Honda has redesigned its segment's best seller CR-V, and the result is better fuel economy, improved safety, sharper handling, and an upgraded interior. The CR-V is small enough to navigate through tight parking lots, yet roomy enough inside to comfortably fit five adults.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Handling is smooth and U-turns are easy. Acceleration is very good with the turbo. The cruise control which adjusts speed with traffic is excellent."

Robert H., MN (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Style, handling, safety and driving"

Melvin J., FL (2017 Honda CR-V)

"It is quick if you need it to be."

Marc A., WA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Very smooth, corners well"

John K., SC (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Accel is good enough; do not like the engine noise."

Anonymous, TX (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The quick steering makes driving around town enjoyable. A very comfortable ride. Usable acceleration is great - much better than our previous generation CR-V."

Anonymous, CO (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The car virtually drives itself"

Charles A., AZ (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The styling on the new Honda is amazing. This is an absolutely beautiful little car and fun to drive. The new technology is impressive."

Mary M., IN (2017 Honda CR-V)

"To much road noise"

Anonymous, PA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"very smooth and intuitive handling; acceleration is a bit sluggish in economy mode but fine in regular mode"

Kent R., FL (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The road noise in the driving compartment should be less, better sound proofing would be helpful."

Robert L., NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"acceleration is not as peppy as my 2014 EX; there is a slight drag before car accelerates."

Anonymous, NJ (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Handles tight and has good control"

Chris Y., MN (2017 Honda CR-V)

"I love this car! It handles very well on our mountain roads and acceleration is very good. I love the lane assist feature."

Marci M., CA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"While there is some turbo lag, the acceleration of the CR-V is good, and very predictable. While the steering feel seems a little light, overall it handles like a dream, with a lot less body roll than I would expect in an SUV."

Anonymous, CA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Many things standout on the positive side: great drivetrain and handling; acceleration and braking are superb; excellent visibility all around when I drive; and so far a much higher than expected fuel economy."

Thomas S., AP (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The handling of this car is great, responsive and smooth. But the 1.8 liter engine is a little slow."

Anonymous, OH (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Great handling, ability to react, smoothly transition speeds"

Anonymous, VA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"good improvement over past models. Transmission is effective. car is not as noisy as in the past."

Anonymous, CA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration could be better. Engine noise intrudes when hard accelerating. Otherwise, cabin is relatively quiet and the ride feels supple and well mannered."

Vincent R., NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"When necessary, it will get up and go!!"

Michael D., TX (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Safety features like Lane avoidance an emergency stop"

Anonymous, NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"CVT system is smooth and responsive. Handling in curves is better than expected."

Anonymous, AL (2017 Honda CR-V)

"It is smooth, both in rides and steering. It is fun to drive with good acceleration. The wheel alignment is outstanding and it is fun to drive."

Ronald M., AL (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration and handling is excellent"

Jo S., NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Steering centering is vague, and ride a bit stiff, but acceleration and handling are adequate overall. Fuel milage has been a very positive surprise for an AWD compact SUV. Driver aids are very good and helpful. Especially like the steering wheel flutter to indicate lane departure."

Anonymous, AZ (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Turbo is good. Mileage is good."

Duane H., CO (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Car accelerates well when merging onto a parkway. The turbo feature helps"

W S., NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Drives like a little sports car."

Guillermo M., TX (2017 Honda CR-V)

"good solid car but acceleration is sluggish from a full stop. a lot of room for hauling things and luggage, etc."

Anonymous, NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Car handles great and is responsive. Would like to see better acceleration for emergency use."

Anonymous, IN (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is a bit wimpy until the turbo kicks in. Handling is lackluster compared to the 2002 Odyssey it replaced. The Ody was actually fun to drive; the CR-V is just OK. The Ody went around corners as if on rails and needed no steering tweaks on straightways; the CR-V, despite being smaller, is a bit sloppy in cornering and needs constant slight tweaks on straightways."

Timothy W., VT (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Great handling, superior turning radius, great acceleration, exceptional fuel economy."

David J., UT (2017 Honda CR-V)

"I waited to buy a CRV until Honda came out with the turbo charged engine. No regrets, it goes like a jack rabbit when needed. Handles well, corners well and is overall fun to drive."

Alan R., MT (2017 Honda CR-V)

"I bought this car to replace my 2004 Honda Pilot. While overall it's a much more sophisticated car I wish it handled as well as the Pilot."

Anonymous, CA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"We normally have Econ on all the time, but if required, we have turned it off and the acceleration is very good."

Milo L., FL (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The driving experience is great--seating, handling, etc. that makes it less tiring for driving on long trips."

Karon S., MO (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Exceptional handling for an SUV, especially compared to my previous vehicle. Excellent acceleration and the adaptive cruise control was a huge help on a long, tedious road trip."

Jack B., UT (2017 Honda CR-V)


Linda D., IL (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The LKAS system requires an adjustment in one's approach to driving, but I truly believe these systems will save lives."

Gary D., IL (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Accelerates very well for a smaller engine."

Ray R., MN (2017 Honda CR-V)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"engine noise is exscessive"

William H., NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Good rid!"

Anonymous, FL (2017 Honda CR-V)

"very comfortable suv"

Robert E., MT (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Comfortable seats, firm but comfortable ride. Good outside noise reduction."

Anonymous, WI (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Eye level & field of vision very good"

Anonymous, CO (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Comfortable and quiet for a SUV. Much improved over previous models. Seats are firm but are comfortable on a long trip."

Anonymous, AL (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The above items are all a vast improvement over previous year models of crv. This model drives and feels more like a luxury sedan. The ride and quietness are comparable or even better than the 2015 Accord."

Anonymous, NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Ride is a bit stiff. The shocks do not dampen the road bumps enough."

W P., NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Very low road noise, comfortable seats."

Patrick E., AZ (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Best seats for comfort yet in the crv line"

Spurg N., ME (2017 Honda CR-V)

"MUCH quieter than earlier versions of the CR-V, almost at the luxury level. Makes driving it very pleasant. Seats are good, but wish they were cooled."

Dale Z., CO (2017 Honda CR-V)

"very smooth and quiet ride. It has comfortable seats"

Anonymous, NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The engine is very noisy. Initial pick up is poor. Radio sound quality is poor."

James A., SC (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Great roominess in the rear seats and front seats are very comfortable."

Bruce H., GA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"All cars should have passenger seats that match the adjustments of the drivers seat, period. 12 way for the driver, 4 way for the passenger... not good. This car saves the driver's seat position, but not the lumbar position or the side mirror positions... not good."

Anonymous, GA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"seats comfortable and drives and handles really nice"

Anonymous, OH (2017 Honda CR-V)

"still to much road noise."

Marcie L., AZ (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable ride."

Michael D., TX (2017 Honda CR-V)

"If anything it was (is) a better value than my 2013 model, for the same reasons given."

Theodore M., NJ (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Car rides very smoothly and is very quite"

W S., NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are more comfortable ,the road noise level seems lower and the ride seems smoother than my 2013 CR-V ."

Anonymous, IA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"power seats, including lumbar support. quite inside except for noise from engine during acceleration."

Anonymous, CA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable seats"

Jo S., NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Very quiet and comfortable. Big improvement this year."

Tom K., SC (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Much improved support and comfort compared to previous models for driver."

Anonymous, OH (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Big different, ride is very good, seat in front are great, good controls for seats, noises are min, big inprovement over 2016"

Richard L., TX (2017 Honda CR-V)

"engine is still noisy; ride is better because the additional size added to the vehicle."

Anonymous, NJ (2017 Honda CR-V)

"More comfy than previous CR-V"

John C., NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Everything about the CRV is great."

David J., UT (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Cloth seats on my EX are fine, but the cloth used on the door arm rests is a light color and gets dirty quickly just from using our hands to open and close the front doors. Also, the front seat belts are mounted so far back that it is difficult to reach them."

Anonymous, IL (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Very little road noise. Seats are comfortable"

Chris Y., MN (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are very comfortable"

Anonymous, IN (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Wish seats were softer."

Larry H., IN (2017 Honda CR-V)

"New car - too soon to tell. It is larger than needed by us. I wish that it had a stick shift."

Lawrence G., KY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"No complaints, we really enjoy this vehicle."

Anonymous, KY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Much more comfortable over the 2015 and seems very quiet"

Stephen L., MA (2017 Honda CR-V)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great looking car with an excellent reliability rating."

Anonymous, WI (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Great value"

John C., NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Noise has been considerably abated from 2012 model"

Charles A., AZ (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Great seats, outstanding room, great MPG, & plenty of standard equipment."

Theodore M., NJ (2017 Honda CR-V)

"I was a better buy over Toyota Rav, Subaru, Nissan and Ford."

Duane H., CO (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The options we wanted above the base price of the vehicle to be installed by the dealer, were almost twice as expensive as indicated in their Honda website and in Edmund's website, where we had priced the car. We got a small break when finalizing the total price, but nowhere near what we had expected. We felt we were taken quite an advantage of with those extras."

Anonymous, IL (2017 Honda CR-V)

"We won it in a charitable raffle, so a great value. Good reports in CR and elsewhere."

Lawrence G., KY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"I have had the CR-V for just 4 months. So far I love almost everything about it. It is handles like a sedan, the drivetrain and braking are outstanding, and its fuel economy is excellent. At this point I really have nothing critical to say about it. So far all is great, and I am quite happy I purchased it."

Thomas S., AP (2017 Honda CR-V)

"LOTS of safety features are included in the base price."

Kathryn L., NY (2017 Honda CR-V)

"As far as features per dollar spent go, I feel it is a very good value."

Patrick E., AZ (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Honda put every extra they could think of in this car. The weirdest and most wonderful is the push-button all window opener for rapid cooling on a hot day. Also rear door foot-opening system. And if you drive at steady, reasonable speed, you can get 43 mpg!"

Marc A., WA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Outstanding equipment for a great price, the vehicle performs well and rides comfortably, including on a long interstate trip."

Jack B., UT (2017 Honda CR-V)

"beautiful restyling of an already fine vehicle. amazing array of safety features. much quieter than previous crv generations."

Anonymous, MA (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The price was great for this vehicle. A little sluggish taking off but the fuel economy is great for the size of the vehicle."

Anonymous, NC (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Greta value for the numerous features available on the touring version. Spent $6,000 less than my previous SUV and got more. Very satisfied."

Jim B., MN (2017 Honda CR-V)

"Got the top of the line model. It's like an Acura."

Guillermo M., TX (2017 Honda CR-V)

"We got a great deal on this very nice car -- it was more than $5000 less than we paid for our five-year old Camry Hybrid."

Helen V., IL (2017 Honda CR-V)

"We got exactly what we paid for. Very satisfied."

Anonymous, CO (2017 Honda CR-V)

"We got a great deal using the CR buying service. We like Honda partly because lots of features are standard equipment on most models like back-up camera, adaptive cruise control, etc."

Karon S., MO (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The Touring trim level provides many upscale features at a very attractive price point."

Dale Z., CO (2017 Honda CR-V)

"The new 2017 CRV has a ton of features packed into it. The value for the price is incredible."

Timothy A., ON (2017 Honda CR-V)

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