While this version of the Pilot shows its age, the basic blueprint still provides plenty of space and convenient functionality within a comparatively small package. Driving dynamics are sound with a steady, supple and controlled ride complementing responsive handling. The engine and transmission also operate very smoothly.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Stiffly suspended jarring on hitting bumps or driveway approaches."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Acceleration is weak, but very pleased with MPG."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Honda Pilot)

"This vehicle has ECO mode which shuts down some of the cylinders once you hit a steady speed. When activated you can feel a vibration all throughout the vehicle that drives you nuts. The dealer says its normal, this vibration is so irritating we are considering selling this vehicle just because of the vibration. I have never owned or been in another vehicle that vibrates like this. It feels like a wheel bearing or transmission issue. The other thing is at times when placing the shifter into"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Both are very good, but it often feels as though one front wheel tries to get ahead of the other; not a serious issue, but noticeable. I suspect it might have something to do with the front wheel drive and not fixable."

Anonymous, ME (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Poor Acceleratiion"

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Jackrabbit acceleration. The sound at high rpm's is beautiful, not that it gets there much. The engine and transmission are like old friends singing duets, in sharp contrast to my Suburban, where the engine and drive train are like kids that you sit away from each other so they won't kick under the table. Very stable on the road."

C B., IL (2013 Honda Pilot)

"it took a while to get use to the variable transmission, still sounds a bit clunky to me. Also braking causes a vibration which is "normal" after mechanics checked vehicle."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Pilot)

"I wish it would accelerate quicker not enough ooomph"

DERRICK W., ON (2013 Honda Pilot)

"handling is not great, power steering is too sensitive. very easy to over correct, hard to feel road."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Poor steering and braking feedback."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Pilot)

"V6 feels a bit under powered. Towing capacity limited. Very good in snow"

CHERI W., WY (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Honda VCM continues to be extremely annoying. Weird vibrations caused by this system. Transmission has never inspired confidence (weird clunks / shifts) but has never had a real "problem". Overall car drives fine, plenty of power, but handling is certainly not sporty. This is point A to point B transportation for families. It accomplishes that very well but gives nothing to the driver."

BRIAN M., GA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"When driving in mountains noticed when applying brakes, Pilot steering wheel shakes."

Anonymous, OK (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Poor acceleration from the start."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Accelerates like a sedan, but handles like a tank in inclement weather"

JOHN B., NY (2013 Honda Pilot)

"One wheel must be defective because the Pilot pulls L/R depending which side the wheel is on, changes after wheel rotations. Honda dealer has not been interested in helping correcting the problem. I go to a private wheel shop that agrees with me as to the pull but can't be corrected with alignment. It is a wheel defect."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Honda Pilot)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"some vibration when Eco is on"

CHARLES W., MA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"The seats are great, it is like driving in your recliner."

Anonymous, ON (2013 Honda Pilot)

"truck-like suspension"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Too much road noise. "Hard" ride (can feel every little bump and road crack)."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Heat in the seat back is only on drivers side - cheap since heat is in both seats, just not passenger front back. Vehicle is noisy - interior - nice to have a little more sound proofing."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Seats are uncomfortable...too hard and unsupportive"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Lots of road noise for new vehicle."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda Pilot)

"It is nice to be able to fit 8 people, and climate control in the back seat is great"

JOHN W., NY (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Climate control is great. Seating is comfortable. Ride is comfortable"

Anonymous, KY (2013 Honda Pilot)

"seats too hard on trip. the seat is set to high off the ground. noise level (wind noise) unacceptable."

EDWARD D., TN (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Car noise is louder than expected, ride is not as smooth as expected or compared to a Highlander"

WILLIAM K., KY (2013 Honda Pilot)

"You cant drive this vehicle with the windows down. You get to much reverb which hurts your ears. So you have to drive with the windows up and air conditioning on all the time."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is terrible"

JEREMY W., PA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"road noise"

STANLEY G., NJ (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Extremely comfortable for driver and passengers on short and long trips! Love the climate controls, too. Everybody stays at the temperature they want."

J R., NM (2013 Honda Pilot)

"If you set something of any weight in the passenger seat, you must fasten the safety belt or the chime will keep dinging. This is very annoying. It should stop after a bit or have a way to disable it. When the safety belt is fastened, its in the way. This is the single one thing I truly dislike about the car."

ED S., CO (2013 Honda Pilot)

"I am not tall and the seats are very comfortable, which is something that was not easy to find. Not that they are small, but the way they can be adjusted, cushioning, etc. is very well made."

Anonymous, CO (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is still an issue for me. Could be much quiter."

Anonymous, OK (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Highway road noise is quite noticeable."

DAVID F., OH (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise still a noticeable issue."

JOHN S., PA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"My wife very comfortable in the car.(the reason I bought it) After last trip to Iowa she said we could go further. Planning to go to Texas."

ROBERT B., NJ (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Excessive road noise...especially on squirt/drop or chip seal surfaces."

HAROLD H., TX (2013 Honda Pilot)

"The vehicle is noisier than I expected. Road noise is very obvious in the cabin."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"To hard, not comfortable on long trips"

Anonymous, OK (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is more than I like."

GLORIA B., TX (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise too great"

Anonymous, AL (2013 Honda Pilot)

"A little noisy"

Anonymous, LA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Noise level far greater than my 2008 Toyota Highlander"

J C., PA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Now that we are senior citizens we have found that it is almost impossible for our age group to get in and out of the 3rd row seat and we got the vehicle to carry 8."

THEODORE M., OR (2013 Honda Pilot)

"the outside doors are very thin and dented easily The noise in the car while driving is still quite noisy with road noise."

DEBRA B., CO (2013 Honda Pilot)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Comfortable ride"

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda Pilot)

"I didn't need all the 'options' I had to pay for just to get a power front seat. (comes in a 'package' level))"

ROBERT B., NJ (2013 Honda Pilot)

"If it is affordable buy it"

RAYMOND W., PA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Great, was going to get another Chevy Suburban but this SUV was better equipped for half the price/"

KIM M., GA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Honda pilots retain their value...It probably will cost me 12k all in to own a brand new car for 3 years. That's under 340. a month for a brand new car."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Reliability. I'm a fine art landscape photographer, and I often shoot out in the "outback" where there is nobody to help me get out of a problem with the Pilot. I have over 80,000 miles with not a single problem."

EMERSON B., NE (2013 Honda Pilot)

"2-wheel drive made the car harder to find, but cheaper to buy and maintain, and easier on gas. 4-wheel drive is common here, but unnecessary."

C B., IL (2013 Honda Pilot)

"I feel it is overpriced."

EVAN S., MA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Best SUV I have ever had. Seats 8, easy seat movement, great handling. Just a great car."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Poor acceleration, leather seats are hard, steering wheel blocks speedometer. Premature wear on brakes, tires and other components. Different Honda dealers have different service schedules which leads to serious lack of trust in dealer service."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Honda dealers are very proud of their product . Dealer discounts and trade- in values leave a lot to be desired when it comes to negotiating a purchase. I've owned several Hondas and love them but never felt positive about the buying experience."

MICHAEL S., KS (2013 Honda Pilot)

"I have not had any thing go wrong with it since I have h ad it. It's functionality is better than most vehicles in it's size."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Honda Pilot)

"I love that Hondas hold their value. And when I leased it, I saw the buy out price in every statement. Which was always less than I could have sold it for."

Anonymous, VA (2013 Honda Pilot)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Same "boxy" design for 10 years."

JOHN S., PA (2013 Honda Pilot)

"wish it had a luggage rack"

ROBERT M., FL (2013 Honda Pilot)

"I like thesquarw look of the vehicle, it allows lots of room to haul various items. I sometimes use it as a small truck. I don't like the new SUV' thatslope in the cargo area. that slope in the back"

DON S., NJ (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Interior is comfortable roomy but a bit noisy. Also there is quite a bit of plastic"

CHERI W., WY (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Somewhat box-like, but for me that is a good thing. I don't want anyone attracted to my Pilot or to even consider stealing it."

EMERSON B., NE (2013 Honda Pilot)

"the seats are fabric and they were NOT scotch guarded and keeping them clean is a problem. other than this problem, I love my Pilot!"

Anonymous, AR (2013 Honda Pilot)

"There is more than enough room for 8 passengers along with storage capacity. Many other 7-8 passenger SUV's lacked any storage space when all seats were in use. I can easily fit a large stroller, groceries, luggage, etc. while utilizing all 8 seats."

Anonymous, CO (2013 Honda Pilot)

"It's too boxy."

JULIA K., IN (2013 Honda Pilot)

"the doors are thin and tinny, when it rains hard or hails it sounds tinny and loud. The doors and paint chip very easily."

DEBRA B., CO (2013 Honda Pilot)

"Looks like a box. Improved in newer model"

JANICE L., AZ (2013 Honda Pilot)

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