The Civic-based Honda CR-V is a small, all-wheel-drive sport-utility. The Honda more efficiently satisfies many of the needs of people who buy traditional SUVs, especially those who don't need to haul great quantities of people or cargo, or a heavy trailer.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "The acceleration is generally OK (though slow), but the car is under-powered and needs more oomph (at times). The handling is generally good."

    Roger H., VA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Awesome car for the age of it. Gets in and out of places easily"

    Anonymous, MI (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Needed more horsepower."

    Michael R., CA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "For a small, 4 cylinder SUV, it handles remarkably well, has a decent ride, and is still fun to drive."

    Stephen L., CA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "In the last survey when I purchased the Honda CR-V, the survey would not allow me to enter that the CR-V is a 1998 and not 2000. It is a remarkable vehicle. No repairs on this 20 year old vehicle except the replacement of a radiator for $120.00. Runs well in snow or heat, The only shortcoming is that it has trouble going over 65 miles per hour but that is the most common speed limit range. My son calls it a "tank" for its reliability."

    Laurine R., IA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Very agile and excellent sight lines. Could use more power."

    B S., BC (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Versatility, ease of use"

    Anonymous, NM (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Good acceleration and handling mark the CR-V. Passing other vehicles feels comfortable and reliable."

    Catherine F., CO (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Slow to shift up. Not enough power for hilly country."

    C R., VA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Excelerating is not adequate, like merging onto the freeway, it doesn't have enough power. The transmission NEVER has changed correctly while going up a steady incline. It just will not change into the highest gear, but over stays it's welcome in 3rd gear, revving too high for too long."

    Susan D., NC (2000 Honda CR-V)


    Robert M., MI (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "very efficient in every way"

    Anonymous, CT (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Ok. Not too quick though"

    Anonymous, IA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "It is well designed and practical. All wheel drive is safe in all conditions. It handles so well with little resistance in the steering."

    Ron J., MO (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "The car is under-powered, but it gets me where I want to go. It handles very well."

    Anonymous, VA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "not a rocket but is good power for ald engin. the handling is very tight and quick"

    John D., GA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Very poor acceleration. Have to almost put the gas pedal to the floor to get up to speed quickly. If there are many passengers, or a heavy load, the car cannot get up to speed, especially up hill. The handling and turning radius are good though."

    Anonymous, CA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Handling is great, very little body roll in the corners, could use more torque and hp for going up hills."

    GERALD B., CA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Acceleration is poor, and gear shift points are not performance-oriented. Handling is excellent."

    ARTHUR H., MO (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "It is peppy (don't need a mini for go-kart handling - i.e. the acceleration is jumpy when floored,). The seats are uncomfortable for a tall person and narrow for a wider bottomed person. There is a lot of road noise. It is a very reliable car. That is important."

    JOHN B., NC (2000 Honda CR-V)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "Comfortable seats with good adjustments. Rough on speed bumps."

    B S., BC (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "The front bucket seats are comfortable even on long rides. The fabric in the front and back seats feel cool, stay clean and no worn spots."

    Bob G., NC (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "The seats don't have enough lumbar support, and they should be a bit larger. The noise, while on the road, is tolerable, but still annoying. The ride is generally good."

    Roger H., VA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Seats are comfortable and ride is good, but road noise at highway speeds is intrusive."

    A T., MO (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "The seats in the Honda are comfortable, however the driver side arm rest for the right arm needs to be about 3-4 inches higher. It is not comfortable to rest your right arm on the arm rest. The Honda is nice to drive"

    Anonymous, OH (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "This was a fantastically reliable car. With truck tires, it has high clearance making it a great car for getting out in nature. It has been mechanically reliable, only needing routine maintenance. The seats could be more comfortable. It is a bit noisy as well, but the pluses more than outway this."

    Leslie S., CA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Visibility and accessibility are key comforts in the CR-V. Windows provide exemplary viewing, and the vehicle is convenient for loading children, groceries, and surprisingly large items. Riding both front and back is comfortable for adults of all sizes."

    Catherine F., CO (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "The ride is generally comfortable. The seats are well-designed and offer adequate back support. The noise level (at highway speeds) is more intense than in most cars."

    Anonymous, VA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Quiet ride and comfortable seating, especially the front seats."

    Bob G., NC (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Seats are a bit small for me, but perfect for my wife who drives this most of the time."

    Anonymous, CA (2000 Honda CR-V)


    Anonymous, BC (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Spacious interior, able to walk over to back seats from in-between front pilot seats. Air Conditioning and heating has been reliable. Ride is supple but responsive."

    Anonymous, ON (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "The road noise level is uncomfortable. You have to turn any audio/listening devices up ridiculously loud to hear anything over the noise. Sometimes it can interfere with hearing audio gps instructions clearly."

    Anonymous, NY (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Road noise is considerable in this vehicle. Other than that, I love this car."

    CAROL S., NV (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Seats are very comfortable, good support. Very low road noise."

    ARTHUR H., MO (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "There is a significant amount of road noise when driving high speed (interstate)."

    Anonymous, IN (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "I don't like the road noise, and I wish the seats were more comfortable."

    CHARLOTTE V., CO (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "I needed more room in the car and easy entry exit. I had to drive my 90 mother to Dr appointments and she was beginning to need a wheelchair and I weighed 330 lbs and had bad arthritis in my knees. I had a Honda Civic and had not done any research on what cars were good.I was transferring back from Europe where all cars were red white blue and silver. I was at Mazda dealer looking at their cars because my Mom had a Mazda 323. All they had was more of the same. However the Honda dealer was across"

    JANE V., VA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Seat comfort only ok (tho fabric upholstery shows hardly any wear), ride a little rough and noise from the road pretty noticeable on the highway. Climate control good - heat and a/c kick in fairly quickly."

    Anonymous, WI (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "No passenger arm rest and noise level is awful on the highway"

    JAY S., ON (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "no leg room for a standard adult"

    LYNN W., CA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "The seats are not very comfortable. I use a cushion for lower back support."

    Anonymous, TX (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Adequate comfortable seats, heating and cooling systems could be improved, noise and ride could be improved but adequate."

    Anonymous, IL (2000 Honda CR-V)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say


    Robert M., MI (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Over 17 years old and have had very few problems with it and nothing major."

    Tracy T., FL (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Got all wheel drive in smaller suv"

    Anonymous, IA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "This is the most reliable, cost effective car I have owned."

    RANDOLPH S., MN (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "The car was a trade in with one owner and was a great price for my son."

    JOHN D., GA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "See my response to comfort a and features. I have not had to have any major repairs done and none over 1200. I plan on keeping it until I can't drive any more. I going on 16years of owning it and it still runs well. It has some bumps and scrapes but you can't drive good looks!"

    JANE V., VA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Car had 30,000 miles on it and we have added nealy 2oo,ooo more plus many being towed behind a uotorhome. Virtually no problems. Have considered replacing "just in case," but this provides everything I need almost free. No new car can match that."

    DAVID S., CA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "This is a very reliable car"

    RUTH T., CA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Reliable so far. Versatile. Comfortable."

    Anonymous, ON (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "It is a 1998 (Sorry, but CR won't let you go back and change the # of vehicles and I misread). We have had no factory problems with the CRV. The only costs are routine maintenance/inspection/ tires/brakes. An excellent value!"

    JOHN B., NC (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Almost 180,000 miles out of the engine then replaced it."

    MELISSA H., FL (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "I feel that it has been one of the best purchases/values. I have always felt Safe no matter the road conditions. Rain, Snow, Sleet. We get plenty of those here in Upstate NY."

    KATRINA F., NY (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "This car has lasted for all these years and has given me uninterrupted service. My mechanic told me to never get rid of this car and until it stops in it's tracks I will not."

    Anonymous, FL (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "In 2015 we bought this vehicle with 95,000 actual miles with a stable repair history."

    MIKE W., MN (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Solid car! No frills, no surprises."

    Anonymous, WA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Excellent valve and still runs good"

    Anonymous, PA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "This is a great little utility vehicle. I have used it for fishing trips, yard work items, wood purchases, etc. It is also my daily driver and isn't the fastest vehicle on the road, but gets me there in relative comfort and safety; my wife has the sedan!"

    JOHN J., WA (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "What an excellent value. No major issues for 16 years."

    Anonymous, TX (2000 Honda CR-V)

    "Bought it for a good price with 6000 miles on it and now have 190000 miles and have no reason to get another car that would require a major investment."

    PETER C., NC (2000 Honda CR-V)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "A little too boxy, with a need for better aerodynamics. It's not a bad-looking car, but later models look much better."

    Anonymous, VA (2000 Honda CR-V)

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