Honda's CR-V is affordable and functional. Rear-seat room and cargo space are also generous. Further, its compact dimensions and responsive handling make driving entertaining. Honda made several notable mid-cycle updates to its popular sport utility for 2015. The CR-V gained an updated front and rear appearance, along with new wheels and various trim bits.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very good acceleration for merging on to freeways with good mileage. Handle well for relatively tall auto."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration when in ECO mode is inadequate for highway driving. Hard to merge into highway traffic or keep a speed on hills, etc. Not sure it really improves fuel economy either."

Christopher D., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Mileage is good Reliability is excellent Handling is excellent Acceleration is good"

Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"We leave it in Economy mode and acceleration is quite sufficient in suburban driving. The CRV handles quite well, with a smooth ride and a tight turning radius."

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"accelerates very well (on ramps) and does well in ice and snow conditions"

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very good acceleration, comfortable at cruising speed, great turning radius, just a great overall vehicle for the family."

Ralph V., NJ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"IT is okay"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Handles well on all roads - easy to maneuver, change lanes, see the road and the backup camera is very useful."

Anonymous, MB (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Good acceleration and ride"

Ronald L., VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Has good take off, sits high up, is versitile, and blue tooth is very handy."

Sharon P., OH (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Not nearly as quick or competent handling as my 2009 Accord Coupe previously described, but does very well for its size and usage."

James E., AL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"good size for town driving yet able to carry a good load"

Anonymous, CT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"runs well , has enough power for highway driving"

Michael B., KY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Adequate acceleration and handling."

Claudio A., MI (2013 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The car accelerates well, however, there is a lot of road noise."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Handles well and accelerates adequately on the mountain roads where we live. AWD is excellent in snowy conditions."

Philip C., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"A great vehicle to drive anywhere."

Jerry D., NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Interior space"

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Needs a little more power"

Steve L., NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Great pickup and go from a stop."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"slight lag while accelerating, otherwise smooth"

Aaron M., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Decent acceleration, good handling."

Jerome K., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very good handling for 4 cylinder engine and acceleration is limited due to the size of the engine."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Overall handles well and has a great convenient turning radius. It has good response. However a sudden lane change or steering correction at high speeds (50 mph plus) will cause marked destabilization."

JOHANN C., CO (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The Honda engineers created a powerful and efficient 4 cylinder engine for this vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)


UDIE D., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"reliabilty. It has only require standard service."

Anonymous, ID (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Slows down on hills, could have a little more power."

BRAD S., CT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Doesn't have the pick up power that we would have liked"

Anonymous, KY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Lack of power, needs to have a more powerful engine."

STEVE P., MN (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Driving in hilly terrain, have to enable / disable Eco option, and use D3. Would be MUCH better if it provided what's often called "sport shifter" so I could keep the transmission in one of several lower gears."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent acceleration for a four cylinder. The engine is very quiet. The cruise control provides smooth acceleration but tends to lag on hills compared to the Toyotas that I have owned."

MARK R., WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very loose steering"

KAREN W., NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Surprisingly strong 4 cylinder engine that gets me 33 mpg on highways."

LOU D., VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I guess it is a trade off. 2005 crv had great acceleration but poor gas mileage. 2013 is just the opposite"

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is a bit slow getting on freeway entrances, etc."

IRENE Y., UT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"When in Econo mode performance is better than I had experienced in previous vehicles. When Econo mode is off, the performance is much better than expected. Even so gas consumption is very good (usually on the highway)."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Love the AWD. Wish I'd gotten it sooner."

PATRICIA B., ME (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The car has plenty of power and accelerates as needed. Steering is responsive."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is basically non-existent - transmission is a dog. I also have what I consider excess engine noise."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"My Honda CR-V has great acceleration and handles fine."

ROBERT L., MA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"very sensitive steering, especially at higher speeds, tends to over steer."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Engine does not run smoothly. I've had the fuel system checked and cleaned, switched to only name-brand gasoline, it still is not satisfactory."

DOUG P., VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"This CRV does not have the pickup that my 2004 CRV had. Loses a lot of speed going up hills on the interstate highway. Very disappointed."

Anonymous, CT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"This car handles well on all types of roads and driving conditions."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"We like everything about the Honda except quick acceleration. It does not react quickly due to lack of power"

Anonymous, GA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Stability in the Oklahoma wind on the Interstate could be better. Acceleration is excellent as is mileage."

JOHN B., OK (2013 Honda CR-V)

"My last Honda CRV had all wheel drive. I didn't get it on this vehicle encase I wanted to save money. I regret that now as I really notice the difference in the Winter. I am a nurse and have a 40km drive to work. I have to drive in all kinds of weather and I felt safer with the real-time all wheel drive."

JUDITH M., ON (2013 Honda CR-V)

"As to acceleration, would like it more response. However, for car in this price range is satisfactory."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"acceleration is not fantastic but good for this type of car and turns very well so easy to park. Put a lot of miles on it over last 4 years all over the country."

JOE H., OK (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Driving with the Ecco switch off improves acceleration and performance feel so much that I never use it even if it does mean sacrificing mileage, which I don't even think it does anyway."

JOHN B., NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It handles with great ease and is very conformable to drive."

Anonymous, OR (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I wish it had a 6 cylinder option. Seems to have a lack of power on steep hills and freeways."

OSCAR H., WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I wish the car accelerated better when merging onto a highway."

K E., NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"This car has one of new type engines that make their torque low in the rpm scale. We just weren't used to this. I guess that's one reason it gets such good mileage. It also has an annoying vibration on driver side front axle only in 3rd gear when accelerating leisurely. We may take it back to dealer to look into this."

JAMES W., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"noisy, very poor visability"

RONALD M., PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"2nd CRV I've owned and much quieter and better riding than previous. Experienced vibration when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear and was fixed with software update. Same problem returned and fixed by replacing transmission fluid. System supposed to tell me when to replace but I suspect reset when I used a non-dealership service to replace oil. That's a problem I wasn't aware of. Working fine now but darn sensitive if I don't replace fluids on a timely basis that dealership service alerted me to."

W N., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Loud road noise"

QUINN E., MA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Over all performance and reliablility."

J B., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Quite a bit of road noise. Somewhat lackluster acceleration. A little "loose" in the handling department."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Traded in a 2004 Toyota highlander (6 cyl.) missing the pickup and towing capacity with my Honda CR-V"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"A bit under powered"

Anonymous, KS (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I wish they offered a 6 cylinder"

RON Y., DE (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Engine is UNDERPOWERED for this SUV. SLOW acceleration for passing or entering freeway."

KENNETH B., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is brick when not in economy mode and the car tracks well, easy to maintain going straight with few corrections. Good around corners"

PATRICIA L., NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I do a lot of highway driving; acceleration for passing and merging is excellent. As well, the awd is excellent for winter conditions which are often dreadful in the Ottawa area winters - helps me keep myself safe, especially in busy traffic when many drivers seem (still!) not to use winter tires."

Anonymous, ON (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Made several trips of one or more days on U.S. Hwys with comfort and little fatigue."

CHARLES C., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Engine can hesitate significantly when accelerating, which can put you in a dangerous situation."

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"balky acceleration, seems underpowered, no other engine available, no manual trans available,"

THOMAS F., MN (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The 5 speed automatic transmission is a gear short. It really needs to be 6."

SCOTT M., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I think it is okay except for the accelerator. The delay could be dangerous."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Economy mode does improve gas mileage and works fine when using the cruise control in flat terrain. However, using this in even small hills causes the speed to drop too low (almost 5 mph) below the set speed before it will downshift and catch back up. Seems the logic in this could start the acceleration sooner to avoid the downshift."

CAROLYN D., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Handling is very good more par with a sedan. Acceleration and braking are also good, but acceleration could be improved."

JAMES A., PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is very good - without even trying I am usually first off the line. The handling requires the driver to pay extra close attention maneuvering through turns. The steering may seem disconcerting to those not used quick responsiveness."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"On road trips the noise level inside the car is louder than in the Camry or RAV4. Small movement of the steering wheel can jerk the car from side to side."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I love the handling,everything I need, easy in and out."

CAROL C., AZ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The car could use some more pep on the highway, for example when merging or passing."

Anonymous, WI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"4 cyl is poor on cruise control and acceleration Road noise is enough to make me sell it."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I have had 5 Hondas...they handle so well....when you turn that wheel they are right there...can not get used to other makes"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The car has enormous blind spots that make me very uncomfortable about changing lanes, especially moving to the right.This is the primary reason that I will turn in this car on a different brand when I can afford to do that."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Needs more power. Didn't hold speed on mountain driving when on cruise control."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The 4 cylinder engine is surprisingly peppy. I don't see any need for a 6 cylinder engine."

MARK C., NE (2013 Honda CR-V)

"reliable did have problem with phone speaker and radio is static"

RONALD S., SC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"i now live in hilly country. vehicle has lots of pep on straight roads but has a harder times in hills. if in cruise it slows down too much before changing into a lower gear. in order to keep constant feed in traffic, especially on 4 lane, i have to override cruise often to keep it in pace. perhaps a 6 cyl would have been better but unsure of hiw much more gas it would use."

LOIS M., NB (2013 Honda CR-V)

"somewhat underpowered"

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Wish the 4 cylinder engine was a bit quicker -or- the MPG was better."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It doesn't seem to handle as well on ice as the Subaru Forester I had previously."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The break override software is to slow to release. It sometimes takes a couple of seconds after applying the breaks for the accelerator to take over."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"wanders on windy day"

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The crv as an economy mode that does fine in most driving situations and gets better mpg. It's fun and useful to be able to switch it off. Then it has more power."

ALAN M., KY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Suspension too soft"

CHARLES S., NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The automatic transmission is reluctant to allow the engine to run fast enough to develop power. One cannot select 4th gear, to prevent "hunting" between 5th and 4th when climbing a grade. Finally, the torque converter disconnects, or "coasts", when the air conditioning is being used and the throttle is released to slow the vehicle."

DAVID S., PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Too many to list."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Everything is great"

MARY M., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Needs more horsepower especially at Interstate speeds."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Good acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The acceleration is not very good from standing stop or merging on to highways. I wish a 6 cylinder was available."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Easy to drive around the city. Easy to park. Highway driving feels a bit unstable at high speeds. Maintaining speed or accelerating on hills on the highway is a little difficult. Visibility in back corners of car not as good as I would like (to check for cars in the blind spot for instance)."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It's a little bit difficult to maintain a consistent speed on steep hills."

KIM H., WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Handling and acceleration is better than automotive reviews."

MICHAEL B., WV (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Love to drive"

TED H., NC (2013 Honda CR-V)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"it is noisy and rides like a truck"

Peter M., AZ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Comfort and ride are very good. Road noise is not excessive however, I believe the vehicle should have much better noise elimination."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road and wind noise are excessive. Seats are not comfortable enough for highway trips. Steering does not "lock in". Care wanders around too much, at all speeds. Helped this problem some by installing Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires. I consider this vehicle not suitable for traveling."

Anonymous, SC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Sit high for good visability. Solid ride with good handling. Slow but satisfactory pick-up."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It has loud and irritating levels of road noise"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Roomy, front and back. Supportive seats. Excellent cargo space for its class. Ride, handling and noise much improved with tire upgrade from Continentals to Michelin Premier LTX."

Anonymous, LA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Noisy ride. Common issue with Honda."

Joseph H., NH (2013 Honda CR-V)

"poor ride,too noisy and seats could be more cushioned"

Wayne J., NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Front and rear seats are comfortable, road noise is excessive."

David K., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Ride is comfortable for short journeys, but seats too short for long journeys."

Nicholas S., ON (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent folding for back seats to create cargo space"

Ronald L., VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Seats on long drives are not very comfortable. The headlights are poor in providing adequate and safe lighting for driving at night."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Bought to tow behind an RV. Use as stand alone car too. Quiet, easy to drive, no repairs in the one year owned. Very comfortable and much larger inside than it looks!! Holds a lot, including 4 adults easily. Have put car seats in too and still roomy. Love the Honda!"

S S., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"This is the third crv owned. Have always found it quite comfortable in regard to seating ride and sound levels."

J E., NJ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"All seats are comfortable, because this vehicle sits lower than most SUVs , this is very easy to get in and out of"

Bob G., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Number 1 is the reduction in road noise. Cloth seats very comfortable and supportive. Seat warmers will be greatly appreciated in winter months along with the remote start."

Philip C., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The ride is relatively smooth and the seats are comfortable. Road noise is fairly low."

Leo L., ON (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Generally good but ride is jittery on bumpy streets"

Anonymous, OK (2013 Honda CR-V)

"we tend to take long trips-8 hours-and find the seats a bit uncomfortable"

Anonymous, CT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Driver and passenger front seats are stiff and very uncomfortable. Leg room is insufficient. I am 5'10". We can not use this vehicle for long road trips because frequent stops to stretch our legs are required."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"to much road noise."

James S., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The seats makes driving the Honda a nice and comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"As this is an EX-L, we have the leather seats which are nice and the ride, handling and NVC is even better than the 2005 CR-V which we also still own with 300,000 miles on the clock.."

James E., AL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The heated leather seats offer lumbar support and are fully adjustable."

Anonymous, NH (2013 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Ride is rough compared to the sedans we previously owned."

Thomas F., MN (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable leather seating and easy to adjust. Car rides well, just slightly on the firm side. Noise suppression could be better as highway can be louder than what I expect and appreciate."

Claudio A., MI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very noisy, bumpy ride"

Patricia W., SC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Worst features of the car - hard plain seats, excessive road noise even at very low speed, mediocre ride"

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Clothe sheets shock me on dry days ( I live in the desert)"

Stephen V., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Comfortable smooth ride"

Anonymous, IL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Comfortable. However too moisy. New CRV are much better."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"IT is ok"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are very uncomfortable, especially for longer trips. Not well padded in the seat area and poor lumbar support. Can't seem to adjust to a comfortable angle. Cause pain in hip/low back. Nothing like the comfortable seats in my 2005 Honda Accord."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Great all around vehicle but has too much road noise and not enough power."

Anonymous, WI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"noise, uncomfortable seat ."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very little sound deadening, esp in doors. Even rain on windshield sounds like pebbles. Ride and maneuverability are prob average for small SUV. Just not as good as I was hoping for. Battle between Honda and Apple limits iPhone connectivity."

Anonymous, IN (2013 Honda CR-V)

"How easy it is to drive, how easy it handles. The moment I starting driving the car I said this is the car for me. I like the climate control, the comfort of the seats. I have six friends with this car."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Somewhat awkward driving position. Stiff ride."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is awful. You have to turn the radio up louder than you should or talk loud for someone in the back seat to hear you. Of course it is worse or better depending on the road surface but it is still loud. Seats aren't as comfortable as I would have liked."

SHANE O., AL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"My wife does not find the seats comfortable in the CRV."

Anonymous, IA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The inside lever to open the gas cap is awkwardly placed. The radio is not easy to tune and the phone set up is difficult. I have a few friends who have this same car and they express the same difficulty, especially eith the phone set up."

SHERRILYN M., KS (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are comfortable, I can sit in them for long drives which I can't do in other cars. heating and cooling are efficient and work well. I drive on paved roads mostly so the ride is quite good."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"not as quiet on the highway as I would like"

NORMAN E., OH (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise too loud, depending on what type of hardened surface. I wish the front seats were wider. I wish the front seats could go back 2 more inches. I wish the seat cushions in the front were two to three inches deeper. Radio the volume only goes up to level -40-, wish it would go to 50 or 60. Headlights weren't bright enough, so I went and purchased brighter bulbs. I like the wrap around tailights/back-up lights and that the turn signals to the rear are amber colored(that should be law). L"

Anonymous, WI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"find it very comfortable. would like to see side safety monitors. wold like less road noise. Overall well pleased"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"High cabin noise. Seats are just okay."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable and rides well but there is road noise on the highways enough to interfere with hearing dialogue on the radio, The rear view camera is substandard and it's difficult to see backing up."

THOMAS C., UT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I am a larger person and many of the seats in the newer vehicles, including the CR-V, are a bucket style and does not fit as well with the raised sides."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Front passenger seat has limited leg room for me. I'm 5'8" and I cannot extend my legs out completely. Also, the road noise on certain highways is really loud, even with the best tires available."

KATHRYN S., CT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Driver seat won't stay elevated. Vehicle is loud on turnpike so much so that conversations require loud voice."

M R., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Redesigned from my former 2004 model. VERY much reduced visibility out the back. Placement of some object in the front passenger foot well sucks up what little foot space there was. Far less storage space up front than in old design. Honda should NOT have changed the design!"

ARTHUR Y., MD (2013 Honda CR-V)

"there is more road noise than there should be"

DOUG H., IN (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The road noise is a little louder than I would like"

ED J., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are comfortable. Climate controls work very well and noise level is low (no problem). The ride is very stiff and I feel every bump in the road on my top of the line CR-V with leather seats and Nav."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Everything works well together. It's a Honda."

JOHN L., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"We are tall people, and this car is too small for us."

HARRY C., MI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The one thing that needs to be improved is the design of the visors. They are too small and do not fully extend at all to the driver or passenger window. To block the sun they need to extend beyond the length of the visor, for example with a retractable extension. I absolutely HATE the visors in my CR-V!"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Would not buy again because of the very loud interior road noise. Basic seats with little cushioning. No arm rest for passenger."

MIKE W., OR (2013 Honda CR-V)

"A lot of road noise and not a really smooth rise. Comfortable seating and we like the easy fold-down back seats."

MARSHA J., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are too short. They hit the middle of my thigh and I am only 5'4"."

Anonymous, CT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"climate control, ride, driver's seat"

JOE H., OK (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is loud."

FRED T., MD (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Had sciatica for two months prior to a trip from Santa Barbara to Sante Fe and back. Was sure the drive would exacerbate the sciatica but had no trouble AT ALL! No aches, twinges or anything. Amazing!! (Do not have electronic front seats)"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"super loud road noise"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise from tires is somewhat loud."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Mechanical seat control will nor remain in place"

BILL B., ON (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The seats could/should be more comfortable. Seats become quite uncomfortable on long drives."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Drivers seat has so many options for adjustment we've never been able to get it just right. Other than that it is a wonderful car."

BETSY B., NM (2013 Honda CR-V)

"harsh ride don't like electronic seat controls"

THOMAS F., MN (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The driver seat will not stay at height I want. I constantly have to raise the seat."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"a couple inches more legroom (I am 6' 1"), would make the car almost perfect. I would love it if the seats were the same as my 2005 Accord. seat is not really deep enough for a tall person."

JAMES M., NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"A relatively comfortable vehicle. The bad is road noise."

WILLIAM G., SC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are too firm."

Anonymous, MT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It feels like something in the drivers seat hits me in the back from time to time. Also, there is an odd grinding sound at times when starting the car."

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are uncomfortable, road and tire noise is at too high a lever for comfort, ride is too stiff combined with steering that does not track well."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Climate control seems to be a bit under-powered. It takes longer than I would expect to heat/cool."

WILLIAM S., WI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise and seats can be uncomfortable on long rides"

RICK H., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Driver's seat too small for normal sized person. Noise level is high."

F S., GA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"ride and noise"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Extremely comfortable/adjustable seats which makes long trips a pleasure. Unfortunately need to to buy the EX-L model. Worth it if one has back issues."

S R., MA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The seats and climate control work well, and the air and heat are great. THe noise of the ride isn't the best, but we also live on roads that aren't paved with the smoothest surface."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"High level of noise when windows are open."

FAITH Z., IL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It has alot of road noise"

BARBARA R., PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are very comfortable. I like the driving position. Seats in the back are very easy to fold down: you pull a lever and it folds over for you."

ALAN M., KY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Well designed interior with comfortable seats. A bit noisier ride than I think it should be."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise highway"

ALAN T., NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"not the smoothest ride.feel all the bumps and lumps in the road"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise"

Anonymous, AL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Ride is a little noisy compared with my Pilot. Like the dual zone climate control. Appreciate the economy option for engine performance, but it causes the cruise control to drop too low below the set speed when driving in hilly areas."

CAROLYN D., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"a little to much wind noise"

FRED W., WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Lack of interior room or bad design. Husbands knees in the dash. Poor back seat room. Cargo area insufficient. I'm comparing the 2013 to the 2003 Honda CRV. But love backup camera on 2013."

Anonymous, SD (2013 Honda CR-V)

"seats were not very comfortable in fact most uncomfortable on a long trip day to day they were fine"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I especially like the fact that the armrests move with the individual front seat. As a short driver, if the arm rest is in the console, the short driver doesn't have one. In the CRV, she does. (Also appreciate the sunglasses holder.) The car is a little noisier than I would prefer."

Anonymous, WI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Comfortable seats and ergonomic controls"

Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Riders front seat lacks arm rest. Generally rides well in city. Would prefer to ride a little better on highway. Of course, for a car in this price range cannot expect better."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable for driver. Passenger seating lousy considering it is an EX-L model"

TOM W., NJ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Interior road noise level is too high. Additionally hands free phone/bluetooth is very hard other over road noise. Both road noise and phone clarity will prevent us from purchasing another Honda CRV. Many other vehicles have much better noise control"

MICHAEL G., NH (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Bought the CRV due to the very good lumbar seat that I needed due to lower back issues."

GORDON G., AB (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Loose noise from item in dash board not found or fixed"

Anonymous, HI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"long trips were not as comfortable as I had thought they would be"

Anonymous, TN (2013 Honda CR-V)

"seats are hard and road noise is loud. the power of 4 cylinder is weak for acceleration and going up hills."

RONALD S., SC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Irritating high pitched whine from the transmission from 55 to 65 mph. Had dealer replace transmission shortly after purchase. Essentially same level of noise from new transmission. Honda stated that noise was characteristic because Honda transmission design uses pinion gear."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Way too much outside noise. ...wind,road"

NANCY W., CT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Has some road noise but better than my 2001 CR-V."

Anonymous, NH (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Both driver & passenger front seats are not comfortable. After 20 minutes lower back starts hurting. I believe this is a result of insufficient leg room in front. I am 5'10" tall. Also in-cabin road noise is higher than expected. Ride & climate control are fine."

J H., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Seats not as comfortable on longer trips, and I should have looked for power adjustable."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Outside noise an issue. Cell Phone hook up has always been an issue. We claimed it might be a short. The Dealership always blamed it on the Cell Phone. After Warranty we discovered it was a short in the ceiling."

ART M., GA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Both the noise and the ride are poor. This car was not designed to be a "road trip car"."

SANDRA V., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"sits up nice & high. i do wish the seat was deeper from front to back."

Anonymous, KS (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Rather noisy which makes it difficult to communicate between the front and back seats without talking loud. Ride is not as comfortable on rough roads."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The heater core went out of this vehicle at the age of 2 years. It was covered by our extended warranty, but took almost a week in the shop to get it fixed. Honda has a short warranty. Buy the extended warranty."

DEBBIE O., MO (2013 Honda CR-V)

"In the Lx..only one armrest..crazy"

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise ! Have had two Honda Odessy's, and now this CR-V. All vehicles have had excessive "road noise". It is actually hard to talk to others in the vehicle, due to the excessive road noise! This issue is talked about by Many owners of Honda vehicles, and still not corrected ? This will probably be our last Honda purchase."

ROBERT K., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Noisy on the highway"

ANNE W., MA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Drivers seat not for a comfortable distance for me (5' 11"). Headlights really really suck. Navigation/radio panel and use very very unfriendly and confusing. Although touted as a flat rear storage area - it isn't. Radio seems to perform poorly, but we are in a fairly rural area. Cost to update GPS mapping - really really outrageous.Little cost to Honda."

HAROLD H., WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"This is the first SUV I have owned. Maybe they are all like the following: The road noise is very loud and you can feel every bump in the road."

ROLLAND C., MN (2013 Honda CR-V)

"seats are comfortable and climate control is good. The ride is somewhat noisy."

TED H., NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"seats are not comfortable on a longer trip"

Anonymous, CT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Drivers seat does not have enough controls to make it totally adjustable and comfortable for long drives."

ANNE C., PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The CRV was purchased as a Certified Pre-Owned: 3 yrs old, 15,000 original owner miles so it was a good bet."

THOMAS H., NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The AC sucks - the air is not cool, it is warm.."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Should have power passenger seat."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"the noise is sometimes very loud on certain types of pavement. It can be overwhelming and tiresome."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are not that comfortable. Need adjustment every time I get in the car. And it is noisy. The ride is okay."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Ride is noisy"

SHAWN B., CO (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Seats ( leather) are quite comfortable. Climate control is good. Ride is smooth. The cabin is a bit noisy."

LINDA Q., CO (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Honda does not put a left arm rest on the passenger seat. It throws off the symmetry and is inconsistent with the overall quality and comprehensive package they provide on the base model."

PJ M., NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Good heater and very good A/C Dual controls are a great feature"

MICHAEL B., KY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The ride is choppy, busy, and there is a slight roll like a small boat on the ocean that makes us feel a little sea sick!"

Anonymous, OH (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Like the heated seats, especially in the winter, don't find it noisy and the ride is comfortalbe. As I am a senior, I don't take long drives., mostly in the neighbourhood. I also like the backup camera but would prefer one with sound."

GERRY B., AB (2013 Honda CR-V)

"My wife and I have back problems. We wanted a car with upright seats. We also got leather because it is easier to slide in and out of the car. The drivers seat moves electrically making it easy to enter and exit. The car has plenty of head and leg room in all of the seats. Also we like the cargo space and fold down seats. We can adjust the temperature differently for the passenger and driver or sync temp to same with a button touch. It has been a good car for driving in icy or snowy conditions."

Anonymous, OK (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Gas miles capacity...good solid ride"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"In cabin noise is excessive."

RICHARD M., AZ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"road noise is a problem conversations are an issue because of it . the ride is a little rough. these vehicles are really more of a family station wagon with 4-wheel drive than on off-road driving"

Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Uncomfortable seating for a tall person on the passenger side front seat."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"seats are uncomfortable and the air conditioning does a poor job of cooling when temperatures are in the 90's"

Anonymous, GA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are comfortable and heated. Car is noisy on the road. Auto climate control is a bit slow to heat up or cool down. The audio system is complicated and not intuitive. Rude is smooth compared to other mini SUVs I test drove."

Anonymous, OR (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I am somewhat tall and heavy and I believe the seating could be roomier and more comfortable."

DONA D., NM (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is loud"

RODNEY V., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The road noise is too much at highway speeds."

Anonymous, SC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is'd think this vehicle would provide a quieter ride!"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The seats in this vehicle have to be some of the worst seats in the industry. I'm 6' 250 lbs, so that might be the issue, but overall I'm shocked Honda sells so many of these things. Going around town is OK, but on a long drive? The seats lack support and should be more like the Acura seats in the TSX we had."

AARON C., NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Car is very noisy, tires make a lot of noise, and they are already cupped. The dealer said front end needed re-alignment Less than 20,000 miles on it and that did not do anything for the high noise level. Tire and wind noise is terrible. It also has blind spots when backing up. Front seat needs about two more inches of space to push back for comfort. I should have insisted on different tires immediately, or at least before warranty ran out. It is my wife's car and I just did not pay close"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Drivers seat sits too low, I need to add a cushion to bring the height up to a comfortable level. The level has been raised as high as the factory adjustment will go, and it is NOT high enough."

PAUL W., MI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Rough ride; road noise."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"hard, uncomfortable seats; lots of road noise; ride is sometimes bumpy and rough."

RICHARD O., CO (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Tolerable noise even with windows closed, tire noise with windows open. Ride definitely not smooth."

Anonymous, CT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"This SUV strikes a great balance in comfort, value, and economy. It's quiet, spacious, easy to use, and fuel efficient."

SON H., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Hear more road noise than I expect at this price."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I am not a heavy person but getting in and out the car has broken down the driver side seat on the outside as you get out of the car. Purchased the car in Jan 2016 and it is a 2013. Will need to get this fixed as it creates an uncomfortable driving experience."

SANDI S., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It is very noisy inside the car. Sometimes road noise is so loud that it interferes with conversation."

DENNIS C., OH (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The CRV has too bumpy of a ride for me. Maybe just used to the Odyssey. Also, the seats are not as comfortable as I wuld like. Overall it is a good car & gets great gas mileage."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Sun visors inadequate for tall driver, they don't cover all of driver window. Road noise is excessive."

Anonymous, CO (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is higher than I think it should be."

FAITH J., NM (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Rough ride road noise on good pavement."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Too much wind noise, could used better noise cancellation"

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Seating could be more ergonomic. Not bad for around town, but improvement is needed for longer trips"

JAMES A., VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Too much road noise"

Anonymous, ME (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Seat cushions too hard. Road noise is not acceptable. Sun visors do not adjust to cover side window adequately. Blue tooth turns off my cell phone when someone is using the phone in the house and I pull up in the driveway"

TOM D., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Although somewhat quieter than my 2004 CRV, it still transmits too much road and wind noise to the cabin. And even though I bought the top-end EX-L model, spending the most you can spend on a CRV, it has had a persistent rattle from the passenger side door/seat/window that two dealers have been unable to correct. So after spending $35,000 on a car, pretty sad that I have to listen to it rattle constantly."

Anonymous, CO (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Too much road noise, seat comfort could be better."

ROBERT S., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise needs to improve"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Could know more about Blue Tooth and the sound system. A lot about the dash is confusing. Car is a bit noisy, but not a real problem."

HARLAN G., ME (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It rides a little firm or stiff---a minor issue. There is considerable road noise especially at hi way speeds."

RICHARD E., WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is more than I'd like. Also, it's a very bumpy ride, but maybe that's characteristic of small SUVs. Last car was mini-van with very smooth ride."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Noisey on the highway."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Lacks good cushioning, especially for long trips."

ELIE S., NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Driver seat does not go back far enough. In fact it does not go back as far as the front passenger seat."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Easy steering,nice ride."

JOHN B., PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It is some what of a noisy ride. I've changed tires but still to noisy."

JIMMY D., GA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"You are correct in your assessment of road noise in this vehicle. However, it has not been an annoyance for us."

DAVID M., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"One the best vehicles we have owned! Trouble free, very economical to operate, plus great utility! Highly recommend this vehicle!"

Anonymous, DE (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Does everything well. Adequate acceleration & handling, economical to operate & equally good at hauling people or stuff. Put a trailer hitch on to hold a bike carrier & added after market roof racks. Both have come in handy."

Stuart-Anne Y., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Great resale value"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Great gas milage"

Henry L., PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very noisy on the road"

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"value is better than average for the price that we paid for the vehicle."

Anonymous, DE (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Good value for car."

Beaman B., TN (2013 Honda CR-V)

"good size and economy for town driving"

Anonymous, CT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Well designed inside and out, great hatch back, price was good and you get Honda quality."

Ralph V., NJ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Many good features for the money: back up camera, most driver conveniences and safety features that were available at the time. The next trim line added many unnecessary features like moon roof, fancy sound system, heated seats (I live in the Texas Gulf coast),"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"reasonable value"

Aaron M., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Price and quality of product. Really a solid car for the money,"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"We found the Honda pricing to offer a good value, especially in light of the Toyota dealership's attempted pressuring of my wife to purchase from them. Also, after researching both the CRV & RAV-4, we knew the models offering the features we were seeking; & were not interested in buying models the dealership was pushing."

Daniel R., RI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Not spectacular in any area but very good in all areas"

David B., MI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I see many models on the road each and every day"

Michael B., KY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"What a great vehicle for the price."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Dependable vehicle, excellent gas mileage."

Jerome K., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It is a high performer in congested traffic. Very maneuverable and scoots along very well."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It's a good value.low operating costs"

Eileen I., CO (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I would buy a new Honda CR-V, but I still enjoy driving the current one I have."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Virtually trouble free service for past 4 1/2 years. It's economical and an all around excellent performer, around town and road trips. It has held its value in surprisingly well in the resale market."

Anonymous, LA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"very dependable suv for the money"

Larry C., NE (2013 Honda CR-V)

"An excellent pricing for a great vehicle."

Jerry D., NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It is bullet proof"

Frank M., NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Compared to similar models offered by other manufacturers, the price was very competitive. Other dealers did not negotiate well on price."

Anonymous, NH (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Economy and space for children. 4-cyl is just OK but great on mileage"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The low mileage, external and internal condition of the CR V are great for the price."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Road Noise is terrible. Wind noise is bad. Sounds like a door is missing, when you go down a rough pavement. No features to speak of...Cheap plastic interior. Price is very high for what you get. Would not buy it again. I like Honda but they have been left behind by other auto makers. The Koreans are eating their lunch, as they say. Way more features on those auto.. but they are not cheap autos anymore, either."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I put it in August 2013, just when the 2014 models were coming out. I sent out emails to a number of dealers requesting a bottom line price quote on the model and color I wanted. One dealer came in several hundred dollars LESS than the CR suggested starting point for negotiations."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I do not feel the vehicle was/is worth the purchased price."

M R., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Its a great car for the money. Low maintenance, handles well. Great overall car"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"quality and reliability make this car a winner"

MARTIN G., NJ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"nice size, easy to haul small loads, but more comfortable than a truck"

Anonymous, MO (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The salesman was a crook."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Good Value"

JOHN C., ON (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Please with overall cost on upkeep. Car only in garage for oil change and tire rotation. Very pleased."

M K., WV (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Painting is peeling off Tires had to be replaced at less than 20,000 miles The battery discharges often, I have to carry a battery charger with me al the time It is the 8th and las Honda cart in my family"

Anonymous, AR (2013 Honda CR-V)

"does exactly what it is supposed to, surprisingly roomy"

DAVID W., ON (2013 Honda CR-V)

"good quality options for small CRV"

JOHN Z., IL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The car, while somewhat noisy is still dependable and will be long lasting."

THOMAS H., NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The vehicle I purchased is definitely worth every penny I paid for it."

PETER G., NJ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Purchased pre owned certified vehicle with less than 20,000 miles, 8 months on factory warranty and included 7 year warranty on drivetrain"

JULIO S., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I felt the overall price was reasonable and I received a great trade-in amount for my eight year old Toyota Tacoma."

ROBERT L., MA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"A lot of features for the money and very reliable"

DARRYL H., MO (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Everything works, it's comfortable and easy to drive."

LEE B., NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I leased it right after Hurricane Sandy when there was a shortage of vehicles in my area. I didn't realize it at the time but I could have bought it and save myself a lot of money with the lease. I probably paid about $3-4,000 more than if I had bought it outright. Also when your lease it they hit you up for about a $700 Bank fee and then a $300 return fee which I had to pay even though I bought it out."

ANTHONY M., NY (2013 Honda CR-V)


ROLAND C., NC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"great value for a multipurpose auto"

JAMES C., OR (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I bought this car used and got an exceptional deal."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Great value relative to competitors. Very reliable."

STEPHEN F., NS (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Low cost, comparatively; reliable"

Anonymous, CO (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very good reliable and practical car. size is good and easy to drive"

CHRIS G., WA (2013 Honda CR-V)


UDIE D., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"This vehicle is perfectly mated to a 5 speed transmission with the exact horsepower to move it along the road with comfort and just the right amount of power. It is also very fuel efficient. The seating comfort level is perfect. I normally purchase a new vehicle every 2 years for highway travel and I am reluctant to change up this vehicle because it is that good."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Like AWD for winter driving. Very reliable car so far"

Anonymous, OR (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I like the fact I got REAL Leather, not vinyl. And it still comes that way. My next Vehicle will likely be the same chioce!"

THEODORE M., NJ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Never a problem"

ANTHONY B., FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"lots of car for the money, many features"

Anonymous, OH (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Insurance cost compared to 2013 Ford Escape was $50 less per month due to better safety testing for my State Farm rate."

RONALD B., KY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Good quality,reliable,low maintenance= good value"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Resale value. Fuel efficiency. Reliability. Low maintenance cost, especially in comparison to previous Subarus."

RONALD M., QC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very good value. No problems Service was not good. Cheated about parts I needed. Confirmed with other mechanic. I did not need them"

MARY M., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Price seemed high. I use none of the electronic device integration features. But if I hand it down to my daughter I'm sure she would value it (30 yrs)"

Anonymous, MI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It was steep for my limited budget, but, on comparison, I guess not excessively expensive."

Anonymous, CT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Normal, in-town driving gives about the gas consumption anticipated. On the highway the gas consumption is considerably better than I had anticipated."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Great cargo space"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"This car has always been in competition with the RAV4.We drove the RAV4. They are very similar. We chose the CR-V based upon Honda's reputation for quality. We haven't been disappointed."

RON G., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It a great car, reasonably priced, good fuel burn and very comfortable."

J F., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It's been bullet-proof. No warranty claims and I never got less than 27.2 mpg and I have a lead foot. The engine is very peppy with good acceleration."

JOHN B., OK (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I wanted an SUV for basic transportation - no frills. This SUV was just want I wanted and it was priced very well."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Very reliable vehicle overalll. Great driving in snow and wet conditions. Satisfied enough to have leased a new 2016 model."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"We bought it from CarMax and it was like new. Only had 7,000 miles and had been a leased car. We expect to drive it for years to come. We also purchased this to pull as a toad behind our motorhome."

BONNIE C., VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Here the controls are well thought out and easy to use. The front brake pads are still origional at 80,000 miles. Good gas mileage over 30 on the highway. No creaks or rattles."


"I get offers to buy my '13CRV; guess the demand is very good!"

RICHARD P., VT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"unbelievable how it holds its value"

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Car does not drive well in the snow. Horrible. Carpetting is incredibly difficult to vacuum. Poor quality carpeting. Controls can be confusing. Bluetooth does not work with an iphone. Goes in and out all the time."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"I don't like the acceleration delay when I press on the accelerator. I think it is dangerous in some situations."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda CR-V)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Looks cool and updated"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It never seems to age."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"door post makes it difficult to see if car is next to me on driver's side."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Love the look, and how easy it is to drop the rear seats to the flat position. WISH there was a manual key lock/unlocking mechanism on the passenger door just like for the driver's side."

Anonymous, WI (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Same comments as under comfort. NOTABLY, new design greater limited visibility out the rear of the vehicle. VERY POOR DESIGN!"

ARTHUR Y., MD (2013 Honda CR-V)

"People comment on the color and paint job"

Anonymous, OR (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Good room for a small vehicle. Rear seat folds down nicely. Interior is laid out well. Exterior style is very nice, better than most small SUVs in that price range."

JOHN W., PA (2013 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, GA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Doesn't have the bells and whistles like push button start keyless remote rear air conditioning vents and garage door opener button on rear view mirror"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"It looks nice, just like all of the other SUVs . Nothing spectacular . Just nice. Which is just fine with me"

ROBERT S., AZ (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The blind spots in the vehicle you cannot see anything when backing up. Even with the backup camera it scares me to death whenever I have to back out of a parking space. I would NOT have bought the vehicle if I had know this."

RONALD M., GA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Maintains appearance as it did when first bought."

Anonymous, CT (2013 Honda CR-V)

"The lines of the vehicle are modern looking and clean."

DAVID C., NV (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Functional, but radio antenna is in the way for a top carrier"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Lots and lots of nooks and crannies. I researched both the CRV and the RAV4 and read a review of the latter from a woman who complained there was nowhere to put anything. I went to the local dealers and found she was right - almost no places other than glove box and one tiny central console."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"My Honda CRV is very attractive, but I would prefer to have better side vision over styling. Sight lines are critical to safety; stylish small side windows are not. It should be mandatory for all vehicles to have excellent front, rear and side vision via adequate window size (like the Subaru Forester)."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Rearview on passenger side can be hard, large blind spot. A rearview camera on passenger side like our 2015 Fit would help a lot."

RONALD G., TX (2013 Honda CR-V)

"rear window too small, maybe that's why the vehicle has a camera. Driver seat does not slide back far enough."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda CR-V)

"My wife loves the styling with the CRV. She preferred it over the Toyota RAV4 cause the center console between the two front seats is wide and it lets her put her pocket book on it. RAV 4 did have this."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Front window side posts create blind spots"

D B., WA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Sleek style looks like more expensive suvs"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"Nice rear end styling, tail lights integrated into body. A minimum of body sculpting. Front end well styled."

RON G., CA (2013 Honda CR-V)

"it just looks good. I see more and more of them all the time."

WILLIAM C., NE (2013 Honda CR-V)


JOHN C., ON (2013 Honda CR-V)

Would you buy this car again?

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