The Honda CR-V's four-cylinder engine is smooth and spirited yet economical. The interior is roomier, and fit and finish are very good. The CR-V is among the top-scoring small SUVs and represents a good dollar value. Crash tests are also very impressive. Too much road noise is our main gripe.
There are 12 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"slow acceleration"

Anonymous, AL (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration has never been good (mentioned in CR's 2004 review) but seems to be getting a bit weaker with age."

Anonymous, KY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Very good acceleration, but 4WD version I have has lousy gas mileage."

CHRISTOPHER N., TX (2004 Honda CR-V)

"All she'll drive great in snow. Recalls, compressor, headlight , cat converter.,"

JOHN F., NY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The only real constant complaint I've had with my CRV over the years is road noise. Everything else about having the CRV has been a good experience, but when I shop for it's replacement, I want a vehicle with much less road noise."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration better than I expected right from the beginning and it's always been a pleasure to drive."

EILEEN A., OR (2004 Honda CR-V)

"visibility in driving position, responsive steering and strong acceleration"

Anonymous, IN (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Great acelaration and braking."

CHARLES C., LA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"no problems very reliable"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The vehicle drives great, but is lacking in passing power. I live on two lane roads and highways and have to pass often."

DANNY M., AR (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Very noise, the acceleration is very slow to a point at times feels dangerous due to how slow the car picks up."

NALI G., AZ (2004 Honda CR-V)

"It has decent acceleration, handle no is good but now is a little 'loose' feeling. Mostly I really like the short turning radius, making it good in tight spaces. Along with AWD the car is a good for dirt roads and other interesting driving situations."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Consistent reliable performance in Alaska at minus 60 degrees and in the desert at plus110 degrees! Air conditioning works great! Reliable in off road muddy, icy slippery situations at sea level to more than 8000feet - steep climbing."

Anonymous, AK (2004 Honda CR-V)

"5-speed manual transmission enhances an excellent driving experience. Nimble handling, good acceleration and smooth ride. The cabin is a little noisy, but tolerable."

ARTHUR E., NJ (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Good gearbox, good acceleration, handles well."

Anonymous, MI (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Drives great - previous owner kept it well maintained to smallest detail."

RICHARD F., IL (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Its been dependable"

CHARLES W., WA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"It handles very well. It is quite peppy for a little 4 cylinder, acts more like a V-6."

GEORGE S., IL (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The best car I have owned for travel in snow and ice!"

DAVID J., UT (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Very peppy car. Accelerates quickly. Nimble in maneuvering."

Anonymous, KY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"When my sons drive my car they're surprised at the way it handles and its pickup. I love the car."

RICHARD Z., GA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable, excellent handling, pick-up. Too vulnerable to rusting brakes, underside, though long dirt driveway mostly responsible."

ROBERT M., NJ (2004 Honda CR-V)

"It started off with reasonable get up and go but the quality of acceleration decreased significantly over time. In addition, road noice has become a problem in the last few years."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Good acceleration and shifts. All wheel drive takes away from overall power, but it all works well."

Allen S., TN (2004 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, NY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is sometimes inadequate when merging onto or passing on the highways."

Max H., CO (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The engine is not huge for the size of this vehicle but the acceleration is most acceptable. The handling in dry, wet, and freezing conditions is superb."

Gordon P., ON (2004 Honda CR-V)

"brisk acceleration, good handling"

Anonymous, MB (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Moves when I want it to move. No real problems in driving with a 4 cylinder vehicle. I really don't push the hills over 65mph, except when I have to pass a truck. Still can move on the interstates at 75mph."

Jolan T., AZ (2004 Honda CR-V)

"AWD very effective for winter driving"

Anonymous, AB (2004 Honda CR-V)

"at 205,000 miles it still is quick and responsive on the road. Hills are no problem. With its 4 wheel drive . I am free to travel wherever (almost) i wish to go."

George O., NV (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Purrs like it did when I first bought it still after 13 years. Handles very well for its age, still powerful acceleration."

Mamdooh H., ON (2004 Honda CR-V)

"great handling for a vehicle this size and age. great fuel economy"

Matt P., CO (2004 Honda CR-V)

"I find the handling and acceleration on this car to be excellent, although it doesn't compare to my 2016 Honda Civic."

Judith S., MN (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Good acceleration and handling"

Guy G., WA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Vtec engine has very good lpower when a/c is off. Love the 5-speed."

Anonymous, WI (2004 Honda CR-V)

"It's as good as it gets"

Anonymous, MT (2004 Honda CR-V)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I used to frequently carry passengers in my car. I chose this car at the time because of the comfortable, roomy and accessible leg room and cargo space. People frequently comment on how roomy the back seat is."

TAMARA H., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"It is difficult to listen to the radio or CDs as the road noise is not too good. That is the only real negative we'd had with this car."

Anonymous, OR (2004 Honda CR-V)

"It is the greatest Car I had in my life"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"road noise"

FRITZ S., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The road noise has always been loud. I am upset that the electrical system in this vehicle is slowly deteriorating. It would be very expensive to repair. Inside roof lights went out first, then automatic door lock stopped working on passenger rear door, now tailgate automatic lock does not work."

SARA H., MD (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Since we bought the car new the seats have been very hard and not very comfortable. The ride is rough and we feel every bump and crack on the road. We learned to live with it but wished these areas were better."

FRANK C., IL (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Very high road noise. Makes it difficult to listen to the radio or a CD."

T U., TX (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Love the vehicle. Noise insulation would make it perfect. It's very noisy inside so listening to music or audio book is a strain."

PATRICIA S., NJ (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are comfortable,climate control works well but there is pronounced road noise."

PETER B., ON (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Lots of road noise"

HARRY M., MI (2004 Honda CR-V)

"I am 6'5" I originally bought it for mostly short drives, my drives are now longer and the car is to small for me."

IAN T., BC (2004 Honda CR-V)

"I'm a smaller person and the car feels "too big" for me. i had a '98 Toyota RAV4 and it was the right fit. I really would like to find another perfect fit. The climate control temperature is great, unfortunately the directional controls don't distribute the air where it's needed"

Anonymous, HI (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are hard and not very comfortable. Long drives were very uncomfortable after the first hour. The car is noisy and I felt like I was in a tin can."

RUTH B., ON (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Air conditions died any 2 yrs ago. We did not repair it (cost vs usage). But wish it worked. As we get older, seat comfort would be nice if a bit 'cushier'."

Anonymous, NY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Noisy interior"

Anonymous, VA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"This is the wife's car, I occasionally drive it. I am tall, I could use 3 or 4 inches more leg room. Otherwise satisfied."

GEORGE S., IL (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Noisy for long trips."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"My biggest issue is the road noise level heard inside. Loud."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"the seats become uncomfortably hard on long trips."

Anonymous, NJ (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are still comfortable after several years. Good leg room in the back seat. Road noise is very noticeable on rough surfaces. Air conditioner and heater work very well."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Car is very noisy on the road making normal conversation difficult."

JOHN H., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"We really like almost everything about the CR-V except for the high level of noise inside the cabin. Over time--and as we've gotten older--the noise has become very annoying, and interferes with our ability to listen to music. The noise doesn't really interfere with our ability to converse. I would pay VERY close attention to road noise before I ever bought another Honda product (and I've owned 3)."

Anonymous, FL (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The whole vehicle vibrates strongly when driving over 60 mph, and really SHAKES, especially the steering wheel, going over 65 mph. This has gotten worse in the last few years. Also, it's VERY noisy inside the vehicle. It sounds like all the windows are open when they're actually closed. The road noise is very loud."

MARTHA K., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"ease of driving such as parking and turning. lacks acceleration, great visibility"

R O., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are very comfortable, with great back support. The back seat has more than ample leg room. The climate system is excellent, with well designed controls. The ride is generally good, with a firm feel of the roadway. The noise level at higher speeds is somewhat annoying, but not a deal-breaker."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is high on some roads."

ROBERT W., WA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Wind noise is quite loud (which CR mentioned in its review 12 years ago). Foam in the driver's seat is starting to weaken due to age."

Anonymous, KY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"seats, climate control."

JYHWEN W., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Leg room is tight for tall people, Road noise somewhat high."

WILLIAM H., CT (2004 Honda CR-V)

"ROAD NOISE always stands out... Why can't Honda correct this??"

Allen S., TN (2004 Honda CR-V)

"very comfortable"

Anonymous, NC (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are comfortable. Rides good for a 13+ year old car."

Scott B., NY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"More road noise than we expected."

Richard C., OR (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise level is higher than most cars"

Anonymous, NY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Too much highway noise."

Anonymous, MN (2004 Honda CR-V)

"A little bit noisy inside."

Anonymous, NY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"I am over 6 feet tall and weigh over 300 pounds. When I drive this car, I feel as if the seat padding is right on the floor of the car and my knees are always hitting the sides of the foot-well."

Max H., CO (2004 Honda CR-V)

"high seating position"

Anonymous, MB (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The seats in the 2004 CRV EX were comfortable and the ride pretty good for a smaller vehicle. The noise level is too loud!"

Debra S., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Generally noisy and rough ride"

Anonymous, NC (2004 Honda CR-V)

"too much road noise; larger/taller passengers/drivers say the front seats are uncomfortable for their backs. I have not had any issue with that"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"This old lady is comfort personified. The seats and the ride are comfortable, even after owner 200,000 miles"

Betsy B., NM (2004 Honda CR-V)

"the Honda interior is well crafted and comfortable. The road noise is pronounced and irritating."

Steve R., WV (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are no longer comfortable on long rides. Loud road noise. It has been a reliable car for the most part and a good purchase with decent, but not great, gas mileage."

D H., OR (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The ride has always been stiff and the cab has been fairly noisy. It's my wife's car and she liked the size and acceleration of the car, but the interior has always been noisy."

Eugene L., IL (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Noisy cabin"

Fritz S., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Fir long rides, seats are comfortable."

Anonymous, WI (2004 Honda CR-V)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I have put almost no money into this vehicle over the almost 12 years I have owned it. Wonderful value for the money."

JON E., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"It has held-up very well with very few problems"

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Had to replace two door locks for $400. Had only 93,000 miles"

Anonymous, FL (2004 Honda CR-V)

"I have 156,000 miles on the car and still get 24-26 MPG"

Anonymous, MA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Considering I have had no car payments for approximately 7 years and having had no major unreimbursed (Takata airbags) I consider it an exceptional value"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"170000 miles only routine maintenance"

KEVIN W., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Exceptionally reliable and very durable. This vehicle is 13 years old and still going strong without major repairs of any kind."

SUSAN K., TX (2004 Honda CR-V)

"This car is one of the best cars I have ever owned. It is hard to believe this car is 12 years old and still drives like a new car. Love this car!!!!"

JUDY S., WA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Have had no major repairs other than general wear and tear since purchasing the vehicle. Unfortunately any vehicle requires significant maintenance as it ages. Still less expensive than a new vehicle."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Can't believe we are still driving it, 280,000 miles, drives and looks like new"

RICHARD T., MI (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Expected this car to be more reliable. Drive shaft replaced last year and transmission the year before."

SCOT W., ME (2004 Honda CR-V)

"It's a wonderful car overall but it has some kind of design problem that Honda apparently know about that has to do wth the a-c system being vulnerable to "Black Death" - there is a part that can be easily broken by a rock flying into it, and it trashes the whole AC system with no warning. There is not way to get a part installed to protect this, unless you want to try it on your own. Last time our AC blew up (literally) it was covered by Honda care; several years later the AC is destroyed again"

Anonymous, NJ (2004 Honda CR-V)

"I always buy new cars and this one has been so good I'm reluctant to change it for a new one."

EILEEN A., OR (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Very dependable car with very high mileage 350,000+ the all wheel drive made for a more secure ride in bad weather. The original transmission is still going strong and only one clutch change. Body has held up nicely only showing some rust after 12 years."

JOHN M., NY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"CRV has had some issues: Premature brake wear, electric window problems, windshield washer freezes/ stops working during winter driving even with premium washer fluid. Service dept. issues at local Honda dealer. Headlamp covers fogging over on CRV and Corrolla bad."

Anonymous, WY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"I paid way too much. I know the mechanic who refurbished the vehicle and he assures me he will take care of any problems that arise. He repainted the outside and it looks great and it drives great but there is an oil leak that hasn't been resolved. I'm sure in time it will be taken care of"

Anonymous, HI (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent value. I priced several makes/models before making my purchase. The Honda CRV gave me the best value."

JEANINE D., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"I have had the car for twelve years and have hardly had any problems. It was a really good buy."

Anonymous, DE (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The car has 200000 miles on it. I purchased it new. Almost no problems."

Anonymous, WV (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Significant repairs required after 100,000 miles."

K J., NJ (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Great value for the price. bought two one for us and one for daughter."

CHARLES C., LA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"It is a terrific vehicle. I does everything well, especially for a car that is now 12+ years old and has 175K miles on it."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Honda CR-V)

"CRV has 135,000 miles on it and I have spent less than $3,000 in repairs and tires! Great return on my initial investment. Planning on driving this card until it literally falls apart underneath me."

Anonymous, IA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"lack of failures over the years. the finish remained very close to when it was new."

Anonymous, ON (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Cost to performance this has been an very good value. The A/C system is the only part of the car that I felt performs below average."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Honda CR-V)

"For the money ?? we spent ..,,,,and it's still going good after 265000 miles...,Amazing!'"

Anonymous, MT (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Outstanding car. 14 years old and running strong. Some of the features have aged with time but that's progress in technology"

Wendell-Kim W., IL (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Best car for the money I have owned. It just keeps running and running. I am religious with my maintenance and expect to get another 100,000 miles.."

Virgil J., KY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"at 190,000 miles the car drives like brand new. Handles great and steering is responsive and tight."

John B., MI (2004 Honda CR-V)

"For 185,000 miles, the car has been solid, safe, problem-free, and attractive."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Another great car, although it certainly doesn't have all the safety features that are on my 2016 Honda Civic. I have never had a repair bill on this car, even though I have owend it for 13 years."

Judith S., MN (2004 Honda CR-V)

"In the 12+ years and 300,000+ Km this vehicle has required 1 repair to a failing part. That in my view is outstanding!"

Gordon P., ON (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Amazing durability. Only replaced wear items which is acceptable considering it's life in southwest desert, high humid gulf, rust belt, and powertrain testing Rocky Mountains"

Matt P., CO (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Efficient transportation and comfort for a taller person."

Anonymous, CO (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent car, great reliability, fantastic on gas considering it's an SUV, turns into a truck when folding seats down, powerful, comfortable. Just the noise is a bit much."

Mamdooh H., ON (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The best value; the LX is the most valuable"

Anonymous, NC (2004 Honda CR-V)

"I have had it for over a dozen years. Used it as my work car and tow car. Very reliable."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Great car well worth the money 13 years old still runs great. Would buy another if price was right."

Anonymous, NY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"It was a good purchase price and in 13 years we have had very few minor and no major repairs. Extremely reliable vehicle. It will be at the top of our list when we buy a new suv in two years."

Stewart J., BC (2004 Honda CR-V)

"13 year and going with low costs. People comment on how new it looks. Few noises."

Anonymous, IA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"13 years and 218000 miles have been with few problems. The vehicle started as a family car and now my daughter uses it for college. Runs smooth looks good but uses a little oil. Hope to keep it a few more years."

Greg N., WI (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Completely reliable and a nice car for the money. Annual maintenance is reasonable even at the car dealership service department."

Anonymous, HI (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The CRV just keeps rolling on. Only had to put in new A/C. I use full synthetic oil only."

Jolan T., AZ (2004 Honda CR-V)

"In the 13 years we have owned this car it has never let us down. Airbags and one seat belt did have to be changed due to recalls but that is all. It remains the top rated used car in it's year and class."

Betsy B., NM (2004 Honda CR-V)

"It's a very reliable car."

Merrill B., MI (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Reliable and low maintenance"

George O., NV (2004 Honda CR-V)

"I have 306,000 miles on this car/engine, unheard of"

David B., NJ (2004 Honda CR-V)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Enjoy that the rear body is more squared to allow for ease of hauling. Really enjoy the rear door that opens/closes to the side. So many automobiles have performance issues with the hatch lift rear door."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Looks very boxy but always appreciated the window that opens in the hatch back. Easy fold down seats that are always very convenient...never used the table covering the wheel well in all these years lol"

RUTH B., ON (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Hand brake design awkward and fold down tray between front seats annoying."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"The 2004 Honda CRV is excellent as a sport utility, we need to replace our older CRV and the newest version is very different then the 2004 model for sport activities. New model is too small and does not have a tire on the back to free up space as one example."

ROBERT L., NY (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Poor quality leather"

Anonymous, FL (2004 Honda CR-V)

"A good looking Aero wedge styling"

GREGORY G., FL (2004 Honda CR-V)

"I think this style is much better looking than the newer models."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Very nice eye-appealing design, with allowances for lots of interior space. I don't like flashy, attention-seeking design and the CR-V doesn't provide it."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Efficient use of space without sacrificing look of a SUV."

JYHWEN W., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"easy to drive with good visibility. could use a little more power as well as better gas mileage"

R O., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Great condition - no rust being from Chicago for 12 yrs."

RICHARD F., IL (2004 Honda CR-V)

"Exterior styling is just OK. Too boxy and station wagon looking. It didn't deter me from purchasing though."

JEANINE D., CA (2004 Honda CR-V)

"This SUV is now 12 years old and looks almost like new. There is no rust, paint is original and looks great. Even the inside has held up well. Well done Honda."

Anonymous, KS (2004 Honda CR-V)

Would you buy this car again?

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