This version of the Sonata has a comfortable and quiet interior, but it is less agile than its predeccesor. The compact sedan offers up-to-date standard safety gear for the time, which included side curtain airbags and electronic stability control. Bigger, more powerful and more refined than the car it replaced, the V6 is quick while the four-cylinder is economical and refined.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"For a V6 I think it should accellerate faster."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"You don't have to say much about a V6. That care moves when you hit the gas."

CHRISTINE C., VA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Decent acceleration & handling"

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Acceleration is excellent but it has a six cylinder engine. Handling is just ok."

HERB A., NY (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"V6 engine is very responsive and gets good gas mileage. Great stability for highway driving"

Anonymous, TX (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"The acceleration is quite good, which is to be expected for the 6-cylinder model. The handling is fair. The ride is decent on well-paved roads, but, when encountering potholes or uneven surfaces, the ride seems stiff and every bump is felt."

DAVID J., MA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"It takes a moment for the acceleration to kick in when going from a stop and flooring the gas peddle. On a good note the turn radius is great. It turns on a dime."

GREG F., SD (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"V6 engine has great acceleration when needed."

GARY H., FL (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"This car has great handling and power. It's a joy to take it on the road."

REGINA P., NY (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"good acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, NJ (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"I have 177,000 miles on this vehicle. Have only done routine maintenance. Brakes, tires, wiper blades and have recently replaced spark plugs (3rd set installed) Car still has above average acceleration and millage. The 6 cyl. engine should be available again in the 2017 Sonatas."

ART S., NJ (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Ride and Handling are very poor. Somehow, the car floats and wallows all over the road creating a clumsy sensation. But at the same time, I would not say the ride is plush. You feel every medium to large bump in the road."

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"3.3L V6 is close to being a beast! Very fast to 60 MPH. Handles good enough although could use better thigh support on longer trips. Receives sparse use as next month will be 10 years old but only 29,600+ miles."

JOHN P., PA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Excellent turning radius. Handles beautifully."

ILENE M., PA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Love the v-6"

WALTER K., NY (2007 Hyundai Sonata)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"the seat bottom does not provide enough thigh support otherwise, it is fine"

Anonymous, IL (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"At the time that I shopped for a new car I test drove a Honda Accord, Toyota Camry & Camry battery powered, Honda CRV, and Ford focus and one other model. Since the Hyundai Sonata was about $2000 les on average than all these other vehicles, I bought the Sonata."

WALTER M., MD (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Very comfortable seats, as I am 6'4". And they are heated and leather. Leather is still in great shape."

WALTER K., NY (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Seat bottom is too short for front seats."

Anonymous, QC (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"the only negative about this auto is normal road noise."

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Front passenger seat rattles when unoccupied"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"seat comfort"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"We love the Sonata. The only negative was the road noise at highway speeds."

ARMAND B., ME (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Very comfortable, good acceleration and fuel economy"

Anonymous, NJ (2007 Hyundai Sonata)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Very satisfied after 9 years."

THOMAS L., FL (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"The Sonata seemed like a good value when we bought it but it always had a bad ride--it transfers most bumps in the road to its passengers. And the handling is not as good as it should be. Shame on Hyundai!"

HERB A., NY (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Excellent value for money. It's has 122k miles and except for minor issues its been good. One of of minor issues was caused by the dealership by using wrong part which caused an electrical issue"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"I bought it with an extended warranty. That made the vehicle worth the cost."

SUSAN M., MI (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"It's a solid, reliable car for its price point."

KENNETH D., AZ (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Good value used car. Good V6 power. Dependable."

GUY K., LA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"10 year warrantee"

ARMANDO D., CA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Got more current extras at a better price than american made autos."

NICHOLAS S., CT (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Great car with huge trunk and big enough back seat for an adult to be comfortable in a long trip."

ILENE M., PA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Car feel solid , very good acceleration , interior has a plush look and feeling , thick carpet, less plastic"

WESLEY S., HI (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"We have not had any major problems with this car. It's a V6 and the acceleration is fantastic. The only negative is that the air conditioner doesn't get real cool unless it's on the Max Air setting. We feel this car is a great value."

GREG F., SD (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"For an almost 10 year old car, I feel the car really stood up."

CHRISTINE C., VA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"This car has a five star crash test. Others did not have this safety feature"

R C., CA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Refer to preceding comment.."

WALTER M., MD (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"lot of car for the price at the time"

Anonymous, NY (2007 Hyundai Sonata)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Looks good inside & out"

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Had to repaint the hood and front quarterpanels. Not sure if it was from a bad paint job or just poor manufacturing."

CAMERON T., OH (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"love the style"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Great styling outside but only fair styling on the dash."

ANDY B., AZ (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"it just as aerodynamic as the 2016 models of practically all other manufacturers. And also no one can tell the year of my sonata compared to other newer models. ll"

CLAUDE F., QC (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

"Very clean lines."

GARY H., FL (2007 Hyundai Sonata)

Would you buy this car again?

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