The Honda CR-V's 2002 redesign yielded big improvements. The four-cylinder engine is smooth and spirited yet economical. The interior is roomier, and fit and finish are very good. The CR-V is among the top-scoring small SUVs and represents a good dollar value. Crash tests are also very impressive. Too much road noise is our main gripe.
There are 13 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Easy handling no problem with acceleration the little truck has been awesome."

PENNY L., CA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Really comfortable for long drives. Excellent cruise control"

Anonymous, CA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"stiff and boxy handling. Not comfortable for a 6 plus hour drive."

Anonymous, CA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The acceleration is terrible. It is worse with 4 passengers and the AC on. It is a sloth."

JAMES T., NY (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Generally good but acceleration when entering a highway off a ramp is sometimes too slow or "iffy.""

HELEN C., IL (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Has the power to easily overtake other vehicles on the highway and I have no problem hauling my utility trailer. Other SUV's i've owned have been lacking in those areas."

Anonymous, AB (2003 Honda CR-V)

"AC has broken twice. Road noise is loud."

Anonymous, GA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Both are very smooth"

Anonymous, MD (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Noisy, noisy noisy! AWD was great until it failed due to rear differential."

Anonymous, MA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The handling and turning radius are very good,"

MILO L., FL (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The car is a little noisy."

Anonymous, NH (2003 Honda CR-V)

"It only has 4-cylinders and I think around 160 horsepower. It does not accelerate well going up hills and gives off a smell, like the oil seals are leaking or something is burning. Does not handle all that well on curves so must slow down under the limit for curves."

Anonymous, NJ (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Handling and steering is superb."

B C., ON (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Car drives very smooth and quiet."

ELIZABETH R., GA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"As is true for every honda I have owned, it's acceleration is sluggish and hesitant. Good thing I'm rarely in a big hurry."


"Handles easily."

Anonymous, NC (2003 Honda CR-V)

"When air conditioning is on, acceleration is diminished when starting to accelerate."

Anonymous, NY (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The acceleration is not that fast and causes some worry when passing."

Anonymous, OR (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Car needs a more powerful engine with better acceleration and gas mileage. More gears in the transmission would also help.."

Anonymous, NV (2003 Honda CR-V)

"This vintage CRV is quick from a standing start but lacks performance at fast highway speeds on hills. However, it performs well on snowy roads...It feels safe and secure"

Anonymous, CO (2003 Honda CR-V)

"When AC is engaged ascending a steep engine power suffer to the piont that AC needs to be switched off to regain power to excelerate up a hill"

Anonymous, NJ (2003 Honda CR-V)

"As much power as I need and easy to drive."

Anonymous, SC (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Very good steering with good feedback. Very safe, predictable handling. A pleasure to drive."

John D., TX (2003 Honda CR-V)

"car skids on ice and snow before shifting into all wheel drive"

Anonymous, NY (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Car handles very well. I've always enjoyed driving it."

Anonymous, CA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Total mileage and handling"

Steven S., NJ (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is fantastic!"

Anonymous, CA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Not bad. A bit noisy."

Anonymous, WA (2003 Honda CR-V)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Lots of road noise even after getting different tires. Ride is pretty stiff. I thought I'd get used to the fact that it is taller than my previous car (PT Cruiser). However, it is difficult for me to get in and out since I am only 5 feet tall, so I had to have Westin Nerf Bars installed. Also, the windows did not have any tint on them, so I had that done also."

BARBARA B., MN (2003 Honda CR-V)

"It's a noisy bugger, especially now that it's 13 years old--road noise as well as some rattly bits."


"I can't make hands free calls because of the road noise."

JAMES T., NY (2003 Honda CR-V)

"One of the best vehicles I've ever owned."

JACOB B., MA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Ride is noisy on the highway/ at higher speeds"

Anonymous, IL (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The air conditioning system failed after about 150000 miles and has never been completely repaired because of cost. I could not participate in a class action lawsuit because of the amount of miles on the vehicle."

GREGG M., OH (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Air conditioner failure"

Anonymous, CA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"It has to much road noise to much shock over bumps in road."

Anonymous, MD (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Rides a bit rough for long trips"

Anonymous, WI (2003 Honda CR-V)

"This was once a decent vehicle, but compared to modern cars it is very noisy and unrefined. We will replace it soon."

DALE Z., CO (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The biggest problem is the road noise. Very loud.!"

Anonymous, FL (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Front passenger seat does not slide back far enough."

Anonymous, MO (2003 Honda CR-V)

"While the seats are comfortable and the rear bench is very roomy, the ride noise is considerable."

RAPHAEL W., OH (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Passenger seat uncomfortable. Road noise a bit louder than most american cars but nowhere as loud as the 2003 Rav 4 that I drove before I bought my CRV."

Anonymous, OH (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Seats not very comfortable"

Anonymous, MD (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise was always bad."

Anonymous, MB (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The car drives smoothly and the mpg is good."

ELIZABETH R., GA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"AC failed at 36000 but Honda only helped with $300 toward a $2,000 repair from a class action suit. Expensive car but manufacturer wouldn't back it up on several repairs including AC and brakes. Reliability isn't as advertised."

Anonymous, OH (2003 Honda CR-V)

"My only criticism is road noise, it's disappointing"

LESLIE F., BC (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Generally a good ride but it is noisy and one feels the road too much."

HELEN C., IL (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Noisy - too much road noise"

Anonymous, OR (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable seats for both driver and passengers. Very comfortable ride. Easy to drive, tracks well, responsive steering. Air conditioner compressor now needs replacing also needs rear struts."

RUSS A., CA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"It is comfortable but a bit noisy on the highway. It also has a rough ride over uneven roads."

CHARLES S., BC (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Ride is tight, controlled, crisp. Interior is noisy."

DAVID S., MN (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The air temperature for my 2003 CRV is difficult to keep at a steady comfortable level. The road and engine noise is tolerable for around town trips but is tiring on longer trips. The seats lack cushioning and this also makes for a tiring ride."

LISA B., TN (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is noticeable,ride a bit stiff. I can live with both of those. Overall a great car."

Anonymous, VT (2003 Honda CR-V)

"I find the seat very uncomfortable when we travel any distance. I usually end up with a backache. The leg room is also an issue. Not enough for someone with long legs."

JUDITH Z., PA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Love the smooth, quiet ride and the higher seating view of the road"

GAIL F., PA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are very comfortable, A/C is very cold. Rides nice for a small SUV."

SHAWN D., NY (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Smooth driving but road noise at highway speed and bumps in road are more pronounced than I'd like."

Anonymous, TN (2003 Honda CR-V)

"This is a very noisy car. Even with new tires made for quite ride, it is still very loud with road noise."

Annie F., PA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Erect sitting position, super quiet engine, almost-too-tight turning radius"

David W., MD (2003 Honda CR-V)

"have had the CR-V for 14 years and still love it."

Maureen B., NJ (2003 Honda CR-V)

"What can I say about a car that has served us well with minimal expenses. Great in snowy weather. Reasonable mileage and ride is smooth.ride is smooth, seats are very comfortable , even on long rides."

Albert C., NY (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Good:excellent headroom, access to controls. Bad: Road noise, poor acceleration"

Anonymous, ON (2003 Honda CR-V)

"good for suv"

C M., WA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Fit and support are great, feel relaxed while driving."

Anonymous, SC (2003 Honda CR-V)

"seats good"

Anonymous, MN (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Relatively noisy and rough eide"

Anonymous, MN (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise noticeable and more than expected."

Paul H., OR (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Cabin is noisy at highway speed. Seating uncomfortable for drives over 2 hours."

Anonymous, ON (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Rough ride--not a good road car."

Joseph R., NC (2003 Honda CR-V)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This vehicle will be 13 years old next month. It has never had to be fixed for anything. Except routine maintenance, a few batteries and brakes at 95,000 miles. The vehicle has approx 125,000 miles and still has the original hoses and belts. Never had a car this reliable."

PHILIP E., FL (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Holds its value very well."

LES S., WA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"It just goes and goes and goes. No sign of trouble at all."

HANSEN H., FL (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Due to reliability and relatively low maintenance costs (that is, no unplanned maintenance), the Honda represents reliable transportation at predictable costs."

CARL P., TN (2003 Honda CR-V)

"AC component failure happened at 180,000 miles. A water heater hose leak at 220,000. No engine or transmissions problems to date 226K miles. It has been a durable reliable car that rides a bit noisy."

Anonymous, TX (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Very reliable and can be towed behind my MH"

CHUCK S., CA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"This CRV has had zero mechanical issues other than standard maintenance. Extremely high reliability."

Anonymous, CO (2003 Honda CR-V)

"My car has 171K miles. I maintain it, but has never broken down or failed me mechanically. Although I miss the new bells and whistles available in newer cars, there is no reason for me to stop using this car. I hope to get to 250K miles."

MARSHA E., IL (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Great value from a Honda vehicle. My CR-V is reliable and durable. It is economic with gas' I get on average 24 mpg., I can haul a lot of stuff because the seats fold done and the cargo area is roomy."

Anonymous, CO (2003 Honda CR-V)

"I have learned over the past 20 years to buy Honda vehicles coming off of 2-year leases directly from the dealership in order to get the best value. These vehicles offer up to 10 years of trouble free driving. In this case, the vehicle is used for short range trips with excellent cargo options."

FRANK P., ON (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Given that I have owned this car since new (almost 13 years) and continues to run and look great, I think I have gotten a lot of value. I put on about 10,000 miles per year."

RAPHAEL W., OH (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The CRV has been very dependable, other than routine maintenance, the vehicle had more than one hundred thousand miles before the first necessary repair, Just recently, the AC compressor failed, the repair for the AC would cost as much as 30% of the current value of the CRV. I do not plan to repair the AC because of the cost. Overall, I still consider the CRV an excellent value."

PAUL H., WI (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Have had some expensive repairs lately, but overall it has been a very good running vehicle."

Anonymous, NC (2003 Honda CR-V)

"I have 286,000 miles on this car and have mainly only performed routine maintenance with no major repairs."

DAVID M., NC (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Purchased as a used car---and still in great shape, both in looks and operations. Local Honda dealer loves it!!!!"

Anonymous, VA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The car is old and I should get a newer CR-V, but I am hesitant doing so as this car gives me no headache.for my purpose of doing small errands around my city..."

Anonymous, NB (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The car has 151,000 miles and we have done very little to it....making it a great value!"

DAN N., TN (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Reliability Ability to carry host of items"

Anonymous, MD (2003 Honda CR-V)

"We've had the car for 17 years and other than wear and tear, it has served us very well. For around $20,000, we have driven this car all around the country in all types of weather and it has never let us down."

SEAN D., PA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"After 240000 miles I still feel confident enough with this vehicle to take it across country. It still runs like new."

ROBERT M., NV (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The vehicle has more than 150,000 miles on it. Beyond repairs to do routine wear, it has been generally trouble free. The body and frame are rust-free, despite 13 PA winters. We expect to drive it for at least another 50,000 miles, unless wwe decide to go from 2 to 1 vehicle, selling both and buying a new SUV."

MARK L., PA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"13 years old and 266,000 miles and no major problems"

ALBERT C., NY (2003 Honda CR-V)

"At 228000 miles, it has been very reliable and dependable. My only major repair was the ac replacement in 2011. Original brakes started pulsating, & I replaced them about 3 years ago."

Anonymous, TN (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Pronounced road noise. Enjoyed driving past my mechanic for years!"

Anonymous, MA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"It has been a very good car overall. We bought it used as a one-owner car. It has been very reliable."

J H., OK (2003 Honda CR-V)

"It has 270000 miles on it without any major repair. Always followed the manufacturers maintenance schedule."

Anonymous, WA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"It is almost 14 model years old. I have no problems with it. It cost 22,000 sticker price NEW. I paid less. My cost per year is absolutely great."

Anonymous, SD (2003 Honda CR-V)

"I bought this car used in 12/27/2008 almost 8 years ago. I paid $11,000 for it in a car buyer's market. It had 56,000 miles on the odometer. I keep careful records of both maintenance (oil, filters, tires, batteries, brake pads, etc.) and repairs. Over this time period, I spent an average of $269 per year on maintenance, and $162 on repairs. The car now has 117,000 miles, or an average of 8,500 miles per year (We're retired and do no commuting. I think that this car represented the best va"

VINCENT G., MA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"It's been a great car, for not a lot of money. Very satisfied."

Anonymous, WI (2003 Honda CR-V)

"long time use very reliable"

TIMOTHY M., FL (2003 Honda CR-V)

"I purchased this vehicle 4 years ago for 6K. Yes, it has some wear. I keep it well maintain and except for some body rust that I had to have repair this vehicle has been perfect. It is a great car."

Anonymous, NH (2003 Honda CR-V)

"13 years old and still going strong. It's hard to get a manual transmission CRV these days so I plan to keep it awhile longer."

Anonymous, NH (2003 Honda CR-V)

"I still see a lot of these on the road. That says something!"

Paul H., MI (2003 Honda CR-V)

"In general, I am very happy with the Honda product. The options and quality for the price is very satisfying."

Anonymous, NY (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Great small SUV that has never let us down when it comes to the space it provides and it's cost of ownership."

Anonymous, TN (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Very happy with what I paid and what i have received."

Joseph R., NC (2003 Honda CR-V)

"It's lasted forever with very little expense"

David W., MD (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Our 2003 Honda CR-V has almost 300k miles and no major repairs. Engine uses no oil, runs smoothly. Most costly repair has been new brakes and tires."

David M., NC (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Great value for a honda. Only wish if new honds would provide the same reliabiliy and value??"

Albert C., NY (2003 Honda CR-V)

"It was a great value, especially considering that it is this old and still runs great."

Anonymous, MI (2003 Honda CR-V)

"14 years of reliable use. Whast more is there to say?"

Mark L., PA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"It can last a long time"

Steven S., NJ (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Car is 14 years old and has minimal problems"

Anonymous, TX (2003 Honda CR-V)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Purchased new, had to replace transmission twice and a/c failure."

Anonymous, MO (2003 Honda CR-V)

"I like everything about it. The front end looks good. The rear styling is squared, so visibility is great and it holds a lot more than the newer "swoopy" Honda designs."

DAVID S., MN (2003 Honda CR-V)

"Looks good."

Anonymous, GA (2003 Honda CR-V)

"The design and specifications of the cargo area make it possible to transport unexpectedly large amounts of stuff or large items, which is not the case for later models."

ANDREA K., FL (2003 Honda CR-V)

"I love my Honda it has been an excellent vehicle in all areas...Please note airbag issues was a recall by company making the airbags."

PENNY L., CA (2003 Honda CR-V)

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