The latest Honda Accord stands out as a comfortable, roomy, and efficient midsized sedan that's nice to drive and easy to live with. While it doesn't have the pizzazz of some competitors, the four-cylinder Accord remains competitive in this class. The Accord is also available with a spirited and economical V6, or as a conventional hybrid (the plug-in model is discontinued for 2016).
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Even though a 4-cylinder engine, it has great acceleration in short amount of time."

JUDY A., NE (2016 Honda Accord)

"This car has Honda Sensing. It has forced me to modify my driving technique, for the better. There are still some software bugs that must be fixed, but it's a good start. Get discount on auto insurance."

STANLEY N., MI (2016 Honda Accord)

"somewhat difficult to parallel park. all my previous cars were better in this regard."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Honda Accord)

"Best acceleration of any 4 cylinder Honda I have ever owned (several)"

BRUCE F., CT (2016 Honda Accord)

"The continuously variable transmission gives this car tremendous acceleration for a 4 cylinder car. Its a peppy car."

Anonymous, GA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Steering has no feeling and with weight over wheels changes direction too quickly. Also the ride is a bit jittery and it feels very front heavy going into turns (V6 model)"

ROGER S., CA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Collision Mitigation system. Way too sensitive in my opinion. Do not like the continuous annunciation on the instrument panel when the system is selected off. Honda should have co-located this caution light with the switch on the lower left panel."

PJ S., WA (2016 Honda Accord)

"I went through quite a process selecting my vehicle this year. Studied, researched, and drove many vehicles in the Accord category, including luxury sedans and coupes. The only vehicle that outdrove the Accord for acceleration and handling is the high end 2 series BMW (M240i). For the dollars spent, I am very pleased with the acceleration and handling, especially with the V6 engine. As much as I would love a high performance vehicle, I don't have the money to shell out for maintenance. Pleased w"

Anonymous, OH (2016 Honda Accord)

"Excellent acceleration for a family sedan. Good driving dynamics."

Anonymous, MO (2016 Honda Accord)

"Car handles very well with very good pickup with the v6"

CHARLES C., NY (2016 Honda Accord)

"Accord continues to be a solid-performing sedan. 6-speed automatic is far more pleasant than a CVT"

BARRY M., NJ (2016 Honda Accord)

"The automatic transmission uphill and downhill shifting is uneven. The 2010 Honda Accord I previously owned was better in this regard."

GERALD S., AL (2016 Honda Accord)

"xcellent pickup. great handling, comfort can't be beat"

Anonymous, MA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Good acceleration ."

DIANE V., MI (2016 Honda Accord)

"Drive is good but seams tight on the highway, It is easy to wonder a little in the lane."

Anonymous, ME (2016 Honda Accord)

"The drive on the Accord is very smooth. Acceleration from low RPM leaves something to be desired but it's a smooth engine and fun to rev out. Handling is also decent for a car this size. Not as good as a Mazda 6 but way smoother."

JONATHAN D., QC (2016 Honda Accord)

"The engine cuts off unexpectedly when I touch the brake pedal, which I do often in city traffic."

MICHAEL G., FL (2016 Honda Accord)

"After driving buick csx Lucerne, acceleration is noticeably slower. Maybe should have gone with v6."

FRED E., NC (2016 Honda Accord)

"great acceleration, terrible turn radius"

Anonymous, WA (2016 Honda Accord)

"The economy mode has issue when you have to hold for another car and need to accelerate. It can/well nearly die when you heavy accelerate after costing."

D O., IN (2016 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration is great for its class.As good or better than Mercedes or Audi and much less money. Handling is not like my M235i BMW but it is not a sports car. It fits my needs perfectly"

TOM G., OH (2016 Honda Accord)

"Handling is excellent. The info system is somewhat confusing and no easy to use. The ride is choppy."

STEPHEN B., MA (2016 Honda Accord)

"CVT is excellent in normal driving but struggles under heavy acceleration. Somewhat of a rubber band effect - engine revs quickly but there is a lag before the transmission catches up and then the car really jumps."

Anonymous, GA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Lane departure and Collision System work very well, although noone at the agency really knew how they worked, nor was the tiny manual very useful; we had to go online to learn what was happening when it beeped, for example."

ROBERT B., MO (2016 Honda Accord)

"Smooth and easy."

SHEILA G., MD (2016 Honda Accord)

"The 4 cylinder engine is powerful enough to accelerate the traffic on major interstates and handling is tight, responsive and provides confidence."

DANIEL D., PA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Slow to accelerate getting on highway. Have to adjust for lack of power without 6 caldera otherwise no different from 6. 4 is much more fuel efficient."

Anonymous, GA (2016 Honda Accord)

"The 4-cylinder engine has as much pickup as the 6-cyl. engine in my prior 1998 Honda Accord, even though it is a slightly bigger car."

Anonymous, TN (2016 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration not as responsive as I thought the 4 cylinder and CVT would provide. I should have purchased the 6 cylinder w/o the CVT."

JAMES W., TX (2016 Honda Accord)

"The acceleration provided by the 4 cylinder engine is excellent."

PAUL B., NY (2016 Honda Accord)

"rough riding on back roads - noisy. Much better on highway - smooth & quick! We like the right turn camera that shows that it is safe to move over. Storage is pretty good for a sedan - back seats fold down for extra long space."

PATRICA O., MD (2016 Honda Accord)

"The V6 engine has plenty of power and acceleration and we love the way it handles. When you step on it, it GOES!!"

G W., MS (2016 Honda Accord)

"It does a good job."

Anonymous, IA (2016 Honda Accord)


KASPER P., FL (2016 Honda Accord)

"Wanted a V6 for the accelleration as the only thing I wanted to upgrade over my 4 cyl 2010 Accord. Handles great for a sedan. Follows the road and on ramps well. Feels like I'm one with the car just in normal and lively legal speed driving around."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Honda Accord)

"With 189 hp the engine needs greater torque availability. The "Sport" version, which I have, needs a more sport tuned suspension. There's too much body lean."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Honda Accord)

"Acceleration with the CVT is somewhat sluggish"

JAMES B., NM (2016 Honda Accord)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Uncomfortable front seats. They sit too low. Driving for longer than 2 hours creates pain."

BRENT F., UT (2016 Honda Accord)

"Wished I had gotten the auto adjusting drivers seat."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Seating, roominess fine but ride is somewhat less comfortable than heavier cars."

SANFORD L., CA (2016 Honda Accord)

"I am surprised that the driver seat doesn't move farther back to provide more legroom to the driver. It is not uncomfortable as is, but I would have preferred to stretch my legs out a little more on longer rides, and my legs are pretty short."

JOHN J., VA (2016 Honda Accord)

"There is a vibration and noise level when the car is on brake or idle."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Accord)

"I don't think the seats are that comfortable compared to our 2000 Toyota. The garage opener and phone system crashes. We had the car set to open the garage door and it only worked a couple weeks before it crashed. We've set up the bluetooth phone twice but it only works once and crashes."

Anonymous, NE (2016 Honda Accord)

"passenger seat does not have lumbar support also it is rather low to the ground for getting in/out for older people"

Anonymous, OR (2016 Honda Accord)

"It took a while to get used to the seats, mostly due to the federally-required way-forward position of the head restraints. AC is powerful. A wind whistle at my ear at highway speed was readily fixed as per a TSB. It's quieter than my last Accord, but I'll really know when the Michelin Primacy tires wear out and I go to Premiers. I WASN'T OFFERED A COMMENTS PAGE FOR DRIVING EXPERIENCE, so I'm taking this opportunity to say that I chose somewhat over very satisfied because I haven't started d"

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Honda Accord)

"Audio sound quality could be better for a car having 7 speakers and a sub-woofer."

JOHN P., PA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Somewhat stiffer than I am used to in my old Buick"

WILLIAM P., WI (2016 Honda Accord)

"Great for long drives. Seats are comfortable and adjustable to both driver and passenger."

BRENDA L., SC (2016 Honda Accord)

"handle with which we close the door interferes with left elbow,poor design."

D J., NC (2016 Honda Accord)

"There are rattles near the glove box and driverside window that have been there since I purchased the vehicle, the dealer cannot get them to stop. There is more road noise than I expected."

JIM K., FL (2016 Honda Accord)

"My spouse finds the front seats quite hard compared with our old Camry."

Anonymous, BC (2016 Honda Accord)

"Our previous vehicle was a van, and I miss it very much. The price of the Honda was what we could afford."

Anonymous, GA (2016 Honda Accord)

"seating very good controls good noise not bad ride very comfortable power well done dealer service very good size to our needs style very present date new controls very interesting"

Anonymous, ON (2016 Honda Accord)

"Wish the Sport model came standard with heated seats and side mirrors."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Honda Accord)

"The ride is very comfortable. Long trips are a pleasure"

Anonymous, MA (2016 Honda Accord)

"door arm rest too low for elbows when holding on to steering wheel; steering wheel not made right - you can't put your and in the bottom center without it hurting because it's not wide enough. I put a 3 inch sponge on the door for elbow."

DAVID H., PA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Styling is fantastic. Noise has been reduced from previous models.Entertainment system is very good"

HAROLD H., OH (2016 Honda Accord)

"The passenger seat does not have enough leg room. If would be nice if the driver side seat had lower back support."

ROLAND K., MI (2016 Honda Accord)

"The manual driver's seat in the LX adjusts fore and aft when the bottom seat cushion adjusts up and down. This ends up being a slight problem for us taller drivers. This car needs to have an electric seat option in the LX, or a non-black interior option for the sport. I really didn't want to get a sunroof (I'd rather the headroom) and I didn't want a black interior, but I did want an electric seat. It can't be done in a Honda Accord. It took me years to finally buy a Honda because of the wa"

Anonymous, LA (2016 Honda Accord)

"I do not find the memory seats work as I expected or as they did in other makes of cars."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Honda Accord)

"Headrest is angled awkwardly for shorter drivers, making it painful to lean back if driving a long distance."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Not enough padding in seat"

WALLACE P., FL (2016 Honda Accord)

"The bottom of the power driver's seat doesn't tilt down far enough. The seat padding could be softer."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Honda Accord)

"I am a truck guy, car are low to the ground and the steering wheel and the seat are too close to each for me. Well Honda has crush that dislike for me. It is easy getting in and out of their Accord and the seats a very comfortable and roomy! The controls on the driver's seat makes getting, getting comfortable, and getting out pleasure. The back seats have enough room for my 5' 11", 285 lbs. frame to be comfortable for long drive. The ride is outstanding! There is very little to no noise while dr"

MICHAEL H., WA (2016 Honda Accord)

"I can feel pretty much every bump in the road. I would prefer a softer ride or thicker seats."

ROBERT W., IL (2016 Honda Accord)

"seats, size, climate control, entertainment system acceleration, looks"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Honda Accord)

"Needs power seats on the LX level, sunroof cuts headroom too much"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Accord)

"The positioning of drivers headrest is a major improvement for me. My 2013 (same make and model) headrest was unusable and contributed to back problems."

KAREN B., CA (2016 Honda Accord)

"center console arm rest is OK but you can't rest your arm on it and hold the steering wheel. This is only an issue because I have a 50 mile highway commute, it's hard to get comfortable compared to my other car"

JULIA B., FL (2016 Honda Accord)

"The drivers seat is very uncomfortable. As someone that never had a back problem I am concerned this seat may give me them. I am horribly disappointed with Honda."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Honda Accord)

"seats have improved but the air conditioning system is very poor and does not provide sufficient cooling in hot weather"

Anonymous, WA (2016 Honda Accord)

"seats do not have enough padding"

Anonymous, NC (2016 Honda Accord)

"It is very comfortable, easy to drive, climate control is great (much better with temperature in digits over the slide indicator on other trim levels), very quiet and rides nice. Love it"

BRAD B., OH (2016 Honda Accord)

"Sitting in front seats is a little uncomfortable because the headrests tilt forward too far (cannot be adjusted) resulting in discomfort when driving or riding in front seats -- bends head forward."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Accord)

"The seat does not adjust enough. A higher seat would making enter and leaving easier."

MARY V., WI (2016 Honda Accord)

"Even with customizable lumbar support, the seats remain kind of uncomfortable on rides over a couple hours. Also I wish I had an option besides leather."

KATHERINE D., GA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Seats are not high enough for my long legs"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Honda Accord)

"It has more feature and comfort than cars costing more."

Anonymous, OH (2016 Honda Accord)

"Seats are very comfortable and accommodating.Some wind noise can be heard if the songs are not playing."

Anonymous, MO (2016 Honda Accord)

"Needs armrests for driver and front passenger. The so-called armrest is too low and back to far to be used."

Anonymous, MN (2016 Honda Accord)

"Take long drives and never feel any discomfort after driving more than 2 two hours."

THOMAS B., NY (2016 Honda Accord)

"It is a nice vehicle, comfortable."

Anonymous, IA (2016 Honda Accord)

"noise from various sources: outside noise is not suppressed well, windshield wipers squeak"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Honda Accord)

"Seats are firm but comfortable"

Anonymous, ME (2016 Honda Accord)

"Drivers seat is very comfortable for me. It was a factor in choosing Accord over Camry."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Honda Accord)

"Ride can be stiff"

ROBERT E., MA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Engine noise and vibration is disappointing"

BRIAN W., PA (2016 Honda Accord)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I have been told "thanks 4 bus, but goelsewhere for service. I have reported the Honda finance to the state of l for fraud, and the dealer to the fl reportedept ofhwy (DMV9 for the lette rtellimg me to go away"

ROBERT K., FL (2016 Honda Accord)

"The SPORT model had many options that usually cost more, but are discounted as a package."

Anonymous, NC (2016 Honda Accord)

"Cheap dependable and fun to drive"

DANIEL R., RI (2016 Honda Accord)

"You can't buy a better car for the money."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Honda Accord)

"I feel I got excelling value for my money"

Anonymous, OH (2016 Honda Accord)

"The Sensing safety package does not include the blind spot Lane Assist as standard equipment, and the salesman did not tell us that it was not available on the model we purchased, eventho we stressed that it was the needed feature. Only realize it on 120 mile trip, too late."

MARY C., MD (2016 Honda Accord)


Anonymous, NY (2016 Honda Accord)

"Value seems good for base package but car still cost $24000 which is a lot of investment to just drive around an island."

Anonymous, HI (2016 Honda Accord)

"Incredible car for $24,400. I love everything about it. The CVT is superb with power available at all speeds and at all times. Quiet, lovely to drive."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Honda Accord)

"Bought in July when the new year models were already showing up on the dealer's lot, so they were very motivated to rid themselves of the "old" new vehicles."

CHAD L., OH (2016 Honda Accord)

"Backup camera, automatic ac, alloy wheels, blue tooth are all standard on the base model ."

ALLEN N., NJ (2016 Honda Accord)

"COSTCO Auto again got me a deal of the century. It was cheaper than a year older car with 18k miles on it were going for."

RICHARD A., CT (2016 Honda Accord)

"A bit noisy on the road - bumps in road. Overall, comfortable to drive with good pick up on highway. Bad feature is BACK up camera - not as good as I think it should be - hard to see objects when backing up (back up parking). Does not have the "beeping" warning when too close to an object - backing up."

PATRICA O., MD (2016 Honda Accord)

"wish I had taken the time to try other makes of cars, but was swayed by tremendous deal."

Anonymous, NH (2016 Honda Accord)

"I thought it was too expensive."

CHARLOTTE M., TX (2016 Honda Accord)

"I got so much more value with all the equipment than I would have with a Mercedes an Audi Cadillac BMW or Buick. The depreciation will be so much less than the other choices and the quality as good or mostly better"

TOM G., OH (2016 Honda Accord)

"Fantastic automobile. For what it costs there is tremendous value. The features are endless on this Touring model."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Honda Accord)

"Wife's car, gets great mileage without trying."

Anonymous, MI (2016 Honda Accord)

"The ride is choppy on the very terrible roads in Massachusetts, Most roads are in poor shape."

STEPHEN B., MA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Value was 'reasonable' but after settling on a price it was clear the dealer would have accepted less. The entire process of negotiating a price is irritating and burdensome. Feature packages also make purchase difficult. By bundling features I could not select what I really wanted; those features that I would use and benefit from having in the vehicle. So I was forced to accept less than I wanted because to add a single feature that I would use I would have to pay for many that I would not u"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Honda Accord)

"I received a fantastic value at the time of purchase nearly 2500 off the MSRP. For the money (just over 20,000) I can not imagine a higher quality vehicle. This car has met all my needs with a family of 4 and has proved extremely capable on road trips and daily commuting. The fact that I have AVERAGED nearly 33mpg combined is bonus. Highly recommend."

IAN R., TN (2016 Honda Accord)

"Worth every dollar."

JOHN P., PA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Vehicle sticker price of $29,000 plus exceeds the real value of the car. It is a middle class sedan with a multitude of options that are neither useful nor practical."

ARNOLD G., MD (2016 Honda Accord)

"The car will pay for itself in gas mileage alone, it has been great with gas. Overall the Accord has been a great car in the short amount of time we have had it. I was not a Honda Fan till I drove this Accord, it is very comfortable, on the road it will respond very quick to the driving conditions at hand, the controls are user friendly and easy to use while driving, and the cockpit is easy on the eyes."

MICHAEL H., WA (2016 Honda Accord)

"We got a generally high quality car for the money. We got the stripped down model but added the safety features for an extra $1000. Then we added high quality seat covers and tinted windows on our looks great."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Honda Accord)

"You get what you pay for."

Anonymous, IL (2016 Honda Accord)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Very stylish looking, sharp"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Honda Accord)

"Overall I really like the look of the 2016 Accord; especially the Sport trim. I am not a huge fan of the 19" wheels; would prefer the same style in an 18" wheel."

CHAD L., OH (2016 Honda Accord)


DANIEL R., RI (2016 Honda Accord)

"Good headlights"

DIANE V., MI (2016 Honda Accord)

"The wheels, the side view mirrors, backup camera ,added chrome comfort"

RICHARD W., NY (2016 Honda Accord)

"The styling is muscular looking and the detail is nicely done."

SHEILA G., MD (2016 Honda Accord)

"The new styling of the accord "sexy". I've received many positive comments about the styling. Honda really stepped it up."

KARL S., NY (2016 Honda Accord)

"I have had more compliments on this model because of the sporty looks and the styling of the wheels. EX model. The LED daytime running lights are very noticeable too."

CHAD L., IN (2016 Honda Accord)

"Front headlights, grill and wheels"

HAROLD H., OH (2016 Honda Accord)

"very formal right for adults"

Anonymous, ON (2016 Honda Accord)

"Too much chrome on the outside looks gaudy"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Honda Accord)

"Looks like Mercedes or Audi luxury car"

Anonymous, MI (2016 Honda Accord)

"Looks great"

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Honda Accord)

"The Accord Touring Coup is a nice looking car. With a coupe, you don't see yourself coming and going all of the time."

JAMES B., IA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Very nicely styled. Monday over the years has taken the time to refine the looks."

Anonymous, OH (2016 Honda Accord)

"My main concern is reliability in general and look after the first salty winter. The Honda does not offer options for rust proofing, which is very critical for areas where heavy snowfalls are regular for winter time."

VAHRAM V., ON (2016 Honda Accord)

"The outside like, especially the wheel covers are amazing-very high end look"

SCOTT C., NS (2016 Honda Accord)

"Constantly getting comments about this Touring model ad how sharp it looks,from wheels to trim to lights."

CRAIG M., NE (2016 Honda Accord)

"The lines are clean."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Honda Accord)

"It is beautiful inside and out. Love the black interior."

SUSAN S., CA (2016 Honda Accord)

"The SPORT package adds curb appeal and style on a small budget. Not too plastic looking (bogus ground effects) a more sophisticated style."

GERALD D., PA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Front grille treatment was new for 2016 but I did not like the standard grille and took the optional sport grille instead."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Honda Accord)

"Modern but not radical. Fits most generations. Not too sporty but not stuffy."

JOHN K., MA (2016 Honda Accord)

"It is a sleek looking sedan with more "class" than the Camry, a car we had been driving for the previous 16 years. It is sportier inside and out."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Honda Accord)

"Purchased the Touring model with sport trim. Looks really good and I get comments about the styling."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Accord)

"The styling is adequate but the endgate is rusting and the rocker panel on the driver side is also rusting. But the truck has a nice style."

Anonymous, IN (2016 Honda Accord)

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