Among the most well-rounded SUVs, the CR-V has a five-speed automatic, standard electronic stability control (ESC), and side-curtain airbags. Interior room rivals that of some midsized SUVs. The engine is refined and relatively fuel efficient. Handling is responsive and secure. The ride is composed, but road noise is evident.
There are 12 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Multiple Airbag recalls."

JOSEPH Z., OH (2006 Honda CR-V)

"It is a bit underpowered."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"I wish the CR-V would accelerate a little more quickly (for passing on the highway, etc.)."

Anonymous, CO (2006 Honda CR-V)

"This CR-V handles very well on curvy roads and rides wonderfully on highways."

WARREN G., GA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"For a 4-cylinder vehicle, it's acceleration is good enough that I do not have to pray when getting onto the freeway. Steering is great. I don't like it when the steering is so light that you cannot feel the car."

Anonymous, HI (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is and braking are a little slow as is expected for a heavier vehicle. Handling is generally good. turning off the air conditioning increases power. Climbs steep hiway grades with no problems or slowing. Traction control is excellent. Generally very pleasant to drive."

PAUL S., AZ (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Starting to show its age steering and braking are a bit mushy now."

ROY H., NC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Good acceleration, easy turning at corners and tight places"

KRISTEN K., AZ (2006 Honda CR-V)

"This care actually is more stable on the road than the 2011,Especially on ice and snow or mud. It never slides or goes off track."

CATHERINE R., IL (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Very sure footed on snow and ice, no surprises while driving on slick surfaces. Acceleration is good but it is not a Ferrari on the other hand most SUVs are not either."

JOSE N., QC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent on handling and acceleration."

Anonymous, ON (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Rear wheels of "All Wheel Drive" lack power...gutless."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Scoots effortlessly in snow rain or shine. Turns on a dime."

Anonymous, MN (2006 Honda CR-V)

"We bought this car 11 years ago when we had a second house on a lake about 60 miles south of here. We sold the house a couple of years after purchasing the CR-V so it was never used as extensively or for the same purposes as its predecessor 1995 CR-V. The car always works. It rides well enough for journeys up to 2 hours long. It holds a lot. City mileage is poor especially in comparison to modern cars. We get 14 to 16 mpg in town and less than 20 on the highway."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"This seems the only place to mention how helpful it is that I am far enough off the ground in this vehicle to actually SEE what's going on on the road. CR keeps whining about poor visibility out the back of the CRV, but I'm thrilled with the visibility out the FRONT!"

Anonymous, OR (2006 Honda CR-V)

"looks good---hauls lots of stuff---peppy"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Transmission shifts smoothly. 4 Cylinders work quietly."

Gary D., OK (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration from the 4-cylinder engine feels like 6-cylinder. Handling provides comfort and confidence to the driving experience."

Joe P., VA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Weak acceleration on inclines or when pulling trailer"

W C., NC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Good acceleration for 4 cylinders"

Thomas B., OH (2006 Honda CR-V)

"not good in situations where quick acceleration from stop is needed"

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Way to much road noise."

Anonymous, OR (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Surprisingly quick steering. like a sports sedan, even by today's standards. Very maneuverable and a breeze to park. Engine makes good use of its modest power, feels responsive."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, OH (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Very easy to drive-aceelarates very well even in the higher altitudes"

Anonymous, WA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"I love the acceleration of this engine and its handling."

J G., MN (2006 Honda CR-V)

"It's under powered, causing the gas mileage to suffer."

Steven N., AR (2006 Honda CR-V)

"It handles well. I deal with snow and problem formy CR-V."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda CR-V)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Generally, I have been very satisfied overall with my Honda CRV, except for one thing: Road noise"

RONDAL R., NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Highway noise is very bad!"

ROBRT B., CO (2006 Honda CR-V)

"This is a 10 year old vehicle, its noisier than it used to be, seats are starting to feel their wear. Still a nice ride overall."

ROY H., NC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Comfortable leather seats held up well for 9 years but now showing wear. Has some trouble cooling if already blazing 110 degree Arizona temps."

JOHN M., AZ (2006 Honda CR-V)

"too much road noise"

ROBERT B., NC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"My vehicle has leather seats. The drivers seat has formed a ridge between my legs and buttox that is uncomfortable due to the leather aging and set in that ridge formation."

HERBERT B., CA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"In the SE model, the seats are leather. They are EXTREMELY uncomfortable and require a pillow if you really want to sit on them for an extended period of time. That is my only complaint about this car and feel it is an easy fix on the part of Honda. Put a little more effort into comfort while driving and people/drivers will be so much happier. The car itself is EXCELLENT"

KIMBERLY C., CA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Only complaint is too much road noise"

ELIZABETH W., ME (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Too much road noise"

Anonymous, WA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"when I drive long distances I rest my left knee against the door - after a while my knee hurts because the door panel is so hard"

JIM H., FL (2006 Honda CR-V)

"rides like a jeep. very bouncy. back seats are stiff and upright very uncomfortable for more than a 10 minute ride. good factor - it gets in the tightest of parking spots"

Anonymous, MD (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Totally uncomfortable noisy ride cramped poor acceleration, no gps"

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Over the years I have had a lot of trouble with the a/c system--or the dealers who purport to fix the system."

Anonymous, PA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The front seats do NOT have lumbar support which is GOOD. There is a lip at the front of each seat that cuts my leg and is uncomfortable."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Extreme road noise and somewhat bumpy ride. This may be the only reason I do not purchase CRV again."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Very poor seats if you have a bad back. Ride not overly smooth"

LOUIS V., ON (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Thr seats are short and the car is very loud when driving on the freeway. The A/C die not blow cold air when idling or driving extremely slowly."

HEATHER M., TX (2006 Honda CR-V)

"My primary dissatisfaction is the road noise. Recent low noise Consumer Recommended Continental tires helped. Our 1999 Lexis is what we want as a low noise vehicle."

WALTER D., FL (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Driver seat and position, despite adjustments, grows uncomfortable on long trips - 4 hrs +. I'm 6 ft tall. My wife is under 5 ft. She has no complaints about the comfort."

KEN N., NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Seats to short and road noise."

Anonymous, PA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable seats for long rides. Best temperature control system I've owned"

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are not really comfortable."

B C., CT (2006 Honda CR-V)

"road noise"

E G., IL (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are hard and the ride is a bit rough, but this typical for an SUV"

Anonymous, SC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent Heater------Air Conditioning------seating comfortable-----road noise a high speeds rather loud 4 wheel drive system works well in the winter in fairly heavey snow conditions----brakes have been excellent-----my driving habits are gentle that gave me 1400,000km on my Michelin tires"

BILL W., ON (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Quite a bit of road and wind noise"

ROBERT A., NC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Great basic family car/ short commuter. Great utility for road trips. Good to find reliable small SUV with manual transmission. Con: significant road noise! Makes it hard to hear stereo and children in back seat on road trips."

Anonymous, OR (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Not enough legroom for tall passenger or driver in front compartment. Superb legroom in back seat though. Air Conditioning dies on acceleration, even mild acceleration, once you let up on gas it returns to normal."

LARS A., AZ (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The noise level is way too high. The seats(leather) are very stiff and uncomfortable."

GARY G., AR (2006 Honda CR-V)

"the emergency brake is hard to reach without removing seat belt. ThE black dash, etc is ALWAYS dusty. The between the seats console is so shallow it is unusable. the climate controls are simple to use and I LOVE the 3 water bottle holders in the front seat and the lights on alarm."

Anonymous, OR (2006 Honda CR-V)

"This car has a lot of road noise. It's the one thing I dislike about it"

Anonymous, TX (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The flip-up tray between front seats was fairly useless. I found some videos online about how to remove the tray, and was able to unbolt it. In its place I put a small console that I already owned from a van I once had. It is much more useful and still allows access to the storage areas in the dash. CRV needs a better console,"

Anonymous, NC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Seats not comfortable at all."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The heated leather seats are very hard and too short for my long legs. I'm quite annoyed with the "road noise" factor that can't be fixed."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Car is very uncomfortable on longer rides. Also, there is considerable road noise. However, for just getting around town the car is great."

WALT S., VA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"We have had 2 A/C compressors go out on the 2006 Honda CRV."

RICHARD D., TX (2006 Honda CR-V)

"same thing about road and traffic noise"

ART H., GA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are hard and need pads on them."

CATHERINE R., IL (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The back seats are not very comfortable, especially on long trips. Not enough cushion or leg support."

CHERYL R., WV (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The car is fine but the road noise is very peonounced"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Rear window visibility in the 2006 CRV is better than in any other comparable car available. We would buy another 2006 CRV with fewer miles rather than go to a newer CRV or even a Subaru Forester (which seems to be the closest to the 2006 CRV in design)."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Extremely noisy at highway speeds"

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"wind noise on all Homdas, wish mpg. was better on CR-V"

BUCK R., GA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"My only major dissatisfaction is with the comfort of the seats. They are very hard and uncomfortable over a long driving period."

Anonymous, CT (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is somewhat pronounced, but I knew this when I purchased it that this would be a factor"

JAY B., NS (2006 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, WI (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Climate control is very good. Seats, noise and ride are all unsatisfactory"

ALTON T., AZ (2006 Honda CR-V)

"While this car holds 5 people in acceptably spacious comfort, for long trips and heavy Americans, the seats lack the right support."

DAVID P., NJ (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Seat comfort. At the time we tested many makes and models basing our judgement on the seat comfort, as my wife had injured her back and would only consider one that was kind to her back; the CRV was the only one that worked!"

LEE C., PA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"PROs: - climate control remains excellent after 10 years - seats are comfortable and still look nice CONs - the drive is loud - acceleration is terribly slow"

TOM J., NC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The vehicle has held up very well for being 10 years old. The seats are still in really good shape and there are no rattles."

Anonymous, SC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"not enough leg room for tall drivers. Bigger vehicle but no extra leg room."

BRUCE P., NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are some of the most comfortable I've ever experienced. Also, the rake of the rear seats is adjustable. I've not seen this feature on any other vehicle. The dash is a bit too close on the bottom and I sometimes bang my leg on it while entering the vehicle. Ouch! The noise level of the vehicle is rather high at highway speeds. It can sometimes be annoying. The placement of some of the switches is a bit awkward and weird. For instance, the cruise control and traction control on/off switc"

ANDREW W., MO (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Lots of road noise."

Marti K., OR (2006 Honda CR-V)

"So noisy!! I always have to adjust the radio volume. Stop,turn it down, go turn it up. So annoying!!"

Anonymous, VA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Love everything about this car except for the road noise. Must be poorly insulated. Smooth ride, just noisy."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"In general comfort is fine. I love that it does NOT have lumbar support which hurts me. The lip on the edge of the seat is high and sharp and cuts off circulation in my short legs."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"nothing special"

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"road noise"

E G., IL (2006 Honda CR-V)

"noisy cabin, rough ride, very uncomfortable seats. in regards to cabin noise-you can hardly hear the radio."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Even after 11 years, the seats are as comfortable as the day we drove it off the lot. Unfortunately, it's kinda noisy on the road..."

Doug G., GA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Love the leather seats, seat heaters. I don't like the noise of the ride. I do rotate tires frequently but there's still a lot of road noise."

Sarah F., NC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Great driving position & handling. However, typical Honda product with high road noise."

Anonymous, NH (2006 Honda CR-V)

"High center of gravity, rides a bit stiffly and is a bit noisy."

Richard P., PA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The CRV is a larger vehicle yet has limited leg and headroom. I always feel a little cramped driving it (I am 6'6"). My wife, however finds it very comfortable - since it's her car, this is what is important."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Honda CR-V)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Fairly roomy inside to carry articles and light cargo"

DAN D., AZ (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Economical, durable, very reliable, good cargo capacity, good visibility"

JOSEPH S., CO (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Extremely reliable, in over 120,000 miles, no expenditure for repairs, only maintenance."

BOB J., CA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The upfront cost was more than domestic vehicles at the time of purchase. This has been surpassed with excellent quality and reliability; only expenses have been fluids and tires - not even brakes have been replaced. The only complaint we have is the advertised fuel economy has never been close to the sticker. This was an influencing factor in our decision. We were expecting an average of 24 MPG, and are always around 18 even with highway driving. In our ownership, my brother is on his 3rd"

TOM J., NC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"It is very reliable and it is very versatile even if you do not have any kids. The only thing I think they could improve in the CRV is the road noise level, they could insulate the cabin a lot better or install a noise cancelling system through the radio."

JOSE N., QC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"When the car was not quite 5 years old the ABC/TCS/VSA modulator failed. Honda claimed this was an unusual failure, but still charged me $900 to replace the unit. Also, since new, the weather seal around the rear hatch has leaked when the car is driven through an automated car wash. Honda replaced the seal and adjusted the hatch hinges but could not correct the leak. The seal does not leak at any other time, only when exposed to high pressure spray from above."

DON C., OH (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Poor saets"

Anonymous, IN (2006 Honda CR-V)

"holds resale value very well"

WARREN W., MI (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Value to me with this car means that it has needed little more than regular maintenance. We have used this car for several long trips and it has performed very well."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The value of the Honda CR-V has held up well. It is such a great vehicle. So versatile and easy to get in and out of."

GARY D., OK (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Bought my 2006 CRV 7years ago no real problems great value for the Dollar. It does not have the power as the new CRV or the gas mileage but very close and half the cost of a new car."

Anonymous, CO (2006 Honda CR-V)

"This car has required a few expensive repairs that influence my value rating negatively."

Anonymous, IN (2006 Honda CR-V)

"I live in a rural area of Hawaii(Big Island). The roads are mostly unsaved and I have driven over 190,000 miles with very few problems. We receive over 200 inches of rain and the all-wheel drive handles the rain cover roads with ease. It still drives like a new auto. Love it!"

LARRY S., HI (2006 Honda CR-V)

"it was OK"

ALEKSANDR R., OH (2006 Honda CR-V)

"This is our second CRV & we love it. The only repairs are maintenance. It's a quality vehicle that's long lasting for people who put a lot of kilometers on their vehicle commuting to the city everyday."

E G., ON (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Overall it has been the best purchase I ever made. It has been everything I needed it to be."

VICTORIA R., NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Got bids from three dealers. Then sat down with one dealer and got a deal right at whole sale price."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Honda CR-V)

"It has performed perfectly. No component failures after 190,000 miles, has never left me stranded, very reliable. Size is perfect for 2 adults who travel a lot, great cargo room."

Anonymous, NC (2006 Honda CR-V)

"A great reliable car for a relatively low price"

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The car has held up well against Central New York winters."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"After Ten years and 145,000 miles, this car is still going strong. No major issues ever experienced. Mother original brakes even lasted to 93,000 miles."

MARK P., MT (2006 Honda CR-V)

"I have had very little trouble with the CRV. We both still love to drive it. My 2013 Prius has more road noise than the CRV."

Anonymous, WV (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Also very good value"

Kerry S., IL (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Great value. The most trouble free vehicle i have ever owned."

Dan S., OH (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The car is exactly what I was looking for when I was shopping for such a vehicle and it has never disappointed me."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"I have been impressed with the value of the CRV. We have had minimal problems with the car considering the miles and use we've put in."

Patrick K., OR (2006 Honda CR-V)

"This car is fairly basic transportation, but it works well and is very dependable."

Joe P., VA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"I enjoy our CR-V for traveling on short and long road trips. I like the flexibility of the 4-wheel drive and enjoy the room it offers."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"A great vehicle for the dollar spent. I would buy again in a heartbeat."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Very reliable, low maintenance and minimum repairs (other than expected-brakes, tires, etc), reasonable mileage, handles well, good acceleration. main complaint: road noise."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"We bought this car new November 2005. It has been a nice ride, extremely reliable, and handles very well. Compared with our Buick is more firm ride that we feel the road noise and bumps. That said, we have had this car almost 12 years and enjoy it."

Gregory R., OH (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Never a major problem, great value, my 3rd CRV. Need reliable transportation here in the north country. Only issues were the airbag recalls"

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent value"

Anonymous, IL (2006 Honda CR-V)

"the rear door swings horizontal, not up and is heavy with the spare tire on it. and leaks water. very uncomfortable seating."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Although we have only 31000 miles on the car, it has never given us a problem problem. The dealer charges too much for maintenance. Since we have not had problems, we have not experienced an independent service provider."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"This has been a superb car, almost no repairs, sturdy and holds up to my kids and grandkids. A real value - best car I've owned in the past 50 years"

Bill S., CT (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Has lasted 240000 miles. That is value in and of itself."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Honda CR-V)

"What a wonderful vehicle. Maybe the best I have ever purchased. Versatile and NEVER gives any trouble."

Gary D., OK (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Great little car-reasonable good ride. Next to no repair-jsut regular maintenance."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Honda CR-V)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Large windows for visibility. Nice storage area"

Anonymous, SK (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Great little around town car with superb gas mileage!"

HOWARD M., FL (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Basic transportation. Should have chosen more expensive model. Road noise is excessive. Vehicle is reliable with no mechanical problems ever."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Pleasing to look at. built for function not form"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Great styling, sits higher than normal car which I is just the right size."

KRISTEN K., AZ (2006 Honda CR-V)


ALEKSANDR R., OH (2006 Honda CR-V)

"I will never get another black interior. Too hot & hard to se things. Also cloth seats are hard to keep clean."

CHERYL R., WV (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Not crazy about the tan interior"

DONNA W., TN (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The square shape Vs the contoured shape is preferred"

DEWITT G., CA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"I like the second generation CR-V because the tailgate has that tire mounted on it. At the time of purchase in 2005, we like the way it looked and still do."

GREGORY R., OH (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The outward visibility is exceptional on the 2006 CR-V, better than any small or midsize SUV sold today. That's unfortunate."

Anonymous, ID (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Besides Honda's reliability reputation, I just liked the looks of the back end especially. The following year they dropped the spare tire on the back, rounded the body more, so now they don't stand out from a distance. The CR-V has lost it's identity, much like when Ford made the Thunderbird look like a sedan. I guess it is my age, but I remember when you could easily tell the make of the car from a distance."

Anonymous, IN (2006 Honda CR-V)

"I like that it was the last year with the upright greenhouse, which looks more rugged while providing much better visibility."

CHRIS H., OR (2006 Honda CR-V)

"I like it's slightly boxy - less curved than newer models look. I wanted something that looks at least a little more SUV than mom-wagon or sedan."

JOHN M., AZ (2006 Honda CR-V)

"I much prefer the styling of the 2006 and older models of the CRV, with the spare tire mounted on the rear and the extra storage well (and table) in the hatch. The newer curved rear cuts down on visibility and capacity."

S P., AZ (2006 Honda CR-V)

"Seating,cargo space very good, it has had no problem. This is mine fourth Honda ,all very good track record."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Honda CR-V)

"The 2006 was the last of the square shaped small SUVs. This made the vehicle good to look at as well as functional"

KENNETH E., BC (2006 Honda CR-V)

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