Honda's CR-V is affordable and functional. Rear-seat room and cargo space are also generous. Further, its compact dimensions and responsive handling make driving entertaining. Honda made several notable mid-cycle updates to its popular sport utility for 2015. The CR-V gained an updated front and rear appearance, along with new wheels and various trim bits.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"it has an "ECON" button, which does help with gas mileage--I have to remember to turn that off when on the freeway to have more power to accelerate. If off the freeway, acceleration is quite adequate and ON freeway with ECON turned off, acceleration is quite powerful. The car is easy to steer & handle."

Anonymous, CO (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Accelerates very quickly. Sometimes on a hard fast turn, the car feels like it is going to step out to the outside."

RICH L., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)


MARC R., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Econo-mode allows me to conserve fuel. When needed for terrain or faster city driving I can turn off econo-mode which provides faster acceleration."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"slow acceleration"

BUREN H., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It drives and steers well. The brakes seem a little wimpy, however."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Handles well and does well in bad weather. Headlights are poor and do not provide enough light. High beams do not provide enough coverage for windy country roads."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I'm older. The rear view window is too small. Can't see."

Anonymous, CT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"For a 4 cylinder it has great acceleration, handling is good."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"There is a button you can press to make the car more ecologically friendly (or economically, not really sure). It's to make you save on gas basically, but for a year and a half I had that button activated and always complained that my car had zero pick up. One day I turned it off, and suddenly my car had amazing power and pick up! I turn that button on and off depending on whether or not I'm climbing a hill or need to merge into traffic."

DAVID L., GA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"This vehicle has a noticeable short hesitation when accelerating from a slow speed. It's is sometimes a bit scary when attempting to change lanes or pull out suddenly as this delay could easily cause an accident in a tight situation."

JOE S., GA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Lack of automated crash avoidance on these models is concern. Will be a factor in next purchase."

JOANNE G., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is too poor."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Somewhat disappointed in acceleration"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Poor acceleration - engine is too small. Handling seems to be acceptable for this type of vehicle."

Anonymous, CT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is slower than I would like"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Under powered. Transmission does not shift smoothly"

STEPHEN P., MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Comfortable and reliable."

J L., CT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Incredible acceleration, given this vehicles size (Bulk) and weight, when the "Eco" mode is turned off. Also, I would not want to be without the AWD feature in this vehicle, especially so in the winter season."

THOMAS R., MB (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Hugs the road easy to drive and maneuver backup camera extremely useful NO Sirius!! (DRATS!) No heated seats"

Anonymous, IA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Paint scratches very, very easily. I'm a guy. I have short fingernails but even with my short nails there are numerous scratches around the door handles from simply opening the doors. A slight contact with a bush produces a scratch in the paint. Regarding acceleration, it takes 5-6 seconds to get the engine to respond when stepping on the accelerator when attempting to pass a vehicle or merge on the interstate."

MICHAEL K., CT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"4 cylinder engine doea not have the level of acceleration I desire"

Anonymous, SC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration on this car is so slow. Once it gets rolling, however, it is fine unless you drive up hills/mountains, forget using cruise control under these conditions. Guess to keep the MPG on the higher end?"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Overall I'm delighted with how the car drives. The steering can be a little too quick during high-speed maneuvers that are unexpected. With the spritely engine and front wheel drive (I don't have AWD), it is easy to over-correct which can be alarming."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The vehicle handles extremely well in all types of weather. We needed it for snow and it is perfect. It is the right size for our needs -- not too big, not too small. Sitting up higher than cars, makes it great for visibility & the back up camera is fantastic."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I hit a deer and it destroyed the front end of the car; however, no one was hurt and the car was able to be repaired. The reinforced frame surrounding the engine and windshield did exactly what they were designed to do and we were not hurt as a result."

ROBERT H., MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It feels underpowered"

Anonymous, IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Extremely bad pickup at highway driving speeds"

RANDY M., TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is somewhat slow when pulling into traffic."

LEONARD B., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Fully loaded car with suitcases and passengers, car had to downshift frequently going up hill especially noticeable with speed control on."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is adequate for this vehicle, and the ride, handling and overall feel of "in control" are excellent."

E C., PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"on a recent trip where there were a lot of hills to climb, I felt like there was a lack of power"

Anonymous, WI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The acceleration is a lot better that our old 1997 crv (almost anything would be, lol) - has a little bigger motor. The handling doesn't seem as responsive and I feel like I have to take the sharper curves at a lower speed than our old one."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The ride is a little stiffer than I would prefer."

ROD B., NM (2014 Honda CR-V)

"4 cyl power is OK for driving around town. Highway merging or passing acceleration is poor; a turbo would help."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The base 4 cylinder has good acceleration. Handles well at high speeds with no feeling of jumpiness when making any quick moves on express way."

WILLIAM L., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Previous car was a 2007 Honda CR-V. We purchased the same model, same color this time. We are not happy with the acceleration. It is significantly less. Also the ergonomics of the seats and some of the storage compartments."

JAMES C., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"overall expeience"

STEVE R., MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It's only 4 cylinders so don't expect a huge acceleration but it does handle nicely. I do notice when I get up to speeds between 60-70 +/-5 mph, the steering wheel shakes. Not a violent shake but definitely noticeable. I've read from other owners who have brought their car in that Honda claims this is a characteristic of the vehicle. I don't plan on bringing my car in for this issue unless it gets worse. But I wish it didn't do this."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"ride, comfort, handling, acceleration, huge cargo area for a small SUV."

ROBERT T., MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I do field service and tend to carry around 300 pounds of parts. with that said the acceleration of this car is GREAT!"

WILLIAM M., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The car lacks pick up for accessing highways and passing."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Appreciate the ECO feature and good mileage but this car is NOT for long trips on FAST x-pressways with trucks and numerous vehicles changing lanes."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"quick throttle response and good excelleration"

LES C., TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I love my CRV. The only thing I'd change is the acceleration which seems sluggish when I go to pass. The front seats should be beefed up to match the leather interior as they're not that comfortable on long drives."

LAURIE B., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"On highway, it has room to perform better. Acceleration is questionable."

JANAK D., IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"poor acceleration"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is slow with the 4 cylinder. I wish this model had a 6 cylinder option."

CYNTHIA K., VA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Lacks pickup when trying to pass"

KENNETH C., MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The vehicle is a bit underpowered for mountain driving"

DONALD S., IL (2014 Honda CR-V)


CHARLES A., TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Responds nice while driving."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Noisy, poor ride,sounds tiney, cheap"

RON A., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"in economy mode the performance is slow, in economy mode the transmission does not want to downshift from 2nd to first when rolling a stop. It does shift harshly down to first when you accelerate from a rolling stop."

Anonymous, KY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"perfect driving feel"

BILL C., KY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It handles very well both in town and on the freeway. Acceleration is surprisingly good. On winding mountain roads, it handles well, but it does not stay as flat for my taste."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Wish it offered a six cylinder engine. I would like more accelerating power. Car is a bit noisy(road noise)"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The Honda drives very smoothly. The ECO function is on most of the time. Occasionally, when ascending steep hills, I turn off the ECO function. The ground clearance and all-wheel drive allow us to take the CRV up a short, steep driveway and up our hilly lawn to allow us to load and unload directly in the house. This saves us time and energy when we have a moderate to large load to take into or out of the house."

ROBERT C., PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very smooth and quiet"

Anonymous, BC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is good for a 4 cylinder. Handling in good. Does well in the occasional snow and ice of Middle Tennessee"

Anonymous, TN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Bad visibility, rear and sides; backing up is unsafe,and the back-up camera is not very helpful, especially in bad weather. Side view mirrors are not properly shielded from precipitation, and occlude clear view when you need them most."

PAUL Z., NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"We travel in the mountains a fair amount and going uphill at altitude is problematic.....i.e. shifts a lot! Otherwise drives great."

ROBERT L., AZ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The CRV accelerates fairly well for a 4 cylinder, does not have what I consider adequate power to get away from a potential collision or accelerate into a gap in traffic. The handling of the vehicle seems at times to be at the edge of the envelope, especially in turns. It has more body roll than I like. In emergency evasion maneuvers (around a sudden object in the road) the feeling is as if the vehicle is about to go out of control."

WILLIAM W., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Car is underpowered poor acceleration on highway"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"OK acceleration, just wish it was a little better"

DAVID B., IA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It drives and handles well. But, visibility is an issue. even with the back-up camera, it is not easy to see the back and sides of the vehicle while backing up. Also, the driver's seat has to be levered up pretty high to see over the hood, otherwise it seems shorter than it really is."

ESTHER C., UT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Sluggish and not good gas mileage."

WIN C., MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is not the best. In the few moments when I've had to accelerate quickly the lag in kicking into that gear takes too long and is somewhat jerky. Otherwise handles well on the road- whether in stop and stop traffic (the CA 405 freeway) or open road where gas mileage goes way up to 29-30 MPG"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Not a particularly good road car for long distance highway driving"

Anonymous, MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Love the handling. Very easy to drive. Acceleration can be sometimes slow, especially when need to move quickly."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Too much road noise."

JERALD J., IN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Needs a bigger engine. Acceleration is sluggish."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"AWD is nice on local streets and small roads. Right rear corner blind spot is too big. Steering wheel needs too much attention to keep the car tracking in lane."

ERIC D., NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I like the tight handling and it is very comfortable to drive in."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration: Has good pickup but not great. Got beat out by a Volkswagen Beatle at a traffic light. Takes turns really well."

CHRIS S., PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"At around 10000 miles the CR-V got better gas mileage and had better acceleration which continues to day."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Handles well on gravel ,muddy roads.acceleration is average."

W K., SK (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Suspension is hard when going over rough roads. The driver side mirror blind spot mirror is the worst and most useless design I have run across. There is no division between the mirrors. The blind spot mirror is too small and very confusing. The fact that a driver must reach behind the steering wheel to adjust the dash light brightness is deadly. A dash mounted controller like on the Civic would be a much better design. Honda should have added side markers and turn signals that can be seen"

BRYAN T., ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Little clunky, but I think this is an issue with all small cross-over SUVs. Less visibility than our Hyundai, requires a little more attention when driving because isn't as intuitive as the sedan."

ALAN J., WA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The vehicle is very responsive and easy when it oomes to accellerating and steering. Cruise control works efficiently and easy to start and cancel during highway driving."

STEVE T., MT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Compared to Subaru it is slow off the mark"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It suffers from road drift on highway speeds. Wind can have negative impact oh handling as well."

CAMERON S., MI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Handling and ride are good. Acceleration is decent. Overall great, but gas mileage isn't even close to what CU/Honda listed. Averaging 23-24 combined city/hwy... at best on a long open road drive from CA to Vegas, got 28 mph. Expected much better when I bought it."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Great acceleration when purchasing ethanol-free premium gasoline."

Anonymous, OR (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I love driving this car.At my age I never expected to enjoy driving this much.Ride,comfort,acceleration,gas i.I get as good gas millage as my old VW bugs, Like I said I love this car."

WILLIAM K., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Compared to my old 2007 Civic Sedan the acceleration is more sluggish going up hills. The handling around corners isn't as sharp."

GAYLE Y., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is mediocre but handling is very good."

M J., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"This car is slow to accelerate."

Anonymous, UT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The handling is very quick and responsive--much more so than my previous Toyota Highlander. Small corrections make big changes--both good and bad. I drive in economy mode all the time, so my acceleration is not the best. On the other hand, in economy mode I can almost coast along on flat roads with hardly any pressure on the pedal--and still have the MPG gauge show mostly above 30 mpg. (The gauge isn't accurate, but it looks like I'm getting great mileage!)"

Anonymous, NM (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Steering is touchy. Nbut accelaeration is excellent."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Handles well for a CRV and has good brakes. Engine is a bit anemic"

KEVIN K., CT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Would be nice if you could select which iPhone it connects to when both my wife and I are riding. It automatically picks on."

WILLIAM Z., TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Handles like a dream. Easy to maneuver in parking lots. Even driving in the Econ mode, I have no problem accelerating on highways."

Debby L., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The CRV is nice as it is high up, but bouncy in town. It feels more firm on the highway."

Neil H., ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is poor after you get up to speed."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The amazing thing is how quiet the vehicle is in the interior. It has 'active noise cancellation', and this is a wonderful feature. Without raising your voice you can be heard from the front to the back with no problem. The radio doesn't need to be blaring to hear it. Wonderful."

Dave H., MI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Slow acceleration, but adequate"

Anonymous, MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I enjoy the overall ride experience, I prefer using Eco mode to maximize fuel mileage even though it mutes acceleration and shift response"

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Adequate acceleration. Very good handling."

Marmtin Z., NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"good acceleration when not in eco mode"

Michael S., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Definitely not a performance vehicle but has adequate acceleration and performance when not in eco mode"

Gilbert F., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"CR-V is much better handling than Toyota, but you need to get used to it."

Weihua H., MD (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Handling is great. Engine noise is a little hight during acceleration."

Richard W., NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"quick to respond to throttle, excellent acceleration, handles extremely well"

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"don't like the cvt trans, other than that it drives great."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Feels very stable and not at all cumbersome when pushed hard. Acceleration is acceptable, but not neck breaking. The 3 speed automatic is butter smooth at all shift points."

William L., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I seems to have a dead spot when you accelerate, then it goes. It is irritating when merging or passing.. My husband has an issue more than me. Had that also in our last subaru forester."

Barbara S., MN (2014 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The Honda is not as quick as the Forester but it gets it done and stays on the road in rain and snow."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Not so good on bumpy road"

Anonymous, NV (2014 Honda CR-V)

"comfortable on trips. feels secure and stable on the road. Great gas mileage."

Anonymous, LA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration not good, regardless of incline or initial speed or with or without passengers. Must take that into account when passing or changing lanes."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Handling is excellent. Acceleration is also quite good."

Paul G., GA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I wish I had this engine in my Civic coupe. This vehicle is really fast!!"

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration and handling...well built vehicle; you can see the high standard built into the veh. This veh is 3yrs Plus and has never had an issue; I have changed Oil and Filter and rotated Tires......."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats are very comfortable but the road noise is awful. Often need to turn the volume up on the radio just to hear it or ask the passengers to speak more loudly. The ride is a little bumpier than other cars in this class of vehicles, but not too bad."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The ride can be somewhat noisy"

Anonymous, CO (2014 Honda CR-V)

"road noise"

LAWRENCE G., NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The road noise on the highway is louder than I would like but the most serious complaints are the blind spots. I live in Miami where there is heavy traffic most of the time. The side rear windows are tiny, the rear window is significantly smaller than my previous crv and the rear head rests block the field of vision out the rear side windows. Had some serious near misses getting used to the limited visibility. The passenger side rear view mirror with two types of mirrors is worthless and annoy"

LINDA G., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are comfortable for long drives, and the cabin has plenty of leg room for my wife and I as taller individuals. With the height of the seating, we have great visibility and ease of access getting into the vehicle."

STEVE T., MT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"my wife has back problems and the passenger seat does not conform to needs without putting a pillow at her back/bottom side."

GARY D., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise whining sound on highway Too easy to loose change small items around the center console. Hard to see out the back especially on the sides Not easy to park"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Passenger seat needs a left armrest"

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is bad."

JOHN B., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The ride seems a bit bumpy at times. And there is a blind spot on the passenger side that has made me swerve a few times, due to not seeing a driver who is passing on my right."

JULIE H., IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Needs softer ride and better noise protection."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"1. the road noise is not good....a lot of improvement is needed 2. My CR-V came with bluetooth to connect my iphone and it no longer works because the technology is obsolete in my car and they are saying there is nothing they can do to help."

BRAD S., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Fronts seats are comfortable but no the back seats"

Anonymous, WA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"There is no internal release for the tailgate, and you have to physically close the tailgate whereas some suv's have remote close for the tailgate. The Honda Pilot is equipped with such."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"would like to have a little larger seat for my husband who has hip replacments and is difficult to get in."

BRENDA B., AL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I like the lumbar support feature very much. On the other hand, the gas tank interior opener is placed poorly, I need to open the car door to access it."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are just ok. Wish they were a little more comfortable. Also, wish it had less wind and road noise."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very uncomfortable seats.Top firm a ride. Terrible road and wind noise. Not enough sound insulation."

MIKE P., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The driver's seat does not tilt. I have a bad back and this lack of this feature makes me very uncomfortable. It is also noisier than I would like."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very quiet in the cabin. Decent acceleratioon. Seats are comffortable on short or long trips. Excellent view of the road."

DONALD A., IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I've put a whole lot of miles on this CRV and it is very comfy....long road trips car! Much more comfy than my 2003 CRV."

SUSAN M., MO (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Honda dealer told me that they had never seen the problem of the driver side not having heat in a dual climate system. Did internet research and found it to be a common problem. Dealer was reluctant to fix problem."

MICHAEL E., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Headrest push head forward"

ANNE P., NM (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The noticeable improvement in front seat comfort (both driver & passenger) over our 2012 CR-V."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"No arm rest for front passenger left arm."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road and wind noise is extreme"

BRYAN T., ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are very uncomfortable. We have pillows on each one. There is a pause or hesitation in acceleration when moving again from a slow move. The dealer cannot find a problem.."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Comfort is excellent. Biggest concern is the road noise. We had the same comment when we owned our 2011 CR-V and now it's the same with our 2014. With the last car when it was time to replace the tires we went with a much better top of the line brand tire and that helped muffle the road noise somewhat."

BONNIE T., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"the seats are a little low"

LARUE D., AZ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Need more leg room for tall drivers"

Anonymous, CT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Needs better noise isolation"

WILLIAM B., NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Interior noise level on the highway is quite high."

ROBERT L., ME (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Car is very uncomfortable driving over distances of 75 miles or more. Lumbar support not very good no matter how the seats are adjusted. Car rides too stiff."

CAMERON S., MI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The front seats could have better controls like tilt, move front and to back easily."

CAROLYN P., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Due to back and hip issues I need a vehicle that is easy to get in and out of. The height of the seats is perfect for me. The visibility in the vehicle is wonderful. The ride is much better than my other car. More stable and firmer on the road."

Anonymous, IA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"My husband does not like the emergency brake on the floor because he needs a lot of room due to his full-leg brace on left."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"power seats for driver & passenger. MORE COMFORTABLE FRONT SEATS"

Anonymous, IN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Way too much road noise transferred to the passenger area."

JAMES P., AL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are not comfortable. Did not realize this during the test drive, but sitting in traffic for my normal commute, they are not comfortable. (These are the leather seats in the EXL, I can't imagine the cloth ones being any better.)"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I am disappointed that there is no climate control for the rear seats at my trim level. I am disappointed that text messages cannot be viewed through the blue tooth system. I don't understand why they don't offer heated side view mirrors in this vehicle."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Because of the height of the vehicle and the comfort of the seats, I have virtually no body pain getting in and out of the vehicle. This is the main reason I purchased an SUV, even though the mileage is not as good as my Accord."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The drivers seat is harder and less comfortable than I expected"

RANDAL M., OR (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Ease of entering/exiting vehicle for seniors is very good."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"We did not shop for a car; we had decided to go with the newest model of our beloved 1997 crv. Only the driver's seat is comfortable. We got leather seats but they turned out to be rather tough and sturdy (good) but hardly soft at all. The shocks on this car are very dissatisfactory - the ride is quite rough and noisy."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It rides really nice and fun, holds a TON of stuff from Costco etc. But it is not real cushiony and it could be a little more luxurious. But my 20 yo drives this to our local university and back everyday and really likes it."

DEBBI J., AZ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are not comfortable and steering is all over the road, not what I was used to. Electronics are nice and easy to operate."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"a lot of road noise, everything else is outstanding"

Anonymous, KY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise too loud"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Husband 6 feet tall and would like little more driver legroom. Cabin noise could be lower when driving in town."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Climate control is excellent. Seats are comfortable. Noisy ride."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Great air conditioning. Good seats. Highway ride is comfortable, handling good. I have used this car on several long trips."

MICHAEL C., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The in dash info center is very confusing and bad design. The back-up camera/GPS is designed and installed where there's always a glare. The ride is hard and the road noise is terrible for a top of the line model (EXL)."

NANCY C., TN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Noisy from wind and highway. Ride rougher than what I would like."

Anonymous, CO (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The driver-side headrest is miserably uncomfortable for moderate to tall folk, as it pokes forward at the top. I end up with a sore spot on the back of my head after a trip any longer than 1 hour. Lumbar support is non-existent."

Anonymous, CT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Too much road noise"

TERRY S., MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I'm 6'8" tall. The driver seat does not go back far enough"

SHELBY R., PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise...road noise...road can be horrible"

Anonymous, DE (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I have to use wedge pillow in drivers seat to keep back from getting fatigued. Also, pretty noisy on freeway."

TED W., ID (2014 Honda CR-V)

"a/c not very good"

MICHAEL O., MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"ROAD NOISE, stiff ride"

CAROLYN G., NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Has had a bat thermostat since new. Worked on two times still not right. Honda says the dealer gets a ticky mark if they replace a good part. Well how about one that never gets the temp. up to normal when it is cold out. Still hounding the dealer the part is $64.00 retail from Honda."

LAWRENCE T., WI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Drivers area is somewhat small for my husband- not enough leg room"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"climate control is very good, the ride is good, the seats are good, but could be a bit more comfortable, and the road noise good be better."

Anonymous, BC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise would prevent me from buying this car again, noise and mpg not good, it a smooth comfortable car but hard to hear radio for noise, speaker system not good"

DON T., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It rides SO smooth! And it's so quiet inside too. Very nimble, it can make really tight turns."

BRANDI S., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"We are very pleased with our CR-V. We do listen to the radio and can use the tape machine, however we do not go any further! As I am the only driver-my husband is almost 94, I am most comfortable with the car."

Anonymous, NS (2014 Honda CR-V)

"A lot of road noise and seats are not very comfortable. Wind noise is also a problem as well as air penetration."

Anonymous, NM (2014 Honda CR-V)

"This car is very noisy, poor acceleration, and after sale service is too bad."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"My only complaint is road noise. It matters greatly what surface you are driving on as to the amount of road noise you experience."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The CRv is just a cheap car that gets good gas mileage. Had issues and tried to work with Honda Corp and they just blow you off."

TIM I., MI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I am 6"5'. The legroom is limited and I get discomfort very quickly when driving this vehicle."

DOUGLAS P., WI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Standard seats are comfortable but lacking in lumbar support."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Passenger seats have few controls. I've owned two other CR-V's and this is the noisiest by far!!"

FRANQUE R., WA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I have back issues and selected the CRV because it was very comfortable and provided good back support that I could also easily customize with an attachable cushion. No noise issues, smooth ride, cold AC."

GAYLE Y., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The drivers seat is the most uncomfortable that I have ever owned. It should be completely redesigned!"

Anonymous, OR (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Ride is very unsatisfactory. Leg room is terrible. Very noisy while driving."

M K., MD (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Brakes froze while we were away from home for about a month. When repaired, the vehicle had develpod a soft sighing sound, which persists."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Would like it to be a much more quiet ride"

CHARLES F., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are cloth and uncomfortable on a long trip, acceleration leaves a lot to be desired, it is nosiy"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is intrusive"

RICHARD S., MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Drives well, however, more road noise than expected."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The ride is stiff and bouncy compared to a Highlander."

KAREN G., KS (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The seats tilt upward--worst ergonomic design that Honda could have used. Dealer told me it's to get government and probably CU safety points. What a damnable trade-off."

DANIEL B., CO (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seat comfort good for longer trips"

ALAN R., ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats and climate control are just fine. In town, ride and noise are no issue. HOWEVER, the noise and ride on most highway travel are just plain unsatisfactory; the ride tends toward 'choppy' and road 'roar and thumps' intrude mightily ... it's as though the engineers never thought to test it 'out of town'. Major, major failing here."

ROBERT R., MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I think the "ride" in our new Honda is a little rough. Seems like the shocks aren't doing there job 100%."

JAMES C., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Leather seats are not horrible, but are not overly comfortable. Other SUVs I have driven in are more comfortable--Nissan Rogue, for example. Climate control is quite good. Ride is a bit rough. Noise is tolerable, but not as quiet as my previous car--Chev Malibu."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"road noise seems very high"

Anonymous, GA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The car is noisy, seats are uncofertable the front window defroster does not work in the cold, I can flat tow this car behind my motor home and it gets good gas mileage,"

RONALD B., MT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"we really like the ride and peppiness and manoeverability of the CRV and its handling in Snow \Ice . I note CR's repeated noting of noise and I agree-Honda should be capable of reducing this noise , I would gladly pay for better noise insulation as an option ( versus being compelled to get a sunroof because we want the leather package)"

LESLIE D., NS (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise could be better."

ROBERT S., IN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I think the ride is very rough. You really feel the bumps."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It's noisier on the highway than I like."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"rough ride"

Anonymous, MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Passenger front seat has no arm rest. Bad."

M F., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

""automatic" climate control requires frequent adjustments. Ride is a bit harsh."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Noise and ride not as good as the 2007 Toyota Camry I owned previously."

GRY F., KS (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent ride, and comfortable seats!"

BRUCE S., PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"there is more road noise than expected, especially when driving in wet conditions."

JAMES B., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Not very comfortable on long trips and lots of road noise."

PETE C., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The issue here is the standard knock on Honda's and that's the road noise. We are still on the original set of tires with 18,000 miles and hoping a good set will make it quieter."

RICK P., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The backs of the front seats have a strange shape and sort of dip into a u shape that does not support the back. I had to buy a lumbar cushion to prevent backaches on long drives. The air conditioning works excellently and freezes me on the highest setting, even in the South Louisiana summer."

Anonymous, LA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"My wife loves the comfort of the seats. I am not as thrilled about the seats, but then I am taller, heavier, and have a wider frame. But then she drives the car the most."

THOMAS R., TN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Love it!!"

Anonymous, WI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Has the ride of a small car but is comfortable. Climate controls are great. Seating is comfortable and supportive for long trips."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It is a vehicle that builds your confidence in it's capabilities and reliability. Much like a sewing that performs and performs."

VERYL K., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Never noticed that Honda did not provide a left side passenger armrest. How cheap is that!! Also, the driver side window shade mirror hinges are already broken."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Back hatch needs to be automatic up and down. Very difficult when have packages in your arms Noise level is very loud. Ride is kind of stiff and acceleration slow, car sounds like it is going to expode when accelerate quickly Not enough leg room in the front"

Anonymous, NM (2014 Honda CR-V)

"My wife has a very bad back due to a doctor screw up which we can not sue him for in Michigan. So, she has a lot of trouble traveling over a long distance. Last Christmas, we left our son and daughter-laws home in Parkville MO at 6:am on the 27th. and drove straight to DeWitt MI getting home at 11:00pm. She walked into the house with no discomfort what so ever. That is the first time she was able to that in the last 15 years. Keith Taylor"

KEITH T., MI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise"

ROBERT H., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Not too expensive, but very good."

XINGYUE L., IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Noise while while o the highway"

KENNETH C., MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The head rest is very uncomfortable for my neck/head. I am short, 5'3" and it cannot be adjusted to fit my position. In fact, I much prefer my 123,000 mile six year old Prius!"

ANN O., IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"road noise invades cabin, seats could have more padding (my weight is 185lb)"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The rear hatch closes manually. Would prefer electric closing. Newer year models now have this feature."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are very firm and not comfortable for long distance driving. The seats in my previous vehicle, a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country, were far more comfortable."

Anonymous, IN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Vehicle has a lot of road noise. Acceleration is weak - engine does not have enough horsepower in my opinion."

Anonymous, CT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I love the leather seats and the shape of the seats, with a lumbar roll in the driver's seat. Very comfortable on long trips or around town."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"We find the seats to be too hard for long distance driving, although this is characteristic of Honda cars"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very stiff ride. Feel every bump. Quite noisy."

M Z., MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"very high road noise"

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I am 6'6" so I have some trouble with the leg room in the drivers side. I have gotten used to it. Aside from that I think it's a great SUV."

JEFFREY M., NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Honda has never solved the excess road noise. Much more work is need in that area. Perhaps a noise cancelling system or some kind."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Arm rest for driver but not passenger- this is odd"

Anonymous, WA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is very distracting and loud."

Anonymous, WA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Car is noisy on the highway"

JOSEPH F., NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very noisy on the highway, with wind noise predominating. Much better around town,"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Extremely hard riding. My 50 year old Mustangs with sport suspension ride better. There are no better springs or shocks available for this SUV. Seats are also hard and would cost $250 each to improve. What the hell was Honda thinking?"

GENE M., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats could use a little more padding Road noise is better than our 2005 Honda CRV, But, there is still room for improvement."

JOHN A., AR (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Comfort is great. Car is a little noisy!"

ROBERT L., AZ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The seat cushions can be a little uncomfortable after a long journey. The factory installed tires have an aggressive tread, which I like, but they are very noisy."

DAVID F., ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The CR-V has excessive road noise while highway driving. It sounds like a window isn't sealed properly"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Honda CR-V is comfortable for short trips but seats are not as comfortable for long trips as 2004 Highlander Seats. Less leg room too."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The ride is not as good as in earlier model"

DOUGLAS P., WV (2014 Honda CR-V)

"We like that the heated seats are on the back on both the driver's side and passenger side."

RICHARD E., NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The headrest tilt forward. Had many passenger complaints. Cools off very quick in the summer."

CHRIS S., PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The ride is somewhat "bouncy". There is a fair amount of road noise inside the cabin - this is my car's only real problem. I am moderately deaf and often have trouble hearing passengers who speak while I drive, and have trouble hearing the radio, the audio directions from the navigation system, etc."

CAROL C., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Could be more cushiony for long distance driving, seems like you get one comfy position and that's it, especially for the front seat passenger. I have to move around a lot or else get achy by the DND of a long trip."

KAREN H., LA (2014 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, WA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Too much road noise. Blind spots because of small quarter windows. Cannot use blue tooth with phone because of high pitched squeal and road noise which they have not been able to resolve."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It could be a lot quieter. Noise level has improved from earlier model, but there is still room for improvement."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise always an issue for Honda. If they would put more sound insulation to cut down on road noise, less mpg would be acceptable."

JAMES R., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The interior road-tire-noise level is excessive. Buying different tires made no reduction in interior noise. I tell people not to buy it based upon this factor alone."

WILLIAM J., NV (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The ride is not very comfortable, especially on longer trips. We have top of the line model, but definitely subpar from a comfort factor."

KEVIN H., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Noise - could be quieter."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent seats and driver position with adjustments 70 profile tires help for a very comfortable ride good climate control system wife enjoys heated seats"

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Sometimes, the ride is noisy. Would like more power in occasional situations. But, great for everyday driving."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very easy entry."

DAVID L., WI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I have taken this on some long trips and found the seats very comfortable. The climate control works well. However, it is noisy from the road, wind, and air conditioning fan. This alone would is enough to not purchase another CR-V."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are very hard/firm. Feel every bump in the road. Very poor visibility when pulling out of a spot or changing lanes. Back up mirror is very helpful. Without it, I'd be driving blind. I am short (5'1)."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Power seats, good ride"

MARK S., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Quiet while driving. Navigation system is very nice."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The 2014 CRV is a terrible "ride", noisy, choppy, bumpy, not comfortable at all"

Anonymous, WI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"not enough leg room; I find driver seat too cramped when I try to rest. This unit is designed for a person 5'8" or less. I am 6'4""

MIKE C., QC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise has improved from the 2011 I had before this car, but not much."

CHARLENE S., KY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The wind and road noise is excessive. I returned it to the dealer after first purchasing the car and was told the level of noise in my car was normal."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Sometimes ride reminds us of a truck."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"let room for driver is not long enough, only 5 11 and knee gets stuck under steering wheel when wearing my boots."

Anonymous, ME (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Roomy, quiet ride, folding rear seat design"

THOMAS K., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are narrow and uncomfortable. Audio system is not iphone friendly. Excessive road noise."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"EX-L has the most comfortable front seats of any car I have owned in a long time, maybe ever."

JOHN B., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"A bit too much air noise when driving"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Passenger front legroom insufficient for 6 foot adult"

JONATHAN F., PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"No climate control or vents in back seat area. On cold or hot days, it takes several minutes for temperature in rear seats to become comfortable."

EDWARD G., TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are to hard on a long trip."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"No arm rest in the passenger seat, single speed intermittent wipers."

LEE B., NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The only negative I have with this model is the performance of the AC. It takes too long to cool the car in hot weather compared to the other cars I have had recently."

Anonymous, OK (2014 Honda CR-V)

"road noise"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"noisy ride, tire road noise, ride is a bit harsh"

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The driver's seat could use about 2 inches more rear travel to accommodate people over six feet tall."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is awful. Sometimes a conversation cannot be conducted due to the noise."

Kenneth C., WV (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are very comfortable.. I am especially impressed with the solid handling and tight turningradius. Engine noise during accekeration is a little noisy."

Richard W., NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable and supportive seats. Easy to adjust"

M B., TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Difficult to adjust back of seat to comfortable position due to manual adjustment vs. electric power seat control"

Frank S., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Supportive, firm multi adjustable seats. It's also very quiet for a small sports coupe."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are very comfortable even after long rides. Road noise could be a little better. Ride is very stable even in evasive situations."

William L., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The suspension is slightly stiffer than a more luxurious sedan, but it provides better cargo carrying space."

J D., AL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It is VERY noisy on the highway. It is less noisy than the the 2006 CRV we had prior to this one but it is still way to noisy. The seats are better than the 2006 version but they could be better. Drivers seat is NOT power which is disappointing."

Adam S., OK (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very supportive and fully adjustable seats. Love the motorized adjustment"

Peter W., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Wish noise level in car was more quiet"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"This is not a comfortable car. Front seating: Understanding its a smaller SUV, it definitely fits this. Although when looking at competing SUV's, this did seem roomier. Long rides make this car difficult, need to stop and stretch. Definitely the passenger non electric seat is an inconvenience. Rear seating is OK for 2 adults. Bumpy roads are felt through the vehicle and it is loud at any speed."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I feel like many confort items were omitted, no left arm rest for passenger in front seat."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats do not offer long term comfort"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"wind noise on the highway. Excellent ride otherwise"

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Handling is good but takes a while to get accustomed to mostly because of the four wheel drive factor. Honda need to do a better job with noise insulation. I get a lot of tire/road noise from my CRV. Seats are comfortable but lack thigh support."

Joseph M., CT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Way too noisy inside cabin. Handles nice other than the noise."

James-Pam H., MO (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The CR-V seats are comfortable and the rear seats fold easily to expand cargo space. The 60 40 split capability is also nice in case of a rear seat passenger. Noise in the car is modest. Ride is comfortable. One nice feature is the easy accessibility of the spare tire. It is not under the car but instead is right under the rear cargo area. Center console has good storage."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Engine noise at high speed needs to be more ear friendly."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"quietest CRV we have had"

Anonymous, KS (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The cars overall performance is great. Nothing ever required that was not covered by warranty or the dealer."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Nice seats and a smooth ride."

Anonymous, MO (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Generally very good, but from the beginning has had a noise that no one can determine its cause that seems to be coming from the back tire system."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Great Handling but a little noisey"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats could be wider for us large folks and seem to low in terms of reaching out of window at drive up windows."

Flynn W., GA (2014 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"choppy ride, road noise, tire noise,"

Janice A., GA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The 2014 CR-V is much improved over the first CR-V I leased 9 years ago."

Anonymous, MO (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Honda is famous for its road noise and lack of a smooth ride. The 2015 improved these somewhat, but not at all enough."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are very comfortable, it's luxury feeling vehicle in a compact."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"For a big guy like me, comfort getting into and out of the car is crucial. I have plenty of head room and the seats are comfortable and easily adjustable over a wide range of values for the whole family of drivers I have. It is also MUCH easier for me to get out of this car than other more low slung cars."

Kathryn B., MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats and lumbar support are tremendous. Design of seats is so well put that no matter what position you sit; it works."

Neelabh P., IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The seat comfort in the CRV is average, but the drive ability is wonderful. This car just goes and goes with no problems. Just like all Hondas"

Dave H., MI (2014 Honda CR-V)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This has been a joy to drive and own. I have not had any problems at all"

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Style comfort price was good"

DAVID K., NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Resale value and reliability!"

BRUCE S., PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Average 34 mpg on the highway"

Anonymous, SC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Dealership successfully applied a $1,000.00 bait and switch on value of trade-in."

STAN L., WA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Eco gets better gas mileage. It's roomy for a small SUV. We can cram 5 adults, but it's tight. If you don't maintain through the dealer, upkeep is much less expensive. My daughter drives this car and has never had an issue with it."

BARBARA C., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Watch out when you get to the Finance Dept. They oversell their expanded service warranty. I was a victim, and I am still paying too much for my leased vehicle. There is no way out!"

JOHN S., PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very good car for money"

MIKE G., NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Buy at the end of the model year, may thru august"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"excellent utility vehicle, outstanding reliability reputation"

Anonymous, QC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"This car was driven only by the Honda Ex. in Ohio so I have all of the new car warranties. I am thrilled with it and love driving it."

JOAN L., MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"nothing else."

XINGYUE L., IL (2014 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, WV (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It's over priced due to customer demand."

ELLIOTT C., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"When lease is up I will look a other brands to compare features vs. cost vs service records. I do not put on a lot o mileage,about half the allotted, and costs lease cost seems high"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The initial value of this vehicle was OK, but the add ons that the dealer pushed very hard were worthless. Making the vehicle over priced. Yes we could've said no, but they were very pushy."

DAVID D., MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"bumping ride,not roomy ,poor mileage"

Anonymous, IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Good gas mileage. Nice ride and styling for th money"

GEORGE H., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Turned out we got a really lousy deal. The sales person had us wait and wait until our judgement was impaired with fatigue I am 84 years old and was 82 at the time of purchase so elderly beware of Honda."

Anonymous, NM (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Dependability and comfortable yet responsive ride."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"My CR-V is a base model and came with so many features, like Bluetooth calling and an MP3 player. It also has a rear view camera. It was really a great value for the money."

AMY R., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"terrific, trouble free car."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)


FRANK E., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It has been a very dependable car. My wife loves it. Handles nicely for what I need."

DAVID H., WI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The 2014 CRV is the last year that can be flat towed, behind our motorhome, which is why we bought it. We like the vehicle because it is reasonably comfortable, reliable, decent mpg, and practical carrying things inside. The navigation system is so-so, but acceptable. We are happy with it overall."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"While I'd love for this car to be more affordable (I paid $27000), it is exactly what I hoped for and what it actually is. It's a terrific and reliable car. With scads of miles out in the wilderness alone, this car keeps me safe and sound."

SUSAN M., MO (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I purchased the 2014 for its reliability, and ability to navigate the winter weather in Nebraska. The Honda CRV has performed to my satisfactio."

FRANK S., NE (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Good value for the money"

STEVE L., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very capable and competent car, good handling, good MPG for AWD, easy to maintain, will keep value for a long time. ,"

Anonymous, MD (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Car is a little too small. Bought this at a different dealer. Still paid way too much. New car dealers rip you off. If I ever buy again it will be used vehicle."

JAMES W., LA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"On a long distance road trip with four adults and a car packed full of luggage, I checked gas mileage at one fill-up, and discovered the car had gotten 35 miles per gallon!"

LAWRENCE D., TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I went through USAA buying service. They gave me a price and a list of dealers who would give me that price. I went to a closer dealer and got the same price."

B B., MD (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Before buying this I was torn between a Ford Escape or this Honda CRV. I picked the CRV because 1-it was more gas efficient and a little cheaper 2-my mom has a older CRV with 300,000 miles on it, and the only things "wrong" are that the air conditioning is out, and an interior light bulb is burned out. So I'm confident if I keep up on regular maintenance my CRV will last me just as long."

BRANDI S., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Economical... Too small, under powered, feeling of insecurity on open road."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Great ride, handling, cargo capacity is fantastic and reliability all add up to great value. They also hold up their resale value very well."

BRIAN S., WI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"expect a very reliable vehicle with reasonably good gas mileage. weak link is complicated radio/nav system."

WILLIAM B., PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"We were amazed to find a 2014 CR v with such low mileage, in brand-new condition and yet not certified."

D M., FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Did not wish to finance. Was the maximum I could pay for vehicle. Would have spent more for more car."

TOM V., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"honda 2014 cr-v was their last model that could be towed 4 wheels on ground with automatic transmission. the 2015s were in the show room and looked to be a better overall value."

J Z., IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The process of going into a dealership and buying a car continues to be smoke and mirrors. I hate it and don't trust any of them. I put off buying a car because of this process. You end up paying for something you didn't really want. We shouldn't need to take a class in how to buy a car, but it is clearly needed for many consumers. Follow the money!"

Anonymous, NV (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Ultra low mileage as used plus it's towable 4 wheels down (behind my motor home. Traded 2010 CRV & price beat local Honda dealers."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"just a tad overpriced"

H J G., GA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It's too expensive. Would expect an RDX for the money of my CRV."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Gas tank undersized which limits range"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I feel like I would be happier with this car if I got a lower trim level. The higher trim accessories are glitchy and frustrating. The car itself is sound, but the bells and whistles are not worth the extra money."

ANNMARIE P., TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The clear coat on our vehicle under warranty at the time delaminated from the paint on the hood of the vehicle in four (4) separate areas. We are not impressed with the CR-V or the dealer where we purchased our vehicle at Leith AutoPark Honda in Cary, North Carolina. Will recommend to others to not buy this vehicle nor buy any vehicle from Leith Cary AutoPark"

ROBERT S., NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Love it. No problems. I feel the gas mileage could be better."

FRANCIS H., KS (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I trades a 2006 cr-v on the 2014, got a good trade in price and the final cost was where I wanted it to be."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Got burned by a dealer that quoted a to-good-to-be-true price, in writing, in response to a true car inquiry, then renighed right when we we signing papers. Went elsewhere to do business."

MAURICE W., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"At the time of purchase Honda offered standard Bluetooth and overall space compared to its competitors."

DAVID S., NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It is OK as much as any car. I wanted turn signals in the outside mirrors but did not get them."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"A great all around car. Great engine, storage and ride. Part mini van, part suv"

Brian S., WI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Great multifunctional vehicle for a low price point"

Peter P., SC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I just love Honda. Holds its value, plenty of room, good gas mileage for a small SUV. Comfortable seats. Low maintenance.Wife loves it!"

Lawrence L., ON (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Just like many other Honda vehicles, the Honda CRV is an excellent value for the money. The only exception to this rule is that the dealerships still charge too much money for (basic) services."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very happy with overall fuel economy as well as purchase price for a quality 4 wheel drive vehicle."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It drives well and doesn't require trips to the shop to make repairs., i.e., the frequency is very low."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"There are few cars which hold their value as well as the CR-V, making it a good car to lease."

Anonymous, MO (2014 Honda CR-V)

"good dependible vechicle"

Gary D., MT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"All the features I consider important are present and everything works. This is out 4th CR-V."

Anonymous, MO (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It is excellent package."

Neelabh P., IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"A good solid car with simple features."

Patrick G., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Lot of space and utility with honda reliability"

John M., VA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"After owning this for a few years, I feel 50/50 if I would buy again. More comfortable seating and a better climate control system would benefit this vehicle.This is the second Honda CR-V we have owned. I feel we received more value from our first one."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It was relatively inexpensive, does everything pretty well, and is extremely low maintenance."

Brian S., MN (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Fantastic price and value - have had 5 Honda CRV's since 1999"

Walter B., PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It gives us very good gas mileage 29 mph average between city and country. It allows us to carry purchases that would be prohibited in a sedan, but not out in the open like a pickup truck. In 3 years there have been no repairs other than routine maintenance."

J D., AL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Good, solid 2d car; satisfactory mileage; purchased new from dealer at good price."

R F., NV (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Great value for what you get, fully loaded"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Comfortable seating. Good view all around. Great brakes. Could use a little more Horsepower. All around great vehicle."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"We use it to tow behind a motor home. Great all around vehicle to have when traveling. Honda used to be the most purchased tow vehicle in the MH industry...until they put in the CVT transmission, which negates it's ability to be towed."

Anonymous, AR (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very roomy. Comfortable seating."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It gets good mileage for highway driving and hasn't needed a lot of maintenance."

Anonymous, MO (2014 Honda CR-V)

"If they get one like we have it will money well spent. I am sure not everyone has been lucky like we have but this is 3rd one and never had any trouble with them."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Value wise it is a good buy and resale price holds well."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Nice vehicle but overpriced."

Anonymous, LA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"still a great car"

Anonymous, KS (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Roomy for a small car"

Anonymous, NV (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very reliable. High quality, mechanically"

Anonymous, KY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"It's a great car for the money; roomy enough for four adults with gear. Plenty of space for two car seats and gear. Good mileage and very reliable."

Elizabeth K., MA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The price of CR-V EX L is much better than RAV4"

Weihua H., MD (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Nice car for a good price that we got on it. Nice features."

David R., IL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Needs power trunk lid, larger navi screen, better head lights"

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda CR-V)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The pinched off back is ugly from the outside. From the inside, the pinched back makes it appear that someone is on your right when you look over your shoulder to make sure no one is next to you for lane change/turn. Very disconcerting and dangerous. Would not buy another CR-V because of this."

Anonymous, MS (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Styling is somewhat boring. Rear window is too small."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I purchased some add-ons (like door strips to protect from dings, tailgate spoiler, etc) and the car looks amazing! Definitely worth the extra price."

ANDRE K., PA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Intermittently there is a ticking noise when I start the car. I have a friend that has the same vehicle and it does it also. Never had that issue with my Toyotas. Also, hard for me to see the gas, mileage and dash due to the steering wheel seems to be in the way to see. Also as you noted visibility is poor with the back of the car."

CAMILLE S., TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I do not like the back end. There is a blind spot that was not in my 2001. Also, I hate the back lift door. I would rather have the back door I had on the 2001."

DOROTHY R., NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Looks good except rear visibilty is poor. Especially backing up. Backup camera helps here."

Anonymous, OR (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I noticed that this styling was very popular with upper middle aged people and I prefer a more youthful look, which happened with the following year's model. I probably should have gone for a different color than basque red."

MELISSA B., OR (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The styling looks good, but the aerodynamic window tapers off at the tail and blocks rear view."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The exterior styling is ugly"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Blind spot caused by wide front pillars. Arm rest too high. No armrest for passenger."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Poor rear and side sight lines due to small triangular rear side windows. Have had several near-accidents because of not being able to see cars passing on either side, especially on the passenger side."

Anonymous, SC (2014 Honda CR-V)

"like it"

FRANCIS H., KS (2014 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, OK (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are uncomfortable and cause back pain"

MARY S., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"great value for the price"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

"After 34 months of ownership, I still "smile" at the sight of this vehicle...its styling and color."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I like the clean lines, seats, and general appearance. Pillar back of driver creates visibility problem."

Anonymous, NE (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Big easy to use cargo space. Easy to collapse rear seats. Comfortable seats."

ERIC D., NJ (2014 Honda CR-V)

"There is no front passenger arm rest."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Styling perfect for me!"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Honda has drastically cheapened the materials on the interior of the car. For a minivan, I think the exterior is handsome. The curvature of the windshield and tailgate make it hard to use a squeegee to wash the windows."

RICH L., OH (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I like the looks of the vehicle very much, but the blind spots are far too large. You get used to them, but you really have to be aware that a whole car can be hidden in them."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"I like the styling of the vehicle."

CHARLES S., NY (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The styling is timeless. I don't find it boxy like the other SUV's. I am happy I bought the car before they changed the Navigation/Screen system and after the backup camera was standard. As an EX, it has fog lights and body colored trim. The LX does not and looks funky and cheap because of that. All cars look cheap that have fog light knock outs with no lights. I like the rear of the CRV's tail lights that are verticle. They can be seen easier. I like the wheels and I love the sunroof her"

BARBARA C., CA (2014 Honda CR-V)

"The rear hatch area is hideous."

Anonymous, CT (2014 Honda CR-V)

"add on rear back window spoiler has bad fit or design"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Very stylish."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Honda CR-V)

"Exterior appearance is very nice. Inside is comfortable. Noise factor could be improved."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda CR-V)

Would you buy this car again?

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