anonymous, VA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Handles beautifully. Good solid, quiet ride."

PHYLLIS P., NJ (2015 Honda Accord)

"The transmission is "choppy" at best. I don't like how it changes up and down in a jumpy manner. It should be seamless like other brands."

KIERAN M., OH (2015 Honda Accord)

"Handling and acceleration on par with previous Accords which is to say it is very good."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Honda Accord)

"It has very good handling and acceleration, even though it is the regular 4 cylinder. The automatic CV transmission is very smooth. Car is easy to drive."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"The car has very good pick-up, but can still return 38 mpg while running at 70 mph on the interstate."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Honda Accord)

"The CVT transmission means that I don't need to "help" the transmission shift gears when accelerating. It also seems to have faster acceleration that the regular automatic on my old 2006 Accord."

Anonymous, BC (2015 Honda Accord)

"The CVT is not refined and provides some oscillation when accelerating."

CRAIG L., AL (2015 Honda Accord)

"It has been perfect in every category."

F R., IL (2015 Honda Accord)

"good driver but a bit underpowered."

CLIFFORD S., FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration is outstanding!"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Good fuel economy, and responsive acceleration. The car is too light, and wanders all over the road in a crosswind. The road noise is objectionable."

Anonymous, SK (2015 Honda Accord)

"Perky. Handles well. Camera Screen a little grainy. Good sound system. Great fuel economy. Leather package a plus. Nice exterior. Roomy. Great visibility. Some noise leak in front passenger window. Good legroom."

Anonymous, TN (2015 Honda Accord)

"Power is more than adequate in all situations. We live in high Desert area surrounded by mountains. The car handles very well and the mileage is excellent. It does well in slippery conditions"

CHARLES B., OR (2015 Honda Accord)

"I was a little concerned about whether I would like the feel of the CVT but turns out that I do not at all miss the feeling of gears shifting. The Honda CVT is fine and the service people tell me there is a lot less to go wrong than with traditional transmissions."

EDWARD B., WI (2015 Honda Accord)

"drives like a new car should"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Honda Accord)

"Good steering and road feel. Good acceleration and smooth ride. Good fuel economy."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Honda Accord)

"only bad thing rides kind of rough"

ANTONIO H., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"AWESOME Handling ... Outstanding response. I traded a 2005 Corvette for this Accord and the Accord's handling is as responsive as my Corvette was. Acceleration is surprisingly much better than I expected, for a 4-cyclinder. The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is the quickest and smoothest transmission I have ever driven."

DONALD H., FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Has eco option which limits acceleration which helps with mg - I like this option. Ride is quite smooth. Both my wife and I are pleased with the ride and comfort. Handles well in variety of situations."

Anonymous, MO (2015 Honda Accord)

"Handling is excellent. Better tires would help in sharp cornering. Acceleration is sluggish, not as responsive as I would like, largely due to CVT. I don't like the CVT. This will affect my next purchase decision."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Honda Accord)


GARY H., AZ (2015 Honda Accord)

"Handles very well, acceleration almost like a sports car."

ROY V., OH (2015 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration is outstanding for this car"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Easy handling and great on acceleration."

JERRY H., CO (2015 Honda Accord)

"The Accord is like driving a BMW that cost a lot less and is more reliable and less expensive to own. It's a poor man' BNW for this soon to eighty year old man, namel me."

NANCY D., NY (2015 Honda Accord)

"I've a 4 cyl & it has plenty of pick up. I do a lot of highway driving, speed limit 70 mph, and the car handles excellent."

MICHAEL S., NC (2015 Honda Accord)

"ABSOLUTELY should have the same left hand lane change camera as the right hand side has. ABSOLUTELY should have NO switch for headlights. They should be on automatically when the car is started AND there should be a free 10 year recall - all makes + models across North America and a minimum $2000 Fine for noncompliance for any driver. That is 80 to 90 million vehicles and with a simple electronic or manual change at a very minimal charge. 15+ years ago I had it done to 3 different manufactur"

G S., ON (2015 Honda Accord)

"Compared to other cars I have driven, the acceleration and handling of the Honda Accord is very impressive."

AMANEE S., GA (2015 Honda Accord)

"rear camera, handling, wish it had electronic seats that wouls have required much more money"

MYRON G., NY (2015 Honda Accord)

"Nice acceleration for a car that gets this kind of gas mileage, without hesitation or whine. Handling is smooth and crisp. Very nice."

ROBERT W., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Great acceleration with the 4-cylinder CVT. No hesitations. Electronic steering handles well, and makes driving a pleasure."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"The drive and handling is terrific. Fun car to drive. Extremely responsive. Has sports car feel in a sedan."

STERLING C., TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"We were impressed with how well the 4-cylinder engine responded during (reasonable) accelleration but there is one problem: during slow moving traffic where a very light throttle is required, but then the traffic opens up and we want to pick up matching speed, the gearing doesn't respond, the car is somewhat unresponsive. Pushing more firmly on the throttle is risky so that doesn't work. It is necessary, in one fluid motion, to take the foot completely off the throttle then squeeze it down agai"

R M., MA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Good acceleration, competent handling. Seat side bolsters are not sufficient for spirited driving"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"very pleased with the entire package given price point and mileage, even considering if we paid closer to sticker"

MICHAEL B., MA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Great acceleration rate, and easy handling."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Just what you want in a car......"

ED M., IN (2015 Honda Accord)

"Easy to increase speed and safety features warn me if drifting to another lane."

JULIE W., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Very smooth, very quiet, very powerful and incredibly high gas mileage."

LAURA E., GA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Vey powerful and excellent control and quietness. I'm impressed with the fantastic gas mileage for a car this capable."

J T., VA (2015 Honda Accord)

"I was pleasantly surprised at how the 4 cylinder engine performed. Initially, I was considering the 6 cylinder engine."

LARRY W., CA (2015 Honda Accord)


JERRY G., KY (2015 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration is fantastic (V6), and handling is nimble and sporty,yet comfortable"

ALAN N., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"I like the v-6 engine; the acceleration is quick and the gas mileage is reasonable."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Honda Accord)

"Drive is very smooth."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Sluggish due to the cvt transmission."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Poor acceleration, brake pulsation"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Honda Accord)

"Seems to accelerate less quickly than it actually does, due to CVT. Other transmission settings (S, L) dramatically improve acceleration."

JOHN R., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"The acceleration is smooth and powerful and the handling is superb. Also, the car operates very quietly."

RON D., NJ (2015 Honda Accord)

"Too much road/tire noise. Ride could be softer. During first shift of the day there is a hesitation when shifting from revers to drive. Dealer says this is normal."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"It has a 189 hp 4 cylinder Sport, and I'm very happy with the acceleration. You can't compare it to these faster cars, but when you get on it and click the downshift paddle, it get's up and goes."

CURTIS M., IL (2015 Honda Accord)

"The V6 Accord is faster than my muscle car of the 1960's. It handles superbly and provides 35 MPG."

RICHARD R., IL (2015 Honda Accord)

"excellent handling and acceleration is preppy."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Honda Accord)

"I enjoythe way the car handles, but the CVT transmission is not any thing to write home about."

B W., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"I have the Sport model w/ dealer added leather seats. Love it. Enough power for most situations great millage, comfortable ride etc. but noisey. Not overpoweringly loud but road noise is prevalent."

JOSEPH C., NC (2015 Honda Accord)

"So, this thing has tons of power and aggressive gearing giving you great acceleration. The problem is this car is only good in a straight line. It understeers like a boat. Also, honda did a great job tuning out the torque steer. The problem is this is the most powerful car in the Honda lineup and it doesnt even have LSD. If this thing turned a bit more neutral and had an LSD it would be an amazing car, but I guess they didnt want it to compete with the civic SI. I will be trading this in i"

JOSH M., TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration is outstanding. I have owned and driven many cars for 45 years and this one has had the best combination of engine and transmission (cvt) of all. The cvt seems to be the key. Frankly I would not want a more powerful combination for street driving"

DAN C., VA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration and handling are great. Drives more like a sport sedan than a sedan."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration is very adequate for a 4-cyl, even on "econo" mode; I would never recommend anyone opting for the V-6. Handling is hampered by vague steering which allows for inadvertent drifting from lane."

ROBERT N., CA (2015 Honda Accord)


WILMA R., TN (2015 Honda Accord)

"Firm ride and responsive handling with very little body roll. Acceleration is just acceptable. Braking is firm and responsive. Less road noise than previous Accords I have owned. Great visibility from the drivers seat."

RICHARD R., ME (2015 Honda Accord)

"good acceleration, interior look"

TUAN N., MD (2015 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The Accord does not take the bumps nearly as well as the same year Toyota Camry; but it has nice gadgets such as the side view camera."

STEPHEN C., IN (2015 Honda Accord)

"I can't find the lumbar support. I don't think it came with any. My middle back sinks into the seat."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Honda Accord)

"The seats have become less comfortable over time."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Honda Accord)

"The seats are very uncomfortable especially on a long road trip."

JAMES R., FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Front seats require more lumbar support. Ride can feel choppy at times. Car has great control. Climate controls are great. There is a little noise in the cabinet at highways speed."

KNEIL D., ON (2015 Honda Accord)

"seats are cheaply made and do not compare to my 2009 accord. the floor mats are already worn out, again cheaply made.road noise is still an issue and it is harder to get out of the car. separate climate controls for a coupe is just plain silly. i will wait till last day of warranty, but on that day i will ask for new floor mats as these are already worn out. sadly cheap."

STEVE Y., TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"Interior noise is higher than I like. Seats could be more comfortable. Everything else is fine."

Anonymous, MS (2015 Honda Accord)

"The leather seats are very comfortable."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Honda Accord)

"Seat is not real comfortable for long trips. Ride is very smooth and acceleration great. Getting in and out of car somewhat difficult."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Honda Accord)

"Exterior noise suppression should be improved"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Honda is a little noisey and rides too hard."

GEORGE P., IL (2015 Honda Accord)

"This is minor, but when you raise the seat (I like a high driving position even though I am tall) the seat not only moves up, but also moves forward. I would like it if the seat only moved up."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Honda Accord)

"The seats are not as supportive as I would like, though I do have auto lumbar support. And though I knew this going in, Hondas are noisier than I would like, especially road noise. I also wish it cornered flatter."

BILL J., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Car should be quiter"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Honda Accord)

"noise - bad - cvt"

Anonymous, OH (2015 Honda Accord)

"very quite while driving. seats are easily adjusted."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Seats could have more lumbar support. Not as comfortable as before. Placement of seat belt buckle is not convenient and awkward."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"The ride is harder than I would have liked. With 4 people in car, the car seems to bottom out on any bumps."

Anonymous, TN (2015 Honda Accord)

"Only complaint is the ride. It feels stiff and we notice all the bumps in the road. But all the rest such as seats, climate control, handling are fine."

M K., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Outside road noise is louder than the previous 2009 model"

LEEANN M., MD (2015 Honda Accord)

"Ifound the seats a little "lumpy". However other drivers did not ."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Honda Accord)

"There is definitely road noise while driving and I would like a few more options when operating the GPS system. Also the voice system is hard for me to understand, so I don't use it."

Anonymous, SC (2015 Honda Accord)

"Very comfortable."

CLIFFORD S., FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Seat are very comfortable - easy to get in and out of."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Everything is excellent except road noise level inside the car and ride. Rides very tight, bumpy, like a sports car as opposed to cushy (if that is the acceptable word)"

SHERRY C., AR (2015 Honda Accord)

"The seats are stiff and uncomfortable. Hondas/Acuras have always had a problem with the seat bottoms being too short (i.e. not extending far enough towards the front of the vehicle). I don't know why they can't fix it, but I'm constantly falling out of my seat, and end up sore after two plus hours in the car."

DANIEL R., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"It is not as comfortable as previous cars on long trips. Seems to be tiring of driving it for very long."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Honda Accord)

"Very comfortable road auto."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"With my climate control, the air conditioning system works great, but the heating is not good at all. I've brought it back several times and it's a little better after the last. Living in Florida it's less important here but if I lived in the north it would be a big problem."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Pass. front seat is TOO LOW! Power does not go up or down."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"The 2015 Accord ride is very hard and should be refined"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Honda Accord)

"Great quiet ride"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"It took a while to get used to the driver's headrest position. The road noise is much greater than my previous car - Buick Allure."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Honda Accord)

"Ride is stiff and "road feel" is pronounced, especially on long trips. OEM Bridgestone tires are VERY noisy! Seats are very comfortable and the amount of room inside is awesome!"

DONALD H., FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"The ride is extremely choppy-suspension gives a very rough ride on anything but a "billiard table smooth" road"

Anonymous, NS (2015 Honda Accord)

"A little noisy. A little bumpy."

VICI M., MO (2015 Honda Accord)

"Well designed, easy to adjust, good materials"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"The door is large and is somewhat difficult to get out of the car"

KENNETH L., GA (2015 Honda Accord)

"A little soft and small"

WILLIAM P., NC (2015 Honda Accord)

"The front seat head rests are extremely comfortable and supportive. They actually cradle your head."

ANTHONY I., CO (2015 Honda Accord)

"Seats are "painful" for my 6 ft. 195 lb. body after more than two hours driving. Not exaggerating! PAINFUL I can drive all day in my Tiguan."

REINHOLD B., PA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Previous car 2001 Honda Accord v6. In town mileage not that different, takes forever to get heat, leather not as high quality."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Noise level high on highway, could be the OEM tires. But noise cancellation doesn't work."

L H., FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"the climate control is the least comfortable factor."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"I love this automobile, but Honda needs to improve the design in order to reduce road noise. When traveling on a smooth surface, there is no problem, but when encountering rough or bumpy surfaces, the noise is very distracting."

FRANK V., TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"Would like to have a quieter vehicle."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Needs more lumbar support for long trips"

Anonymous, TN (2015 Honda Accord)

"poorly positioned arm support especially on drivers door, too low to be effective"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Honda Accord)

"front seats are too firm; stereo lacks adequate bass"

DAVID P., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"wind noise still somewhat a factor."

JAMES G., TN (2015 Honda Accord)

"Smooth, comfortable ride, quieter than the 2003 Accord i previously owned."

ROBERT P., MA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Still has road noise."

Anonymous, LA (2015 Honda Accord)

"The drivers seat is great , the front passenger seat can feel hard and the sound system is slightly harder to hear from that location."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Seat belts in the back are not adjustable and cut across my neck (I am 5'2") which is uncomfortable and would be dangerous in an accident."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Noise level High"

MARIO R., VA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Honda should offer a height adjustable passenger seat EX trim."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Honda Accord)

"The car need more insulation as the road noise is much to loud"

Anonymous, RI (2015 Honda Accord)

"Rides a little stiff. No other complaints."

GARY L., TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"Seats are hard, uncomfortable over long distances."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"I'm a big guy and the plastic trim clip on the front-left of the bottom cushion of the front power drivers seat keeps breaking."

KEVIN T., MD (2015 Honda Accord)

"Seating wasn't to my liking. Dashing, computer, phone, computer was not user friendly. Would not buy again"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Seats, audio, side mirror camera"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Honda Accord)

"Seats are not as comfortable as in prior model years. Leather is also not as nice."

Anonymous, VT (2015 Honda Accord)

"The seats are very comfortable (not hard and narrow, as in some cars). The AC is wonderful--even on a hot summer afternoon, it quickly cools off the entire inside of car. The noise level is good, which makes listening to music enjoyable. The acceleration is good too."

SALLY D., NY (2015 Honda Accord)

"wife is comfortable in the driver's seat, but is not in the passenger seat due to less adjustment options."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Honda Accord)

"The seating has a body fit that provides maximum comfort. It is far better than the previously owned 2012 Accord."

K D., MI (2015 Honda Accord)

"Wind sound as if window is cracked open at speeds exceeding 55mph."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Ride is a bit choppy and unsettled."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Honda Accord)

"The front seats are fairly comfortable, although the driver's seat base is not adjustable four ways. Climate control is good. Road noise is "very noticeable." Ride is pretty smooth."

ROBERT N., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"I hate the headrests. As someone who sits up straight while driving, Honda's non-adjustable headrests force my head forward in a very uncomfortable position. The only way I can drive the car is by turning the headrest backward. This doesn't provide much restraint in the event of a crash. I really wish that Honda would realize that not everyone wants to recline while he or she drives. It would be wonderful if they offered adjustable headrests like many other manufacturers do."

BRIAN P., OH (2015 Honda Accord)

"The seats are not as comfortable as the earlier model that I owned especially on trips longer than an hour."

BURTON C., DE (2015 Honda Accord)

"The ride is too harsh -- you feel all the bumps on roads that aren't perfectly smooth. The suspension should be a little less tight and much smoother."

ALAN H., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"The passenger seat is to low for short passengers"

GREG R., OH (2015 Honda Accord)

"Seats very comfortable"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"GPS is unpredictable, pairing with devices like Pandora are inconsistent - spoke to Engineers and they justified how it's hard with all the electronics to get it all right - isn't that what their selling? Dash back up camera is unpredictable, just very disappointed in this feature - would have expected more from Honda. Disinclined to buy another"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"The ride is very bumpy. Honda changed from the McPherson strut to something else. Not a good choice for them, but I'll live with it. Overall the V6 Touring Edition is an absolutely beautiful vehicle. I love it!"

DEB R., CT (2015 Honda Accord)

"Although a very good car overall, the ride is not as comfortable as one might like. A bit on the rough side, and exterior noise is rather high."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Honda Accord)

"Both my wife and I are under 5 ft 4 in. Would prefer that the seat could go a bit higher and farther forward."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Honda Accord)

"The ride feel is "nervous" as opposed to "cushy", but it handles very well, feels good during highway driving and has comfortable seating for long distance trips."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Ride is somewhat stiff and harsh, driver's seat is uncomfortable, passenger's seat has no height adjustment."

Anonymous, ME (2015 Honda Accord)

"When riding in the back seats for longer distances (over 50 mi) the leg room is not comfortable"

K G., NY (2015 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"You get the best bang for your buck in all areas that includes style economy cost to operate"

Anonymous, MD (2015 Honda Accord)

"It's a great buy for the value!"

KARIM M., DE (2015 Honda Accord)

"I was surprised that the cost of my 2015 Honda was about the same as I paid for my 2007 Chrysler Sebring. The Honda being the better car."

CAROL H., MI (2015 Honda Accord)

"I did not plan to buy another Accord, but I simply could not find anything else that gave me such a nice car for the money - not even close!"

LAURA E., GA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Purchased at yearend for a better deal"

JAY P., OH (2015 Honda Accord)

"Lots of extras for the price. Plus the Accord maintains value for years."

SHIRLEY B., GA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Best vehicle ever. Quiet comfortable ride and very reliable. The 4 cylinder has plenty of horsepower and cvt shifts flawlessly"

CRAIG R., TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"My EX-L without Nav has an amazing list of features. The near 0% interest rate on the lease, the monthly payment and the 3-year buyout are really amazing. I normally do not lease vehicles, but the combination of these these things made this lease a no-brainer."

JACK K., WI (2015 Honda Accord)

"I feel I got what I paid for."

JAMES B., GA (2015 Honda Accord)

"While the car is reasonably stylish, it definitely does not live up to the hype it receives from publications like CR. Many domestic cars are every bit as nice, for a lot less money."

Anonymous, SK (2015 Honda Accord)

"Better gas mileage than I expected."

GREG D., TN (2015 Honda Accord)

"I have had the vehicle for 9 months and have only 3,200 km. I am still impressed with the color, style, and accessories."

JOHN M., AB (2015 Honda Accord)

"Price wise, I seemed to get a good no hassle deal when I purchased the car and I have not had any problems with the car."

B W., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Excellent gas mileage. Last tank I drove 619.5 miles on 15.8 gal., avg 39 mpg. This car can do better. I drive with the Econ engaged."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Honda Accord)

"280 hp NA v6 with a 6 speed manual and leather interior for 28K. Whats not to like?"

JOSH M., TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"Trouble free ownership & Excellent reliability"

Anonymous, NS (2015 Honda Accord)

"I got a terrific buy. I bought the 2015 model in November of 2014 and the dealer went well under the invoice price and gave me fair value for my trade in (a 2003 Honda Accord). Dealer even obtained the exact trim level I wanted from another dealer (I didn't want to pay extra for leather seats and the more complex audio system in the EX-L). Consumer Reports didn't like the audio system in the EX-L."

ROBERT P., MA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Cheaper (that is the quality is not as good as previous model years) carpets and the same applies to the leather seats."

Anonymous, VT (2015 Honda Accord)

"A very good vehicle."

JESUS P., PR (2015 Honda Accord)

"The cost of the car - 4 cylinder EX - was about $25,000 which I think is a great value for what you get."

CHARLES D., NM (2015 Honda Accord)

"Competitive dealer pricing and favorable lease term (American Honda Finance) translate to a solid overall value in the larger mid-size segment."

DAVID B., NY (2015 Honda Accord)

"I bought 14 month old car with 5400 miles on it for $17000. Previous owner drove it less than 400 miles a month. Has 6 months more warranty on it after owning it 5 months."

GAIL E., TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"I've had multiple issues with the infotainment system screen ,and controls. assured distance warning activates when nowhere near another vehicle"

SHAWN B., OH (2015 Honda Accord)

"purchased labor day weekend 2015, 6k $ off of list with 16 model years having better consumer elctronics"

MICHAEL B., MA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Good value. Great gas mileage."

B S., NM (2015 Honda Accord)

"I used CR to determine the base value of the car. The dealer gave me a fair price relative to that without hassling, which I detest."

Anonymous, MN (2015 Honda Accord)

"Excellent vehicle. Comfortable to drive. Good safety features"

SAMUEL H., TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"Best value of any car I previously owned"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"The car is very expensive and was very limited in the case of options available on the car. No choice of what the car could be equipted with."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Paid several thousand dollars less than I expected to pay, and less than Consumer Reports Build & Buy quotes. The dealer had just received 85 cars of that model in late August 2015, and the salesman, unprompted, quoted me the low price."

Anonymous, ME (2015 Honda Accord)

"Very reasonable for such a sporty car."

PHYLLIS P., NJ (2015 Honda Accord)

"I bought it for what I thought was a fair price and have been happy with it."

V B., VA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Reliable and with a lot of good features."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Honda Accord)

"the quality isn't what I expected, cost was 35K, but value not there"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"very well made car"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Unhappy with the paint finish. Road noise excessive. Driver side windshield wiper action unacceptable."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Honda Accord)

"Good value"

P B., NE (2015 Honda Accord)

"I had been considering this model car for about a year, but my old 2003 Accord gave out while I was in Texas (my home is Ohio) and I had only 2 days to purchase a car. I feel I could have gotten a better price given more time and a little more price info(ie I was under duress)."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Honda Accord)

"Turned in used vehicle plus still $2000 plus or minus to lease Honda."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"so happy to see a hood before me and not just a sloping hood to nowhere"

P C., ON (2015 Honda Accord)

"Many compliments from family and friends."

JERRY H., CO (2015 Honda Accord)

"Overall good looks!"

ROBERT Y., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"It's pretty blah--certainly respectable but not very sexy. Reliable and good acceleration, but still just blah looks-wide."

JANET M., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Beautiful style"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Looks great"

WILMA R., TN (2015 Honda Accord)

"It seems plain and vanilla. There is no excitement about the car."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Honda Accord)

"I like the styling especially the width to height ratio. I love the overall styling that I'm looking at other Accords & saying I like that car."

MICHAEL S., NC (2015 Honda Accord)

"I like overall looks,could be more stylish outside ,interior is very nice other than screens of infomtainment due to sun glare"

ANTONIO H., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"This vehicle is very classic and streamlined in styling and has held up extremely well under heavy driving conditions, the Florida sun and rain, as well as other environmental factors. Though parked outside in hot sun and elements, there us no fading, cracking or other damage to exterior or interior of tge car. Interior looks as good today as when it was purchased 2 years ago."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"car is fun the drive and performance is surprisingly good. We had spoilers put on all areas and this makes the car look much better than standard."

GARY H., AZ (2015 Honda Accord)

"clean lines nice paint job good curb side appeal."

F R., IL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Honda seems to keep about the same vehicle style for 5 years or more. They make very reliable cars but the design, especially the outside, seems to be aimed at unimaginative old men."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Beautiful lines from all viewpoints- I get a lot of nice compliments about the styling"

RICHARD R., ME (2015 Honda Accord)

"love the way car looks inside and out,"

Anonymous, VA (2015 Honda Accord)

"It is sleek and aerodynamic."

JULIE W., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"Honda Accord is a good car and worth to buy. Only one thing internal space smaller than carmy"

LIN Z., CA (2015 Honda Accord)

"The upholstery stains every time something gets it. Even just plain water stains it, so it always looks like I've never cleaned my car or taken care of it."

LYNDA W., UT (2015 Honda Accord)

"Sleek sports car type look"

SID L., FL (2015 Honda Accord)

"Simple but effective styling"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Honda Accord)

"Just looks good"

ALBERT T., FL (2015 Honda Accord)

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