The Honda CR-V's redesign yielded big improvements. The four-cylinder engine is smooth and spirited yet economical. The interior is roomier, and fit and finish are very good. The CR-V is among the top-scoring small SUVs and represents a good dollar value. Crash tests are also very impressive. Too much road noise is our main gripe.
There are 16 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very dependable and feels solid on all kinds of roads. It may not accelerate as fast as larger engines on steep roads, but it stays ahead of traffic that lags on steep roads."

Theresa A., MA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Needs a slightly larger engine. Struggles going up steep hills."

Michael K., AZ (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The feels “light on it’s feet‿: responsive steering, quick acceleration, quick stops. Fun to drive yet quiet."

Ron J., MO (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The vehicle still has great acceleration and handling similar to when it was new (I am the original owner - brought new). Great around town car. Easy to park, good visibility."

Anonymous, FL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The CRV is fun to drive, handles and accelerates well. I love zipping in and out of parking places, and the convenience of having very responsive steering. It has been excellent in rain and snow. I can usually get out easily when others can't. it grabs the road and doesn't slide. Of course, I do drive carefully in inclement weather."

Paulette P., OR (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Handles snow well. Accelerates well"

Anonymous, CO (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Good acceleration and handling for a car of it's vintage. Still has enough power when you need it."

Anonymous, MN (2002 Honda CR-V)

"It is an AWD system that has served me well in all types of weather. I feel comfortable behind the wheel."

Leonard K., OH (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The acceleration is excellent for passing and entering the interstate. The handling, once I put on good tires, is also excellent and I am able to take my curvy road at a fast pace without feeling unsafe. The rollover hazard that is warned about on the visor happens only with high speed quick jerks on the steering wheel."

Anonymous, NC (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Easy to drive, excellent visibility, satisfactory acceleration"

Orest K., BC (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Handles well for a vehicle that tall. Acceleration is so-so."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Handles well and is good in all weather. The road noise in the 2002 is very high and bothersome."

Anonymous, BC (2002 Honda CR-V)

"great visibility, smooth acceleration. But can be jerky and sway changing lanes at higher speeds"

Scott K., MA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Drives very well, and like a snowmobile on snow covered roads."

Mark S., ID (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Fun car to drive (I am biased toward manual transmission!). Despite age and mileage, still good acceleration and smooth handling. Only repairs have been normal wear and tear. The car handles well - fun to drive - still take it on intermediate length trips (600 miles or less). Very little fatigue after driving long distances."

Anonymous, MO (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Great handling, even though 15 years old."

Anonymous, AZ (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Best acceleration and handling of the comparable makes we test drove. Quick, responsive, and secure. Haven't driven in the snow, but heavy rain was no problem. Haven't made emergency stops but feel confident that it will be prepared."

Anonymous, MD (2002 Honda CR-V)

"This vehicle is fun to drive! It's very responsive in all situations. It has great get-up-and-go. It is especially great in inclement weather, and handles extremely well in ice and snow. The driving visibility is outstanding!"

Postell P., OR (2002 Honda CR-V)

"I use it to get around town and it handles perfectly getting into parking spaces and just zipping around."

Anonymous, FL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Quality vehicle, good looks and dependable!"

Anonymous, MI (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Windows do not allow adequate vision from the sides or back of the vehicle."

LYNDA M., CA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Very responsive"

Anonymous, LA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Handles and accelerates surprisingly well for an SUV in this class."

BRIAN C., CA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"With nearly 73000 miles and the vehicle being 14 years old, it still has lots of power."

PIETER V., CA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Bad: a lot of problems occurred right after the 36- month factory warranty expired. Honda dealership I took the car to for service & repair is negligent & created more problems than before I took the car in. This car is a lemon, spent a lot of time & money in repairs. Called Honda of America to complain but did not do anything to resolve the issues. Newer generation Honda CR-Vs are now designed much better."

Anonymous, IL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The Honda has the best acceleration ever - even better than the Suburu which is 14 years newer. It drives as well as the day it was purchased!"

Anonymous, IN (2002 Honda CR-V)

"My only complaint is that it has a very wide turning radius for such a small vehicle. Other than that, it's great. Excellent in Wisconsin winter."

KIRSTIN P., WI (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Although it is the first 4 cylinder engine which I have ever owned, I have found that it really has the "get-up-&-go" . It handles beautifully and I have never had a major problem with it and it has NEVER been in any kind of accident. It looks beautiful....always garaged and serviced by Honda dealer. If I live much longer, I will buy another CRV!!!"

MARGARET W., GA (2002 Honda CR-V)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"noisy on certain roads seats could use additional padding"

Anonymous, NJ (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Great confortable driving position"

Anonymous, AL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The road noise is so loud we have the volume on the radio very loud so when we have a red light the entire intersection hears what we are listening to"

Cynthia K., PA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Comfortable seats and ride but noise level high especially at highway speeds."

Robert B., MD (2002 Honda CR-V)

"It's basically a truck with a somewhat stiff ride. The front seats are quite comfortable, but the back seats are hard the back rests are not adjustable for passengers. It's also noisier than the average care of it's type - for example the comparable model of Toyota."

Anonymous, MN (2002 Honda CR-V)

"This car is a real trouper. Like the battery bunny, it just keeps going. However, the A/C no longer feels stable and has required multiple repairs in the recent past. But the most annoying issue is that the electronic door locks all failed two years ago, and the cost to have the issue diagnosed and repaired is more than I can bear at this time. Very inconvenient and unsafe, since each door requires manual locking/unlocking - including the rear hatch."

Anonymous, FL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Driver’s seat provides excellent visibility. Stiff ride provides road feedback that we like"

Anonymous, TX (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The one thing I do not like is the noise in the interior. Very load seems like Honda missed the mark here."

Anonymous, WA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are comfotable. However, road noise is irritating."

Anonymous, OH (2002 Honda CR-V)

"This is the one area on the CRV's that is extremely poor. In fact they haven't improved it at all since I bought my CRV. The seats are extremely uncomfortable and hard; not much padding. My Odyssey seats are excellent, but these are just terrible. the ride is rough and bumpy, and the noise is loud. I supposedly bought an extra sound-proofing on the underside of my CRV. I can't imagine what it would be like for those who did not get that, OR the sound-proofing did not make any difference at all. I have hesitated to buy a new one, having tried out several model years sense 2002 only to find no improvement."

Paulette P., OR (2002 Honda CR-V)

"seats are uncomfortable"

Anonymous, IL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Given it was an EX model, I expected the seats to be more supportive or softer as the ride was so stiff. The road noise was considerable."

Debra H., SC (2002 Honda CR-V)

"This is a noisy car but good record for maintenance the seats are comfortable"

Anonymous, CO (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Excessive road noise at hwy speed."

Anonymous, ON (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Noisy interior."

Anonymous, GA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are okay, noise is too high, ride is a little rough on bumps, otherwise the ride is good."

Edward B., NC (2002 Honda CR-V)

"It is easy to get in and out of. I feel like I have a good field of view as I sit up higher than in a sedan. The seats are comfortable for a 15 year old car."

Dan S., FL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"very noisy cabin. Too much road noise. Too much air noise."

Robert L., OH (2002 Honda CR-V)

"relatively good driving position, firm comfortable seat. But find no good position for driver's left leg (automatic transmission). Very roomy comfortable back seat, even for large adults"

Scott K., MA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Despite its high mileage (231K miles) and age, the seats remain comfortable with good support. There are no cracks in the upholstery. It has stood the test of time very well. The road noise is louder than some GM cars that I have previously owned. The ride is firm and steady. Fun car to drive!"

Anonymous, MO (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise prominent while driving."

Anonymous, NJ (2002 Honda CR-V)

"I'm not a fan of black leather seats, especially with a sunroof. In the summertime, they can get extremely HOT. I will never get a car with leather seats again, sticky hot in summer, and clammy cold in winter."

Ann H., CO (2002 Honda CR-V)

"to much road noise"

Anonymous, TX (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Very noisy."

Mark S., ID (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Seat deteriorated over time."

Anonymous, AZ (2002 Honda CR-V)

"There is a lot of road noise"

Anonymous, GA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The only problem I find is the loud road noise, which makes me to turn my radio up a lot higher."

AUDREE D., CA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"lots of outside noise, driver seat rocks - not bolted to floor properly"

Anonymous, GA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Mine has leather seats, which I don't like, but other than that this has been a very reliable car"

ANN H., CO (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are not very comfortable. They don't have any lumbar support, so we have to use a small pillow for back support."

PAULETTE P., OR (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are fairly comfortable. Climate Control has been disappointing. We have had the system replaced 4 times, and various parts replaced an additional 3 times. Car is a little noisey on yhe highway and a bit bumpy."

CONNIE S., TX (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise, hard to talk on cell phone."

EDWARD B., NC (2002 Honda CR-V)

"This vehicle has NO noise supression, therefore much of the road noise is loud inside vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Seats very uncomfortable"

DAVE F., BC (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Don't like the road noise at highway speeds!"

MIKE V., WA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Air conditioning had to be completely replaced. Had that with both CRVs I have owned."

Anonymous, SC (2002 Honda CR-V)

"A/c doesn't work."

Anonymous, CT (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise"

CLARK T., CO (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is bad at speed. Body support rod rusted out; had to be replaced. Oxygen sensor had to be replaced just after warranty expired."

J F., DE (2002 Honda CR-V)

"I've had to replace the entire A/C system one about 5 years ago and now I believe it's about to fail again (not cooling well). It is really noisy & rough riding, much like a truck."

BETH B., VA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Very loud road and wind noise"

DOTTI L., OH (2002 Honda CR-V)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I had to replace a number of costly part while still on warranty and not covered. One was an "aluminum pan that collected/held oil or water". It was many years ago when can wasfairly new. I'm thinking it didn't pass DEQ. Dealer told me it had rusted and was therefore leaking. I could be wrong, but I don't believe aluminum rusts. Beaverton Honda became a place I now avoid like the plague!"

Anonymous, OR (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The Honda CRV has served me very well. No major problems other than Calipers, brakes and muffler system. These seem like normal wear and tear issues. The issues with Airbags and airbag warning lights, as well as the seatbelt warning light were repaired under warranty in an acceptable amount of time. The complaints that I have, are related to headlamps: it seems to me that the lightbulbs have to be replaced quite often. Every 6 months."

Theresa A., MA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"It's been a very dependable car. It just keeps going and going. I've had to spend some money on preventive maintenance but nothing has caused the vehicle to just stop."

Karl G., WI (2002 Honda CR-V)

"While I have occasionally been hit with some large bills of late ($795 in May and $695 in June), regular maintenance costs have been relatively low. When I took it in for its 120K mileage checkup I expected to spend close to $450, but when I picked it up, the only charge was for an oil change because my mechanic said the other issues didn't need to be addressed at that time because all were fine."

Anonymous, DC (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Still driving it after 16 years"

Anonymous, AL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"unbelievable value. But I have to admit, I have been a stickler with tune ups, oil changes, etc. I have also had some major expenses for this car but it has been worth it and has been cheaper than buying a new car. This car with my repair garage's outstanding service (and knowledge that I want this car to last as long as possible) have helped the longevity of this wonderful car."

Anonymous, IN (2002 Honda CR-V)

"When you get 225,000 miles out of any car with repair costs minimal during the first 13 yeas the vehile is a great value. The engine and transmission has never need rebuilding though it is starting to use some oil. AC is still ice cold and never been serviced. Thats value."

Anonymous, FL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Over16 years old, few repairs"

Mary K., FL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Great value, moderate maintenance costs and well thought out interior storage places."

Robert B., MD (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Great vehicle! No major repairs other than maintenance, car handles and drives well. 150k miles and only now have I experienced a problem with a leak in the a/c unit. I did have to replace the exhaust and O2 sensor at around 130k miles but that was an acceptable maintenance cost."

Paul A., NJ (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Given that the vehicle is now 16 years old and has been driven by 2 drivers for over 200,000 miles, this CR-V has been a phenomenal value. We intend to replace this vehicle with a CR-V when it eventually wears out."

Debra H., SC (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Exceptional reliability. Vehicle has never had a major repair or replacement of any major component."

J C., NJ (2002 Honda CR-V)

"My 2002 Honda is close to 200,000 miles with no mechanical problems except an a/c compressor that failed after 15 hard years in FL heat. I had the compressor replaced for well under $1000. I paid about $18000 w tax, and am a fanatic about oil changes (I use Amsoil synthetic). The 2002 still works just fine. 18000 for 200000 miles over 15 years = .09/ mile or $1200 /year. THAT's A GREAT VALUE !!"

Carol M., FL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The car's overall performance has exceeded expectations. Never thought I would not mind driving an 18-model-year-old vehicle."

Anonymous, FL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"For the first 12 years I owned this car it cost me nothing but maintenance almost the entire time. The car is amazing. Only recently have I had to put money in up keep."

Anonymous, FL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"This little car is still going strong. It has had brake issues and had a airbag recall. But other than that, we have spent relatively little. The highway noise is a bit loud but the gas mileage makes up for it. I will purchase another CR-V."

Christean W., IL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Long lasting, comfortable, good gas milelage. No major repair problems. Overall a great car and good bargain."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Have had the car for 15 years with minimal issues. Low upkeep cost and high reliability. I love my CR-V and will be getting a new one"

Anonymous, TX (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Long range drive train reliability, sturdy construction, acceptable engine performance and good handling. We kept this car for 16 years clocking 250,000 mile without major repairs."

Anonymous, TX (2002 Honda CR-V)

"This car has lasted forever with only minor repairs required."

Betsy K., OR (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Love this vehicle. Runs like new even with 140000 miles. Very reliable."

Anonymous, NJ (2002 Honda CR-V)

"This car has been the best and most trouble free car I have owned. The only area I have had problems with is the AC. The AC has been replaced twice; once under warranty at less than 30000 miles (in late 2003) and a second time at about 165000 miles (in late 2015)."

David H., OK (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Good acceleration, a little noisy, controls are easy to reach."

Edward B., NC (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The mileage I have gotten from this vehicle is outstanding."

Robert D., WA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Bought used from a dealer and got a solid car for below book value"

R L., TX (2002 Honda CR-V)

"i have spent almost the cost of the car in repairs"

CAROL R., CA (2002 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, HI (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Love my 2002 Honda CRV with 190,000 miles! Little bumpy as struts are going and potholes in the Northeast don't help! Half of the dashboard lights are out and also the lights on the hvac control knob....and it's just not worth the money change a little bulb. I get the oil changed every 3k miles and hope to keep this vehicle for a few more years!"

GRETCHEN G., NY (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Hondas stand up to tough driving."

CAT S., TX (2002 Honda CR-V)

"The cost at the time I purchased in 2002 was still extremely reasonable for a vehicle that I drove for years in California, shipped to Florida, and am continuing to drive."

Anonymous, FL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Bought due to excellent repair prospects---very had to be towed and always able to reach dealer. Suits all of my needs with all-wheel drive;, trailer hitch for light trailer pulls well; handy collapse of seats; picnic table on back floor;. modest acelleration adequate,; nice turning radis; fun to sports-car."

LU H., WI (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Very good quality, only real problem is engine light comes on once in a while."

RICHARD V., ON (2002 Honda CR-V)

"No complaint. Airbags Replaces by Honda.without cost TP me."

PAUL A., CA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Well made, dependable car that just keeps going."

Anonymous, IN (2002 Honda CR-V)

"I don't like to pay to replace the GOPS DVD on a regular basis. Too expensive!"

Anonymous, SC (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Great SUV but not great for long trips. Road noise in a negative issue. Roomie inside with large interior capacity"

DANA T., OR (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Very reliable. Minimal problems. Very satisfied."

Anonymous, TX (2002 Honda CR-V)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Looks too much like an old SUV. I prefer the styling of the newer models."

Anonymous, AL (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Clean body style"

PIETER V., CA (2002 Honda CR-V)

"I like thr '07 rear windows better than the newer CR-Vs, which are too obstructive."

Anonymous, OH (2002 Honda CR-V)

"Still looks good after all these years."

CONNIE S., TX (2002 Honda CR-V)

"It's not the "sexiest" looking SUV:-)"

Anonymous, TX (2002 Honda CR-V)

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