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2019 Hyundai Nexo Ratings & Reliability
The Hyundai Nexo joins the Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity as a hydrogen-run fuel cell vehicle. It takes on an SUV body style that's sized between the Tucson and Santa Fe and has front-wheel-drive. Power comes from an electric motor with a 161-hp output. Three hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 14 pounds ensure a 380-mile driving range, longer than both competitors. Unlike other FC vehicles, functionality isn't compromised due to a small cargo area or a high floor. Of course, hydrogen filling stations are few and far between, a major concern. The Nexo drives like a luxury car with effortless power, a comfortable ride, quiet cabin, and responsive handling. A few driver assist features come on the top trim, including blind-spot monitors that relay a video image of the car's flanks onto the instrument panel. It also has the ability to park itself and be summoned from a parking space. The Nexo is available only in California metro areas and Hyundai provides a prepaid card with a quota of fill-ups.