The Civic-based Honda CR-V is a small, all-wheel-drive sport-utility. The Honda more efficiently satisfies many of the needs of people who buy traditional SUVs, especially those who don't need to haul great quantities of people or cargo, or a heavy trailer.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "Vehicle is under powered..noisy under any hard acceleration"

    Anonymous, NY (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "It has always handled hills really well. it has gone to the mountains and on road trips with no problems."

    Margaret E., CA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Running the air conditioner completely kills the acceleration. I have actually been almost hit by another car because it's so slow."

    Peggy S., CO (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Needed a complete engine rebuild ($3500) earlier this year. Decided to do that (as opposed to buy a different car) because my wife just LOVES the car (interior is still cherry, not enough dings on exterior to dissuade) AND we couldn’t find another CR-V for less than $5000 with lower mileage."

    Anonymous, WA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Peppy engine and good brakes with quick turning radius"

    Anonymous, TX (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "The car is spacious, roomy and comfortable. I have had it for 11 years and am still very happy with it."

    John B., NY (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "ride, handling, and acceleration (for a 4 banger) are all very good."

    Kent H., TX (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Not much horsepower"

    Anonymous, CA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "The acceleration and handling are not great. It has trouble getting up hills due to the fact it has a 4 cylinder engine on a slightly heavier chassis. It's not going to win any races. The handling is okay. At the point I am in my life, I am ready for a vehicle that has a better driving experience."

    David N., OH (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Poor traction on ice and slippery roads"

    Anonymous, MN (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Acceleration is lethargic at best. Need to keep the rpms high going up hills. Honda definitely undersized the engine for this vehicle."

    Anonymous, CT (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Reliability good. AC compressor has blown up twice. A major problem"

    William D., VA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "I may not be the best judge because all my other vehicles have been manual transmission sports/high performance cars."

    NADINE N., NC (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Not the peppier engine Honda ever made. Sluggish acceleration. And at 129000 miles, the transmission is slow to shift at 40-50 mph."

    Anonymous, IN (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "The acceleration is very poor. Everything else is fine."

    Anonymous, GA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Yes, it's only a 4 cylinder, but it really struggles on the hills, especially rolling hills when the cruise is on. Granted this vehicle has over 100K on the odometer and it's been towed another 70K miles behind a motorhome."

    KEN M., AZ (2001 Honda CR-V)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "The seats and ride have never really been very comfortable since new. The vehicle has always been noisy. New tires filled with nitrogen have slightly improved noise and ride."

    Anonymous, NY (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "It is a little louder than I would like."

    Anonymous, CA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Outside noises enter the cabin constantly. Wind is especially a problem. The suspension picks up even the smallest road defect ex.bumps,cracks. The vehicle rattles and shakes. The seat comfort is of bellow average quality."

    Winston S., NC (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Flexible seat arrangements to fit load shapes and sizes Road noise is excessive depending on type of road surface."

    Anonymous, TX (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "leather seats are slippery and make me feel a bit unstable noise is too loud and distracting"

    Evelyn M., WA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "A lot of road noise."

    Anonymous, NJ (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Seats are small and not comfortable. The cloth seats cause static electricity. Neck brace on back of seat too tall for short people."

    Anonymous, CA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "The seats are rigid and not very adjustable. The ride is very stiff and choppy. Care must be used when going around curves at highway speeds. The most bothersome thing is road noise. It is loud inside."

    Tom M., PA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "It is a 2001 Honda, so it is noisy inside, but I love the height at which I ride in this car. Seat is okay, but not the same comfort as the 2012."

    Anonymous, TX (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Cabin noise excessive. Front passenger seat lacks armrest"

    Keith C., MA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Interior noise level a bit loud (engine and road noise)"

    Anonymous, CT (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "I like driving this car b/c it is small, handles well, and I can park it anywhere, but it is noisy and the seats are only comfortable for short trips."

    Elizabeth R., VA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "The car seats are more uncomfortable as the car ages. The car noise, which is high, is about the same as when I purchased it in 2001. The ride has gotten slightly better with Michelin tires."

    Karen G., NY (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Lots of road noise"

    Anonymous, HI (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "The CR-V has been a very good buy, but it fairly bare bones. The seats are not the most comfortable and a little shallow. The noise is loud compared to my Mazda."

    David N., OH (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Seats need much more padding and road noise is way too loud."

    Edward L., SC (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "The worst part of driving this car is the high amount of road noise. I have read reviews where others complain about this also. I don't know if the newer models have finally fixed this but there has been so much written about it that Honda would be remiss if they did not correct this flaw."

    Anonymous, CT (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "No lumbar support, needs power seats, very loud road noise"

    Anonymous, MN (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "It's a bit noisy due to wheel wells within the cargo space - open to the entire vehicle. Not very well sound insulated"

    Anonymous, IN (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "The car has always had a lot of road noise and it can be intolerable at highway speeds."

    Anonymous, NY (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "The road noise makes driving on long trips more fatiguing. We avoid long car trips because of this."

    ALAN M., WA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Back seats are not adjustable in any way and are not very comfortable"

    JAMES A., BC (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "The Honda is fun to drive, comfortable and very reliable. It's major flaw is that it is extremely noisy on the highway. The noise seems to come from the wheel wells.(Tire noise.) This fact is also listed in many consumer evaluations of this model."

    Anonymous, CT (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "I've always felt the car should be quieter. When driving in a rainstorm you have to speak considerably louder when talking to someone."

    VALERIE B., FL (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "The seats are quite firm and uncomfortable for long trips. I don't like taking trips of several hours with this vehicle."

    JAMES S., MI (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Love most all of the car, but the seats could be a little bigger, the armrest a little longer. The worst feature of the car is wind noise around the side windows."

    SCOTT H., CA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "this vehicle is VERY noisy, progressively more so at higher speeds. On a road trip in this vehicle the sound system doesn't matter because the ambient noise is so loud."

    C S., MN (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Road noise could be quieter."

    CARL N., AZ (2001 Honda CR-V)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "I'm the original owner of this car, and still love driving it. The only money I have put into it is for regular maintenance and tires."

    Anonymous, DC (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "It has been very reliable"

    Anonymous, NJ (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "This is a great car. I have done regular maintenance and it still runs really well after 17 years!"

    Margaret E., CA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "This car has held its value well"

    Anonymous, WA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "I have been regular with routine maintainance. The car has never broken down. It’s very reliable."

    Anonymous, IL (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "No major problems in 17 years. That's fabulous value."

    Anonymous, CA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "I've owned this vehicle for 17 years without any significant problems. I've had work done on the suspension but I consider that ordinary maintenance. The vehicle has been safe and reliable all this time; the price for the current model has caused me to change to KIA; nothing more. This was a great buy and I continue to be happy with it."

    James Z., FL (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "It's great the 4wd is awesome I love the two piece Dorr at the back with a hacth and a tailgate. It gets really good gas mileage even though we don't use it that much and most of its miles are city. The seats are comfy, it's just really great for a low price. You get the excellent Japanese quality too."

    Anonymous, AR (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "The car has held up very well with no major problems. Its biggest issue is a lack of power, which makes it wind out at high revs for far longer then I would like. This known problem has been corrected in later models."

    Robert M., MD (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "For the money we paid, we got our money's worth as it has needed few repairs other than normal maintenance."

    Anonymous, MA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "It is still in great condition"

    Anonymous, CT (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Honda is the standard for reliable, reasonably priced vehicles."

    GREG S., CA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Good second car for my children and grandchildren"

    RITA H., MA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "I bought it used, for a good price, with very low mileage on it. It has had NO serious issues due to mechanical fault. Only normal wear and tear."

    REBECCA D., CA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Trouble free low cost of maintenance and AWD"

    JOHN W., SK (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Honda cars are legendary for their longevity. We've owned three of them and have more than gotten our money's worth from each."

    Anonymous, CA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "drove it for 13 years and only had to replace a radiator and rack and pinion"

    Anonymous, NC (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "One of the best cars I've owned for the price and reliability, cost of repairs"

    Anonymous, PA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "No major problems until compressor when out in 2014. Only had to replace compressor as the lines and rest of system still clear."

    J S., AL (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "140k miles and runs strong with no rust"

    JOHN D., MN (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "It's still running well with 226K miles on it!"

    KEITH C., MA (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Used one time owner only had 20,000 mi was like brand new for $8,000 a steal"

    JOSEPH C., NH (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "I'm the 2nd owner. Knew the original owner. Car had excellent maintenance before I bought it and I take excellent care of it as well. Got a bargain and paid cash when I bought it in 2010."

    Anonymous, OR (2001 Honda CR-V)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "like the look outside. the inside is fine just not as stylish and sleek as newer cars, but that's to be expected."

    Anonymous, OH (2001 Honda CR-V)

    "Good size"

    Anonymous, FL (2001 Honda CR-V)

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