The Honda Civic is refined and economical, with fairly nimble handling and a relatively comfortable ride. The aerodynamic styling of the Civic looks futuristic, but sacrifices ease of access. Pronounced road noise remains a complaint. Stability control is standard only on the EX-L, Hybrid, and Si models.
There are 9 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Accelerates quickly at VTEC speeds, dances quickly in corners, very nimble and quick. Well balanced"

LYLE T., BC (2007 Honda Civic)

"Not always confident of car in snow and rain."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Honda Civic)

"I have the SI model. This is the super sporty version that accelerates fast and handles great. But other model Civics probably don't perform the same"

Anonymous, WI (2007 Honda Civic)

"Poor acceleration. Jerks when slow down and accelerate again."

J D., MO (2007 Honda Civic)

"The Si is highly responsive and accelerates rapidly when necessary to avoid accidents. I would say that it has saved my life at least once per week for 9 years or 468 times. The handling is smooth. On the rare occasions that the highway traffic is very light, I test responsiveness by zigzagging. Recently I slid going into a curve. I was able to recover and continue in my lane."

SANDRA F., MD (2007 Honda Civic)

"Not a fast accelerator. When the A/C is on, it becomes sluggish and requires a higher rev from standing start."

Anonymous, ON (2007 Honda Civic)

"This car handles like a sports car. Fun to drive!"

Anonymous, VA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Good acceleration Steers great. Engine runs well."

Anonymous, UT (2007 Honda Civic)

"Vtec puts a smile on my face; the tactile balance when driving is satisfying and the fits me perfectly."

Anonymous, GA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Front end very light and bounces on rough roads. Rattles someplace in fender areas."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Civic)

"Some hesitation in engine while accelerating when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear"

ERIC B., TX (2007 Honda Civic)

"It is too low and hits all driveways when you enter or exit. You have to be very careful and go at an angle to not hit really hard! This being low also makes it not very good to drive in the snow."

L I., NV (2007 Honda Civic)

"Poor acceleration, weak brakes"

GABOR K., CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Low torque engine with manual transmission is easy to stall when starting from a stop. Manual transmission is a little "clunky," especially going into 2nd gear."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Honda Civic)

"The car doesnt have a good pick up. The only thing that I hate about the interior are the seats, I find the fabric too hot ( it is suede or feels like suede). Love the cruise control, most of my driving I use it"

ISABEL C., FL (2007 Honda Civic)

"Handles and drives well but very noisy and rough ride."

DIRK C., FL (2007 Honda Civic)

"Not enough engine torque below 5,000 RPM's."

DENISE K., NV (2007 Honda Civic)

"very peppy - great stick-shift. I wish the engine didn't artificially hold revs up after I left off the gas when in changing gears."

Anonymous, WI (2007 Honda Civic)

"The car drives and handles well, except for taking bumps badly. You will feel every bump in the road as a jolt. Also, the stock tires are not good in terms of wear or performance. I finally got Michelins last year, and am now happy for the first time with the handling. They are much safer too, and will last. Also was lawsuit because the rear tires wore excessively. I can verify that is true. And qualifying for replacement was a big hassle, so I didn't even bother, just bought the Michelins"

TITIA L., PA (2007 Honda Civic)

"no repairs, good cornering, short length"

Anonymous, MA (2007 Honda Civic)

"The car is too heavy for its engine. I'm used to my '88 Honda CRX which is a rocket compared to the Honda Civic."

NANCY W., NM (2007 Honda Civic)

"My wife loves to drive it. No problems."

Anonymous, CO (2007 Honda Civic)

"Doesn't handle or drive like previous generations of civics."

Anonymous, ON (2007 Honda Civic)

"Love standard transmission so much control in snow and ice."

Anonymous, MA (2007 Honda Civic)

"For the horsepower the Civic accelerates well enough to pass vehicles and to blend into expressways, not like a rocket but still satisfactory. Handling in all situations is very good."

VAN M., NC (2007 Honda Civic)

"Awesome handling, very sporty road grip, excellent traveling into the Sierra Mountains."

JOHN W., CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Build quality, handling and ride are good. Reliability has been exceptionally good."

Anonymous, UT (2007 Honda Civic)

"5-speed manual transmission allows me to ma MPG. My right foot costs me money. My L foot allows me to coast and saves me money."

P L., CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Handling is cumbersome for the size of the car, as the turn radius is fairly large. Starting from a full stop on a hill is more difficult than with other manual transmission cars I've owned, I guess because the clutch and accelerator pedals are less responsive and it's harder to coordinate them."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Honda Civic)

"Poor suspension, feel every bump"

Anonymous, DE (2007 Honda Civic)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Would have rated it higher except that even though it's considered compact, it was hard for me to drive as someone who is 5 ft 2in. Visibility is diminished which makes me feel less comfortable. Also the seat belts do not adjust low enough for me."

ANDREA L., CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"There is an issue with the driver and passenger visors. They crack and will not stay up. The driver side has been replaced several times at my expense. Honda corporate reimbursed me once. Also, I believe this model has faulty airbags(Takata) and in my opinion Honda is dragging their feet resolving this. I have been advised by Honda not to operate the vehicle with someone in the passenger seat."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Honda Civic)

"Road noise and ride is very "stiff" and unconfortable."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Honda Civic)

"The seats are too low and hard to get out of. Poor visibility in this car."

K W., MA (2007 Honda Civic)

"The two-door style is very hard to get in and out of"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"The Honda Civic's seats are very uncomfortable for anyone sitting in the front, and do not provide enough lumbar support for either the driver or passenger. On long trips, it makes the drive and ride very undesirable."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"way too much road noise"

RICHARD S., TX (2007 Honda Civic)

"Great, reliable car overall. Hard seats and road nois are minor complaints."

Anonymous, CO (2007 Honda Civic)

"The City's Vic could have more insulation. That might help with the noise factor."

JOHN F., PA (2007 Honda Civic)

"front passenger seat doesn't adjust, hard for tall person to sit without banging head. From day one, had wind noise from leaks."

BRADEN B., FL (2007 Honda Civic)

"The A/C just went out for the second time in as many years - back to the shop. I also had to replace the front door speakers due to their not working. Also, the lights on the radio haven't worked for years. The radio plays, but the controls are not lit any more at night."

JOHN C., AL (2007 Honda Civic)

"Too much road noise but I knew that when I bought it. Most troublesome when traveling. Can't carry on a conversation without hollering."

NANCY L., AL (2007 Honda Civic)

"A/C not adequate, does not cool very well when car is idling."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Civic)

"Lack of headroom, I have to lean the seat back to be comfortable."

Anonymous, ON (2007 Honda Civic)

"Drove 1,000 miles in a day, got out and was not sore at all! Amazing seats."

Anonymous, WI (2007 Honda Civic)

"The air condition compressor cut out activates too soon under mild to hard acceleration. Needs more horsepower, to compensate for air conditioner use."

Anonymous, UT (2007 Honda Civic)

"Only thing that ever went wrong was air conditioning. Dealer service shop can't find the problem"

DAVID E., CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Not real comfortable, too small, not enough room, and is too low to the ground. Everything else is "okay""

Anonymous, MI (2007 Honda Civic)

"I have issues with the height of the seat and the lumbar support."

Anonymous, ON (2007 Honda Civic)

"Road noise much louder than would be expected. Have heard they redesigned frame & suspension noise control in recent models"

WILLIAM P., CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Uncomfortable seats for extended driving."

JOHN S., VA (2007 Honda Civic)

"lot of road noise; not comfortable when riding long distances"

Anonymous, NC (2007 Honda Civic)

"road noise a bit high at highway speeds"

DICK B., WA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Now older and seats and leg room inadequate for long trips hence this is town and short trips car."

JERRY S., IA (2007 Honda Civic)

"I had to have the AC fixed shortly after I bought the car. This year the aC operation has become intermittent - it works for a while and then shuts down for a while."

Anonymous, NY (2007 Honda Civic)

"cupping on Good Year tires. Cupping on tires causes excess noise inside cabin"

Anonymous, MD (2007 Honda Civic)

"The seat is not comfortable for a long ride. The car rides rough and there is much noise."

NELSON N., MI (2007 Honda Civic)

"Ride very comfortable for a small car."

RICHARD D., KY (2007 Honda Civic)

"Seat too low, hard to enter."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Honda Civic)

"The car is quite basic relative to comfort but simply works as it should without nuisance. The climate control, which is of great importance to me, works well. There's no noise. The ride and seating provide all the comfort I need."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Too low to the ground to get in and out of vehicle. Emergency brake digs into my right knee."

Anonymous, BC (2007 Honda Civic)

"Seats are hard on the buttocks on long ride. Road noise is high, even with high grade and silent tires"

Anonymous, QC (2007 Honda Civic)

"Hard to get in and out of. Seats not very comfortable."

J D., MO (2007 Honda Civic)

"I drive this car daily for a one hour commute to/from my job. It is critical to me to be comfortable to that I can remain focused on the task of driving. The Si cradles me in comfort so that I can stay focused."

SANDRA F., MD (2007 Honda Civic)

"It is a spunky little car."

Anonymous, NJ (2007 Honda Civic)

"Seats are comfortable, AC is underpowered, noisy ride-needs more soundproofing!"

Anonymous, GA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Lots of road noise"

MARK G., NC (2007 Honda Civic)

"I am 68 years old with some arthritis. Given that I find the back support in the drivers seat uncomfortable. For long drives I come out feeling crippled"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"We are about to replace our fifth or sixth sun visor in this car. The sun visor was defectively engineered and at $200/replacement it is annoying to replace so many."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Blower is weak and has been from the beginning"

Anonymous, NC (2007 Honda Civic)

"Seat position is good but the support is a little soft. Road noise is pronounced. Air conditioning is adequate."

Anonymous, TN (2007 Honda Civic)

"I find the seats to be hard and uncomfortable on long trips, and the ride is noisy and stiff."

TIMOTHY R., OH (2007 Honda Civic)

"Ride and seating not super comfortable for longer trips"

BRADLEY C., NJ (2007 Honda Civic)

"Comfort/climate control is good. Road noise pronounced."

ERIC B., TX (2007 Honda Civic)

"The head rest is absolutely horrible. It tilts to far forward, and doesn't allow you to hold your head upright, making it more difficult to look out windows, mirrors, etc. This is made worse if one wears their hair in a ponytail."

ANNA S., GA (2007 Honda Civic)

"It's my mistake, I wanted a sporty car, but now I regret the stiff ride."

DAVID E., CO (2007 Honda Civic)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I.e. Always works and is good enough"

JOHN D., CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"The car is 9 years old and has never been problematic. No major service issues at all. Great value!"

HARVEY P., NJ (2007 Honda Civic)

"Nothing exceptional, but reliable and competent, so excellent value"

DICK B., WA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Fun to drive, sporty handling, and still looks good after 9 years."

LISA J., AZ (2007 Honda Civic)

"I bought it used from a neighbor for a great price so that skews my value perception"

Anonymous, WI (2007 Honda Civic)

"Price was fair and have minor repairs considering the car has 96,000 miles"

Anonymous, NY (2007 Honda Civic)

"For the money we have had reasonably good service. it has been reliable. Tire wear, unfortunately , has been a big problem."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Outstanding value- very reliable, fun car at a reasonable price"

Anonymous, GA (2007 Honda Civic)

"The Civic is as advertised - a very economical and reliable car that has excellent handling and is very predictable in performance."

HARRY K., BC (2007 Honda Civic)

"Excellent MPG Very comfortable seating Large trunk with fold-down back seat"

Anonymous, GA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Although I had 2 major problems (passenger airbag & engine replacement) Honda stood by their product and made replacements/repairs at no cost to me. I feel this is the best car my money could buy, which is why my next car will likely be another Civic."

Anonymous, IL (2007 Honda Civic)

"very good"

BILL V., OH (2007 Honda Civic)

"as purchased from a used car salesman;after purchasing I discovered that the car did have front end damage repaired. this damage was not reported to carfax and the seller claimed to know of no accidents even though when viewing in good light and at the right angle repaired damage area is clearly evident"

PAUL J., NY (2007 Honda Civic)

"When we bought our Honda Civic there were very few cars in its class that had independent rear suspension and good fuel mileage with at least a 5 speed automatic transmission and low maintenance. The car has lasted for a long time, and the only two problems with it besides an airbag recall were the rear upper control arms and window glass that wouldn't seal correctly on the front driver's and passenger's side."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"I use for business. Has been very dependable as far as the car itself. One little problem was the key itself keeps failing apart. I had it replace at dealer but later that fell apart. I finally expoxed it. Another "little" problem is sunvisors break. I had to put screw in them to hold together. Ref ac: the ac relay keeps failing."

PAUL M., NC (2007 Honda Civic)

"Performs nicely - peppy, handles well - and yet it has Honda reliability."

BOB T., NY (2007 Honda Civic)

"The vehicle is very reliable and gets excellent gas mileage"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"My wife drives it is very satisfied."

Anonymous, CO (2007 Honda Civic)

"I bought it for the gas mileage, which has been 10 mpg lower than stated. It has cost me thousands of dollars more than anticipated. No dealer has been willing to help solve this issue. Rather, they lied to me, claiming it got better mileage when they drove it. Or saying they don't guarantee mileage, so there's nothing they can do. Other than that it has been a reliable and low maintenance car that is fun to drive."

TITIA L., PA (2007 Honda Civic)

"The manual transmission improves both acceleration and gas mileage -- it was hard to find a manual transmission for this model, but well worth it!"

Anonymous, OR (2007 Honda Civic)

"Honda's have always been reliable and appliance like. I convinced the wife to purchase this vehicle new in 2007 because it would last 10+ years. I have to admit that I will think long and hard about purchasing another civic/honda because of some of the issues we have run into. For the first few years, we had so many sun visors replaced that we simply don't use them because they can't stand up to Arizona heat. We have had 4 or more rear wheal bearings replaced over the life of the car and that"

ERIK M., AZ (2007 Honda Civic)

"Because the paint is peeling it has virtually no resale value thus the Value for the car is NOT GOOD"

Anonymous, WA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Good mileage city and highway. Still average 33 mpg after 10 years."

KENNETH D., CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Great value. I bought it used and have experienced virtually no problems with the car. I also enjoy driving a manual shift transmission."

ROBERT K., PA (2007 Honda Civic)

"I find the Honda Civic is literally unbeatable as an everyday driver. It is absolutely reliable, meets all the needs I expect of it, and inexpensive to own over a long period of time. Further, you can find a dealership anywhere (if you even need one)."

GERALD M., CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"I am more than satisfied with the comfort, and performance of my Honda Civic. I did get my money's worth, in purchasing this car, when it was new."

ALAN B., NY (2007 Honda Civic)

"Typical Honda. Aside from a little road noise, the car is just perfect."

JAMES S., CO (2007 Honda Civic)

"Bad road noise when on a highway."

TOM C., FL (2007 Honda Civic)

"The Civic has had no major mechanical problems, the gas mileage is excellent. However, this Civic has had every recall put out for Civics, and the paint problem is the most irksome as I only have 63K on the car, but the paint will significantly lower the value of the car in a trade in as that is what I am anticipating doing in the near future."

JAMES W., PA (2007 Honda Civic)

"I had my previous Honda Civic for 17 years. I purchased a second one because of the Civic's reliability. I only drive about 4500 miles a year, and I don't want to mess with a car that has to go to the shop several times a year. I get the car inspected annually, and that's about it for maintenance."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Honda Civic)

"over 200,000 miles and still going! Need I say more?"

Anonymous, VA (2007 Honda Civic)

"The car has 221,000 and has never had a wrench put on the motor or transmission except for regular maintenance. I drive 119 miles per day and run stop and go traffic to cruising at 80 mph. The most dependable car on the market in my opinion."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Civic)

"Excellent, safe car for my daughter. I bought the Honda because my insurance company had advised me that I would get a better rate since this car has such a great safety record."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Honda Civic)

"Extremely reliable; no major repairs to date."

RICHARD C., AZ (2007 Honda Civic)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I have never had any issues with my Honda. The Car still looks sleek after so many years. I am looking for an excuse to but a new car, but I can't find any"

ISABEL C., FL (2007 Honda Civic)

"Paint quality is egregious, paint started delaminating after five years of ownership."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"This car is poorly designed. I'd like to kick the ID guys in the butt. First, the doors swing open too wide. I can't reach the door to close it sitting down, not even leaning way out. I have to almost get out of the car to close the car door if it swings open too wide. Second, I can't see out of the car. It's hard to see out of the car because of where the car is around the windshields that lead up to the roof. I don't know what they are called. I can't see past them, I'm 5'3", my husband can't"

ROSEMARY D., TN (2007 Honda Civic)

"This model year was the last classically great looking design of the Civic. From here design grew ugly and cheap. Newest version looks much better with modern cohesive design."

THOMAS B., CT (2007 Honda Civic)

"The vehicle has standard styling lines and doesn't have extreme, radical styling that dates typical automobiles"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Vision is partially blocked on turns by the width of extended roof struts. Honda has improved this in recent year models"

Anonymous, BC (2007 Honda Civic)

"Nice conservative style. Built to low for tall people."

KENNETH D., CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"Classic design inside and out!"

DIRK C., FL (2007 Honda Civic)

"Looks sporty and feels like a sports car."

WILLIAM J., FL (2007 Honda Civic)

"Just a nice car, good lines."

RICHARD D., KY (2007 Honda Civic)

"I call it the submarine, I get claustrophobic in it. It is small and dark and you can't see out of the rear window."

Anonymous, WA (2007 Honda Civic)

"There is no rear window wiper. VERY DANGEROUS!! Requires hyper vigilance. Steering wheel position adjustment obscures control panel in crucial areas like speed."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Civic)

"My Civic runs great, but the paint looks horrible. The clear coat has peeled off the roof and the dark blue paint underneath is faded and oxidized. The paint on the hood is cracked all over. A couple years ago I got a card in the mail about a class action settlement about the paint that stated I should take it to a dealership to see if I qualify for repainting. The dealership claimed the paint wear was due to bird poop and refused to fix it."

AMANDA H., WA (2007 Honda Civic)

"The front bumper is SO LOW that l constantly end up hitting the concrete parking strip at the front of my car. Sometimes it catches & l end up dragging it pulling the bumper & popping the front/side of the bumper out of its catch point. I have had it fixed multiple times & now have just given up & left it out of its catch point. WHY DO THEY MAKE THE BUMPER SO LOW THAT THIS HAPPENS? My neighbor had the same problem & just gave up trading it in for another car brand altogether."

Anonymous, WA (2007 Honda Civic)

"The vehicle has a stylish design, and its not a SUV!"

ALAN B., NY (2007 Honda Civic)


JANE C., NC (2007 Honda Civic)

"While purchased new in 2007 and exceedingly maintained @ 107,000 miles, this car still looks stylish vs. new models of all vehicles."

VAN M., NC (2007 Honda Civic)

"small, simple but classic coupe design/styling."

DAVID S., CT (2007 Honda Civic)

"The styling is great. Beautiful, smooth lines. Sporty and safe at the same time."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Honda Civic)

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