Among the most well-rounded SUVs, the CR-V has a five-speed automatic, standard electronic stability control (ESC), and side-curtain airbags. Interior room rivals that of some midsized SUVs. The engine is refined and relatively fuel efficient. Handling is responsive and secure. The ride is composed, but road noise is evident.
There are 13 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Excellent turning radius and pickup!!"

Anonymous, OH (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Worthless in snow. Slow trying to merge on highway. Poor power up mountains, downshifts and revs a lot to keep up with slower traffic. Still gets decent mileage though."

HAROLD W., PA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is bad"

WILLIAM E., TX (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The style is boxy and it blows around a lot in the wind."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very responsive to demands."

CHARLES H., AL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Our CR-V handles great in all weather conditions. From rain to snow to sand. It is very quick to respond and has very good pick up and go if we need to pass someone or something."

TODD O., OH (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Doesn't accelerate from 0-60/80 very well - engine running at over 4,000 - 5,000 RPM; especially when it's damp, humid, and/or rainy. Honda should make their 4 cylinder engines more "gutsy" and responsive."

ELINOR H., ON (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Handles well No mechanical problems since purchase"

STEPHEN A., AZ (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is not as powerful as with previous cars I have owned, especially in the mountains."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda CR-V)


BETTY W., TX (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration confidence."

L B., MI (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Not comfortable with 4 wheel drive on demand"

MICHAEL F., PA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This 2005 Honda CR-V now has 240000+ miles on it so bushings are shot and I am in process of replacing all bushings. The struts have been replaced. Ride is harsh. It does hold the road very well and is great in winter weather."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Too much road and wind noise. Should do better on mpg."

J D., OH (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Still looks good and have no bad experiences with it. Very reliable...."

JUAN R., KY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"good acceleration great handling"

Anonymous, TX (2005 Honda CR-V)

"good in snow"

JOHN S., PA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"It doesn't have enough horsepower for my purposes."

GARY S., BC (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Great handling. Excellent vtec acceleration. Excellent reliability. Very comfortable."

NATHAN S., VA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This vehicle has the worst power assisted steering I have ever seen. A minor complaint, but something that could be improved."

WILLIAM B., VA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The Drive-by-wire system has been a pain to deal with as long as we've owned the car. While it was touted as a great thing when we bought the vehicle, it's very touchy. I would never recommend getting this "feature" again."

GARY B., MD (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Handles quite well."

CHARLENE C., MO (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration and for a 4cyl. Engine-TOTALLY AMAZING!!!"

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Reliable, though noisy especially in highways."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Was not imprssed by the 4WD. Wished it was a 6 cil. Not 4."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent value. Good size for handling; excellent visibility. Excellent reliability except waiting for new airbags. Honda slow on recall and supply of airbags. Off road, the 2005 is better than our newer 2012. Nothing ever breaks (so far). Noisy at high speed on highway."

Anonymous, NM (2005 Honda CR-V)

"I just commented on the handling, excellent."

Anonymous, VT (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very econnomy in heavy transit"

Juan V., CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"On 2 or 3 occasions when driving home through a steep paved canyon, the crv would start sputtering and limp to a pull off at exact same place. I think it is a flaw in the safety guidance system which occurs when the engine oil is low (this occurs in a regular basis)."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"It drives GREAT! It always starts, doesn't vibrate, rattle, hesitate, or give me any trouble. A standard transmission , so acceleration is dependent on my driving style and skill. It's very good,"

Anonymous, MD (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very good handling for a SUV"

Larry P., CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This has been a terrific automobile from the time I purchased it. It has had very few mechanical problems and has plenty of power for a four cylinder engine."

Lyons W., NC (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Vehicle is very nimble and a joy to drive."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Great "around town" car. Very responsive, easy to maneuver and powerful 4 cylinder engine. Not too comfortable on the highway."

Anonymous, CT (2005 Honda CR-V)


Walt P., FL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Good acceleration, peppy, responsive steering, Ride is firm but compliant. Road noise is excessive and tiring on a long trip."

Anonymous, DE (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very underpowered noisy acceleration"

Anonymous, FL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"mediocre power; fifth speed not geared well for higher highway driving speeds"

Anonymous, NY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very reliable in the snow, doesn't skip at all. Runs through slush like butter"

Anonymous, MI (2005 Honda CR-V)

"very good acceleration. very good handling snow and ice"

Anonymous, NY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Great car, all around,around town, long distance. Does everything right"

Anonymous, MA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very satisfactory acceleration. When equipped with winter tires and all wheel drive the grip and handling is excellent in snowy conditions."

Anonymous, ON (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The transmission shift points during acceleration are too noticeable."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Feels slow and noisy on accelerating"

Kevin B., ON (2005 Honda CR-V)

"i find my 2015 Honda Accord to be a delight to drive."

Anonymous, NC (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The vehicle is sturdy, and firm in its driving characteristics. It accelerates quickly, and the driver sits high enough above the road, that there is good vision of the surrounding traffic."

Jeffery Z., TN (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Slower acceleration than I would like, but is still a fine vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is great. Effortless. Handling is pretty good."

Nathan S., VA (2005 Honda CR-V)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The only comfort issue has been that the 2005 Honda CR-V has a bit more road/wind noise that might be able to be reduced in future models."

BRIAN S., MT (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Driver's seat has never felt that comfortable."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"A/C system isn't the greatest - takes over 1/2 an hour for the vehicle to be cool/cold inside on a hot day. May have to take to mechanic and see if there is a problem of some kind, but have experienced this with other Honda vehicle I had and they couldn't find anything "wrong"."

ELINOR H., ON (2005 Honda CR-V)

"A little noisy on road"

JOHN S., NY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are not the most comfortable. The ride on a freeway is somewhat noisy"

TOM J., AZ (2005 Honda CR-V)


GLENN K., NC (2005 Honda CR-V)

"ride could be smoother and less noisey"

H B., NC (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is high. I wish it was quieter."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very noisy ride and seats are uncomfortable."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Lots of room in the front and back seat."

KAREN B., NY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"very stiff ride, interior is too small, not enough leg room for driver, pronounced road noise"

Anonymous, IL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are somewhat uncomfortable"

Anonymous, IA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"A.c. compressor imploded twice causing damage to the entire system. Honda agreed to cover half the cost ($1,053) the first time in 2012. It just happened again last week, but I haven't yet taken it to the shop."

MARK D., CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are uncomfortable and hurt my back. Car rides somewhat harshly, and is on the noisy side. Air conditioning is excellent."

PHIL H., CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The noise insulation on the CRV is poor."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Excessive road noise. It rides like a truck."

Anonymous, OK (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Car has moonroof and is noisy"

Anonymous, MD (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Driver and passenger seats could be more contoured and feel more substantial. Road noise could be quieter -tire slap affect. Climate control could be more responsive and precise. Would benefit from a V 6 engine option."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are not as adjustable as other cars that I have driven."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are not very comfortable."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is very pronounced in this vehicle. It is hard to hold a conversation on the highway"

Anonymous, TX (2005 Honda CR-V)

"There s a lot of road noise."

GARY S., BC (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The interior cabin noise at speeds in excess of 65 mph gets a bit too loud. It is difficult to have a conversation with the back seat passengers when the car is driving at speeds in excess of 65 mph without having to speak in a loud voice. This was a known issue before purchasing this car based on Consumer Reports reviews."

HENRY K., NJ (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Being higher off the ground, the CR-V is easier to navigate in traffic as well as parking lots. Noise is somewhat irritating on long trips. Honda service is very expensive."

W O., IL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"2005 CR-V EX cloth seats quite comfortable, other factors acceptable for the age and breed of vehicle, good workhorse even when hauling motorcycle trailer although gas mileage suffers - wish there was a V-6 option."

JAMES E., AL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Seat adjustment for Driver is insufficient for longer legs. Cabin is somewhat noisy at higher speeds. Would have bought another CRV when we bought the Subaru except the newer Honda models are much harder to see out of to the rear even with the rear camera, which is very user unfriendly on the model we test drove. We never rely solely on mirrors; new Honda side vision at the rear quarter area is non-existent; we consider it dangerous."

Anonymous, CO (2005 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, OR (2005 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, MI (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable for a hefty car."

ALLEN B., DE (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The driver's seat cushion is a little too narrow and and a little too short, which makes thigh support somewhat lacking."

GORDON M., MA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Even though the suspension bushings have been destroyed by the Texas environment, the Honda still handles well but clunks a lot."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very noisy, climate control is very basic - no auto control"

WAYNE E., NC (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Rear seats are quite uncomfortable when sitting in them for longer drives."

MIKE A., OR (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Air conditioning does not cool efficiently"

BILL U., CT (2005 Honda CR-V)


JEFF A., CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"2005 Honda CRV has too much 'Road Noise'. The A/C died too soon. The seating & leg room are comfortable & controls easy to reach. Heating works great."

MARY G., ON (2005 Honda CR-V)

"It is good for around town, but gets very uncomfortable on long drives."

R A., CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Seats: drive pedals accessable for 5'0" woman. Allows me to to use an SUV."

Anonymous, MI (2005 Honda CR-V)

"noisy ride need more insulation to isolate road noise"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is significant at hiway speeds."

Danny L., CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise"

Anonymous, NY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is my only gripe about this vehicle."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are more supportive than they look. Noise level is fairly high when on the expressway, but the ride overall is fine."

Paul J., GA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are ok around town but are uncomfortable on long trips"

Richard H., MA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Harsh ride and very noisy."

Anonymous, OK (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Could be quieter. Wind noise is noticeable"

Kevin B., ON (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The car is very noisy. It's hard to have a conversation. I don't like cloth seats. The ride is rather clunky."

Anonymous, ME (2005 Honda CR-V)

"I love my Honda CRV because after 160,000 miles it drives like a new car. That said, it isn't a particularly comfortable seat nor it is very adjustable. And the noise insulation could be much better. A Honda CRV is LOUD inside."

Dan M., VA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Like riding in a fishbowl. Too many windows, seats get too hot even on short trips. A/C is under-powered and focused only up front"

R H., NY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"More lumbar support."

Larry P., CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Lots of road noise - wheel bearings are starting to get louder. It doesn't handle as well as it used to, but it still rides acceptably well, now 12 years old."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Needs a lot of soundproofing. Very good road handling."

John M., OH (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Lots of road noise ( less with some tires)Rides like a truck."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"wife got the new car and i'm left with older model. the road noise was unbearable. After a year i bought new tires and that made a huge differance"

David D., KY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"way too noisy. otherwise OK"

Anonymous, NY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are comfortable, ride is good but lots of road noise."

Terry C., OR (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable all around!"

Anonymous, MI (2005 Honda CR-V)

"hard ride on small bumps in road. Too much road noise."

Anonymous, OH (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Good seats, noisy stiff ride."

Leonard C., FL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Exceptional used car, well worth its excellent reputation. It is however a short-coupled vehicle with a choppy ride over irregular surfaces like washboard highways and speed bumps. Newer CR-Vs have a longer wheelbase and smoother ride, especially for backseat occupants."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are very comfortable for both short and long distance driving. The amount of space for driver and passengers (front and rear) is excellent. The ride is very good for an SUV. I don't expect it to ride like a luxury sedan, but it is very good for what it is. Road noise can be a bit high on the interstate, especially if sunroof is open."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are average but leg room is lacking. I am5' 9" and feels sonewhat cramped . Ride is choppy and lots of road noise"

Anonymous, FL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are wide enough to be comfortable for all passengers, and it's a fairly smooth ride."

Royce M., GA (2005 Honda CR-V)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Have had the 2005 Honda CR-V for 11 years now and not one mechanical problem. Air Bag recall, but other than that-Outstanding."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The car is economical to operate and has not presented us with expensive repair bills. But then we use a private repair shop, not the dealer, for repairs."

DAVID Z., TX (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Minimal money spent on repairs ."

L B., MI (2005 Honda CR-V)

"hard to see some controls"

JOHN S., PA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"High quality and 10+ years old. Made in Japan."

FLORIN S., MI (2005 Honda CR-V)

"other than the air bag recall I have had no other problems with this vehicle other than tire replacement"

J M., NY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"has been very reliable & useful for 10 years ar reasonable price of $25K"

WILLARD S., MD (2005 Honda CR-V)

"180K miles and still almost all original parts. One brake job, three headlight bulbs."

ROBERT D., WY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Reliable, although noisy specially in highways.."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Great Honda quality. CR-V's rarely rust. There is an issue with the dash electronics. The gauges occasionally freeze up while the vehicle is in motion."

JOHN O., ON (2005 Honda CR-V)

"I've had no breakdowns and little cost in maintenance."

ROGER D., OH (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Wanted a car I could tow behind motor home. Got it."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Honda CR-V)

"My car still looks almost new, it has not had any major problems and just keeps on running like a champ."

LORRAINE S., CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The CRV has 240,000 miles. Other than some electrical quirks, it has been very reliable."

GREG S., MA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Approaching 180,000 miles - no significan problems."

SANDY P., ON (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This car carries a lot of stuff ( I work rebuilding houses for the poor and parks and recreation areas for the city), This car gets good mileage and it is comfortable."

J F., CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"decent gas mileage,very roomy"

ROBERT F., NJ (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Low repair cost; decent milage; drives well in all types of weather"

Anonymous, MA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very reliable car, good gas mileage, no major maintenance issues so far"

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, MI (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Reliability is fantastic- 170,000 miles - no major problems"

MICHAEL B., IL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Solid car, very reliable, good economy. I had a little issue with the headlights but I rarely have any mechanical issues with this work horse."

JOHN C., UT (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This car was driven gently, had only synthetic oil after the first thousand miles, and had all regularly scheduled service in a timely manner. I fully expected it to last well over 200,000 miles (as my 1996 Ford Expedition has). Unfortunately it's falling apart, and the 1996 Ford (with 210,000 miles) has become the reliable family vehicle."

APRIL B., FL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"CRV's from 2000 to 2006 are really well made. Very reliable and cheap to run. One of the best cars ever made!"

BRIAN M., AB (2005 Honda CR-V)

"I bought the 2005 CRV new. It is almost 13 yrs old w 81k miles. I have serviced every 3k looking for a new car butctheconly Honda dealer on the island changed ownership & treated me like I am a dumb bitch and do not know how to calculate being ripped off."

Anonymous, HI (2005 Honda CR-V)

"my cr-v has been a great vehicle for my daughter to drive to college and she has taken it on vacation to south carolina and florida. it rides great and handles great in all weather conditions. it handles better in the snow than i could have imagined. its very comfortable to ride in around town and on long trips. it has been very low maintenance and when it has needed service the honda dealership is very quick to get us and get us taken care of very fast. usually we get a free vehicle to us if i"

TODD O., OH (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Reliabillity. This car has never let me down. Spent very little on regular maintenance."

Anonymous, SC (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Honda reliable"

Anonymous, FL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Good price at purchase. serious problems. ..very reliable"

MARC A., OH (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Fair price, retains value and minimal repair expense over the years."

JO L., NC (2005 Honda CR-V)

"One fantasic buy! Have spent less than $1,000 in repairs since bought new. Love it!!!"

Anonymous, NC (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The car is twelve years old with nearly 150,000 miles and really hasn't had any major problems"

Andrew F., CO (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Well, the car has 220,000 miles. It has had an engine replacement at 134,000. Honda no longer makes this car with a manual transmission - too bad! The car now belongs to my daughter. But, it is starting to have suspension system problems."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This vehicle is solidly made and good past the expected lifespan of most other vehicles in its class. It's got 120K miles on it and it's still running well. While it's got some issues, none of them make it undriveable."

Royce M., GA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Good, reliable low maintenance auto."

Leonard C., FL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Great "around town" car. Very responsive, easy to maneuver and powerful 4 cylinder engine. Not too comfortable on the highway."

Anonymous, CT (2005 Honda CR-V)

"My CRV has been a real workhorse, no complaints whatsoever. With regular oil changes and standard maintenance, this has been the best value car we've ever owned. It's like a member of the family at this point, and we will hate to see it go, when the time comes."

Judith H., NY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"My CR-V is as solid and runs as good as it did the day I bought it 12 years ago. I attribute this to keeping up with the required maintenance, especially oil changes. It's the best car I've ever owned."

Thomas M., VA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Many standard items were add-on options in other vehicles; also has been very reliable, requiring relatively low upkeep costs."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This car is terrific.I have over 250k miles and still runs like a top."

Eric C., NJ (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Just keeps going - no major issues , no breakdowns , just an incredibly reliable car"

Michael B., IL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This has been a very dependable car. Little goes wrong with it."

Gondolfo G., NY (2005 Honda CR-V)

"very reliable and long lasting"

Bruce W., ON (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Relative to other vehicles in its class, the CR-V has been a great value. It is older, and suspension components will need attention soon, but drive train has been flawless, and we have spent almost nothing on maintenance in 12 years except for tires and oil changes."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This has been an outstanding car, I love the size which is just right for me and it handles extremely well. Love this car."

Anonymous, VT (2005 Honda CR-V)

"I bought an end-of-year car that was very economical. This car has needed almost no work except for new tires and a new muffler. Can't ask for anything more."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Car runs as well as when I purchased it. Hate to think about trading it in!"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"I can't believe how well this car held its value. At 12 years old I was able to get low interest loan against my Crv If $8000 when I originally paid $18k for the car."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This vehicle is at 168000 miles and still running fine!"

Anonymous, MI (2005 Honda CR-V)

"solid vehicle, very reliable, good in snow and hills 4WD, good dealer service"

Anonymous, PA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"I purchased the CR-V new in 2005 and have only replaced tires, brakes and a vacuum line. No complaints with this vehicle."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This has been the best car I have ever owned."

Forrest G., IN (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very reliable, and I believe it makes a difference because was built in Japan."

Anonymous, MI (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very few repairs. Most recalls addressed outstanding issues."

Anonymous, ON (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This vehicle has had very few major repairs. It has been very reliable, only a couple of dead battery incidents."

Joshua F., OH (2005 Honda CR-V)

"It's a fantastic workhorse.Sips gas and other than transmission sensor problems (×2) and repeated headlight replacement,oil changes,brakes and tires no maintenance needed."

Joseph F., IL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This vehicle has been virtually trouble free since we purchased it new."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Bought this car new late in 2004. Still rides well, have had usual maintenance but no major issues. Love this car. Certainly have gotten my money's worth.I would buy a Honda CRV again ."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Honda CR-V)

"My 12 year old car is still running, but has had an u usual amount of puddly tings go wrong. The glass has fallen off of both side view mirrors. All of the door lock actuators have broken except for the tailgate. The driver side window track broke. The tailgate release broke while under warranty. The AC broke two years ago. The headlights burn out often. It seems I have to replace one per year. The engine, however, runs great, and the ride is very smooth! On a five star scale, I'd give..."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The vehicle has held up well and met our expectations."

Donald H., AL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Our CR-V has been a workhorse Very reliable - although we have replaced brakes several times. Handles very well. It will be high on our list when we look for a replacement"

Edward B., OH (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Very reliable. Other than normal maintenance, there have been no repairs made with this car."

Jo L., NC (2005 Honda CR-V)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Pedestrian styling, somewhat staid. Newer models are better."

PHIL H., CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Looks too boxy"

Anonymous, IA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Only problem is that I think this is the most popular car (incl. color, year, style) ever! so, sometimes hard to find!"

Anonymous, MT (2005 Honda CR-V)

"It is so simple and clean looking. It does not have exaggerated lines and other non-functional body pieces."

CURTIS R., AL (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Our car still looks brand new. I love the style and color"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This is a well built solid, comfortable and fairly nimble car. The problems indicated all happened after 11 years of trouble free driving. The styling is not bad and more like an suv should look like compared to the new cr-version which looks like a car."

SAM N., TX (2005 Honda CR-V)

"I LOVE having a full spare tire located on the back door. It was so convenient when we had a flat tire, & didn't have to remove all the back contents to get to the spare tire. If the 2015 Honda's still had this feature, when I bought a new vehicle, I would have purchased another HONDA CRV instead of the Toyota Highlander."

MARY G., ON (2005 Honda CR-V)

"This SUV has a side opening rear door which makes it easier to load and carry cargo"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"Appearance still is good"

Anonymous, CT (2005 Honda CR-V)

"I like the way it looks"

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"The upholstery is awful. Despite having paid extra for Scotch Guard on the seats, the fabric stains very easily - even water drips leave large marks. So, everytime it rains and a bit of water gets on the seats, the seats look dirty until I am able to shampoo them again. Otherwise, I love my CR-V."

JODI C., GA (2005 Honda CR-V)

"I like the fact that the back opens like a door. It is so easy to put things in and take them out. If it is raining, water does not drop down on you like it does with the lift up back."

LORRAINE S., CA (2005 Honda CR-V)


NORM W., IA (2005 Honda CR-V)

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Percentage of owners who would definitely purchase that same vehicle again. Owner-satisfaction Ratings are determined by the percentage of those who answered "definitely yes" to the question asked by the Consumer Reports Annual Auto Survey "Considering all factors (price, performance, reliability, comfort, enjoyment, etc.), would you get this car if you had to do it all over again?". If we don’t have sufficient data, a similar model might be used to form the owner-satisfaction score.
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