The Infiniti G35 is a pleasant car with some notable drawbacks. Its powertrain is strong, refined, and very quick. We also like the G35's comfortable ride and nicely finished interior. Handling is agile, but when pressed to its limits, we found the car can get tricky -- even with stability control. We also found some controls unintuitive and frustrating to use.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Great acceleration and handling"

Robert S., FL (2004 Infiniti G)

"The G35 drives like a luxury sedan should. It is great on cornering and excellent on overall daily driving."

Anonymous, IL (2004 Infiniti G)

"This car is super fast since the engine is the same as the Z series. Very tight steering and comfortable seating. Drives great."

Anthony T., FL (2004 Infiniti G)

"car performs very well. I am pleased with the handling especially with good tires!"

Anonymous, PA (2004 Infiniti G)

"The G35 provides excellent acceleration and handling characteristics. It is very predictable and quick to react to driver inputs."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Infiniti G)

"Amazing (gut-wrenching) acceleration. Exciting to drive."

DONALD G., FL (2004 Infiniti G)

"A very pleasant car to drive, good acceleration, terrific handling."

THOMAS S., WA (2004 Infiniti G)

"Handles like a sports car and very positive power and acceleration"

GILMOUR P., NY (2004 Infiniti G)

"It has great acceleration. Stops on a dime. Great styling. Probably, the best looking Infiniti ever built."

LEIGH B., KS (2004 Infiniti G)

"Outstanding acceleration and handling, and I love the AWD and the "Snow" setting."

CLAY N., ID (2004 Infiniti G)

"Excellent handling and acceleration. Smooth riding car with crisp steering control."

Anonymous, ON (2004 Infiniti G)

"BMW beater in both areas for less money"

Anonymous, CT (2004 Infiniti G)

"I love the acceleration and the sound.Its fun to drive."

ELBERT B., OH (2004 Infiniti G)

"This the best handling and quickest accelerating car I have ever driven."

ROBERT K., CA (2004 Infiniti G)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The G35 has comfortable seats that retract in various positions. I enjoy the comfort and ride that is attributed to this vehicle."

Anonymous, IL (2004 Infiniti G)

"Very hard ride but very fun to drive"

Christopher F., AZ (2004 Infiniti G)

"Seats are too narrow and the electrical seat controls malfunction."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Infiniti G)

"Dual climate control and with 171K miles, unbelievable reliability"

MITCH M., NC (2004 Infiniti G)

"Wings on back of seats uncomfortable for my wife who likes to sit very upright."

R R., CA (2004 Infiniti G)

"Next to the Jaguar that I used to own, this Infiniti is the best car I've ever had. Driven it back and forth between the midwest and the west coast a dozen times, and look forward to it every year because of how nice the car is to drive."

CLAY N., ID (2004 Infiniti G)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Toyota was much more reliable than the Infinity"

Mitch M., NC (2004 Infiniti G)

"The G35 has been very reliable and satisfying vehicle to own and drive. For a vehicle in the sports sedan class, it has exceeded expectations for value and cost to own."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Infiniti G)

"Styling still relevant, handling/acceleration/cornering still competitive with new cars, and it's been paid for for 12 years so incredibly economical since it still looks and handles like new"

MITCH M., NC (2004 Infiniti G)

"This is the best car that i have ever driven and the best brakes of any car available. I love the acceleration and the smoothness of the transmission shifting."

SANFORD A., TX (2004 Infiniti G)

"I bought this car used in 2005 with about 25000 miles on it. I was definitely influenced in the choice by the CR comments on this model at that time. The car has exceeded my expectation in every respect. The car's performance is amazing, acceleration, road handling, comfort. The car has gone to the dealer for only three non-routine service item, an oil leak in a valve cover, a jammed gearshift lever and failure of the driver seat fore-aft control."

ROBERT K., CA (2004 Infiniti G)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Must admit I'm a function guy, but the valet parking guys still put the old $10k thing next to the $80k Porsches and Jaguars on display in front of the restaurant."

GERALD E., GA (2004 Infiniti G)

"This car, although 12 years old, still draws attention just about everywhere it goes. My wife was even asked once if we wanted to sell it? This car is no slouch on power at 280 hp, and it handles as if on rails. I refer to it as a "poor mans Porsche 911". The only negative has been some rather quirky electrical issues. We, like most people that comment, feel our 2004 model is better looking than the current Q60 version."

K J., TX (2004 Infiniti G)

"The styling was great in 2005 but it is out of date. Didn't have navigation. The blind spots were and are a problem. The front bumper is so low that it hits the concrete barriers when parking or going over a high bump. This has caused the who bottom of the bumper to be destroyed over time and pulled away from the frame."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Infiniti G)

Would you buy this car again?

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